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D Jones

Terri Schiavo

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I think it was right to pull the plug. She was in a vegetative state for 15 years and she was suffering. I feel if she wasn't making neural progress in the first 2 years she should have been gone. Personally I myself would want the plug pulled. If I'm in a vegetative state I wan't them to pull the plug as soon as I go in.

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I find it odd that the sec she died nobody gave a damn anymore. I wonder how her family is doing. confused.gif

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^My thoughts exactly^. Like someone said earlier, they should've given her the lethal injection. She was in a vegetative state, she could brain dead for 10 to 15 years of her life. She could not do anything and her parents were basically more inhumane that they kept going to court and appealing to put the feeding tube back in. Putting it in and out time after time again is absurd. It's like teasing a dog with food or taunting a child with a piece of candy.

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What was the point in bumping this topic?


Although i do agree that she should have been allowed to die. I think it was evil to let her starve t death though, even cold blooded child rapers and killers are allowed to be put to sleep and die wouldn't that have been more humain than just letting her starve to death?

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Red Hat Girl

The difference is that Terri did not know she was starving, where as convicted murders (who, btw, are not always guilty of the crimes they are convicted of), are aware that they are being put to death. I think they couldn't actually put her to sleep because of legal technicalities, this was the only way they could do it.


And, I don't think its wrong to continue discussing this topic. It was a national event that involved the government and the question of morality in a huge way, the effects of which still linger.

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