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Welcome to VC {screenshots} PC!


This is kind of a follow-up to my topic "The Perfect Captures", but this is for VC:PC instead.


I know this might be a bit early, but since some of you already have VC:PC, I decided to make this now. Check below for info and the unavoidable rules smile.gif






001. This is a picture topic, only small amounts of comments please.

002. Pics taken in VC:PC only.

003. The HUD is allowed on, unlike in my other topic.

004. Minimum of 1 pic, maximum of 5.

005. Maximum resolution = 800x600




.the HUD.


Now, it is allowed to post pics with the HUD on. You may experience situations where you don't have the time to turn it off, or you just don't care. It's OK, but for emotion pics of the landscape and so forth, it looks so much nicer without the HUD on.


So, here's how in the PC version:


- Choose "options" and "display"

- Now, set "Radar Mode" to "Off"

- And HUD to "Off"


Easy as that.




.taking the pics.


Yeah, using the Print Screen button, closing down the game, saving the pic and the repeat, sucks big time. But, there is a way to make this way easier.


Here's a list of the best programs to use taking pics:






Check them out. Some may no longer be 'Freeware' these days, but you can still grab the older versions from mirrors around the Internet (e.g. Fraps 1.9D).











-Keep4u (Welsh language)


Browse to your image and hit upload. When the next page loads up, grab the "Direct link to image" URL - it's the last one listed. Paste this between the IMG tags in your post like so:

[img=Direct link to image goes here]







To make your shots extra special, you'll need some extra special programs to help you on your way:

VC Cam Hack. Download and run. Enable 'free roam'. This will allow the camera to be controlled independently of Tommy.

VC Draw Distance Mod. Download and run. Fire up VC, flick back to your desktop (via ALT+TAB) and use the designated hot-key to increase the draw distance beyond VC's 'maximum'.


Thanks to Simon. for the 'extra' tips. THANK YOU SIMEY.




.archive. (In order of date added)



Author Details Link
D-X3M Deluxo, Squallo and Cuban Jetmax captions Click Here
Fastmandan Various vehicle ongoings Click Here
Fastmandan Acting as a passenger in a Police car Click Here
Uruloke Vigilante Mission screenshot Click Here
Fastmandan Haitian shoot-out, Horizon shots Click Here
DJDeez Paramedics in need of.. paramedics! Click Here
DJDeez Sanchez mis-hap Click Here
Storm. Sign-less Taxi, Back-room dancer (one for the male gender!)

Failed Test Track attempt, Lighthouse shot

Click Here
Vengeance Battered Sentinel Click Here
King Of Monra PCJ stunts and various other Click Here
tobu24 Tommy.. Smoking?! Click Here
nightwalker83 Garage malarchy Click Here
ForteZeppelinX Police car and Haitian bug Click Here
bibli2oo3 Compilation of 48 screenshots Click Here
The R.E.D Check Out At The Check In shooting, brawling with a Cop Click Here
The R.E.D Tommy holding MP5 Click Here
Luigi.Joey.Toni.Tommy??? Various vehicle shots Click Here
Wolfmight Vehicles high in the sky Click Here
RoxRox Four vehicle shots Click Here
Jonny1986 Maverick, Angel, Horizon and Cement shoes shots Click Here
VercettiVice "The affects of your sister being a hooker" Click Here
Miabatsu Thunder Number one beds in Carcer Click Here
Jonny1986 Inside the Malibu Club Click Here
VercettiVice Stinger shot Click Here
VercettiVice Sentinel shot Click Here
glenster Oceanic in detail Click Here
Simon. Little Haitie/Printworks screenshots Click Here
MaTriX NeO 2199 Car stuck in road Click Here
Konstaninos Love Fist concert Click Here
Bango VCMP Jump shot Click Here
Rashon. Gang Wars Click Here
mc_chris Downtown Skyscrapers Click Here
Heihachi_73 Fatalities and Misc. Click Here
TheDude5000 HUGE (and I mean HUGE!) Shark Click Here
~Giggle~ View from top of Lighthouse Click Here
TheDude5000 Movie references and modifications Click Here
TheDude5000 More modifications! Click Here
Ring_of_fire Close-ups of Mercedes Cortez and Candy Suxx Click Here
cold fusion 33 Mid-air PCJ stunt Click Here
TheDude5000 Wooden Bridge modification Click Here
RockJocetti Infernus at Vercetti estate Click Here
Dolven Prawn Island mansion, various vehicle shots Click Here
TheDude5000 Beach, Jetski and Airliner modifications Click Here
Duckay Car crash, Stats glitch Click Here
TheDude5000 Jetski, Cruiseliner, B-wing modifications Click Here
Dolven Black interior at Vercetti mansion, Ghost Tower Click Here
Cthulhufhtagn Tommy Vercetti in action Click Here
creepers Happy New Year VC! Click Here
TheDude5000 Modded vehicle Click Here
GTARobber Nissan Skyline, Ray gun and Monster Truck modifications Click Here
Omfg0rz Miscellaneous screenshots Click Here
Omfg0rz Vigilante missions Click Here
Snakey_UK07 Police car stuck in telephone pole Click Here
Gtacool Tommy turned homesexual?! Click Here
gtamodder Idaho screenshots Click Here
Djonemore Miscellaneous screenshots Click Here
Djonemore Scenic shots, Hot-air balloon Click Here
RATEDR307 Exploding Tanks galore! Click Here
kareljanis Dolphin capture Click Here
JDesigns_limitless DMC-12 V6 for sale.. Click Here
Ghost glendale fan 4 live Taxi and PCJ-600 stuck in odd places Click Here
Ultraussie Haitian dead on tip of Plant Click Here
adamove Sentinel XS shot Click Here
Urban Legend Bike stunts and odd landings Click Here
soldierkilla Miscellaneous screenshots Click Here
Urban Legend First person vehicle shots, bike stunts Click Here
Urban Legend Mid-air Bike shot Click Here
Urban Legend Mid-air Bike shots Click Here
.Ashremains Ocean beach scenary Click Here
Illousion Car crash! Click Here
Illousion Shots of Car modifications Click Here
Urban Legend Random shots Click Here
Urban Legend Stunting shots Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Large transport vehicles encountering problems Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Five peculiar occurences Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Submarine & Kent Paul Click Here
Urban Legend Bike Stunt mid-air shot Click Here
Tyla Tommy & associates Click Here
Bullet_Chris Scenic beauty Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Security measures Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Strange occurences Click Here
Vercetti 2008 The headless Bike.. man Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Consequence of betrayal..? Click Here
danboy24 Hydra in Vice City Click Here
okei Random shots Click Here
King of Monra Random & strange shots Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Firefighter building Click Here
Vercetti 2008 Praying woman? Click Here
Bullet_Chris Beautiful shots Click Here
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as fraps didn't remember the new keyassignment for the capturing, i only have some stupid pics








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these are some of my favourites.....


haha, beat this!


the first 2 wheeled taxi!


dont ask how it got there.......


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lol, that would be funny....."im just going out to rob some people, kill some gang members and steal some cars.....oh and of course.....feed the fish"


also, has anyone managed to ride in the passenger seat of a cop car, i tried stealing a cop car from the passenger seat side, so i tried opening the door, and the cop got out, so i got in when he got back in, then we both got out and i got back in and moved over to the drivers seat, and then the cop got back in and moved me over and just started driving. lol



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haha....a good five in one shot!  :furious:


Ive got some more shots....








Wheres Tommy going? everyone knows there is an invisible wall....just like the Truman Show.




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Heres a few, ones from gta3 just thought Id show it anyway... biggrin.gif


user posted image



user posted image



user posted image

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Taxi without its sign on top.


user posted image

user posted image


Tommy's private lap dancer.


user posted image


Mission failed...

user posted image


Ready to snipe some seagulls.


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

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  • 1 month later...
King Of Monra
  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 2 months later...

They tried to bust me, so they got what was coming to them. biggrin.gif



EDIT: Another one:


He was in such a hurry to leave, he didn't notice that he lost his legs...



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That last one looks like the prision cell from GTA3.


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


There you go.

Racism is awesome!



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Here are my screenies...

2 mod cars:

user posted image


jumping taxi

user posted image



user posted image



user posted image


I dont know how i got the heli in the pay and spray

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  • 1 month later...

user posted image

The affects of your sister being a hooker.

Edited by VercettiVice

Asmodeus again LOLOFUNNYHAHA..no

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user posted image


Number 1 beds in Carcer. I though this was pretty cool, dont know if anyone else saw it before.

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  • 3 weeks later...

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