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[WIP|SCR] GTA_Illegal_Sectors

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That's some nice work!

I couldn't do that much stuff with your quality and speed.

Keep it up, it's looking pretty damn great. cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif


@dasmico - Hmm... I'm not 100% sure but I guess you can just set up a custom color in zmod's material editor and then export your model and have a solid color.

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thanks bumper3d, youll notice i just had a wee setback

but going for it , to catch back, the work, I.... lost (when its gone its gone ) then gotta go n have fun


1.managed to redo the island, not as detailed as first one. Built

textured and got in game 22mins there was a building on it but no more , for time being

user posted image

user posted image


2 restarted the gully section forget the gaves for now later -maybe

user posted image

Edited by junox
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As you asked.



user posted imageuser posted image



edit:Sh*t bad quality pic ill upload the btter ones in a few min.

edit:Done tounge2.gif

Edited by commando
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This mod is going really really well, nice and steady!

Is that supposed to be a drag strip on the island?

I like the idea of a dragstrip tounge.gif .



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wow cool




just like to say thanks COMMANDO, youre the first person to

add a sculpture to this mod it's already ingame. now i got to

build the rest of the sculpture park... hey anyone else got any

sculptures lying around in skp dff 3ds any ill put them ingame



cool.gif this is not a competition its an Artistic thang

wow.gif rules no larger than 4 double decker buses (he he )

please note vehicles can be shown in the park they are sculptures too


Artists showing in park



1 COMMANDO- fountain with rusty rings- in mod already famous for-gta new york -mod

2 CHOOFA- mystery object - in mod already

3. Kurropt_Antagonist - SOMETHING

4 UNI-contributed 2 sculpture's

5 azekriel-

5 junox- this mod i did the silly fork thing suicidal.gif


if you would like a better description of your sculpture just pm me

Edited by junox
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Ok tell me what to make and I will make it tounge.gif . Well try atleast.


Edit: Can't do cars if you need them whatsthat.gif I have too much work going on.



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hello again folks "Morning" time for bed

heres some small progress

user posted image

user posted image


and a good old moo mapper

user posted image


still undecided, on the textures in bottom picture, for flyover

and thanks to the guys at


and everyone out there at the forums dozingoff.gif

Edited by junox
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I admire your highway structure, reminds me of the interstate ramps in my area. So has this little project gone into total map replacement? I notice the holes in the water, unless Myriad Island has those (haven't download that yet...). Been thinking about doing some sort of quick total-map replacement before SA came out, just alot of landscape and roads, kind of like the old Interstate 76 games. Wide open spaces is something Vice lacked (along with LC of course). Plus once the knowledge is out there, convert it over to San An.


Excellent work none the less biggrin.gif

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hello folks

its that time of the day again

my hours up


this is for you (deathsquad) nice one man, to tell the truth

yourself and mr gta rally (JONNY52002) it was both your'e work

that got me into mapping, and all the rest of the modders too

respect ....... sorry folks thats everyone out there gtanew york

laziofreaks mountain RETRO,city of lost heaven ,the list goes on


here's some more highway shots if interested folks

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


(cran) texture problem? mmm dont have 1 i'm the problem now, to

indecisive on the textures(ha ha ) im on it thank you man

please keep me on my toes though .....


i no ive hardly done any building folks but hopfully ill get there

soon enough .....

im away for a quick spin down highway1 to junction-3

to plant some trees ........ rolleyes.gif highway-2 in the pipline somewhere


root toot

edit -- (cran)- went back to the original arrow i painted for road

user posted image

Edited by junox
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This is looking very awesome. I myself have wanted to do something similiar (just playing around with mapping).


Maybe I will now? Who knows?


Again, great work. Although, I don't like those arrows in the last picture. I can't put my finger on it, but they just seem to be placed wrong.

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hello again folks just a quicky . its sat night going out to a party


anywayzz , managed to start the sculpture park, the road and entrance

and a big thanks to commando for the 1st sculpture

picture below

ill change them to daylight ones later , out in 5m now

quick picture

user posted image

user posted image


gtasanandreasmaster as soon as sector 1 is at a beta level i suppose


i will shrink the letters

user posted image


thanks imageshack http://www.imageshack.ws/

user posted image


Edited by junox
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Something unusual but good, its something different in comparison to other mods which makes this one stand out. Its all looking pretty good so far, keep it up.

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started getting the rest of the coast road in this

morning going to change a few textures , was at wrong scale

but now its correct, i hope

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Edited by junox
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Looking better there junox wink.gif .

I will have that sculpture for you by hopefully tomorrow, I havn't been able to get use of the home pc... Anyways, good work on it biggrin.gif I love it!



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heyho folks

just working on one of the other junctions now, thats

4 in total so far . im not doing anymore for the time being.

gotta fill in the blank spaces now , and tidy up.

This one i think is going somwhere , dont no yet , sector-2- new york dozingoff.gif


junctions 1 science park+Bunker

2 ferry and garage and building no name yet

3 another garage +sculpture park

4 don't no sector2

user posted image

user posted image

and thanks to good old



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hello folks


thanks guys for the comments

not got heeps done this week, but still going forward

a big thanks to .....cHOofa.. for the sculpture itll

fit very well in with the other sculptures

one by myself and another by COMMANDO

still loads of room for more ..anybody ??

anywayz got wasted here's a picture


user posted image

ive added another pavement here goes down to the

garage im starting sometime tonight ill post pictures

tomorrow hopefully dozingoff.gif

user posted image

user posted image

and a moomapper to finish

sculpture below by choofa

biggrin.gifuser posted image




sorry for the total lack of punctuation . i'll try, later

Edited by junox
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@ marciano - Try not to doubble post next time please.


Nice work Junox. Myabe instead of having like 4 arrows, you could have one or two bigger ones instead. I dobt that people are THAT stupid lol.



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managed to get round to doing some more, to the

map, here's some upto-date confused.gif folks


user posted image

first picture ,ive added a lane at the back, of the

pavement, behind the wall ,is a lowered courtyard

user posted image

user posted image

and to finish with choofas awsome sculpture biggrin.gif

still to place it, in its proper place ...


user posted image

do you think its a better size now choofa

commando- yeh thanks the mapping problems is... lazy me biggrin.gif


duder6131-yeh..! took off arrows, only 2 now . much better colgate.gif

like this..



marciano - i dont want to rush it, but hope to get a beta out

as soon as poss once all the road system, biggrin.gif interconects

Edited by junox
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