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Can I get some opinions on these?

Recommended Posts

They're much better than I'll ever do.


Your sig only shows a link. If you want to see the picture, press the IMG button at the top and put the link there.



[img=link goes here]



EDIT: Crap, it shows a pic now. Nevermind.

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What program did you use?

The edges on the second sig are a bit rough, needs anti-aliasing

Last one needs a boarder.


But thats just me being critical, their all good other than that.

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I'm using Paint.net


and the 2nd sig just has a line of grey pixels I cant get rid of on both sides.. If you wanna give it a shot, feel free


#4 was one of my first sigs.. the border was an afterthought

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I fixed the problem with the 2nd sig


edit: here's a few more, These are on much lower scale in my opinion

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


I'm aware of the Phantom hand

Edited by shoey920
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I can't really give you any tips besides that you should get Photoshop but that has already been mentioned. When you put multiple images on one background they don't seem to blend well together unless you do something to make them blend well together. Usually I colorize them to make them all the same shade or flood a pattern over them. I'm not sure if you can do that with paint.net though.
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They are alright, you should add some borders to them though. I notice some fo them have it already, but a nice border would do good. You really need photoshop, it does wonders inlove.gif
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+5 points because weezer is featured in some sigs.


Besides that, work on cutting your images out better, and try to follow a color scheme of some sort. Other than that, get Photoshop.

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the resident evil one is nice but the others look not so nice. You should get photoshop but if you cant afford to buy it just download the 30 day free trial.

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you need to work on your borders, text, backgrounds and blending.

other than that good job. smile.gif

Edited by Sharkey
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The weezer suit rock is pretty good, except for the random guy on the right. And the RE4 one is pretty good too.
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Please, dont triple post, I know you want people to see them. But its still an infringement on the rules.


Keep at it, and dont say thats the best you'll get. smile.gif

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yes it's the same guy his name is Rivers Cuomo and he is the frontman of weezer

I know who Rivers is, and that really doesn't look anything like him(on the right.) The make believe sig is the best one so far, good job man.

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I really like that Make Believe one. Very nice work. You're getting a lot better, once you get the hang of a program, you should be able to wip of even more of those.
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