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Two new skins


Recommended Posts

If you'll look in your control panel, you will find a couple of new forum skins. One is a new version of ye olde Vice City skin (which has been up for a few days now), and an updated version of the #cake skin which I just finished now. Both need a bit of prodding here and there in some of the more obscure fucnctions, but overall, they should be usable. Or, if you're too lazy to muck with settings:



Preview #cake skin


Preview GTAVice.com skin

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Just so everyone knows, I made the #cake banner!!


Anyways, looking good.



Might give the cake one a try. I used the Vice Skin like 2 years ago but still good to bring it back.


Thumbs up!



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Finally... Two skins that don't burn my retinas after 5 minutes. *heh no offense to the skin makers out there.* These are justtt right. I might try the vice one out sometime.
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Holy crap, the #hash skin is back? Oh man... I remember that prank. It was funny afterwards though. lol.gif


Great job Illy, Miffy and anybody else who contributed. smile.gif

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Technical Difficulty
I'm gonna use Vice for a bit, looking for something a bit brighter now that I've been using the NYCC skin for the last week or so.
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The vice skin brings back alot of old memorys.


Allthough im not too keen on the pink area around the name/avatar/group and such.

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skiny year...


I like cake... kinda happy skin smile.gif



Snow Racer g0эz to 2 h4c|< 0tHэR T0p|cz


most of teh posts you can't see teh font cuz they are white or bright...


Edited by Snow Racer
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Finally a bright skin! The old VC one is back. Wooo! Thanks very much. smile.gif


May I add, the Options button at the bottom of a thread is different in the cake skin - it does not match.

Edited by Thorpe
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