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VC:PC Tommy Is Scared Of The World


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My computer meets all game requirements.


OK, At first the game worked up until the mission "The Party".

Everytime I went to the lawyers office or whatever, it would say The Party, but freeze, then close VC completely, then give a message about VC not responding etc..


So I started it again, but since I saved at Ocean View, it brought me back there, so now everytime I leave the hotel, 3 seconds later, it freezes and closes. But, once I stayed in the hotel and put the cheat for weapons on, and I just started shooting out the door and around the hotel, and the game worked fine without freezeing, but once I would leave the hotel it would freeze and close.


I have tried everything. I turned the frame limiter off. Deleted the *.set file. I have even downloaded other peoples save files, and it still freezes...


Any suggestions?


[Edit] - I have Windows XP

DirectX Ver.9.0

This isn't the first time I installed it, It's worked before.

No mods at all. (Well, I have other peoples saved games, but I dout

that those are considered mods.


There, now Any Suggestions?


Edited by FrenchFries504
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Answer me two things:


1) is the game original or downloaded?

2) are the requirements u say, just above the required level or way above it?

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Re-install Vice City. You're save games won't be affected by a re-install, so don't worry about that. Try it now.


Does the problem occur when you start a new game? If not, then it's possibly a corrupt save game.


Make sure you have the most update drivers for not only your video card, but your sound card as well.

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1. It's an original copy purchased at my neighborhood computer store.

2. It's a used copy.

3. It worked fine for about 2 months.

4. My computer is a little bit higher than the required requirements.

5. When I re-installed VC, theres no difference in my saved game.

6. When I start a new game, it freezes at the first cut scene.


Hopefully that helps... (But I doubt it). confused.gif

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Did the game work fine before on the same install?? WHat I mean is did you have any problems before this since you originally installed it, or did you recently re-install it.


What is the condition of the disk, you said it was used???


Either way, try cleaning your disk and reinstalling.


Since you are only at "the Party", just start a new game and play up to that point again and see what happens-- I know it would be shame if you lost that 5 minutes of game progress.


I edited your topic title to reflect your problem.

Edited by Spuds725
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It's in good condition, exept there's a small crack in the center of the CD, but there isn't any data on that part (I think).


And, read number 6 on my last post, I have no problem starting a new game no matter what part im on, it's just that when I start a new game, it freezes at the first cut scene, then closes when I click ENTER.


[Edit] - Oh yea, the game isn't on the same install, I had to re-install it, because I had to get my computer reformatted. But, when I re-installed it, none of the hardware has changed, it's still the same hardware as when it worked.

Edited by FrenchFries504
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You will have to forgive me (I play the PS2 version), but when you start VC, does it automatically load your most recent save like the PS2 version-- its probably not likely, but maybe the save is corrupted and then possibly carrying over the problem if you restart the game. Maybe try to delete or move that save file and try restarting a game.




upload that file and post link in the save n play thread in the cheats section and see if anyone else has problems with that save-- just post it and tell people your problem (briefly) and see if they have problems with it--maybe have them do a few missions and see if the cutscenes screw up on them.


I'm betting since it worked before (on a previous install), that your current install is messed up (possibly from the disk being damaged)-- I would uninstall, clean your disk and reinstall-- (if you haven't done this already)-- maybe someone more experienced with VC PC problems should weigh in before you do this--- I'm more of a gameplay expert then a trouble shooting expert.



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In Save N' Play, people might start telling me crap about it not being a place for that, that it's only a place so someone can beat a mission for you. confused.gif


Well, I'll try the Save N' Play thing anyway, and thanks alot for trying to help.

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did you update any firmware for your graphics card and soundcard?

cos the firmware updates stay whetehr u reformat or not; whilst drivers obviously dont. oh and btw check ur bios too; silly i know but it has happened!

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Delete teh Save Games and try it. I think maybe those files must be corrupted and screwing up the game.

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Stupid game, deleting the save games doesn't work.

If I can't get it to work in another week, I'll just have to buy another copy.

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Stupid game, deleting the save games doesn't work.

If I can't get it to work in another week, I'll just have to buy another copy.

If you bought the game recently take it back to the shop you bought it from, and tell them and see if you can get another copy. No I'm not taking about getting one illegally. smile.gif

Edited by nightwalker83
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