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Tommy's Private Island


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Ok i read the readme through atleast 4 times, and I did all that it said but when i try to run the game, i get to the part where its done loading and you see tommy and everything starting to fade in as if i could play, but then it just sits there and freezes. Below is the error i get:


Unhandled Exception

Unhandled Exception c0000005

At Address 004dd75a


Any help is appreciated.

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it's a memory allocation error. the most probable cause is that your system isn't able to run the game properly, or its not compatible with it. I dont know how to fix it, sorry...

maybe if you send a screenshot and/or description of the error to rockstar troubleshooting section they can help... dunno... good luck, anyways

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My computer ran the game fine before i tried installing this island, ill try reinstalling everything with vc mod installer see if that helps. If anyone would know how I could get in touch with the creator of the island that would help. Thanx.

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Did you follow all instructions liek start a new game? Did you up the limits in the gta-vc.exe with the limit adjuster? Retrace your steps and make sure to read every detail in the readme. I would also recommend searching the forum for the topic to see if anyone else had that problem.

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  • 4 months later...

This is mostly a bump, BUT I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!!!


If anybody has an update on this, please let us know. Thanx.

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  • 1 month later...

Without more detail it sounds like u have not updated the vice limits using steve ms limit adjuster as long as u follow the read me it will run fine

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maybe if you send a screenshot and/or description of the error to rockstar troubleshooting section they can help...

HA! yea right! They wouldn't help for a mod!! Pfft.


But hey, I had it before so the mod *Does* work. And does *Not* require a new game. You DEFINATELY skipped a part of installation, or fouled up a step somehow. Start over and take it slow, if you want, post the installation instructions and comment on what you didnt understand fully about any part of it. Coo

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DO NOT CHANGE THE MAIN.SCM! Then your game will work.. I got the same error and the remedy to it was in the topic: use a older version of the main.scm for TPI.


Nipa tounge.gif

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  • 5 weeks later...

confused.gif im having th e same problem and ive seen it without all the addons and stuff and i is good but if only there was a way to make it work i followed the letter used vc limit adjustter to make building and dummies 9000 each and made the streaming thing 115 and no luck i installed it the exact way i was told to in the instruction what gives i doubt rockstar would give advice on this problem becaus eit is not of their creation and further more if u edit the game oyu do so at your own risk in other words i really shouldnt bother em over it but if u think is a prob with my pc is it possible it may be i may need more than 115 mb of memory ?


if u have questions or comments my email is [email protected]

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ok im back i been doing some investigating i may have found the cause of the error it is used in conjunction with faults in line 059a i htink am i right?


BTW i'm referring to the problem i have with tommys private island



0004: 2636?? = 1? \\ integer values

00BA: text_styled "STRIP" 3000& ms 2? \\ The 'Pole Position Club'

0050: gosub ££Label02077D

00D6: if 0?

0256: player $PLAYER_CHAR defined

004D: jump_if_false ££Label01CA8F

00D6: if 21?

047E: player $PLAYER_CHAR driving_a_motorbike

00DE: player $PLAYER_CHAR driving_vehicle_type #CADDY

004D: jump_if_false ££Label01CA8F

03C1: 2816?? = player $PLAYER_CHAR car

012A: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR at 91.2! -1460.9! 10! and_remove_from_car

00A6: destroy_car 2816??



00D6: if 0?

059A: (unknown)

004D: jump_if_false ££Label01CB31

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 1? weapon 2820?? ammo 2824?? model 2828??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 2? weapon 2832?? ammo 2836?? model 2840??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 3? weapon 2844?? ammo 2848?? model 2852??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 4? weapon 2856?? ammo 2860?? model 2864??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 5? weapon 2868?? ammo 2872?? model 2876??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 6? weapon 2880?? ammo 2884?? model 2888??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 7? weapon 2892?? ammo 2896?? model 2900??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 8? weapon 2904?? ammo 2908?? model 2912??

04B8: get_weapon_data player $PLAYER_ACTOR weapon_group 9? weapon 2916?? ammo 2920?? model 2924??

03B8: clear_weapons_from_player $PLAYER_CHAR

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