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Ok, i knew about modding unmodable cars but...


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user posted image




I heard about this, but i never saw this in action.Does anyone know if this works with paintjobs too?


What about we creating a list of cars that could work with the special parts??But i have a feeling that only spoilers and rims would work well.

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That was one of my creations so I think it best for me to explain it.


Firstly the paintjob question, No. The special paintjobs don't carry over between cars, just the basecolour which is usualy white as standard.

For cars that can have special paint schemes, if you use an Elegy with paintjob 3 for example and then change it to Jester, it will just end up with its own paintjob 3.


The FBI Rancher below is the one I will use for the example in my walkthrough.

The white one shown above is just a Sultan to FBI Rancher conversion, the centre stripe colour is usualy just pot luck in this case.



user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Firstly you will need a cheat cartridge of some sort, I use the ARMax myself.

Here is the step by step guide for you.

I will use the Rancher for the example, this was also the most complicated car to create.

You will only need one ARMax cheat code active, the garage modifyer code. (using no car damage and no wanted level codes sure help as well though.)

Here we go.

This method is what I call a Chain.

Take a Clover into Transfender (I use this car solely to get the rim width from as it transfers to the next car if you alter it's wheels)and fit it with Nitro, Grove Wheels (the widest combination) and Hydraulics (if you want them). Drive it back to the garage that the modifier codes operate on. Save your game.

Reset your console with ARMax active and use the Elegy code for the garage modifier. Load up your previous save.

Take the Elegy to WheelArch Angels in SanFierro and Modify the Wheels, Roof scoops and Spoiler. Return to your save house again and save your game.

Reset your console with ARMax active and use the Rancher (the ordinary countryside version) code for the garage modifier. Load up your previous save.

Take the Rancher to a branch of Transfender and Modify the Hood scoop, Exhaust and Paintscheme (make sure you like it because there is no changing it later). Return to your save house again and save your game.

Reset your console with ARMax active and use the FBI Rancher code for the garage modifier. Load up your previous save.

Open your garage and there will be parked there the final product.


When creating your own Chain vehicles make sure that at each step the replacement vehicle can take its predecessors parts, as a rule, whatever can be modified as standard on a vehicle can be interchanged using all the available parts. No matter what garage it came from.

There are some small exceptions though, the FBI Rancher mentioned above will not accept Fog lights at any time. In fact most law enforcement vehicles tend to be a bit tricky.

Trail and error are the key here.

Just have fun mixing different styles of parts up.

A bit lengthy perhaps but this case given was for the most complicated car. Remember you can use different WheelArch Angel modifyable cars to get different spoilers etc.

What you create is your own.


This Blista Compact was just created using two cars, start with a Uranus to get the wheels and spoiler then converted into a Blista, this was then taken to Transfender and given the other mods.



user posted image

The Blista Compact TypeR



Finally, the Golden Rule.

NEVER SAVE UNTIL YOU CHECK YOUR GARAGE FIRST, there may be a crash creating car inside.


Anything you create using this method will save permanently in a garage, you can then load your game without your cartridge active and the mods will still be present.


If you have done 100 Taxi missions as well, use this before the Clover to get unlimited Nitrous shots.

Edited by pinky
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The basics of it are. If a car already allows a part to be modified, you can inter change parts between cars.

The Lowriders I am just experimenting on at the moment, the Slamvan Bullbars are causing a crash interchanging, but I think changing Bumpers between Lowriders could be a goer. Might still look crappy though, nothing I can do about that.


So the jist is, do not fit spoilers on cars that don't let you alter them at modshops in the first place. The same applies for every part on every car.

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so cars that don't go to trasnfender, or the low rider and street racing shops can't have the specoial parts, am i right?


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Any car that takes a spoiler will take one from any modshop, as demonstrated by the FBI Rancher with an Elegy X-Flow type spoiler and the Blista with the Uranus Alien type spoiler.

Same with Roofscoops and the same with Wheels.

Hydraulics (with exception of the Monster) and Nitrous can be fitted to all cars and all planes (unfortunately no speed boost is given in the case of aircraft, just the blue flame) but not the bikes.

The Lowriders are more tricky, just swap parts between other lowriders and nothing else. Even then make sure they can interchange, the Bullbars from the Slamvan will only go on it alone.

Here is another example of interchangeability, a Buccaneer with a Jester's Alien type spoiler and Cutter wheels.



user posted image
Edited by pinky
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I don't get it. dontgetit.gif I've tried putting a jesters alien spoiler on a clover but it just came out with a regular clovers spoiler. How do u keep the alien and x-flow mods?

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Nice pics and instructions Pinky, I have been experimenting with this for a while also...here are some of mine...


I was also able to get a spolier on a Police Rancher using a jester with alien spoiler, but you can only just barely see it in this pic:

user posted image


Turismo with alien Front bumper (does not fit but I used a certain camera angle for picture.) I also used a jester with Alien front bumper:

user posted image


Everything but wheels is non-transferrable to motorcycles... oddly enough it combines the two remaining wheels in place of the handle bars! Here is a before and after of sorts (yes, you can still drive it):

user posted image

user posted image




  I don't get it.  I've tried putting a jesters alien spoiler on a clover but it just came out with a regular clovers spoiler. How do u keep the alien and x-flow mods?


Not sure about the Clover so you should try something else moddable at Transfender. Keep in mind that even if a vehicle has open mod flags you can't always get all parts on another vehicle. Though, there are exceptions. I took my jester with about every mod part and replace with a police rancher and all the parts showed up just not in place. I had an Alien front bumper, back bumper and nitro/exhaust parts branching off in all directions. But most cars with mod flags can except foreign mod parts, but stacking them increases the chances that the game will lock up. Just follow Pinky's instructions but try it with different vehicles if you have to. Like he said, it will take some experimenting to find out the limitations.


I just wish I could edit the files themselves like others have done here so that all cars are moddable! Have you guys seen some of that stuff? Go here: http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=177253

Edited by tminus
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I found these codes on the ArMax site but I could'nt find them again but they can't be those kind they have to be Codebreaker/Gameshark what ever codes, because I can't obviosly put those on a codebreaker I already tried to put another car in Cj's Garage but it locked up but I don't think it does'nt to all of the cars because I tried putting the Adromada in his Garage nervous.gif

anyway I'll try finding them again.

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Some nice mods there tminus, it's a shame the nose on the Turismo deosn't line up perfectly, That would have been sweet.

I don't know about you but the standard LS Cop car is giving me a headache trying to mod anything but the wheels, it is good to see success with the Rancher though.

I tried interchanging some lowriders last night, most results were not too pretty, in fact the pics I haven't downloaded yet are going to go in a new topic called"When Mods Go Bad".jk.

Damn they is ugly.

The Remington front bumper won't go on anything at all (no crash just serious missallignment), the rear one looks okay on a Broadway but nothing else so far.

Nothing nice has so far come of it, loads more combinations to try out though. I hope at least one works out.

All this crazy modding has given the game a new lease of life for me, I was about 50 ish percent through my second game and I havent progressed one bit, modding is everything now. I may have to do some more missions now though, almost bankrupt with mod shop bills.

Edited by pinky
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Read the second post, it is the FAQ I have made on the subject.

A lot of your questions are answered throughout the Thread as well.


I am going to start making a more concise FAQ, I will post links to it once it is done.(not for a few days though.


Happy motoring people.

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i no this it aint that good but i finally figured how to put spoliers on i took somit to transfender and i put some rims on paint job and spoiler and i took it back and it ended up adding the spoiler on the buccaner or somit like that biggrin.gif

user posted image

BTW what else can i do on different cars i want to no about low-riders and stuff smile.gif

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Hey look, yesterday i figured out something.I don't know if it is old, but i isn't for me and i never read about it, so...


If you get a Loco Low car with hidros to the spawning garage, put the car inside and then grab the car that comes out, it will have the Loco Low hidros, or, the bigger ones!


You can put Loco Low Hidros on normal cars!



EDIT: I just remebered now, can't we put spoilers in cars like the 350-ZR?It was a version with and without the spoiler.And what about cars like the stallion that have the Hard and soft top and the cabriolet version, i'll try to check if when he put a savanna with a hardtop, the stallion cames out with one too.

See ya'll later and keep the moding coming!


EDIT 2: Nop the roof stuff don't work.But i figured something out.Car controls are also affected.Some days ago i modded a monster, and noticed that it had a handbrake, and now, when i used a rhino to spawn a stallion, it came without handbrake!Strange huh?


EDIT 3(this is gettin annoying...smile.gif) : I was thinking here, and, wouldn't a, for example, modded elegy, only with a spoiler for example, woek with the cars that spwan in the garage?Like you put a car inside with the special spoiler and if the other car could tajke it, it would show up with the spoiler?That would be much easier...

Edited by playguy
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Er.. yeah..


If u want a spoiler from a car u've modded at wheel arch angels to show up on a different car, (that can take a spoiler), then u have to also put on wheels that can only be added at WAA. Otherwise the spoiler will become one that can usually be added to the car u want to put the spoiler on... Does that last part makes sense... dontgetit.gif

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Mod how, change wheels?That's possible, but it's impossible to put spoilers and stuff like that.Even hidros i think it's impossible.
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Great work guys. I've done my share of modding in the past, then retired from it for quite a while. I mostly focused on modding the unmoddable vehicles with custom wheels, hydraullics, paintjobs, nitrous & such. It wasn't often that I would mess with interchangables. Though I had plenty of theories about interchangable parts flying through my head. Ultimately I had no time to experiment on them all. Im glad to see some people maintained an interest so we can somewhat narrow down which parts work on different cars. This thread is resparking my urge to mod once again. Here is a link to a page of images of some of my basic work.




I have a couple questions. I never did figure out how to mod aircrafts or larger trucks without them getting stuck in my garage. Can someone give me a tip on that?

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Well, maybe you must get codes to spawn cars at the hangar?

I had the link for the skillers AR2 europena codes but now i don't.

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Actually I'm American. I use the NTSC AR Max. I was unaware of a code that uses the hanger to spawn vehicles. I'll look around for one. That would be a helpful code, but I've seen someone's images of modded Andromedas and Rhinos parked in Ganton. I know not to use hydraullics on large vehicles, so that's not my issue.


BTW, Has anyone managed to put any custom parts (besides wheels and nitrous) on the Sandking? If so, give me some details and perhaps a pic. The Sandking is my ride of choice in San Andreas and I'd like to see some other people's work on it. Here's my current Sandking.user posted image


Edited by karmafreejack
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I don't think that you can put parts besides rims and the normal stuff in a sandking, since it's not moddable in any way.It's a shame though, i also like it.
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Hey is there a list of cars that will crash your ps2 if u use gameshark? if there is, please post a link. every car i try to use the garage code on crashes the game. also, please post a link to a list of gameshark mod codes cause mine might be the problem. thanx.

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