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Secrets & Easter Eggs

Recommended Posts


i know this was known but i found out a second tennis court


the first :


user posted image


the one discovered:


user posted image


hope the second one which i found hasnt been discovered till now


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oh i found apartament 3c but i cant find the bathroom is it a mod to enter bathroom walls?and vi cant een eenter the apartament


EDIT:i found the apartament and the bathroom i couldnt ffoind it earlier ecuase i was at the other side of the building

Edited by Nur56

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i found something without any mods

a sunken ship



user posted image


belive it or not found it in prawn island under th bridge look with your sniper


click on it to biggiy!

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Errrrrr wasnt that posted on the second page or something? Double post suicidal.gif

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Errrrrr wasnt that posted on the second page or something? Double post suicidal.gif

Dude that was a mod i dont know which, this I found WITHOUT MODS

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Fuzzy Be ready for your editing cause this is the top of the show!!!



user posted image


its a turtl water not water turtle, turtle water , its like that with the woman shaped pool her pants and her otherthing



blush.gif you might see nothing nw but click on the thumbnail!!! or just s it for yoursel look at the map at starish island biggrin.gif


EDIT: and sorry aout the sunken boat under bridge thingy i wasnt attent at that post(not mine the one on the other page)

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Not sure if you know this, but you know the penis lights on the building? If you look at the top of the building when it is in the first form, you can see a fountain spraying from the top, it only sprays every now and then for 1 minuite, and you have to be fairly far back to see it, (like from gonzales rooftop condo.)

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Too tired too search for this but whatever.


Go in the airport. Look at one of the kiosk thingys and one will say "Mavis" which is a parody of "Avis" car rental.

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I have a quick question - sorry if it has already been answered here.


On the PS2, as anyone managed to get inside of the Greasy Chopper's interior? Once again, I'm talking about PS2, not PC. If not I'd like to try this out and see what I can do smile.gif

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Actually inside? No. Not yet anyway.

The closest I got was from following Spuds725's description (link) of escaping the Scarface Apartment. Then went to the Greasy Chopper to find that the interior was fully loaded. I couldn't get inside but could clearly see it was all there from using the rocket launcher trick to see through the walls.


Is there a way to get through walls in Vice like there was in GTA3 PS2?

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Actually inside? No. Not yet anyway.

The closest I got was from following Spuds725's description (link) of escaping the Scarface Apartment. Then went to the Greasy Chopper to find that the interior was fully loaded. I couldn't get inside but could clearly see it was all there from using the rocket launcher trick to see through the walls.


Is there a way to get through walls in Vice like there was in GTA3 PS2?

That's what I'm hoping...but I have another method idea if this one fails. wink.gif

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wtf ???

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wtf ???

Don't spam. You don't get something? Expand on it. Explain what you don't understand.

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lord fido

Hey the Fudge Box factory from GTAIII is back. On little Havanna, you'll find it. Its a big orange buidling with an open garage.


And that boat , the 'fastest boat' in VC, the Squalo II. Its mentioned lots of times. In SA you can find it too.

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hey carpet i sent you an email a while back, but there is one way to get into any interior on xbox and ps2 and i do this all the time. When you get to the greasy chopper, input the faster gameplay cheat 2 times, line a bike or car parallel to the wall and run directly alongside the car or bike straight into the wall. This works on the walls of just about 99 percent of the time. It might take a few tries. This is what i use to get inside the greasy chopper and other interiors.


Ive tried numerous things to find other interiors on ps2 and xbox,


let me say that i know ways to get out of the mall interior, the malibu, the first hotel save point, cafe robina when its loaded, the police station, 3c, even at ammunation when it loads the back of the store for the gun shoot. I have never been able to find any other interior except for the greasy chopper and ive been looking over a year now. Has anyone ever found any other interiors for the console versions?


Example: when in the hotel save point go to your room and jump from the bed to the tall dresser, keep trying to jump on top of it and you will eventually pop-up through the ceiling, if you go around to the right once you get out on the roof, you will see the saloon like doors from the first cutscene with tommy and sonny. If anyone has found any other interiors besides the chopper let me know. But i know how to escape all the interiors to get into the ghostworld and have yet to find nothing but the greasy chopper.

Edited by ViceCityMamba80

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I just finished researching a bunch of the commercial products referred to in "Vice City"

for my walk-through of it. (Please move this if it should be in a different topic--I figured it might go

with secrets, etc.)



- "Squirt," the grapefruit-flavored soda pop, is advertised in several places

at Callegg's Deli in Little Havana.




In a couple of places on the Prawn Island Elbee pharmacy roof, a sign...





- "Spiegel," which has been a mail order store since putting out a catalogue

in 1905.


- "Florsheim," which has been selling shoes since 1892.


- "Stride-Rite," which has been selling shoes for over eighty-five years as of

July, 2006.



- Painted on the wall of a building that faces the lot which is across the

street to the E of Interglobal Films, the Doehler Metal Furniture Co., Inc. ad

looks like the one painted on the wall of a building at 192 Lexington Ave. near

32nd St. in N.Y.C., NY.





- a "Corby" (U.K. brand) vacuum cleaner is mentioned in the chatter by one of

Diaz' gang. (Rusk tells me he thinks the mention is of a "Kirby" vacuum clean-

er. I wonder if it's a sort of pun on "Kirby" since "Corby," a town in England,

has been nicknamed "Little Scotland," and Scotland is the home of Rockstar







At the Greasy Chopper:


The "Space Mission" pinball table in the Greasy Chopper is a 1976 pinball

machine by Williams.







The "Jolly Roger" (the letters of "Roger" are altered a bit) pinball table is

a 1967 machine by Williams. (I never had most of the beers listed below, but

somebody has good taste in pinball machines--Williams had some good ones.)







The guitar on the stage is a fretted Fender Jazz Bass. Originally called the

Deluxe Model, it's been made by Fender since 1960.





I think the cymbals on the drum set are supposed to be Zildjians since the

name on them has a big "Z" in it. Zildjian cymbals have been made since Avedin

Zildjian made the 1st ones in 1623.





Old German has been a popular discount beer for over a century. It's now

owned by the Pittsburgh Brewing Company.







Old Dutch beer was made by the Eagle Brewing Company. It was founded in 1867

in Catasauqua, PA as Eagle Brewery, Schaefer & Kostenbader and closed in 1964.






Foster's lager has been made by the Foster brothers of Australia since 1887

and is now made in various breweries around the world.





Horton beer was made from 1865 to 1941 by various owners, the last one being

the Horton Pilsner Brewing Company.





"Bell Label" Blue Label beer was made from 1912 to ? by the Northern Brewing

Company of Superior, Wisconsin. The ad I found for it is basicly the same ex-

cept "Blue" is changed to "Bell" for the GTA version--I have no idea why.





"Bellend" Ballantine beer was 1st made by Peter Ballantine, who came from

Scotland, in Newark, NJ, in 1840. His company was originally incorporated as

Patterson & Ballantine Brewing Company. Joined by his three sons, it became P.

Ballantine and Sons in 1857 and until the breweries closed in the 1960's. It

was very popular beer, once the 6th biggest selling beer in the U.S.A.. In

2005, Ballantine Ale was owned and marketed by the Pabst Brewing Company and

brewed by the Miller Brewing Company.





One clue on the GTA clock to the identity of the real beer is the set of three

rings, which are Borromean rings on Ballantine labels and ads. (And here I

thought it was just a pretzel.)



"Bell end" is a slang term for the head of a c**k. This may also explain the

name change in the previous sign.



Likewise, one sign refers to "FREE ASSTASHE RIDES." An "asstache," as best I

can figure from using the Google search engine a bit, is created when someone

shaves but leaves a mustache amount of hair on their bottom.




"Blatzaa" beer is advertised as coming from Milwaukee. Blatz beer was 1st

made in Milwaukee, WI, in 1851. It's now made by the Miller Brewing Company of

Milwaukee under contract for Pabst Brewing Company.







"GUFF JUICE": "Guff" can mean "nonsense" ("He doesn't take any guff") or

"fart." The latter would make the phrase mean someone had an accident--it

wouldn't be a compliment about the liquor. "Guff" is also a NE Scotland term

for "English."





A couple of signs advertise "Old Realing." I couldn't find an Old Realing

beer, but the "l" in "Realing" has a mark on either side of it that makes it

take more space than the other letters, so I'm guessing that it could be an al-

tered "d," and it could originally have been an ad for "Old Reading" beer of

Reading, Pennsylvania. Old Reading cans use similar lettering. The Reading

Brewing Company was founded in 1886 and closed in 1976.







Coors Light beer has been made since 1978 by the Molson Coors Brewing Company

of Golden, CO.





"Pusch" Busch beer has been made since 1955 by the Anheuser-Busch brewery of

St. Louis, MO.





"Dudweiner" Budweiser beer has been made since 1876 by the Anheiser-Busch

brewery and is produced in various breweries around the world.





"Vice City's Best" Miller brewing was founded in Milwaukee in 1855 by Freder-

ick Miller. Miller Brewing bought the A. Gettelman Brewing Company in 1971. A

couple of popular inexpensive beers they've made are Milwaukee's Best and Mil-

waukee's Best Light.





"Dental Cele" and "dental Cet" Also by Miller Brewing, Miller Light ("Tastes

great, Less filling") was 1st sold in 1975 (after the recipe for Meister Brau

"Lite," previously Gablinger's Diet Beer, was bought and reformulated by Mil-

ler). It remains a very popular beer.






According to babelfish:

"Dental cet" in French means "dental this," which could be a GTA phrase.

"Dental cele" in Spanish means "dental it watches over" (?).



Daeufer's Beer The Dauefer Lieberman Brewing Company was founded in Allen-

town, PA, in 1869 as Henry Koenig & Company and closed in 1938.





Fort Pitt beer was made by the Fort Pitt Brewing Company of Sharpsburg, PA,

from 1906 to 1957. The metal scoreboard is for football on one side and base-

ball on the other. It was the most popular beer in the Pittsburgh area in the

1950's and spawned the expression "Fort Pitt--that's it." (This came up in con-

versations with my Mom now and then--one: "That's it"; the other: "Fort Pitt.")






"Beer Farm" is just a humorous sign, as far as I know.




Ortlieb's Beer was originally made in 1859 in Philadelphia, PA, and was made

by different breweries ending with Ortlieb's micro brewery in 2004.






"Paul Daniels" Jack Daniel's whiskey has been made by Brown-Forman of Lynch-

burg, TN, since 1875. Paul Daniels has been a popular magician, quiz show host,

etc., on TV in the U.K. since the 1970's. And if you mix the two, the magic

comes out slower, but you don't care. I don't know.






(A few letters I'm not sure about then) "cadian Club." I think this is an al-

tered version of an ad for Canadian Club whiskey because, besides having some

letters of the name in common and also being "IMPORTED," it has the same slogan:

"The best in the house." Canadian Club, "C.C.," has been made since 1858 in

Walkerville, Ontario, which is now part of Windsor.





"DROPPIN' SCIENCE" is a compliment for a unique or well done rap lyric (as if

to say, "You dropped something clever into what you were saying"), and is the

name of a book of essays about rap music and hip-hop culture edited by William

Eric Perkins, 1995.





"ART COLLEGE...GO BANG!" I think this could be an ad for the band Shriekback

playing at an art college as part of a tour for their 1988 album "Go Bang!" An-

other connection with that idea is that director Michael Mann used songs of

theirs in a couple of his movies, including "Manhunter," 1986. Brian Cox plays

Hannibal Lector in that and does the voice acting for the TV director in the

Rockstar game "Manhunt." Michael Mann was also the executive producer and a

writer of the TV series "Miami Vice," which influenced some things in "Vice





"FUNKY-LIKE A TRAIN" may refer to the song of that name (without the hyphen)

released in the U.K. by the Equals, 1986.




"DRIVE," shown near a depiction of the tail fin of a car, may refer to the

1984 song "Drive," which was the biggest-selling single in the U.S. for The








On the shelves in Sonny's room in "An Old Friend," I.17.B, there are:


- cans of "Crispo," a slight change-up on the "Crisco" shortening cans,




- boxes of "Ardon Porn Farts," a change of the Argo corn starch boxes, and




- bottles of "BRO ON SAUCE." Broon (old Scottish for "brown") sauce is the

kind of brown sauce mixed with spirit vinegar that's popular in Edinburgh, Scot-

land, for fish and chips, etc. Breaking "broon" into two syllables creates word-

play that can mean a guy ("BRO"--short for "brother" meant as a friend or, more

generally, a guy) is having some brown sauce and/or an alcohol drink ("sauce"

can be slang for liquor or gravy), which is also popular in Edinburgh.








A store called "Broons" shows up in both "III" and "Vice City."





The motto of the Rockstar crest appears in some GTAs (such as on a store in

Market, Los Santos, in "San Andreas"). In "Vice City," it appears on the front

of an otherwise nameless Downtown building N of the Moist Palms Hotel.



According to the "gouranga" web site, ReverendTed has this translation for it:


"FYI: The motto on the Rockstar crest, "Hostes Ad Pulverem Ferire" has a num-

ber of translations in Latin depending on the ambiguous conjugation, but the

most likely is "Pulverizing the enemy". (Since it's unlikely they'd put "We were

pulverized by the enemy" on their crest.)"



The Rockstar logo can be found in various places: on beach towels, as graffiti

in the big drainage ditch in Little Haiti, and on Bela Lugosi's cape in the win-

dow of the Funeraria Romero in Little Haiti, etc. And the next time you're out

at night, look up at the stars in the E....



That's all I've found so far, unless that's Peter Frampton from his 1976

"Frampton Comes Alive!" days (his live double album of music was released in

1976 and was very popular) in a faint picture in some windows at the "Rock City"

music store Downtown.






A few of the related places:


Sunnyside, the Loonies gang area in "GTA2," and Sunnyside Taxis, a taxi com-

pany in "Vice City" and "San Andreas," are named after a mental hospital in Mon-

trose, which is near Dundee.



The name of the WK Chariot hotel is probably a variation of the name of the

"JW Marriot Hotel" of Miami. The curved porch roof is similar, too.




The lighthouse is based on Cape Florida lighthouse in Key Biscayne.






Leaf Links seems to represent a number of Country Clubs on the E side of Mi-

ami. The name comes from Leith Links, which is in Leith near Edinburgh, Scot-

land, where Rockstar North is. Leith Links is where the earliest record of golf

is found. It's considered the "home of golf" because the first official rules

were formed there.



"Rockstar North is located on Leith Street, the road (continued as Leith

Walk) to Leith from central Edinburgh. Prior to this, the company was

based within Leith itself--in an office building situated next to Leith

Links park. The park itself is honoured in the fourth Grand Theft Auto

game, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, where the local country club is called

Leaf Links."



The Art Deco district of Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami:






Edited by glenster

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lord fido



The security cameras in Leaf Links are a reference to the security cameras used to film Cash making an execution in "Manhunt". You can make your own snuff moviese out of these cameras. This snuff was made by my 11 year old brother who had just picked his Chainsaw. All this is Similar to the manhunt executions. As you can see the blood efects are very similar to those on Manhunt.


user posted image


The Nailgun in Tooled Up on the mall is the same nailgun that is featured in Manhunt. Unfortunatly it cannot be used.

user posted image


The VC police car has the same model from the Manhunt police car.

user posted image

Edited by lord fido

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edited by GTW

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Is it just my VC but i was on the freeway on the second island, and my rhino spawning cheat stuffed up; It created a rhino inside a tree, then when i did it again it created one on top of the other one stuck inside the tree. It did his again and the rhino spawned stuck in the tree AND completely stuck inside the other rhino balancing on top of the first rhino.


Has this happened to anyone else?

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Is it just my VC but i was on the freeway on the second island, and my rhino spawning cheat stuffed up; It created a rhino inside a tree, then when i did it again it created one on top of the other one stuck inside the tree. It did his again and the rhino spawned stuck in the tree AND completely stuck inside the other rhino balancing on top of the first rhino.


Has this happened to anyone else?

Yes. I find it's best to use spawning cheats in wide open spaces. Rhinos spawning inside trees is a relatively common occurrence.

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Back when I used to use cheats I was so bummed to find out VC didn't have a $ cheat lol. So pathetic, considering I never even needed money since I used wepon cheats as well lol.

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in the video for messing with the man for mitch baker if you look on the floor to the right off the screen ther is a head

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lord fido

GTA2 Reference:


In GTA2 there were 3 gangs, to work for one gang you needed respect. To win respect from one gang, you had to kill members from the enemy gang. When you killed too much members from one gang, they started hating you and wouldn't give you missions and would shoot you at sight.


In the last mission from Avery, you have to dress as a cuban and go and kill haitians. After finishing the mission, the Cubans offered you missions. After you finish all the haitian missions and finish "trojan voodoo", if you returned to lil haiti, the haitians would'nt give you more missions and shot you at sight.



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Well, I am not really sure about the cause of these things (and I'm not sure did anyone explained the reasons), but I guess, it's about the computer (PS2) not loading the game in the right way. Sometimes my small map on the left bottom corner, has more than half that were disappeared, but then it appeared. I think the situation about people dropping under Vice City and comes back up, were becoz the game didn't load that part. About entering ghost worlds... I think the game didn't load in the right way, or you went to somewhere that R* didn't expect you to go to, such as inside buildings.

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