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GTA Vice City Videos


Recommended Posts



I was wondering if anyone wants to make a team to do double vids.

yer that would be a great idea. i'm in

Edited by kippers
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wow nice vid there. i liked the spans across liberty at the start very nice. and the stunts were good. i liked it how u started in Libery and thne flew over to Vice that was kool. but i did get a bit confused when the credits started to play only like 1:30 mins through the vid. o well. good effort cookie.gif

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I updated the first post to include all vids posted to date-- sorry it took me so long, I've had an extremely busy week.


Let me know if I missed any or if any changes are needed.





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hey hey,

i'm working on a new stunt vid called frozen. its looking pretty good and should be done in the next week or two.

you know, you should try and get this pinned colgate.gif

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My eight stunt video.


Ghost Stunts biggrin.gif

Jaja Sheik no sabia que promocionabas tus videos tambien aqui en los foros ingleses xD



Wow! I just finish watching Off duty part 1 and 2 and they're incredibles!! I never think we can do this kind of things with a taxi!! How you climb so high for these buldings??? I tried and I only can press the taxi boost one time...


Congratulations everybody for your videos, they make me play vice city again to try this incredible jumps biggrin.gif




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Super Sheiki

Es el primero ke promociono... XDD, no sabia ke t pasabas x aki.

Edited by Super Sheiki
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Ups, sorry. I only say to him that I didn't know he post his videos in these forums too. And he sais that is the first that he put. I wish you understand me, because my english as you can see is very bad...



Ah! I have a question to Nitzkit. How do you do your stunts? biggrin.gif Because I can't jump for the places you do, because I allways felt of the bike when I try it. Is there a trick or something like that? I find it very difficult...




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Ignition - From the ATS crew


Didn't see that question there Lord_Peres, ok..ermm.....lol

It takes some skill and some luck (depending on which trick)

Click on my sig to see some tutorials and more vids......tons more

Edited by nitzkit
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  • 2 weeks later...

OP, thanks for putting this thread together.


Can't wait to see some more vid's, especially when SA comes out for PC. I'm sure it will inspire me to put out another vid. colgate.gif

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There are a ton of SA movies out already if you can't wait-- I sort of copied the format for this thread off the one in the SA general discussion.


Guess I should change the SA orange in the headers to a VC pink huh???


Edit: Done

Edited by Spuds725
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how do you make vice city videos on your PC?

i would like to know so i could make some sometime

Do you have the PC or PS2 version?

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i'm assuming he has the PC version seeing as he is asking how to make them on the PC


anyways. you have to have something called FRAPS (well thats what i would use) and that allows you to record whats on the computer screen


anyways. i got alot of vids to catch up on it seems

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Viva Gta San Andreas.

considering my gta sa disc is stuffed i might be makeing some vice movies. any ideas on what to do? tounge.gif

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I've made my first GTA:VC video and here it is BOUNTY

hope you like it


looks like i have alot of videos to watch and get inspiration off

Edited by alexrw
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