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"gta_vc.exe caused a problem and will close"


Recommended Posts

1) PC

2) VC 1.1

3) Intel Pentium III with 1000Mhz

4) SDRAM 640 MB

5) Nvidia GeForce FX5200 with 256 MB

6) Xp Professional

7) DirectX version 9

8) Creative Sound Blaster

9) Mods installed



After an ammount of playing, sometimes 1 min after loading and sometimes after 5 Min play I get this message:


gta_vc.exe caused a problem and have to be closed.


AppName: gta-vc.exe AppVer: ModName: gta-vc.exe

ModVer: Offset: 00240d0b


Send to Microsoft or dont send.


The audio (in this case my radio) goes on with playing, but the video stops and the game crashes.


What can I do, I dont want to delete my Mods!!!



Sorry for my english, Iam only an Arabic Boy who live in germany.

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but what should i do. I have only 20 modifications in the game. And I dont want to delete them.


What do you mean, should I set the polygone Limiter more to a more highly place? Could that solve, the problem? From where does the problem come?

Edited by Arabic
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Various mods tend to crash the game because either the person who created the mod screwed up, the person installing the mod screwed up, or 2 or more mods are conflicting with each other. It's difficult to tell which one(s) is causing the error unless you only recently added a mod and it was working fine before you added it.

If you can't find out which mod is causing it to crash, then all you can do is reinstall VC or keep playing the way it is.


It is possible that it's not a mod problem, but I highly doubt it. If the game crashes in the same manner without the mods, then it's not the mods causing the problem.

Edited by Samutz
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yeah. I reinstalled VC and the game did not crash.


From now on, Ill install one mod at the time and than I'll test the game approx. 5 min. and then the other mod. And if the game crashes, i know from which mod it was caused. It takes time, but there are no other possibilitys

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Will you'll know which one started the crash, but if installed the "crash mod" by itself it might work just fine.


Besure to make a back up before installing the mods, so you don't have reinstall each time.

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