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GTA Vice City Videos


Recommended Posts

  • 4 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Just thought i would let you know, me and bj070893 are making a VC stunt video together, it is called Aversion, it wont be released for a while yet because BJ had a problema and lost all his stunts sad.gif but that gives me longer to pull off some kick ass stunts.


PS. Hey S.F ain ever seen you on GTA-F, i don't come online much here.

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I want to appologize for not updating this thread lately-- I will update the list, just don't have time at the moment.... also, I only add vids posted up here so if you post a vid in its own thread, you can post it here too (I won't search them out)--- please post vid comments in their respective threads please-- this thread is more for archiving vids then for releasing them--please post them in their own thread for comments....


Thanks.. SPuds....

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Don't mess up the table tags in that first post alien.gif -- its very easy to screw up the table... if you ever attempt to edit it, I urge you to first copy the whole mess over to word or something-- so in case you mess it up, you can at least get it back to where it was before you started....

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  • 1 month later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Ive got 2 vids.

both of them were edited by me, include stunts by me, custom ramps by me, and bike textures by me. HOOHAA! lol.gif

my first one's link:


my second one's link:


and a drifting and stoppie vid will be uploaded sometime later on.

enjoy, because i worked hard on these. mad.gif

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Please keep the videos coming and don't post new topics post them here biggrin.gif ^_^

Its ok to post new vids in their own threads for comments--- feel free to post here and there.... (this thread is to keep vids on the first page for archive purposes)--- sorry the first post (vid list) hasn't been updated in a while--I'm lazy...

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  • 2 weeks later...

This one has a few months and I forgot to post it here.... sad.gif If you can put it in the first page spuds... wink.gif




I hope you like it for those who haven't seen it.



Bye! rahkstar2.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

OK guys, I decided to take some of the workload of Spuds' hands, so I've updated the list with (what should be) everyone's videos. I've also cleaned up a bit of the code (fixed inconsistent spacing, mainly). Let me know if I've missed anyone (I didn't miss Ratt's, his link is just broken and I couldn't seem to find the video on his site, so I left him out). I'll get Spuds to edit the first post whenever he can. Cheers.


Also, if you guys don't know about this already, take a look at Barguast's GTAForums Table Code Generator. Saves you a lot of time and problems. smile.gif



ATS Stunt Crew Vids
Stunters for each of the following vids indicated


LC Smackdown --Darkness, Kaneda


2 Minutes In Liberty City--Kaneda
VC Smackdown --Darkness, Kaneda
Off Duty--Darkness, Kaneda
The Getaway--Darkness, Kaneda


Game Over--Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit




The Four Horsemen--Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo
5ive--Darkness, Kaneda, Nitzkit, Neo, GTA Fanatic
Last Call
Pure Stunts-- Nitzkit
Pure Stunts 2 --Nitzkit, Iguano
Higher Ground --Nitzkit, Iguano
Loose Ends --Nitzkit
Under Ground -- Nitzkit
alexrw's Video
chaIned's Video
Stunting In Progress
corrupt's Video
love vice
finallight's Videos
never wake up
Freakstyle (Low res 35 MB
Freakstyle (Hi res 67 MB)
HAGJ's Videos
Stunt Movie
Don't buy San Andreas
jehde_51's Video
Left Behind
Junky911's Video
Sum Dum Stunts
Kingjad's Video's
69 Days Later - Introduction (TGA link)
69 Days Later - Introduction (filefront link)
Stunty McStunts-a-lot
Lad's Videos
Lord Peres' Videos
Lost Stunts
Lost Stunts (TGA mirror)
mjr_toker's Videos
Major Toker in Liberty City
Back to Liberty
Messin' With Mods
Messin' With Mods Again
Og-loc's Videos
Drink And Drive
Loose Ends
Papercut_Stunter404's Videos
Round 1
Round 2
Drift N' Stoppie
Samurai_Ohk's Video
Touch of a Samurai
Southern Finest's Videos
Super Mario In Vice City
8967 Degree Rotation
BSM Setup down from another BSM
One of a Kind
StarJet905's Video
My Stunt Video
*stuntman*'s Videos
My Stunt Vid
Choastal Chaos
Same Old Stuff
Super Sheiki's Video
Ghost Stunts
Win98crash's Video
You're breaking the law!
Edited by Spuds725
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Thanks (again) Fuzzy


I updated the first post...


Also I deleted the "code" section of your post-- as it messed up the margins.


If you are interested in taking over this thread-- PM me and I'll make you the thread starter and you can edit it yourself in the future....


I'll still be able to update it too so it won't rest entirely on you... I will admit I've been bad... I let it go far enough where it would take a while to fix it and I never had time to do the entire thing...


Sorry for the time between updates everyone.... thanks Fuzzy... rah.gif

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I'll do it spuds, I know how to now so let me.

An ironic and unfortunate time to poke your head in here. tounge.gif


Spuds made me the topic starter, and I've put all the videos in. I'm in the process of prettying up the tables and linking each author to their respective profiles here at GTAF.


I don't really mind if you're made the topic starter again, as long as you keep up with the workload and don't get behind as you did before. Forgive me, I'm just wary and I find it somewhat... dodgy, I guess, that the only time you came into the topic was to complain about someone else taking over a topic that you sort of neglected.


If you do start doing it again, you can keep on with what I'm doing with the tables. I do have the old table code saved, but I reckon that was a pretty shoddy and poorly done effort. If you like it, you can have it back, though.

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  • 2 weeks later...

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