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Zaibatsu + Loonie hitman cars ?


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Ok my friend really wants a screenshot of this car - the Zaibatsu Hitman car, apparently it appears on the Dreamcast version of the game, it's yellow, It appears in a redneck mission (yellow phone) umm I don't know what the mission is called or what happens in it sorry I haven't got hardly any info on it.

If no one can come up with a descent pic of it then could anyone give me a way to make it appear/ spawn in the game.



Oh and it's not this one BTW: wink.gif Just incase.


user posted image




Also could anyone get me a screenshot of the loonie hitman car that appears in the mission "get gamma rei" in the Dream cast version, thanks. biggrin.gif

Edited by DeAnO_GTA~MaStEr
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I think the special colour variants are created by the mission script. Only way to get a picture of it is to recreate the code on the PC and do a screen grab, or add just the code which creates that car into a blank mission script and get a picture of it by playing that. I don't think the Dreamcast can be altered and I would have thought it used the same missions as the PC version. So, if you get the PC version from the free Rockstar Classics page, you should be able to play through to that mission and get a screen grab of the car?


But the question is whether all that effort would be worth it?

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GTA Nation Administrator

zaibatsu is a japanese word that means "money clique" which is apropriate because they are a monstrous corporation.


also, back on topic, are you sure they car your refering to isnt the SRS Scientist meteor? that was a yellow and it appeared in some redneck missions. thats on the PS version though, might be different on the dream cast version

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I Agree with GTA Nation Admin. The scientist meteor fits in very well with your describtions. I've finished GTA2 for PS and has seen.


BTW, I don't think dreamcast version is any diffrent from PS version because I've tried both and they seem pretty much like the same gam.

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GTA Nation Administrator

no, thats the SRS scientist Meteor Car, i think that might be the hitman car everyone is looking for

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