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GTA:PSP Release Date (not official!)

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OK i've been looking around and although these site's don't generally know what they are talking about I figured people might wanna know anyway.


UK release date seems to be 29th April 2005 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B0007NLSHE/qid=1108914982/ref=sr_8_xs_ap_i17_xgl/026-5723533-7744452) but I doubt that as we're not getting PSP's 'for the foreseeable future' sad.gif oh well, UK systems suck anyway, onto US


US release date looks better, 15th 5, 2005 is reported at gamespot and EB games






looks like we'll all be buying from the US then smile.gif


(I looked in other topic but found nothing this 'certain' as release dates. Rememebr though, it can obviously change whenever smile.gif

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CJ San Andreas

user posted image


Yup, Gamespot has the date up already. May 15th 2005.

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hi this is my first post colgate.gif , anyway play.com has the date as 02/09/2005, sounds painfully far away to me cryani.gif . So when do you guys think the PSP wil come out?

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Neo-K 182
may sounds about right. just before SanAn on PC. though that dosn't give them a lot of time to finish it up

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but that's ok. they've been working on it potentially since August 2004 when the PSP dev. tools came out, but they could have been working on it before that too.


the sooner the release date the sooner we'll all be getting screenshots and a website to tell us more. I sometimes don't like the way rockstar keep info, if they at least had a teaser site with nothing on it but a logo that would do me, at least it would be somewhere official to check for news sad.gif

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Mark Pagliaro
When I went to go preorder my psp value pack and fifa to go with it the EB clerk let me look at the preorder list and the expected release dates and GTA PSP was listed as 4/16/2005. On March 24th when I go pick up my psp and fifa I'll preorder GTA PSP.

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