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Please be aware that this is not a tutorial request forum! Use the appropriate topic for the effect.

[GTA3/VC] Pre-Lighting Map Objects

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Blender Pre-Lighting Tutorial

Grand Theft Auto 3 / Grand Theft Auto Vice City


This tutorial provides an free alternative to 3dsmax for users looking to pre-light their map modifications through the use of blender. The application can be downloaded from blender.org, you will also need the python script developed by Hollower to allow import/export of .dff files, website. For more information and the latest updates on the .dff import/export script for blender please visit Hollower's topic here.



Known Limits/Bugs


  • object names are limited to 20 characters in length


  • limit of 16 materials per mesh


  • importing more than one model can cause name conflicts, messing up hierarchy


  • import can "hang" on high-poly models with 'msplit' option enabled


  • DFF UV coords and vertex colors are shared by adjacent faces, Blender's are not


  • normals are not imported, they are calculated automatically


  • quads are not automatically converted to triangles (exports a corrupt file)


  • VC skeletal models are partially supported (must reuse skeleton of existing model)


  • VC cutscene models are not yet supported (mesh works, but no skeletal support)


  • multi-clump DFFs are not yet supported (only first clump will be imported)


  • cannot import DFFs exported by the old 3DS Max R3 plugin



Please note, this is not a detailed tutorial of blender or the many options available, this is merely a simple guide for basic pre-lighting. For a more detailed insight into the blender application and it's tools visit their website. The guide implies that you're capable of finding menu items in the interface, though no knowledge of blender is necessary.



[1.0] Open blender



[2.0] Loading the .dff Script


[2.1] Text Editor --> Open --> Select Script --> Run Python Script.



[3.0] Importing .dff File


[3.1] On import enable the MSPLIT button and click export.

[3.2] Check textures are visible and correctly mapped in both the shaded and textured view.

[3.3] Remove the default cube from the center of the grid.



[4.0] Pre-Lighting Model


[4.1] Right mouse click on the small lamp icon and press F5.

[4.2] Left mouse click on the light button located at the bottom of the interface.

[4.3] From the drop-down list enable SUN.

[4.4] Switch the view to shaded mode

[4.5] Select the light and press R.

[4.6] Rotate the light (sun) to your preferred position.



[5.0] Vertex Colors


[5.1] Switch the view to wireframe mode.

[5.2] Select the model and press F9 for editing.

[5.3] In the mesh box select the buttons which reads Make to set the vertex colors, found next to the vertcol buttons.

[5.4] Select the light and delete.



[6.0] Export .dff File


[6.1] Select the model(s).

[6.2] From the top menu select export object.

[6.3] Test the exported .dff file in-game.

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Suction Testicle Man

wow.gif Apologies for the lack of response GT, this is much appreciated smile.gif I don't have any use for it as of yet, as I am still getting my buildings finished in SketchUp, but I will post back with the results when pre-lighted. Cheers!



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maybe a late reaction its great that you posted this for blender but it would be cool if you posted this for 3dsmax 3* versions because i and some other people are still having a hard time to get it right and match the colors like myriad islands its just an other kind of pre-lighting that blender is using in compare with 3dsmax so if you would be so kind can you post a tutorial on how the files of myriad are pre-lighted, thanx in advance GT-1. smile.gif

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