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Officer Pulaski

The SASN is back

Recommended Posts

Officer Pulaski

user posted image



well MI7 gave me the go ahead on making a new SASN

ive copy and pasted the agent store from the old one

ill probably update around once a day,

Credits go to MI7 for starting SASN

and also Oddsock for occasional updates, and for missing vehicles in the store




user posted image




Agent: 1.0

Alias: Secret Asian Man (Officer Pulaski)

Headquarters: Catalina's hideout

Residence: Fern Ridge

Funds: $15

Weapons: Shovel, Chainsaw, Knife, Chromed Shotgun, M4, Silenced 9mm, Colt Python, Desert Eagle, Brass Knuckles, Cleaver, Machete, Baseball Bat, Nightstick, Katana, Golf Club, Pool Cue, Hammer, Screw Driver, Colt .45, Sawn-off Shotgun, Stubby Shotgun, Combat Shotgun, Tec-9, Ingram Mac-10, Uzi 9mm, MP5, Ruger, AK-47, M16, M60, Minigun, FlameThrower, RPG Launcher, Hunting Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Stinger Launcher, PSG-1, Molotovs, Grenades, Satchel Charges, Tear Gas

Vehicles: Buffalo, Hotdog Van, Broadway, Infernus, Rustler

Miscellaneous tools: Silencer, Body Armor, Thermal Goggles, Night Vision Goggles, Camera, Parachute, Spray Can, Acogx x4, M203 Granade launcher, Harris Bipod, Laser Sight, 12x Scope, Flashlight

Properties: Safehouse North of Garver bridge, Bayside Marina, Gant Bridge Diner, Rockshore West Safehouse, B-Dup's House

Clothes: Military, Cop, Paramedic, Ballas, Grove Street, Mafia, Valet, Vagos, Yakuza, Scuba Suit, Race Suit, Stealth Suit, Black Suit, Black Tuxedo, Casual, Pinstripe, Manservant, White Tuxedo, Tracksuit



Agent: 001

Alias: MI7/CJ/Snake/Wolf/Big Foot

Headquarters: Avispa Country Club

Residence: Hashbury

Funds: $10

Weapons: Golf Club, Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, Satchel Charges

Vehicles: Comet, Caddy

Miscellaneous tools: Body Armor, Camera

Status: Hasnt reported back in a while



Agent: No.2

Alias: Me (Sickness)

HQ:Verdant Meadows

Residence: Airport Control Tower

Funds: $60

Weapons: Micro SMG, Knife, Colt .45, Ak-47

Vehicles: Hunter, Levethian, Stuntplane, Rustler, Hydra, Jetpack, PCJ-600, BF Injection, Mountain Bike,

Misc.: Body Armor,Silencer, Acog4x



Agent: 005

Alias: Mxyzptlk/CJ/Carl Johnson

Headquarters: Easter Basin Airport

Residence: Hashbury

Funds: $112

Weapons: Desert Eagle, HS Missiles, Knife, Sniper Rifle

Vehicles: Super GT, Blista Compact, NRG-500, Nevada, Shamals, Rustler, Dodos, Beagle, Raindance, Maverick, Leviathan, Utility Trucks, Baggage Handlers and Coast Guards.

Miscellaneous tools: Body Armor, Camera



Agent 009

Alias: GtaFool12/CJ/009

HeadQuarters:The Docks

Residence: Bayside Marina

Funds: $60

Weapons: Desert Eagle, Silenced 9mm, Knife, Tec-9

Vehicles: Sea Sparrow, Marquis, Jetmax, Squallo and a Vortex.

Misc.:Body Armor

Properties: 10 Green Bottles in Ganton



Agent: 12

Alias: Pandazoot

Headquarters: Cranberry Station

Residence: Doherty

Funds: $58

Weapons: Chromed Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, Grenades, Uzi 9mm

Vehicles: Freight, BrownStreak

Misc.: Camera



Agent: 025

Alias:"owner" (sean "sweet" johnson)

Headquarters: Las Venturas Stadium

Residence: Whitewood Estates

Funds: $130

Weapons: Silenced 9mm, Baseball Bat

Vehicles: Dune, BF Injection, Kart

Miscellaneous tools: none



Agent: Carl Johnson

Alias: CJ

HQ: Grove Street

Residence: Johnson House

Funds: $5

Weapons:AK-47, 2 Ingram Mac-10's, Molotovs, Sawn-Off Shotgun, Colt .45, Spray can.

Vehicles: Greenwood, Hydra, Rhino


Status: Some gangster now



Agent : OdDsOcK

Alias: OdDsOcK

Headquarters: Verdant Bluffs Airstrip

Residence: Verdant Bluffs Airstrip

Funds: $70

Weapons: Micro SMG, two Colt .45's and a Knife.

Vehicles: Hydra, Rustler, Stuntplane, Leviathan, Hunter, BF Injection, Windsor and PCJ-600

Misc.: Body Armor



Agent: Phused

Alias: Phused

Headquarters: Four Dragons Casino

Residence: Santa Maria Beach

Funds: $20

Weapons: Combat Shotgun, Satchel Charges, SMG, M4, Katana, Sniper Rifle, AK-47, Desert Eagle

Vehicles: Banshee

Misc.: Silencer, Laser Sight, M203 Granade launcher






user posted image





Admiral $300

Alpha $700

Angel $500

Bandito $400

Baggage $100

Banshee $800

Benson $200

Berkley Van $400

BF-400 $600

BF Injection $450

Bike $35

BMX $40

Blade $450

Bloodring Banger $450

Blista Compact $350

Bobcat $200

Boxville $250

Bravura $350

Broadway $350

Buccaneer $300

Buffalo $500

Bullet $800

Burrito $350

Burrito, Gang $300

Bus $350

Cabbie $250

Caddy $100

Cadrona $500

Camper $450

Cartel Cruiser $500

Coach $350

Combine $350

Clover $150

Cheetah $750

Club $450

Comet $550

Dozer $500

Dumper $350

Dune $400

Elegant $450

Elegy $500

Emperor $550

Esperanto $250

Euros $450

Faggio $100

FBI Rancher $425

FCR-900 $700

Feltzer $450

Flash $600

Flatbed $300

Forklift $150

Fortune $500

Freeway $500

Glendale $250

Greenwood $200

Hermes $275

Hermes, Cuban $300

Hotdog $200

Hotknife $500

Hotring Racer $600

Huntley $450

Hustler $500

Infernus $800

Intruder $375

Jester $600

Journey $300

Kart $80

Landstalker $400

Linerunner $300

Majestic $250

Manana $175

Merit $350

Mesa $275

Monster $500

Moonbeam $300

Mountain Bike $50

Mower $75

Mr. Whoopee $150

Mule $150

Nebula $250

Newsvan $200

NRG-500 $775

Oceanic $300

Packer $600

Patriot $650

PCJ600 $650

Perennial $225

Phoenix $600

Picador $350

Pony $300

Premier $400

Previon $400

Primo $200

Quad $400

Rancher $375

Ranger $600

RC Van $200

Regina $250

Remington $400

Rhino $2000

Roadtrain $200

Romero $200

Rumpo $200

Rumpo, Hoodz $250

Sabre $400

Sadler $300

Sanchez $500

Sandking $450

Savanna $450

Securicar $300

Sentinel $550

Sentinel, Mafia $600

Slamvan $575

Solair $300

Stafford $300

Stallion $400

Stallion, Diablo $550

Stinger $700

Stinger, Yakuza $500

Stratum $375

Stretch $600

Sultan 600

Sunrise $550

Super GT $800

Sweepwe $100

Tahoma $350

Tampa $400

Tanker $250

Taxi $200

Tornado $400

Towtruck $200

Tractor $150

Trashmaster $250

Triad Fish Van $400

Turismo $750

Tug $100

Uranus $550

Utility Van $200

Vincent $350

Virgo $200

Yardie Lobo $400

Voodoo $275

Voodoo, Haitian $300

Yosemite $300

Wayfarer $400

Walton $250

Washington $500

Willard $350

Windsor $350

Yankee $150

Yosemite $250

ZR-350 $750



Coast Guard $200

Cuban Jetmax $400

Dinghy $150

Jetmax $800

Marquis $600

Private Yacht $1500

Reefer $200

Rio $500

Speeder $500

Squallo $600

Tropic $700




Newschopper $600

Sparrow $700

Sea Sparrow $1000

Maverick $850

Leviathan $1100

Cargobob $1000

Rain Dance $900

Hunter $2000


At-400 $2000

Cropduster $600

Dodo $800

Stuntplane $600

Rustler $1200

Shamal $1750

Adromada $2000

Jetpack $1000

Hydra $2500

Nevada $1500

Skimmer $850

Beagle $1000









1 Brass Knuckles $5

1 Screw Driver $6

1 Hammer $10

1 Pool Cues $8

1 Golf Club $15

1 Nightstick $15

1 Baseball Bat $10

Knife $8

2 Shovel $10

1 Cleaver $7

1 Machete $15

0 Katana $20

2 Chainsaw $25

2 Colt .45 $30

Silenced 9mm $35

0 Colt Python $50

Desert Eagle $50

1 Sawn-off Shotgun $40

1 Chromed Shotgun $50

1 Stubby Shotgun $60

1 Combat Shotgun $75

0 Tec-9 $45

0 Ingram Mac 10 $55

1 Uzi 9mm $70

1 MP5 $90

1 Ruger $100

0 AK-47 $110

2 M4 $115

1 M16 $135

1 M60 $180

0 Minigun $200

1 Flame-thrower $200

1 RPG Launcher $200

1 Hunting Rifle $60

Sniper Rifle $75

1 PSG-1 $100

1 Stinger Launcher $225

1 Molotovs $60

1 Grenades $75

1 Satchel Charges $100

2 Thermal Goggles $125

2 Night Vision Goggles $125

1 Parachute $25

1 Spray Can $15

1 Camera $15

3 Body Armour $200

2 Tear Gas $70






-Acogx x4--$50

-Reflex (melee)--$30


-M203 Granade launcher --$100

-Harris Bipod--$25

-Laser Sight--$45

-12x Scope--$25

-Flashlight --$25






Black Suit $400

Tuxedo, Black $500

Casual $150

Pinstripe $350

Manservant $450

Tuxedo, White $510

Tracksuit $200




Scuba suit $600

Stealth suit $450

Racing suit $250




Military $500

Cop $400

Paramedic $300

Balla's $150

Grove Street $150

Mafia $250

Yakuza $250

Vagos $100

Valet $100






NOTE: You can pick ANY property in San Andreas, Liberty City, or Vice City, that hasn't already been chosen. These are just some ideas.


NOTE: ALL properties cost $250




1: yellow bell golf club

2: LVA freight depot

3: Pier 69

4: avispa country club

5: any train station (giving you free transport of trains)

6: the sherman dam

7: bayside marina (just the marina area, not the whole town)

8: any casino

9: any strip club

10: catalinas shack on fern ridge

11: verdant bluffs

12: zombotech in san fierro


Vice City


1: leaf links golf club

2: the greasy chopper

3: howlin petes biker emporium

4: phil cassidy’s trailer

5: escobar international (the terminal )

6: Vercetti Estate

7: colonel cortez’ yacht

8: lighthouse

9: 8-balls bomb shop

10: the boat house

11: sunshine autos

12: cherry poppers

13: café robina

14: vice city printing works

15: kaufman cabs

16: DBP security HQ

17: north point mall

18: malibu club


If you own property, you can get an income. Here's the set:


1 property: $50 a day

2 properties: $100/day

3 properties: $150/day

4 properties: $200/day

5 properties: $250/day


and so on, adding $50 each time.









NOTE: These cars have extra 'gadgets' in. They are different to the ordinary cars above.


1 Perennial

With: Machine guns, Ejector seat, nitro

Cost: $300


1 Alpha

With:Shotguns, Rockets, Rear Parachute

Cost: $550


1 Cheetah

With:Oil Slick, Rear missiles, Front pistols, Sunroof rockets

Cost: $800


1 Banshee

With:Machine Guns, Nitro, Rockets, smokescreen, Ejector seat

Cost: $900


1 Infernus

With: Smokescreen, Nitro, Rear parachute, skis, homing missiles

Cost: $850


1 Super GT

With: Nitro, Improved handling, Machine guns, oil slick

Cost: $850


1 Turismo

With: Ejector seat, skis, heatseeker missiles (front & back), front & back machine guns

Cost: $900



With: All-terrain wheels, stinger strips, heatseeker missiles (front), machine guns





With: Mounted Machine-Guns and Rocket Launchers

Cost: $450




Car Mods: You can buy different Mods to improve cars you already have


All-Terrain Wheels: Better handling in the countryside and desert! But you lose a little speed

Cost: $45


Racing Wheels: Makes your car go faster, but there is a slight decrease in handling.

Cost: $50


Nitro: Use Nitrus Oxide to make your car go super-fast for a short period of time.

Cost: $50


Ejector Seats: Seats that can eject themselves from the car, with built in parachutes, can be used for passenger and driver's sife

Cost: $60


Front Twin Autocannons: Two small retractable sensory guns at the front of the car

Cost: $75


Front Grill Missiles: Your grill open up with rows of heat seeking missiles.

Cost: $90


More to come









.CJ. Esquire's complete unauthorised guide to composing a jolly good spy thriller.




but dont go and say this



"i raced my car down the runway and came flying into a huge ramp... in mid air i jumped out my car and into the taking off plane


i stuck on a bomb device and jumped off, i fell 2400 ft and luckly had enough energy to press the blow up button, BOOOMM the plane exploded "


thats no way near what you could do...... not even close



Edited by Officer Pulaski

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I guess I'll rejoin. Could you put down my old profile. The last I ever got paid was the $80.

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Aaaaannnd me.

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Officer Pulaski


I guess I'll rejoin. Could you put down my old profile. The last I ever got paid was the $80.

just repost your stories

i dont want to go into seeing when you bought stuff and seeif it was OK

just repost them and please 1 at a time

i dont wanna get flooded with 200 stories at once


EDIT: 20 mins up no more $5 for anyone who enters

i also need a volunteer to grade my own stories, anyone?

and also GTAfool im gonna edit your profile and gonna put what is actually at bayside marina

and last of all my comp is really fecked up right now

it cant even load a page of the site most of the time

Edited by Officer Pulaski

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Agent 005 reporting in... HQ: SF Airport as normal....


Agent: 005

Alias: Mxyzptlk/CJ/Carl Johnson

Headquarters: Easter Basin Airport

Residence: Hashbury

Funds: $72

Weapons: Desert Eagle, HS Missiles, Knife

Vehicles: Super GT, Blista Compact, NRG-500, Nevada, Shamals, Rustler, Dodos, Beagle, Raindance, Maverick, Leviathan, Utility Trucks, Baggage Handlers and Coast Guards

Miscellaneous tools: Body Armor, Camera

Edited by Mxyzptlk

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Officer Pulaski

I changed Mxy's profile

instead of Misc. planes, i put the plane names

also i added the baggage handler and a Tug to your vehicles

and i dont see any flash there

theres only a blista compact

Edited by Officer Pulaski

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Real Gangster no. 14

Name : Simon Crowne

Codename: 0014

Headquarters: Wang Cars

Residence: San Fierro


Vehicles: The Cars at Wang Cars and a Sabre.

Hey Guys I've decided to join (again).

I will be the first to post a movie.

Here it is(for those who havn't seen it already)Mission Area 69:Part 1

I should have part 2 up later tonight.

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Thanks for the corrections, I get those little hatchbacks mxyzed up.


Mission brief: Assault on Liberty


After my recon mission aboard the Aircraft Carrier at Easter Basin Naval Docks proved MI7's worst fears to be true, I was sent back for clean-up. All those warheads and the strange new attack craft had to be destroyed, and the SASN couldn't rely on the local police force as they were clearly paid off to mind their own business.


I finished sharpening my knife and checked my Desert Eagle while eating a big bowl of coq-o-pops... it was disgusting but I can't afford groceries since I haven't been paid in forever. After reviewing my photos from the last operation, I stepped outside my Hashbury condo and slipped my coat on, it was brisk and calm. My garage door slide open with a grating rusty sound, to reveal the red NRG-500 I was given for transportation around San Andreas.


It was a quick ride to the Naval Docks, just a half mile away. I parked across the street at the Xoomer's station and pretended to check my tire pressure, while looking at the guards at the docks. They were alert and ready, I would have to go in underwater... I seem to end up soaking wet alot recently... Recalling a boat dock just north of my location, I hopped back on my bike and sped that way. Activating the alarm and clamping the wheel of my NRG, I strolled down to the water's edge, glanced about and slipped in.


The water was cold, and my clothing was heavy, but I continued to the bow of the massive vessel. Finding the anchor chain, I struggled up the huge links and onto the tarmac, no activity onboard thus far. Creeping low, I moved to the first deck gun, and opened a panel with my knife, exposing the guidance controls. I made quick work of the wiring and moved on after watching with satisfaction as the wire insulation melted, wisping out blue, acrid smoke. There were guards at the door to the ship's interior, I needed another way to the stern deck gun. Glancing up, I noticed the second level railing just feet about me; and with a hop I was hanging from it, shimmying around the starboard side of the bridge complex to the stern gun. After deactivating this artillery in the same manner as the first, I swung up onto the second level and inside the ship.


I was in a supply room, with raincoats, tools and a coffee machine. I knew I had to get down into the berth where the ordnance and that strange vehicle were stored. I stood by the doorway leading into the hall, and peeked at the reflection in my knife blade: looks clear. Strolling confidently between the bulkheads I made my way down into the bowels of the USS Liberty. Hearing a noise, I slowed and grew cautious... sounds like... Pogo the Monkey commercials. I must be near a lounge or break room, and if I recall correctly, the entrance to storage is just on the other side. Peeking at my knife's mirror surface, I saw a sailor parked on the couch, staring at the televison; and the door to the cargo hold: closed. There would be no way to open that door without alerting the ensign, so I snuck in and pistol whipped him. Catching him before he hit the floor, I pushed him back on the couch so anyone passing by would assume he fell asleep. I open the cargo hold door with a spin of the wheel.


Dead ahead were crates upon crates of weaponry, just as before. MIRV warheads, laser guided propulsions, bunker busters; you name it. Carefully I unscrewed a small warhead from it's rocket and inspected the charge. "Yes this should work nicely," I thought to myself. Taking the warhead, I walked back to the break room; the ensign was still out. I opened the door on the microwave oven and inserted the warhead, and a nearby can of aerosol deodorant; setting it on low and the timer for 20 minutes. Exiting the breakroom I moved quickly through the storage area to the stern dock and located the small sleek craft I photographed on my last visit. It was a single seater, with controls like I've never seen, even at SASN. Looking around the room, I saw just what I needed: a control box, hanging at the end of a chain and pulleys near a movable bulkhead in the ship's hull. With a soft click I took of the safety of my pistol and fired at the box, opening the side of the hull to the shoals of San Fierro. My gunfire inevitably echoed through the cold hard interior and soon shouts and clacking footsteps were coming my way.


I knew that my presence would distract any otherwise-observant sailor from noticing the sparks and buzzing from the microwave in the break room. As I strapped myself into the vehicle, sailors with M4s rounded the corner, shouting and leveling their weapons at me. I peeled off 4 rounds over their heads and gunned what I thought was the accelerator; my craft spun rapidly 720 degrees, disorienting me. With my head swimming, I slammed down on another control stick, and to my relief the vehicle sped off the ledge and into the sea. Spouts of water popped up on all sides of me, as bullets cut through the surface. I pushed the control stick left and right, getting a feel for the handling, when a familiar whine grew louder in my ears. I just made it under Kincaide bridge as the rapid "sho-sho-sho" of the Hunter's 7.62mm cannon turned the ocean behind me into a fine mist. I was safe under the concrete pillars, at least for 2 seconds.


At the split second between my deep sigh of relief and punching the controls to take off on a doomed escape, the USS Liberty lurched and bellowed smoke. I sped away to the north as the concussion wave and deafening sound punched me in the back, and pushed me even faster along the choppy waters. I heard the screech of metal on metal and I knew the attack helicopter had collided with the bridge from the force of the explosion. Now, to stash this little baby at Bayside boat school.


Mission complete.

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I'll grae your stories Officer Pulaski. I could also help grade the main stories too, as it wasn't the food of stoires, it was the constant updating that knacked me. confused.gif

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I'll grae your stories Officer Pulaski. I could also help grade the main stories too, as it wasn't the food of stoires, it was the constant updating that knacked me. confused.gif

Or, you can actually count on me to grade your stories O.P.


Constant updating MI7? You gave up after 2 days.

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Officer Pulaski

im gonna give you $35 for that one Mxy

but -$8 for the knife you used


and gangster no.12 for some reason when i go on that site

the "DOWNLOAD NOW" never appears anymore so i can't watch it

anyone know why? confused.gif

and theres no sabre at wang cars, and i dont know the 4th car thats in Wang Auto's

i gave you the nearby knife though


you can both grade my stories

ill pick the one that pays more biggrin.gif lol devil.gif

Edited by Officer Pulaski

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The knife I had bought before that story in the old topic, but since this is a new topic, subtract the $8 from my $35 and add knife to weapons in my profile please.


Wang Cars vehicles: Uranus, Stratum, Elegy, Sultan, Savannah, Stretch (behind it).

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Officer Pulaski

here are the first three missions i did

i believe you already graded them Mxy, and gave $95 for all of them

and you know i changed my mind, im gonna give you $5 extra for your last mission


First Mission

i go up to the computer "well your waking up quite late" it says. "shut up or ill beat your ass, you smart ass computer..." i said. "oh sure, you kill me then they kill you, yeah thtas right what you gonna do about it?" said the computer. "just tell me what you got for me" i said. "there is a stupid hillbilly mayor that wants to get into congress. hes getting a lot of support by the redneck towns. so youhave to get to his little speech with the people in the small field in Bluberry and kill him. remember hes gonna try to be an average american. Briefing over." it said. i started saying "but wait how am I..." "It is now safe to shutdown your computer" it read. well i guess im going under cover.

i put on the stinky old hotdog salesmen uniform and wore a face mask. I picked my chainsaw and got in my hotdog van. Drove out to where the meeting is and served everyone, made like $15 until finnally the mayor came in to buy a hotdog. i turned on the chainsaw as he was walking towards me. there were cameras everywhere, i was lucky i was weareing a face mask. "whats that rumbling sound?" he asked me. "thats just the damn van you know..." i gave him his hotdog and when he turned around to face the crowd i sliced his head off.


well it didnt take a genious to know i had to get the hell out of there so i drove off. going west, then south, then west, i was heading toword the top of the panopticon. by this time there were about 5 rangers on me. so when i tied a brick to the pedal. when i got the fork i turned right, braked hard and jumped out of the car and flew into the river, while the van barreled down the panopticon. i took a long swim back to the hideout



NOTE i have NO idea how american politics work



God Damn Computer

After having a rest after the previous mission, i got up to find a new misson. "your next mission is to kill these 2 men" the computer prints out 2 photos of men "they are at the abondoned bluberry acres ranch making a deal in about 1 hour." it said. "What kind of deal?" i asked. "None of your buisness, you then must take the briefcases they both had and bring it back to the well stacked Pizza Co. in Palomino creek. Its highly secretive so theres not likely to be much security, and dont screw up like last time." it said. "Screw up?" i said. "God knows how many people saw you in that filthy river and..."it said "then i shot you" i said, and shot it. "damn smartass computer thinks it knows everything".


I then got my shovel and got into my Buffalo and got down to bluberry acres and hid in one of the barn/shed type things. i waited a while, until a car came out of the North and another from the south at the exact same time.

they got out of there cars and were both carrying briefcases.

i then floored it, i ran over one of them and he went flying about 15 feet. the other guy jumped away. so i got out of my car and hit him with my shovel. he went to the ground and then all of a sudden a sniper bullet came out of nowhere! Luckily tho it went for where my feet where, and thats also where the guy i hit was lying. then another sniper bullet hits the guy that just shot at me. i guess the first shot gave him away. so i picked up the briefcases jumped in my car and drove away.


i got to the Pizza place pretty fast. i got in and my boss was there sitting by the window. i gave him the briefcases. "very good" he said as he looked inside the briefcases. "wheres my money" i asked. "we'll come to that in aminute now sit down" he said. i sat down in front of him. "Now then" he said "you destroyed a very valuable item of mine recently that we only had one of. in fact it was the only one of its kind. i mean a fully functional artificial intelligence system with its on personality that pretty much knows every fact known to mankind is hard to comeby." "So?" i said. "so die" he said. he pulled out a 9mm. i flipped the table in his face and shot at the window and glass flew everywhere. i picked up a shard of glass. as he threw the table away i jumped on him. i pinned both his arms with my knees and slit his throat. By this time the few that were in the restaurant fled. so i went is back and i burned up the surveilance tap they had and then left the fire unattented next to a bottle of gas.


i got into my car and started driving back home. i also noticed a faint explosion that came from behind me. anyway as i was getting back i decided to open the briefcases...


To Be Continued...




I opened the brifcase to find niceley packed $100 bills. "Well heres the buyer i wonder what he was buying" i thought. I opened the brief case to find an old friend. "well we meet again" the computer said. i pulled the shotgun from the backseat, but it suddenly lurched out of the brifcase and attached itself under the glove compartment. "Shoot and i explode" it said. I put the gun down. "Well what do you want" i asked. Well i really have no needs except energy, which i am filtering from the fuel in your car. Anyways i have information for you." it said. "yeah waht?" i asked. well i checked the vitals of the man you shot and he seemed fine, he had a bulletproof vest on." it said. "So know hes gonna try to kill me right?" i said. "yeah hes got to recover, the sniper shot broke 2 of his ribs, but I expect hell plan a hit on you in the next few days, by the way your low on fuel" it said. i stopped at the gas station. the guy working there started pumpin gas. "oh yeah thats the stuff" it said. "anyway hes held up in the sawmill in Angel Pine, he probably will be in about half an hour." "All right" i said and headed to the saw mill.


To Be Continued...

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I crept down the steps, and was met with a hail of gunfire. The Tigers had arrived. This story goes back a long way, but I'll start here, behind the barrel I am using as a hiding place, and explain the beggining to you as you need to know it.


I could see the soldiers and the captain approaching through the gap between the barrel and the nearby wall. I clutched the AK-47 I had plundered from a nearby dead agent. And waited. The captain turned ound to address his troops, and I sprang out of my hiding place, rolled over, and put 20 bullets in the Captains back before he knew it.


He fell to the floor in a heap. The other soldiers, obvioulsy dismayed by seeing their commanding officer get a clip embedded in his spine, retaliated. I ducked behind a nearby wall. I could hear their boots tramping along the ground towards my hiding place. I pressed as close to the wall as I could. The group of soldiers only numbered about 4.


The first soldier ran around the corner, and didn't see me. I had the element of surprise, and put a bullet in his brain. The other 3 followed the idiot, to find I was not there. I had quickly clambered atop the wall to find that it was in fact a fire escape platform, with a ladder going up to the top of the tower.


I began to climb up the ladder. Ever since the troops had blown their way in a few minutes ago I had been shocked as to how they could enter a top secret military facility like the Foster Valley SASN base without detection. There had obvioulsy been a leak on the inside who had given them enough information to guarentee the unit safe entry into the compund without being blown to hell. At the top of the ladder, I had a fabulous position. I used the scope on the AK-47 to zoom in on each of the soldiers, and blasted a hole in each of their heads.


I knew that they wouldn't dare try and storm the place on a regular day, but today was no regular day. Most of the staff were at home for the Easter holiday (even spies have breaks you know) and those that weren't were away on missions. The place was nearly deserted. Our best agent Mxyzptlk, was away on a 'personal assignment' set by GWB the idiot. We could have called him back, but he was up in San Fierro, and the whole place would have been destroyed by the time he got here.


I quickly searcged one of the bodies, and found several blocks of the deadly explosive C3. So they WERE intending to blow the place up. I now had a means, but no motive, or masternind behind it...


End of Chapter 1.

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Real Gangster no. 14

Here is my Second Spy movie.

Hope you Like it.

Mission:Area 69 Part 2

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Officer Pulaski

$40 to you M17

but i cant tell whats going on

your behind a barrel, then behind a different wall, then your on a ladder and the soldiers dont see you

i mean where did that second wall come from?


EDIT: since for some reason i cant download vids

either someone could explain to me why the "DOWNLOAD NOW" doesnt appear

or someone else has to grade your missions Real Gangster no.14

Edited by Officer Pulaski

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The Truth.

Ok, Can I join up? I'm guessing this is kinda like BUYG only with spies...


Name: Unknown

Codenames/Aliases: 006, Ugly.

HQ: The Starfish Resort & Casino

Residence: Prickle Pine


If that's how I join up..



Edited by The Truth v2.0

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Can I buy a silenced pistol please?

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Officer Pulaski


Ok, Can I join up? I'm guessing this is kinda like BUYG only with spies...


Name: Unknown

Codenames/Aliases: 006, Ugly.

HQ: The Starfish Resort & Casino

Residence: Prickle Pine


If that's how I join up..



check for the weapons, armor, and vehicles around your HQ

then add them to your profile


sure thing M17

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The Truth.

Officer Pulaski, take out the unknown bit in aliases and just keep "Ugly" kthx. smile.gif Will go look for the weapons around the strip then.


OK: Weapons around the Starfish Resort & Casino are: Katana, SMG, Sniper Rifle

Edited by The Truth v2.0

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Alternative Child

I wanna join to! happy.gif

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Chapter 1 Mission 1: Mysterious Intel.


My phone rang and woke me up. I was asleep at my headquarters in Bayside Marina. First day on the job at the SASN. I had recently got hired because I saved one of their agents during his mission, outran some criminals and police and got him safely back to SASN headquarters


Anyways I answered my phone and it was my boss. "009, we have a mission here for you. Our intelligence agents have picked up some strange activity down at San Fierro Police HQ. We need you to investigate." he said. " You can find a camera at the Train station in Doherty. Also don't take the helicopters. Stick to ground force, for now." He hung up. Time to go to work.


I stepped out my office and walked a little bit to where my speed boat is. I hopped in, started ignition and sped off. I headed SouthEast to a dock in Esplande East right next to the garver bridge. I parked my boat behind the other boat facing out just in case I need a quick escape. I started walking towards the street and saw a bike. I realized how much faster this would go on bike then on foot. I looked to see if any cops were around then hopped on. A nice mountain bike. I pedaled fast to the Train Station in Doherty. I grabbed the camera and headed to the police station. I followed the tram tracks to get there. I slowly drove past the officer at the gate near the helipad then went around back to the grassy area. I got off my bike, jumped over the wall, and crept over towards the guard. I was a little bit behind him. I knew what I had to do, I beat him to a pulp. I took his Desert Eagle and continued sneaking down into the garage. I equipped my camera and saw two cops getting out of a police vehicle. Nothing Wrong. "sh*t they saw me." They didn't radio any one else. This will be easy I thought they got close we both took out are guns I got two quick shots in killed them both. There was no need to even touch the bodies because I knew someone who could do a clean up job for me. I continued walking down and focused on another cop. He was just standing there. But he was just another alarm in the clock store. I beat him up till his clothes turned dark red. There seemed to be nothing wrong with this place. I continued and saw what the Intelligence agents were talking about. A cop was inserting some sort of Alien Technology into a cop car. I snapped a few photos

then left the place. I climbed over the fence rode the bike back to the dock. I'm so generous I even left the bike at the place were I found it (although there was another one there?). I walked over to the dock. "What the ****, I've been boat jacked!" I didn't think twice I took the boat right in front of where mine was and sped back to my HQ. I got off my boat slapped my pictures in the file cabinet and locked it. I then called two people. My boss and R.I.P. I told my boss the pictures were safe with me at my HQ and I will deliver them shortly. I then called R.I.P. and said, "I got the photos of the alien technology but i need someone to dispose of the bodies and I thought of you so can you?" "I'll E-mail you the info." I then E-mailed the pictures to the boss and went to sleep.











Hoped you liked it. It was a bit boring but my other missions will be better as 009 becomes a better spy. ph34r.gif



AlexRW did a mission about my mission so I hope he digs it up and revives it.


I actually did this mission everything, I used is exactly where I explained.

Edited by GTAFool12

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Chapter 1 Mission 2: Pimp My Ride



It was about 10:00 AM and I was up fishing off the Docks. My cell rang an and I knew it was my boss. It was strange because I never even met my boss and I do such strange jobs for him.


I answered. "Hello"

"How's it goin' 009"

"Pretty good"

"Good, I need you to do the agency and me a favor"

"OK, What?" I asked him.

" I know this ain't much spywork but if you do this I guarantee a good paycheck on your next mission"


" Alright. There's a TV show Pimp my Ride. It gives people with sh*tty cars a chance to change their car into a one-of-a-kind pimpmobile. Anyways this, Loco Low Co. is where they shoot the show and pimp cars. Somehow they are able to give away so much free car parts. We've checked their budget and it don't add up. We believe they have something to do with the Alien Technology you found at the police station. Anyways here is your objectives:

1. Steal Lowrider from anyone in the hood

2.Smash it up til its about to blow.

3. Bring it over to Loco Low Co.

4.while they Pimp it out search for any Alien Technology.

5. Bring it back to me. I'll be at HQ.


"Good Luck, 009"

" I won't be needing it." I replied smoothly.

So Loco Low Co. is 30 minutes away I'll be there in ten.




9 minutes and 37 seconds later.

The sound of my tires screeching from my car in the parking lot came to a halt.

I parked it in the parking garage down the street and looked for a lowrider. A savanna pulled up with some GSF's in it I slowly walked up, but suddenly pulled the driver out. The rest of his "homies" got out too. I pulled into the alleyway and began my dirty work. It didn't exactly work so I crashed it around for a bit then brought it too Loco Low Co.


"This is Madd Dogg, here and your watchin Pimp my Ride. Today we found a savnna that is in sh*t condition. Now watch as the people at Loco Low Co. do some stupid sh*t and make this car look cool." I was in the backroom as they "pimped my ride" and searched thru the area. I found a phonebook and decided to take that for future purposes. You now intel. Then I entered the stock room and my whole mind just poured out and I stood there in awe. It was like the whole room was filled with shiny bluish-green objects. The Alien Technology. I grabbed some samples and hid them in my pants.



I came outside to see my brand new car. I didn't really car because it wasn't my car but i knew the boss would be happy. I hopped in it and drove away so the cameras couldn't keep up with me. I dropped off all evidence at SASN HQ.

It was a long walk to my car and a long ride home.





The next one will be more action I guess I'm trying to make like a story with Alien Tech. I was inspired to write this because I saw the words Pimp my ride in Mxyzptlk'ssig.

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Chapter 1 Mission 3: The Big Lead


Brrrrinnng. My phone again, as usual it was the boss.

"009, we have some important news."


"Alright 009, we need you to find out why the police and mechanics at Transfender, Loco Low Co. and Wheel Arch Angels are putting Alien Technology in cars all over San Andreas."

"Do you have any good news."

"No, but I have some more bad."

"Continue." I replied.

" This Alien Technology is giving off strange Radioactivity but it's exterior is preventing it from radiation."

"Sounds like a conspiracy."

"Yes indeed. So heres your next mission.

1. Monitor Harold Rodney. Every Sunday he travels to an unknown location.

2.Collect any intel you can (Take pictures. collect files, etc.)

3. Do not kill Harold Rodney or his associates. I'm not filling out any papers right now and we're not quite sure if he's even behind this.

4. You are authorized to take lethal action.

Good Luck 009."

"Thank you, sir." I responded and hung up. I drove my Bravura (it's in my parking lot.) to the Agents store and bought a silenced 9mm and a camera with my funds. At 2:00 PM I pulled up to the SFPD and waited.


To be continued...




You don't have to grade this, this is just a briefing.

Edited by GTAFool12

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Chapter 1 Mission 3: The Big Lead (Part Two)


I waited for at least an hour til Mr. Rodney showed up. I started my engine and began following him. He took multiple turns but the ended up at the Vank Hoff in the Park Hotel. I parked the Bravura right in front of the sign. I rushed inside then told myself act casual. He went inside the elevator and I got in the elevator with him. I looked at him and gave him a faint smile. We got off on the 4th floor and he walked down to room 187. He entered the room and I kept walking down the hall pretending to look for my room. As soon as the door shut I ran down to room 186. I knocked lightly. No response. I wiggled my knife in the keycard slot til it green lighted then I entered. It was quite a cozy room. Had a closet, a bed, a tv, and a desk. There were no ventilation to the other room. So the window was my next option. I slid it open and prepped my camera. I shimmied across the ledge and peeked my head around the corner.



Undetected. They were having a meeting in there I wasn't sure who they were but there was at least 7 men plus Rodney. They had a graph of digging sites in the Hunter Quarry. I knew I'd need a picture of all their faces and the Graph without them seeing me. I stood in front of the window fully still undetected. I hit my fist on the window to not break it but to catch their attention. I dove back and snapped 3 photos mid-air. I landed on the canopy of the entrance. I slid down it springed off, rolled over my hood and dove in the driver seat window. I sped off straight forward and took a right into the stone path leading behind the hotel. I drove thru the narrow pathway and took a left down the parking complex. From the parking complex 3 black Washingtons chased after me. We drove near Cluckin' Bell and I reached out my silenced 9mm and shot out one of the drivers of a Washington. It swirved off the road and crashed into Ammu-Nation. I arrived in front of the Parking Complex again and drove into in it. The Washington passengers have opened fire. Bullets pierced my trunk so I picked up some speed. I fired back as we entered a park. We flew over the road luckily missing all the cars. We weaved thru baseball fields continuing fire as we entered on the road I aimed for the tires. Pop. Got one. The car with the flat tire crashed into Chack's Store. Me and the final Black Wahington weaved thru the alleyways next to Chack's. We continued firing. Pop. Got a tire. This one didn't crash. I eased on the brake and went behind them. I got lucky because they continued firing. I bumped their rear right end and they swirved in the alleyways. Adrenaline rushed thruout my body almost instantly I whipped out my silenced 9mm and with one dead eye shot I hit the gas tank. Boommmmmmmm. It exploded flipping over. I knew the cops would be here any minute now. I slowly drove out the alleyway like I didn't witness a thing. I knew 19 bulletholes in my car didn't look good to the police so I stopped by Pay N Spray. The only place the boss said didn't deal Alienware. I pulled in and they let me have a complimentary spray because of my first time there.



I knew this Intel was important so I brought it to HQ immediately.

I drove to my home in Bayside Marina. Fell on the couch and went to sleep.

Edited by GTAFool12

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Chapter 1 Mission 4 : (Part 1) Debriefing



I sat a my HQ in Bayside Marina. Cellphone rings and I answer.

"Yes Boss?"

"We have extremely important news 009. It seems as though all we did was take a small bite at a big cookie." he paused for a second.

"Continue," I said.

"We are E-Mailing you the Information now." He replied ' Have a good day we will contact you at 3:30."

I glanced at the clock.

"Sounds good, See you later boss." With that I hung up. The agents at SASN don't really use good-bye much espescially the boss. Maybe If I ever met my boss, I've only met his Assistants.


My E-mail arrived and I opened it.



The 6 Mystery Men Criminal Records and Other Information:


user posted image

Harold Rodney

SFPD Police Cheif

Shady, Once Accused of Corruption, Murder, Drug Use, and importing illegal substances. Going to court soon to be sentenced to 25 years in jail.

Possible reason of involvement: Ability to destroy all files on alien technology


user posted image

Johnathan Meninsky

Miner at Hunter Quarry

Witness of UFO crash near Quarry in 1990. Tortured by Gov. agents to shut him up.

Possible reason of involvement: Knowledge of the crash and access to Quarry.



user posted image

Jose Ramirez

Owner of the Loco Low Company

Almost Bankrupt, Accused of Drug Usage and Murder. Been to jail 3 times.

Possible reason of involvement: Ability to distribute car parts to people.


user posted image

Fred Smith

Owner of Transfender

Accused of Murder and Drug Use. Been to jail twice.

Possible reason of involvement: Ability to distribute car parts to people.


user posted image

Nate Matthews

Owner of Wheel Arch Angels

Seen at Illegal Street Races, also a Thief. Been to jail twice.

Possible reason of involvement: Ability to distribute car parts to people.


user posted image

Otheus McKonta

Possible Conspiracy Leader (No Career)

Murder, Drug Use, Thief, Witnessed the UFO crash of 1990 and supposedly Tortured extremely, No family left living, had horrible life. A lot of Warrants out for arrest.

Possible reason of involvement: Revenge on the World.





As I read these files I realized what was going on. Madman with acess to technology thats extremely dangerous. This dangerous technology has been put into cars all over SA for who knows how long. I knew that Hunter Quarry was the answer to why their terror hasn't rained down upon the world yet. I looked at the clock. 3:30. My phone rang once and I answered in a heartbeat.

" 009, now that you know of the situation. We need you down at Hunter Quarry Pronto. Do not kill anyone until you find out how to counteract their evil plan.

Also taking one hostage doesn't seem like a good idea."

"Gotcha, Boss." I responded as I grabbed my brand new Tec-9, my Silenced 9mm, and my knife. "I'll be down there ASAP. By the way, how'd you get those photos."

" An expert phtographer named Destuction-OverDrive.Also no need to bring your camera 009. We have enough evidence on these men and the technology. Good Luck, 009."

"Thank you Boss." I hung up and ran out into my Bavura and started driving East.


To Be Continued.


Edited by GTAFool12

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dont quadruple post dude! mad.gif

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dont quadruple post dude! mad.gif

lol look what you made me do. biggrin.gif

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Officer Pulaski

first story was good: $30

second story, im sorry but it was kind of dumb: $20

third was a short brief: $10

4th was great!: $35

but the ending was too crazy "jumped over street, popped there tires but all of there shots missed me" meh


and -$43 for silenced pistol and knife=$52

and -$2 for quadruple, no quintuple post!

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I figured it wouldn't matter since I was posting separate stories. O well.


Don't Double Post. biggrin.gif


I'm pretty sure it said at the end I had 19 bulletholes in my trunk.

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