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[WIP|SCR] GTA_Illegal_Sectors

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heyho folks


slashzero-Were there still the backwards texture and col problems?

--still the backwards textures yeh i think thats just a gta thing just flip vertically

-- never got any map object ingame, when i had the demo , so i dont no !! confused.gif . but according to [email protected] the col files work much better now

y4kuza- nice one on the cars so far (havent decided location yet) randome euro somewhere prob



user posted image

user posted image

started this building as a red brick building looked great till i put it in game small bricks tend to faze ingame, optical illusion type thing so i changed the textures, not to sure if i like it though...! confused.gif @%*

the next picture in moomapper-ked ive circled the brick that's fazing . ill need to take all the brick work out

user posted image

user posted image

and somwhere else

user posted image

Edited by junox
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Dude, you're like a 1 man army but then in modding.

Keep up the good work. And If you want something in game like for the sculture park. I will give a try to make something ok.


KEEEEEEP UP THE EXCELENT WORK cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif

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Junox ,whitch program you use to make house ? dontgetit.gif i wanna make 3D cube(house) and i wanna texture it smile.gif but i need very very easy program sigh.gif thanx . xmas.gif

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Looking awesome just love it.


and for the program he is using that sketchup.


Download it at www.sketchup.com there is a 480 hour trail version so enough time to give it a try. And we are all smart enough how to get around that trail perion. tounge.gif

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480 hours try mins yeh hey

managed to get this last section ingame ,but had to remove a few things , col file arg....! again anywayzz-


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


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I still try to work out how you are doing this in sketchup. It look great. I really do think you will need to convert it to san andreas to get maximum amound of downloads. But keep it up! rah.gif

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thought id start going over and finishing off the first batch of files now , reworking the landscapes to get them a tad more realistiC anyways seems to be improved dozingoff.gif


what you think??

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image



(read the small print)

if its fuzzy click on it its a compression thing -duder


ive been beta testing it myself now for a weee while , you no ! ... looking for texture ginks and col probs

things still to do now

gotta move all the paths, there out in many places

DUDERS- size its about the same size s vice give or take if maybe bigger .......gulp...! dozingoff.gif

edit later ingame shot




PL:ATINUM SERVE_ ive just used the smooth tool at the end to get it all smooth

Edited by junox
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It's looking really well. You're getting better and better.

You've became a 'must-see-what-he-did-now' type a guy.

Keep it up. I'm looking forward to your next post.

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New texture look alot better, but in the link screenshots, the landscape looked rather blocky imo. So how big is this map compared to Vice City? A screenie would be nice smile.gif



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