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GTA PSP delayed till 3rd quarter


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Love Grand Theft Auto? Hate PlayStation 2s? Hope you're patient. As part of its earnings report for the first quarter of its 2005 fiscal year, Rockstar Games' corporate parent Take-Two Interactive announced that all three forthcoming titles in its bestselling crime-action series will arrive months later than expected.



The first two of these, the Xbox and PC versions of last-year's bestselling game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, will now arrive in Take-Two's third fiscal quarter. Since the company's fiscal year ends on January 31, this means they will arrive sometime between August and October 2005, one month askew from the traditional calendar year. Originally, the two versions of the now dodeca-platinum-selling San Andreas were slated for a June release.


The August-October window will also see the release of the first PSP entry in the series. The as-yet unnamed game will feature an all-new storyline in a familiar place--Liberty City, the setting of Grand Theft Auto III. The game will be developed at Rockstar Leeds, formerly Mobius Entertainment, the shop behind Max Payne for the Game Boy Advance. Rockstar Games purchased and renamed the then-independent developer in April 2004. When it first announced it in January, Rockstar said the new GTA was "expected to be available near the launch of the PSP handheld system in North America." Since then, the PSP has been set for a March 24 US release.


In its statement, Take-Two gave no reason for the delays of any of the three titles, saying only the barest facts about their delays. GameSpot will have the latest news on all three upcoming Grand Theft Auto games as they become available.


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and both of you need to look 3 topics down: here


and if your going to post something like that, put a source, cause the date always was 3rd quarter, just like SanAn on PC, which comes out June 7th.

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