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Staff Additions


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In the past week or so we have lost two staff. Obrien was removed due to inactivity (with his consent) and fred left to pursue real life activities. Both are a shame and a great loss to the community in their own different ways.


However. The Admins discussed the possibility of filling this hole and two names were more prominant than any others so we decided to go ahead and give them pointy sticks.


I'd like to take the chance myself to welcome Barguast and Dalpura to the staff and congratulate them on their account of themselves since joining Gtaf.


Both are an asset to the boards and fully deserve the chance to give something back.


Congratulations chaps.



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I just noticed Dalpura was a mod, congrats man your always pretty helpful around the forums. Congrats to Barguast also, I though one would have been more GTA modding related but...

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who the f*ck is Barguast? dontgetit.gif

I was wondering who'd be the first to say that. I guess I'll have to start sticking my head out of the gutter a little more often sigh.gif


Many thanks for the promotion and many congrats to Dalpura too smile.gif

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I wonder what was meant by 'real life activities'. It makes me think that we all here just spend most of our life on the internet. It is good to get a bit of fresh air every now and then. I could never give up the internet and posting to forums.
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who the f*ck is Barguast? dontgetit.gif

He would be the fine led-by who kept (and will no doubt keep) the San Andreas forums under control. No easy task.

well sh*t, that's a pretty big task right there... but I still have never seen him post or even heard anyone mention him before. So I have my doubt about his contributions to the community as a "whole" as mmms put it, but whatever, it's clearly not my decisoin, I was just commenting.


As long as he's no demarest2

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I remember when Wheels was first made a mod everyone was like "huh.. who?" but he quickly boosted his activity around the whole forum and look at him now.


Congrats Barguast and Dal, i'm sure you will both do a fine job!

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Gratz to the both of you.

Indeed very well deserved....


Although more modding blood in the staff wouldn't have been a bad thing either

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That's great news. At first, I had no idea who Dalpura was....I'm sorry. Then I realized that he was the guy who's ava nearly gave me a seizure every time I looked at it.


Uhhh, yeah, congragulations guys!

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Ok so I'm apparently not the only one who barely knows who Barguast is, but yeah. If he's a good led by in SanAn hopefully that'll transfer over to being a global. And I that ripper Dalp will probably do an alright job tounge.gif
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