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2G:Pix-ILL City

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user posted image


:::2Graphik Pix-ILL City:::



The Pix-Ill city, originally started around December 2003, is a template-based collaboration of pixel artists working together to form a large city.


Here's how it works: You download one of the provided templates, design your own isometric pixel building, and submit it for entry. Simple, right?


Of course, there are a few rules and regulations everyone must follow to keep things uniform and to scale.




1. All entries must be isometric, this keeps everything looking nice and tidy.


- - -

2. All entries must be shaded correctly, also to keep things looking normal.


- - -

3. All entries must be to scale. No building has a 13 foot high dor in a 2.6 story building, so keep things normal.


- - -

4. Keep space-wasting to a minimum. If you are making a simple mom and pop candy shop with one door and a few windows, you don't need a mall-sized parking lot.


- - -

5. No blatant plugs. This is about making a city, not showing off your brand new .com.


- - -

6. No houses, rivers, mountains, farms or shooting ranges. This is a downtown area, so please follow the city's zoning laws and don't build Mt. Pixel beside 7-11 and a Royal Bank.


6a. Update to zoning restrictions. Mayor Viddy has decided to start allowing more types of buildings. Space wasting restrictions are still in effect, but houses, and other residential buildings will be allowed.

- - -

7. Maximum building height is 10 stories, and larger buildings will be placed in the back so they don't eclipse 3 other people's entries.

- - -

8. Be original. This city is supposed to showcase how much creativity artists have, not how well they can follow a tutorial. Keep entries interesting.


- - -

9. Working together? We encourage it...we just don't want any skybridges or anything. There's a double and quad template for a reason, utilize!




In order to make everything look normal, and not like that crazy example #3, a building storey is approximately 12-14 pixels, and a door is 7-9 pixels.

i'm sure you can do some simple math to figure out how large your window needs to be.




small template

medium template

large template

As stated above, you may collaborate with different artists, so if you want to make a mall or something, use the Large template provided.

If you want to include anything not outlined in this topic, feel free to contact me.



Tutorials hey, now that's helpful

Provided are some tutorial links, excellent ones at that.


Best Tutorials on Teh Web. Remember to click the "English" button. tounge.gif

Some more "So you wanna be a Pixel Artist". Informative read for beginners.



Final Notes

well, by now i'm sure you're probably anxious to get started on your pixel masterpiece of architecture, and I don't want to hold you back much longer. We just want to say thanks to all who participate for helping us create this pixel metropolis, and for showing that community spirit to come together and accomplish something. Without further ado, get pixeling!


-2Graphik Staff



Really, this is the final note:


While this is a friendly, community project, we are not going to accept EVERYTHING. There is a certain standard that we are going to hold all buildings to.



-Originally drafted by Rob Dawson 6/16/2004

-Revised by Anuj Srivastava 2/18/2005



Edited by anuj
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Technical Difficulty
I'm not that good at pixel work yet. I do have an intrest in it but I'm just too busy ATM. Edited by Technical Difficulty
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Why is it 2Graphic and not GTAForums? Isn't this advertising?


And you say "I'm a prick that promotes his sh*te site"



Spell it right, dipsh*t. I don't have to justify why I put my crew's name in there. It's 2G because its not presented by 2G's staff.


Oh, and btw: People actually *like* 2G. smile.gif

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If I want to make landmarks ( or simlar ), or special buildings, such as airports. Should I ask for permission?


Cause an airport would be larger than the largest template.




EDIT: What about having large streets, which tree on the sides? Or maybe an elevated highway?


I play too much Sim City... /me goes hiding ph34r.gif

Edited by Svip
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I'd better get a new wallpaper out of this. wink.gif


Good luck, I couldn't find my arse with two hands and a torch when it comes to gfx, but I'm hoping to see something nice. Big projects > *.

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Working on a small tile to get into the swing of things. I hope Vid doesn't mind, but I'm using the palette from one of his buildings 'cause I'm such a newbie after like, 2 years of no pixelling. smile.gif

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Chunky Lee Chong
Not hard at all just use those tutorials up top, chunks.



I didn't really find the second one useful, and the first one isn't loading for me.


I'm afraid to even try because I'll probably f*ck it up. I do have in mind what I want to do, but I won't tell any of you. ph34r.gif

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