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Mr. Someguy

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as far as i remember you had to change some files in the game files to make it appear but they could have changed that years ago.

so i don't know but that is what i remember and i know it wasn't as great as it sounds.

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There isn't a a Helicopter in the first GTA. You're lucky to get off the ground at all!

On the PC though, some very crafty person could mod one...But I think it'll be very hard to do so.

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There is a helicopter in GTA1 but it was not used in the actual game. Several mods have been released which do use it, most famous being Burger City by the Autobahn Crew. My own Pacific City level uses it as a demo in one of the chapters. Not actually part of a mission, I just added it so that people could see what mission code was required to get it working reliably. If you are using the PORKCHARSUI code you must press "C" to disable the readout before the helicopter picks you up, otherwise the game crashes. I guess it is because it gets confused about what object is being used, or something.

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The Heli was never used in the original game but there are helicopter sprites hidden in the graphics files.


The Tram was meant to be used in San Andreas like the train is in Liberty City and Vice City only it was going to share the road with the cars. For some reason it was never put in the final game. I'd imaging there was a problem with cars running into the tram and the problem could not be solved in time. The track, however, is still present along with sprites for the tram hidden in the graphics files.


The boat was simply used in a mission in Liberty City where you throw a suitcase off a bridge and a guy in a boat collects it. You can not drive the boat.


Hope that clears things up.

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