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Custom Gta Plate

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  Where the hell do I get maxconvert from? and don't give me the code-masters project link because i downloaded it earlier and it was just a text file 



There could be a number of reasons why the link didn't work.

1.Codemasters has a new site

2.The link was wrong

3.You do not have win-rar so you cannot extract the file.


Number three is most likely. You can download Winrar for free trial or limited use from any freeware site, just google it. I downloaded Maxconvert from this page:

http://www.codemasters-project.net/portal-...load.php?list.2 (click maxconvert then the download icon)

I downloaded it, extracted with winrar and it worked just fine. The folder has a number of files with notepad/.txt icons and there is one listing named maxconvert without an icon. This is the .exe file, click to open.




I have maxcrypt atm. Is that the same thing because it fits desriptions i've heard about maxconvert? All apart from selecting RAW and ARMax in boxes somewhere on it. 


Maxcrypt is for converting only ARMax codes into other regions and Maxconvert converts old to current versions of ARMax,Gameshark and Codebreaker codes into each other and different regions. As to any difference in stability I cannot testify, but that is the difference. Basically, Maxcrypt works fine for converting ARMax codes between different regions. I recommend having Maxconvert so if you see a Gameshark code that isn't converted you will not have to wait for someone else to do it.




  yea I could understand why you would b rushed, but you should try to finish when your able to. also is there any posbibility to make this so it changes the license plate of whatever is in cj's garage?


Skiller said it was something they thought of but it loads to a default plate at some point in the process. I also hoped this was possible, which it may still be, but you can bet that if these people weren't able to figure it out yet it is really hard! Sucks though, oh well. At the very least when it hits PC it is on!!!


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May I make a request for 2 license plates? One on Sweet's car and the other on Ryder's car. One being STEVEN and the other PAUL in all capital letters. It doesn't matter which goes on which car. Please make it for Action Replay MAX NTSC.


Thanks in advance for your help! colgate.gif

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any codes for custom gta plates for playstation

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