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Secrets & Easter Eggs


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*~*Welcome To The GTAforums.com Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Secrets & Easter Eggs List!*~*



This list has been compiled by members of the gtaforums community. I would like to thank everyone who has helped in the creation of this list.



*~*~*If you believe you have found an undiscovered easter eggs, please search the topic by pressing CTRL + F and type in a keyword for your discovery.*~*~*



*~*~*SPOILER WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead.*~*~*



*~*Now, on with the list.*~*


I have organized the secrets & easter eggs by category. These categories are:

•Rockstar References

•Sex References

•Previous Grand Theft Auto References

•Musical References

•Movie References

•Television References

•Manhunt References

•Real-Life References

•Other Game References

•Miscellaneous References/Secrets

•Possible References/Secrets

•Unconfirmed References


Rockstar References - The people at Rockstar love to put their logo everywhere they can. Here's a list of what's been found so far:


#1 - Rockstar Action Figures:

Go inside Zero’s RC Shop in San Fierro and have a look at the shelves. They have boxes of Lance Vance and Tommy Vercetti action figures.


#2 - Rockstar Kite

When you enter Zero's RC Shop, look up at the ceiling. You will see kites with the Rockstar logo on them.


#3 - Northstar Rock:

An obvious one but it's there none the less. There is an area of Los Santos, in the North East of the island, which is called North Rock, a reference to Rockstar North, one of the companies that produced the game.


#4 - Not Welcome Mat:

As you enter the top floor of Big Smoke's Crack Palace towards the end of the game, take a look at his doormat. It features the Rockstar North logo and states 'Not Welcome'. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#5 - Rockstar Constellation:

Look at the night sky preferably out in the wilderness and look at the stars. You should see a constellation of stars in the form of the Rockstar Games logo. A returning Easter Egg from Vice City.


#6 - Rockstar Building Model:

When you are in the City Planning department, have an even more detailed look around. You will come across a model for a building that, when viewed from above, is the Rockstar logo. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#7 - Star Balls Demolition:

In Market, LS, there is a store with the slogan "Hostes ad Pulverem Ferire," also Rockstar's slogan, meaning "Pulverising the Enemy." Thanks to Glitchmaster2004 and Barguast.


#8 - Rockstar Beach Towel:

Next time you are at the beach, look at the towels people are relaxing on. They have the Rockstar logo. Picture used with permission from GTA_Loco


#9 - Tam o' Shanter:

In Las Venturas, on top of the vertical 'MOTEL' sign on the strip, there is a Scottish hat, known as a Tam o' Shanter. This most likely refers to that fact that Rockstar North is...well, Scottish. Thanks to jrt and Konstantinos.


#10 - Rockstar Clothing:

Look around at some of the clothing. Quite a few of them have the Rockstar logo or directly say "Rockstar".


#10 - Race Times:

After you complete the race in the mission "Monster", your times are compared to the times of what seems to be random people, but these aren't random names. They are the names of some of the level designers. Thanks to glenster.


• 1 BEDDOES 4:20

• 2 MCMAHON 5:00

• 3 BOLT 5:30

• 4 WONG 6:00

• 5 TAYLOR 6:30


Beddoes refers to David Beddoes

McMahon refers to Chris McMahon

Bolt refers to Kevin Bolt

Wong refers to Kevin Wong

Taylor refers to Steven Taylor


Notice how it goes up by 30 seconds everytime except the 1st to the 2nd because #1 is 4:20....pot-smoking Rockstar employees.


#11 - Rockstar Paintjob:

Grab an Elegy and go to the Wheel Arch Angels and select the 3rd paintjob. It has the Rockstar logo on it.


Sex References - The pervs at rockstar really love hiding sexual content in their games. Here's a list of what's been found:


#1 - Cock Rock:

Known as 'Cock Rock' by some, this column, when viewed from a certain angle, looks exactly like the male member. The Cock Rock is possibly modeled after a particular rock, Big Stoney in Utah, USA. Thanks to Glenster.


#2 - Hotdog Van:

On the top of the Hotdog Van, there is a hotdog shaped just like the male member. Along the side on the van, there are ads again referring to the male meber.


#3 - Mr. Whoopie Van:

The Mr. Whoopie van has changed since Vice City, but still has the same sexual references on the top. Not breasts though. It has what looks like a popsicle but from overhead clearly resembles the male member.


#4 - USS Numnutz:

This submarine is found docked in San Fierro. Further references can be made as to the sexuality of sailors by having them docked in a representation of one of America's biggest gay friendly cities, San Francisco.


#5 - Michelle's Tools:

In Michelle's garage, use the camera or a sniper rifle to look at her utility bench. You will see she has very nice collection of different types and sizes of sex toys.


#6 - ERIS logo:

If you view the ERIS t-shirt company logo upside down, it appears to say "SEX." Thanks to Mogyle.


#7 - Phallic Oil:

The spilled oil spots in the Driving School test area seem to resemble male genitalia and ejaculate. These symbols also appear in Millie's bedroom.: Thanks to Mogyle and thedude777. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#8 - Clown's Pocket:

In slang the name of this casino refers to loose and baggy female genitalia. Thanks to ICE COLD KILLA.


#9 - Colonel Fuhrberger's:

This house is the one you enter for the mission 'Home Invasion'. The house is full of military memorabilia. The Colonel's name is euphemistic for a woman's privates ("fur burger/pie").


#10 - Self-Abuse Statue:

If you re-enter the plaza in Los Santos in which you rescue Big Smoke from the Russians, you can have a look at the statues without risking being shot. The central statue is pleasuring himself, whilst the surrounding statues look on in shock. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#11 - Blowjob:

In the mission ‘Cleaning The Hood’ when you first enter the Crack Den with Ryder on your right in the back lounge you can see one of the Ballas sitting down on the couch getting a blowjob from one of the drugged up prostitutes. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#12 - 69 Everywhere:

Look at the Easter Bay Airport runway. Look at the prices in the window at most stores. If you look practically anywhere in the San Andreas world and you will no doubt come across a number 69, which is a sex term.


#13 - Choke The Chicken:

When in your safe house, try and find a box of cereal in the kitchen. It is called Cok-O-Pops, a spoof on both Coco-Pops and Cornflakes, with an image of a chicken being choked on the front (a reference to masturbation).


#14 - Bus Companies:

The coaches in San Andreas are owned by the Bikini Line Charter Company, in reference to feminine grooming; and Big O Touring, referring to orgasm. The buses are called "Canny Bus Lines" in reference to marijuana. Thanks to SWEETSAPRIK.


#15 - Love That Pussy:

In many interiors around San Andreas, you can see pictures of cats framed on walls, most noticeably in Madd Dogg's mansion. Perhaps a euphemism for nude girls; or perhaps Rockstar likes kitties.


#16 - Fleischberg Meat Mountain:

The sign of Fleischberg factory in Blueberry is a spoof on the Fleischmann brand of model railroads. Fleischberg translates as "meat mountain" which could be a euphemism for penis. Thanks to rwesterh and original gangster.


#17 - Taste Of Come:

There's a Sprunk billboard that has a woman drinking a can of Sprunk, and under it says "A Taste Of Things To Come" In the mission, "Reuniting The Families", you crash through this billboard. It now says "A Taste Of Come". Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#18 - Sex Shop:

In Las Venturas, there is a sex shop which you can enter. Inside, there are various sexual items, including various sex toys, and various interesting pornographic videos.


#19 - Six More Floors Of Khak:

In San Fierro, there is a new Zip store going up with a sign that reads "Six More Floors Of Khakis" but the 'is' has been spray painted over. So now it says "Six More Floors Of Khak"


#20 - CoK Cigarettes:

On the floor of some restaurants and bars, there are cigarette packages. Look closely and you'll notice they say "CoK Filter"


#21 - Juank Air:

When you buy an airplane ticket, you'll fly on an airline called "Juank Air", pronounced wank air. This may seem like nothing to all you little 11 year olds, but it is spelled wanker, or someone who jacks off.


#22 - World of Coq:

There are a few restaurants in San Andreas (where you can take your girlfriends to on dates) that are called "World Of Coq", obviously meaning 'World Of Cock".


#23 - Wang Cars:

This is just like #21. In San Fierro, CJ eventually get ownership of a car showroom called "Wang Cars". Said fast, it reads "Wankers". This is also a reference to GTA2. In GTA2, there is a sign that has "Wang Cars" on it.


#24 - Boobs:

In San Fierro, on the natural gas that you can ramp off of there is a sign that says 'smell gas? call 555-80085'. If you known 1337 (leet), the 80085 spells 'BOOBS'.


#25 - Biggest Cock In San Andreas:

Located in Las Payasdas, you can see the biggest cock in San Andreas. And for all you perverts, it's a chicken.


#26 - Clear The Custard:

This one isn't so obvious. I mean, everyone has seen the billboard. There's 2 of them within half a block of each other! Ok, I'm talking about the Lovefist billboard introducing their new album "Clear The Custard". Not many people understood what this was, if anything. It's wasn't even on UrbanDictionary.com until I added it. So I looked it up on Sex-Lexis.com and it means "Of a male, to masturbate the custard-cannon until ejaculation. Chiefly British/Australian usage" (Custard-cannon is British/Australian slang for a penis.)


#27 - J. Arthur Rank:

The big wooden spools by the dock, the same place where the wheelchair can be found, say "J ARTHUR CABLE COMPANY CARCER," and Carcer is the city "Manhunt" takes place in. J. Arthur Rank was a movie producer in the early days of movies. According to the Wikipedia article on J. Arthur Rank, the name J. Arthur Rank became a common expression in Cockney rhyming slang meaning masturbation. Thanks to glenster.


#28 - Itchy?

Next time you are speeding along on an NRG-500, stop and take the time to look at the stickers on it. One such sticker says "ICHIFANI". Do I need to explain? Thanks to MrRottweiler.



Grand Theft Auto References - Rockstar has included quite a few references to previous Grand Theft Auto Games. Here's a list:


#1 - V-Rock Hotel:

In Las Venturas, as a reference to both GTA Vice City and the Hard Rock Cafe, one of the hotels is the V-Rock hotel. V-rock being one of the radio stations in GTA Vice City where WCTR DJ Lazlow was employed.


#2 - Avery Construction:

On some building sites such as the one in Blueberry there is a blue sign saying “Avery Construction”. This is referring to Avery Carrington from Vice City whom was a construction colonist.


#3 - Avery Sign:

An image of Avery can be seen in the form of a neon sign on the Old Strip in Las Venturas, spoofing the "Vegas Vic" Cowboy in Las Vegas.


#4 - GTA3 & Vice City Box Art:

There are 5 huge round silos south of San Fierro and just north of Mt. Chiliadin Foster Valley. Along the building near the silos, there are low-resolution pictures of the GTA3 & Vice City box art Thanks to Opius, Legoman and thedude777.


#5 - Vice City Hidden Package:

Opposite the Watts towers in Los Santos in Ganton there is a small orange Tiki shop with a huge statue of the cocaine filled Tiki statue, which resembles the Hidden Packages in Vice City.


#6 - Vice City Maps:

Go outside the Cluckin’ bell in Angel Pine and directly across the street are 3 lined up trashcans. 2 of them have open tops, knock them over and look inside and you will see a bunch of maps of Vice City.


#7 - Vice City Surfboard:

In the wardrobe in any safe house, there is a surfboard with a picture of palm trees and a sunset on it. This refers to the beach areas in GTA Vice City.


#8 - Candy Suxx Photo:

Check some of the photos on your safe house walls. The photos are copies of those that Tommy Vercetti took as part of a mission in GTA Vice City.


#9 - Candy Suxx Neon Sign:

Have a look at one the neon sign of a woman kicking her legs up on The Old Strip in Las Venturas. It's Candy Suxx.


#10 - Cherry Popper Ice Cream:

If you go into any of the grocery stores, have a look at the items on sale. There is Cherry Popper Ice Cream, which is the ice cream company that Tommy Vercetti takes over in GTA Vice City.


#11 - Pizza Boxes:

Also in any grocery store, you can see pizza boxes. These are the same pizza boxes you deliver in the Pizza Boy mission in Vice City.


#12 - Love Juice:

Also in any grocery store, there are cans of "Love Juice". If you remember, Love Juice is the drug preferred by the band Love Fist in Vice City. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#13 - Jethro and Dwayne:

During "She Wears Flowers in Her Hair," CJ and the Truth seek out new employees for the Doherty garage enterprise. In the voiceover we hear mention that Dwyane and Jethro used to work on boats in Vice City. This refers to when Tommy buys the boatyard asset in Vice City. Thanks to Cube623.


#14 - Vice City Air:

Various storefront signs advertise "Vice City Air" commercial flight company. It is easier to see this in the PC version of the game. Thanks to thedude777.


#15 - Gay Gordo's:

Several of the barber shops in SA are of the Gay Gordo's franchise; first seen in Vice City. Thanks to Tommy Vercetti Guy.


#16 - Chartered Libertine Lines:

In the train mission "Green Goo" the crates CJ destroys are labeled "Chartered Libertine Lines Vice Port," the same company with a ship and crates at the Vice Port docks in Vice City. Thanks to Rown.


#17 - SUXX logo returns:

The breast logo from the Vice City mission "G Spotlight" has been given a tiny cameo, as a sticker for adult entertainment on the side of the pay phone booths. Thanks to Mogyle.


#18 - More GTA3 & Vice City Box Art:

More GTA3 & Vice City box art has been discovered in a second location; in Vinewood LS. These can be seen on the windows of a theater building just north of the graveyard. Thanks to Legoman.


#19 - Vice City Marina:

The ramps used during both motorcycle school and boat school are marked "Vice City Marina" on the side. Thanks to mtija44 and Ice Cold Killa.


#20 - Key Card:

The key from "Key to Her Heart" is the same ID Card from "No Escape?" mission in Vice City. When you date Millie enough (or kill her) to get access her house, you get the card which says "Officer P Rowe" and "Chuff Security." It also has the VCPD emblem. Thanks to PresidentKiller. It's also used in "Black Project."


#21 - Tarbrush Cafe:

In various buildings in San Andreas, like restaurants and bars, there are coffee cups on the floor. There is a low-resolution logo on the coffee cups, but it is obviously the Tarbrush Cafe logo. As you may remember, the Tarbrush Cafe was a store you blew up in Vice City. Thanks to thedude777.


#22 - Candy Suxx Billboard:

In another reference to the well-known porn starlet, a large billboard is in Los Santos depicting the starlet in all her glory.


#23 - Lovefist:

There are several Lovefist references in San Andreas. You can see them on a poster board at Four Dragon's during a heist cut scene, and in Rodeo LS on a billboard. Also the band is mentioned by Tommy "Nightmare" Smith on K-DST and other stations, and sometimes by pedestrians.


#24 - Radio Fame:

Calling all GTA fans! Whilst listening to WCTR try and spot the two famous voices. Yes, Lazlow and Fernando Martinez are back again, carrying on the fictional reality of the GTA series.


#25 - Vice City Action Figures:

Go inside Zero’s RC Shop in San Fierro and have a look at the shelves. There you will see Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance action figures.


#26 - Vice City Cards:

In Zero's RC shop, as well as the sex shop in Las Venturas, there are empty boxes which look like they held cards.


#27 - Kruton 9000

Go to upper San Fierro into Michelle’s Garage and look inside with the Camera and look around. You will see a computer called "Kruton 9000". This is a computer that has appeared in the latest 3 GTA installments. In GTA3 it can be seen inside Joey’s Garage and within Sunshine Auto’s in Vice City.


#28 - Cameo Poker Cards:

The picture cards on the Video Poker machines in the casinos are pictures of people from the past two GTA games. They appear only on the Jack, Queen, and King.


#29 - Shoot The Moon:

Much like the two previous GTA games, if you take a sniper rifle and shoot at the moon, it will change in size. Perfect for setting up a nice landscape photograph at night.


#30 - Bitch'n Dog Food:

In the 24-7 convenience stores, you may see another reference to GTA3, in the dog food section. Note the tagline "pussy flavored horse eyelids". Thanks to Cermo. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#31 - Maria:

The woman from the GTA3 Salvatore strand appears in San Andreas at Caligula's palace, in the mission cut scene for "Freefall" as Salvatore's maid or servant. Thanks to D Jones.


#32 - Old Faces:

When you race against Wu Zi Mu for the second time, see if you recognize Catalina's new boyfriend. Yes it's the playable character from Grand Theft Auto III (shot by Catalina in the beginning of that game). This gent goes under several names so you may know him as Fido or Claude Speed. This character is also cited as being the playable character from Grand Theft Auto 2, who also appears in the short movie at the beginning of the same game.


#33 - Jesus Saves:

In Los Santos there is wall art of Mary and an angel that says ‘Jesus Saves’. If you remember, in GTA2, the buildings where you saved said the exact same thing.


#33 - Disgraceland:

On the ballpark scoreboard in Las Venturas, you can see an add for Disgraceland Wedding Chapel, a reference to Disgraceland territory in GTA2. Thanks to LibertyCityMugger.


#34 - Interglobal Films:

In San Andreas, there is a building labeled "Interglobal Television". This is a references to the movie studio in Vice City called "Interglobal Films". Thanks to Arthazzz.


#35 - Tommy Cameo:

That's right. Tommy Vercetti is mentioned once, and only once. During the mission "Meat Business" with Ken Rosenberg, Ken states "This is so exciting, Tommy, it's like old times!" as CJ replies "Who the f*ck is Tommy?"


#36 - Scrapyard Buildings:

There is a scrapyard in Angel Pines which has some buildings that resemble the buildings in the Vice City scrapyard. Thanks to glenster.



Musical References - There's a few references to music in San Andreas also. Here's what's been found so far:


#1 - Shady Industries:

In South-Eastern San Fierro at Easter Basin, there is a building that reads "Shady Industries". This refers to Eminem as the original of this exact building can be seen in one of his videos. For reasons unknown, the sign on this building was changed to say "Solarin Industries" on the Xbox and PC version, referring to one of the Character Artist Toks Solarin. Thanks to thedude777.


#2 - Jackson 5:

If you take a walk over to Reese's Barbershop in Idlewood, LS, have a look at the photographs of models on the wall.


#3 - Crystal Ship:

Tommy "Nightmare" Smith's (Axl Rose) former 1970's rock band; The Crystal Ship is named after the song by The Doors: The Crystal Ship. The song is the third track on their self titled first album which came out in 1967. Thanks to The Soft Parade.



Movie References - There also are a few items that are meant to refer to movies.


#1 - Zombotech:

Go to San Fierro and located further up north from the Doherty Garage on your right is the Zombotech Sky tower. Go inside and look about, it is surely going to bring back memories of Resident Evil, both the game and the film. Also inside is a very nice-looking double helix statue (which resembles DNA).


#2 - Cobra Marital Arts:

Have a look at the name of the gym in San Fierro and prepare for a double Easter egg blow. Not only does the name 'Cobra' refer to the evil Cobra Club in the Karate Kid films, but it also says Marital Arts rather than Martial Arts. At first this appeared to just be a misspelling, but when it wasn't fixed on the PC version, it seemed intentional...or maybe Rockstar was too lazy to fix a minor error like this.


#3 - Trey Is Back:

In Los Santos there is a Pedestrian model reminiscent to Trey from 'Boyz N' The Hood'. He has the same face, haircut and clothing as seen during the movie. People argue that this is Will Smith. I agree with one thing: it sorta[ looks like him, but not really. But the clothing are the same clothing that Cuba Gooding, Jr, wore in the movie. The only difference is that the square pocket is a circle in the movie. Who knows, maybe it's a genetic mutation of Will Smith and Cuba Gooding, Jr.


#4 - Wizard Of Ass:

There are several cinemas within the game that advertise their films with large posters. These films spoof actual films, for example, Wizard of Ass spoofs Wizard Of Oz


#5 - Star Wars:

In one of Zero's missions, you have to shoot down RC Barons with a mini-gun. When you have shot a few down Zero will say "Nice shooting kid, but don't get cocky". This is close to the line said by Han Solo to Luke Skywalker when Luke is shooting at TIE fighters from the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars: A New Hope.


#6 - Menace II Society:

One of the models used for the Grove Street gang is based upon the character Kevin 'O-Dog' from the film Menace II Society. The model has short dreads and a green and black checkered shirt. These are the same clothes worn by 'O-Dog' in parts of the film.


#7 - Basic Instinct:

One of the pedestrian Models is based upon Sharon Stone's character in the film Basic Instinct. She is dressed in a white dress with a short hemline and has blonde hair.


#8 - Tony Montana Quote:

In the Mafia mission cut scene for "Intensive Care," Rosenberg's parrot named Tony says "I never f*cked anyone over in my life who didn't have it coming to 'em." A quote straight of out the 1983 gangster film Scarface starring Al Pacino. Thanks to Carpetdweller.


#9 - Pilot Ranks:

Most of the rankings for flight time are references to movies or pop culture: Goose, Viper, Maverick, Jester and Iceman from Top Gun; Wedge and Biggs from Star Wars. One ranking is called "Noops" which refers to the GTA3 with the longest flight record in the wingless dodo. Thanks to pdescobar and glenster.



Television References - Ahh, yes. The world of TV. It isn't a surprise that there would be a few references to television in San Andreas.


#1 - Locals Only Shop:

There is a shop in Blueberry with a sign above it stating 'Locals Only!', a reference to the "Local Shop for Local People" in the BBC comedy, The League Of Gentlemen. However, it could also highlight the inherent racism in the southern 'hick' states of America, with the sign also saying 'We don't like your type round here.'


#2 - Spike's Crypt:

Go to the Los Santos Graveyard where CJ’s mom was buried and look in the crypt. You will see a TV, an armchair and some pizza boxes. This is a reference to Spike from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" whom had a similar set-up in the show.


#3 - Beverly Hills 90210:

A reference to the Beverly Hills postal zip code and possiby to the television series can be seen on the rear of the Squallo speedboat. Thanks to GTAfool12 and pdescobar.



Manhunt References- Manhunt, one of Rockstar's other great games, makes appearences in San Andreas. There are so many Manhunt references that it is deserving of it's own section in my list. Here they are:


#1 - Manhunt Action Figures:

Go inside Zero’s RC Shop in San Fierro and have a look at the shelves. There you will see James Earl Cash (the lead from Rockstar's Manhunt game), and Piggsy action figures.


#2 - Rusty Wheelchair:

There is a jetty sticking out above Fisher's Lagoon. At the end of this jetty is a rusty wheelchair. The wheelchair is reference to the first scene of the game Manhunt; and the SA wheelchair textures are from that same game! Thanks to trikkstah.


#3 - Cerberus Foot Officers:

In any of the bars in the game, there is often a wall of artwork. If you look closely you can see that the soldier with the goggles is a Cerberus Foot Officer from Manhunt.


#4 - Carser City:

During one of the commercial breaks on K-Rose, listen out for an advert for Carser City, home of Rockstar's Manhunt game.


#5 - Wanted Posters:

The images on the wanted posters you can find on Police bulletin boards are James Earl Cash and a hood from Manhunt. Thanks to RCagent and Riffraff1138.


#6 - Starkweather's Mansion:

When you enter the City Planning department in Las Venturas for one of the Casino Heist missions, have a detailed look around. One of the blueprints is for Starkweather's Mansion, one of the last levels in Rockstar's Manhunt game.


#7 - Nailgun Ammo:

In any Ammu-nation store across San Andreas, you can find boxes of nails for a nailgun, just like the one in Manhunt.


#8 - Propane Tanks:

With the improved resolution on the PC version you can read the side of propane containers, which say "Carser Gas", reference to Carser City where Manhunt takes place.


#9 - The Skins Carjunk Arena:

The car scrapyard by Angel Pines is the one used by the Skins gang in 'Manhunt'. Source: www.wikipedia.org


#10 - Similar Animations:

The playable character can use a knife to perform "execution kills" similar to Manhunt. In fact, this is because Manhunt was used as a drawing-table of sorts for the stealth mechanics in San Andreas. San Andreas also uses the same character health indicator as Manhunt - a colored triangle over the head that goes from green to black. Source: www.wikipedia.org


#11 - Sprunk:

Sprunk, featured in San Andreas as a drink players can buy for regaining health, is also featured in many levels of Manhunt. Source: www.wikipedia.org


#12 - Dead Body Pose:

After stealth stabbed a person, the pose of lying on the floor is same as Manhunt. Source: www.wikipedia.org



Real-Life References - There is also quite a few easter eggs that refer to things in real life. Whether it be a landmark, a store, a music icon, or just a person, it's here. Here's the list:


#1 - Aldea Malvada, The Lost Pueblo:

This is the larger of two sets of Native American/Mexican ruins in the game. They both relate to the biographical history of the area.


#2 - Regular Tom Geyser:

This appears to be a reference to Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park. Watch as every once in a while it shoots upwards.


#3 - Area 69:

The restricted area/no-fly zone is a spoof on the real life air-force base Area 51, at Groom Lake, Nevada (USA). Rumoured for its supposed involvement with extra-terrestrial life forms, this area is heavily armed against any intruders who decide to fly over.


#4 - Hopi Ruins:

This second set of ruins can be found on the cliff side across the road from the cemetery building and look especially spooky at twilight.


#5 - Lil' Probe'Inn:

This UFO based bar is a spoof on a real life bar called the Lil' Ale'inn in Rachel, Nevada. The bar also contains the Mysterious Map, which is an unexplained map of San Andreas that pinpoints certain locations in San Andreas. It can be found at the very back of Lil' Probe Inn near the office desk or in Toreno’s cabin. These dots have no value. They are just random dots.


#6 - Hippy Shopper:

In San Fierro, there is a store that seems to sell some sort of organic produce. It is called The Hippy Shopper, a reference to the real-life shop chain, Happy Shopper.


#7 -Freedom Fries:

Freedom fries appear on Burger Shot menus across San Andreas. French Fries were renamed in the US Capitol cafeteria during the Iraq War (2003) due to France's lack of support for the war on terrorism. Thanks to Zimarooski.


#8 - Valentino Rossi #46:

If you look at the racing number on the NRG 500 you'll notice it's 46. This is homage to the renowned Moto GP racer Valentino Rossi. The number also appears on the Hydra's nose.


#9 - San Andreas Fault Line:

Underwater on the ocean floor is a large crack that spans between San Fierro and the other two islands. This refers to the real-life San Andreas fault line that is the separation between the North American and Pacific continental plates.


#10 - Earthquake Aftermath:

Earthquake damage can be found in the form of both the ruined freeway section next to the San Fierro freeway, and the ruined buildings behind CJ's garage in San Fierro; reminescent of the 1989 San Francisco quake aftermath.


#11 - Nazca Symbols:

North of the spawn point for the Ghost Cars in the Back O' Beyond, on the side of a cliff face a strange symbol can be seen. Much like the famous Nazca Lines, this symbol looks very old but could only have been created by modern technology. Explanations for this sign are still unknown.


#12 - Police Brutality:

Go to an Impound Lot such as behind the Police HQ in Los Santos and sometimes you will see 2 police 'interrogating' a pedestrian. This entails the cops beating the living snot out of the pedestrian. This is a reference to the Rodney King beatings, which was one of the key factors leading up to the LA riots. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#13 - Observatory:

There is an observatory on the top of Verdant Bluffs in South Los Santos. This is a real life observatory in Los Angeles where the climax of the film Rebel Without a Cause was filmed. It is also one of the highest points in L.A. and has a view of the famous Hollywood sign.


#14 - Casino Names:

In Los Venturas, the casinos on the Strip are all named after rude slang (such as The Clown's Pocket) or after real-life casinos and films. Examples are, the Royale Casino (which is a spoof on the James Bond film, Casino Royale), Caligula’s Palace (spoofing Caesars Palace) and Pirates In Men’s Pants (spoofing the Gilbert And Sullivan Operetta, Pirates In Penzance).


#15 - Notre Dame:

In any of the bars that you can enter, have a look at the signs on the wall. One of them says 'Notre Lame', a reference to Notre Dame.


#16 - Substandard:

Rockstar takes a dig at the Subway restaurant chain. The familiar green and yellow sign can be seen on the beach front shops in Santa Maria Beach, LS. Thanks to Dualsawnoff.


#17 - Santa Maria Beach Concrete Roller:

This roller near CJ's safehouse is a direct reference to an art tool made by Chen Chang in 1988, which resides at Santa Monica Beach, California USA. It was pulled by a tractor to make artistic patterns in the beach sand. Thanks to thedude777 and Mxyzptlk.


#18 - Doctor Crippen:

In Montgomery is a memorial to Crippen, possibly a reference to an English murderer Hawley Harvey Crippen, who killed his wife in 1910. Thanks to Mogyle.


#19 - Bio Waste Well:

Go to Montgomery located just above Los Santos and go behind the OTB (Off Track Betting) building. Hidden behind it is a closed up well surrounded by a fence with biohazard signs on it. Just across the road is the Sprunk factory, hinting that Sprunk may be using a contaminated water source. This appears to be a dig at Coca-Cola, who was forced to take their bottled water off the shelves recently in the UK, due to its potential carcinogenic effects.


#20 - Magazines:

In safe houses there are certain magazines on tables and the floor that spoof current magazines. For Example, 'Rogue' is a spoof on 'Vogue'


#21 - Graveyard Mystery:

In Palomino Creek, the Cemetary behind the drive-in confessional has several interesting things to see. The most interesting is a grave that says Scott Wilson. The GTA San Andreas manual lists Scott wilson as one of the countryside animators. Maybe he passed away during the making of the game? Under the name it appears to say "Medal of Honor", "CPL" (Corporal), "US ARMY", "KOREA", and some others. Maybe Scott Wilson was a Corpoal in the US Army before becoming a game designer?


#22 - Garver and Kincaid Bridges:

The road and rail bridges connecting Easter Basin, SF to Bone County, LV are based off the Forth Road bridges in Fife, Scotland (http://www.forthbridges.org.uk/). Thanks to Mark1865


#23 - C-JS Barricades

At the empty lot in Bayside north of San Fierro are barricades from "C-JS BARRICADES," possibly a reference to Carl Johnson? No! The same barricades appear in Vice City, at the Hymen Condo safe house. These more likely are named for Campbell J Dick, whose name is written as C-J Dick in the "Credits" portion of the San Andreas book. He is one of the game's programmers. Thanks to Sway4829.


#24 - Pier 69:

In San Fierro near the docks, there is a pier with a sign at the entrance stating "Pier 69". This is not only a joke to the number 69 (we all know what that is), but refers to Pier 39 in present-day San Francisco.


#25 - Winston Churchill Quote:

After completing Zero's 1st mission, Zero attempted to quote a saying by Winston Churchill, which was "We shall defend our land whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall never surrender"


#26 - Kurt Cobain:

Walking around San Andreas, there is a pedestrian that has a striking resemblence to Kurt Cobain.


#27 - Dove:

The dove in the wall art in San Fierro looks exactly like the peace symbol used by the Benedictine Sisters of the Monastery of St. Gertrude in Cottonwood, Idaho. Thanks to glenster.


#28 - Venice Beach Recreation Center:

A little building on Santa Maria Beach looks like the Venice Beach Recreation Center and police sub-station.


#29 - The Chemosphere:

The Chemosphere, built by American architect John Lautner in 1960, is located in Mulholland, Los Santos.


#30 - Carney's Restaurant:

There's a restaurant is Vinewood that is identical to the real-life "Carney's Restaurant" on the Sunset Strip.


#31 - Moai Statue:

Moai are statues carved from compressed volcanic ash on Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island. There is a statue which has a striking resemblence to these statues. Thanks to Mogyle and M0rt@nius.


Other Game References - Rockstar also placed a few references to other video games, mainly talking sh*t about them.


#1 - An Eye For An Eye:

If you've ever played DRIV3R, you may recall when you, the player, had to kill 30 "Timmy Vermicellis", which is a parody of Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The "Timmys" in DRIV3R all wore water wings, a dig at Vice City, because Tommy could not swim. Well, Rockstar got revenge. In the mission where you need to steal Madd Dogg's rhyme book from his mansion, the mission cut scene has one of Dogg's guards playing a game on a couch and saying how the game character 'Tanner' (the name of the character from the Driver series) runs like his bowels have released and that he sucks ass and that the game producers Refractions (Reflections) made a crappy, hyped game.


#2 - True Grime:

At various locations in Los Santos, there are billboards that show a bin man dumping rubbish saying "True Grimes: Street Cleaners". This refers to the GTA style game True Crime: Streets of LA, which sucked. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#3 - Pilot Ranks:

Most of the rankings for flight time are references to movies or pop culture: Goose, Viper, Maverick, Jester and Iceman from Top Gun; Wedge and Biggs from Star Wars. One ranking is called "Noops" which refers to the GTA3 with the longest flight record in the wingless dodo. Thanks to pdescobar and glenster.


#4 - Half-Life weapon:

Sealed in a lab of the underground base at Area 69 is a red and white crowbar, possibly an homage to Gordon Freeman's weapon of opportunity in the game "Half-Life". Thanks to Cermo.


#5 - Max Pane:

The window of the Dillimore gas station in Catalina's "Tanker Commander" mission is labeled "Max Pane;" a clear reference to Rockstar's video game Max Payne. It can be seen opposite the Police Station's entrance. Thanks to Basti and ChaosAlert. Thanks to Grisha for the picture.


#6 - Body Harvest

The mission 'Body Harvest' is named after a Nintendo 64 game created by DMA Design, who then became Rockstar North. Thanks to Daniel H.



Miscellaneous References/Secrets - Just a list of secrets and easter eggs that don't fit into any other category.


#1 -Body Bags:

There is a pile of dead bodies in disposable bags located in El Castillo Del Diablo, South West of the airstrip in the desert. Parked next to the mass grave is a Bobcat, so whoever dumped the bodies, also left their car there. Who these people are is still unknown. In "The Introduction" movie, there is a part where some guys talk about how how there's "a lot of holes in the desert...and a lot of problems are buried in those holes...". Connection? Maybe. Thanks to glenster


#2 - "No Easter Eggs" Sign:

On top of the Gant Bridge in San Fierro, there is a secret message saying "There are no Easter Eggs up here. Go Away."


#3 - Bridge Facts:

There is a sign with technical facts about the northernmost San Fierro bridge (Gant Bridge), next to Katie Zahn's favourite diner, along with a hunk of Cable used on the Bridge with a information sign next that.


#4 - R.I.P Opposition 1997-2004:

Go to the War Memorial located in the Hippy Districts of San Fierro near Hippy Shopper and enter the War Memorial. Go to the top to see the Gravestone that says ‘R.I.P Opposition 1997-2004’ in relation to rival gaming companies.


#5 - Ghost Graffiti:

Go to the Los Santos graveyard between 20:00 and 6:00 and look at the walls and you will see several ‘ghost tags’ on the walls. During the day the tags disappear and are nowhere to be seen. Spooky. Ironically, one of the tags says "Families 4 Life".


#6 - Famous Hackers:

If you listen to the Area 53 show on WCTR, one of the callers is Kevin, talking about whislting into phones to control computers... This is Kevin Mitnick, who once hacked into government databases in real life by phone phreaking. Another caller on the same show is Eric Corley, editor-in-chief of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly and director of Freedom Downtime. They were also mentioned in GTA3 and GTA: Vice City. Thanks to ThouShaltBeToxic and pdescobar.


#7 - Alternative Cut Scene:

If you haven’t upgraded your lung capacity from its preliminary value and you commence the mission ‘Amphibious Assault’ an alternative scene will employ with CJ and Woozie playing a video game in discussion. You will find out why Woozie doesn’t like to go out swimming and how CJ once got a condom stuck on his face.


#8 - Hidden Alternative Death Scene:

In the mission “Stowaway” if you jump out of the plane as soon as you get in there a scene will prompt with you falling from the plane and smashing on top of a car busting the doors off.


#9 - Graveyard Mysteries:

In Palomino Creek, the Cemetary behind the drive-in confessional has several interesting things to see. One is an open tomb. The second is a grave that glows pink at night.


#10 - Ammunation Changes (PC/Xbox only):

In many Ammu-nation stores, you can find a cardboard target of CJ, bare chested, wearing a boat hat and weilding two submachine guns. Thanks to thedude777 and GodGell. Additionally, PL Hunter Blaze found a similar target in Ammu-nation, this one is a bear graphic.


#11 -Sprunk Is For Homos:

As reported by emeryrulz on Mar 16 2006, In Montgomery is a big Sprunk can on the Sprunk factory that says "Home O' Sprunk". Said fast, it sounds like "Homo Sprunk". This is most likely just a coincidence.


#12 - Gym Vandalism:

In the Las Venturas Below The Belt gym, check out the floor boards: they are sratched with graffiti and other writing. You can see references to Lovefist, Iowa Cornhuskers, and possibly Ray from GTA3. Thanks to Matko.


#13 - CJD-500:

The video game console at Grove Street is probably a reference to the Sega Megadrive (known as the Sega Genesis in North America) that was popular in the early 90s. The disc shaped console top is very similar, although the controller is reminescent of a PS2 controller, but with buttons called C, J, M, and D. So it is still unsure what this is referring to. It looks like a SEGA console but has a SONY controller. Thanks to Pinky.


#14 - Guitar Pool:

Around back of the VROCK Hotel, there is a pool when viewed from overhead, it is shaped like a guitar.


#15 - Actual Piece Of Cable:

Next to the "Bridge Facts", there's a piece of the bridge. There's a sign that says stuff like "Oooooh. Amazing"


#16 - WCTR News:

Listen to the news on WCTR after you complete a few missions and it will have changed to talk about the missions that you have just done!


#17 - The Programmers Are Everywhere:

Have a look at some of the names on the map sometime. Certain areas are references to the names of people who have worked on the GTA series. Here's a small list:

•Mulholland Intersection is referring to one of the Los Santos artist Steven Mulholland.

•Montgomery is referring to one of the Interior Environment Artists Lee Montgomery, or possibly the Cutscene Supervising Sound Editor Nocholas Mongomery.


#18 - Fashion Trends:

OG Loc's clothing is high-end popular stuff, fetching $200 or $300 per item- until Madd Dogg gets back into the rap game with CJ's help. Now Madd Dogg threads have gone up in demand and price, while OG Loc's gear is near worthless. Thanks to DeeZire.


#19 - Make CJ puke:

Go to any restaurant and order more than 11 full meals at once. When done, CJ should spew up on the floor at the front counter. This also reduces a huge amount of body fat too.


#20 - Pedestrian Fart Scenarios:

Occasionally some Pedestrians break wind and different reactions will occur such as the other peds running away.


#21 - Vanity Plates:

Look closely at the license plates of some cars. There's a lot of vanity plates. Click the above link for a list of these vanity plates. Click the following link for a list of the pictures I have taken so far: Click here for vanity plate pictures. Thanks to thedude777.


#22 - The Discharger:

A movie poster in Market advertises "The Discharger 2" with the tagline, "He's back, now he's black." The main character has a striking resemblance to CJ. The tagline could be referring to CJ's return from Liberty City, or the return of the GTA series with San Andreas, and a new main character, who is African American. Thanks to Northstar Rock.


#23 - 3D Map:

Inside of Area 69, look around and you'll find a 3D map of San Andreas. Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#24 - San Andreas Related Joke Sites:

Rockstar also put out a few teaser sights for places you can visit in San Andreas or here about on the radio. Here's the list courtesy of thedude777.

The Epsilon Program


Cluckin' Bell

Fear it? Do it! Darius Fontaine

West Coast Rap Legends



#25 - No Timer on Quarry Mission:

On the mission where you have to steal dynamite for a Wuzie mission you normally have a timer but if you go to the center of the construction site there is a gray stage with a person on it and the dynamite plunger right in front of him. If you kill him the timer will stop and you will have all of the time you need to complete this mission.


#26 - STRAIN HARD Billboards:

Throughout San Andreas, there are some ProLaps billboards that say "TRAIN HARD". But on a select few, apparently someone tagged the billboards and made them say "STRAIN HARD".


#27 - Clocks:

I wasn't sure where to put this but it's here now. In Los Santos, there is a building with 3 clocks on it. One clock is Los Santos time, one is Liberty City time, and the final one is London time. Maybe referring to cities Grand Theft Auto has taken place in? (London would be the GTA1 expansion Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, Liberty City would be GTA3, and Los Santos is GTA: San Andreas.


#28 - Horse Names:

Next time you are wasting your money away in the OTB, check out the names of the horse. Some are funny, some are sexual, but they're are good for a laugh. Thanks to thedude777.



Possible References/Secrets - These items appear to have been placed in the games for a reason. Maybe they are easter eggs that we haven't found the link to. But so far it is unsure what the reference is or if there even is a reference. Some may have a reference, but may only be a glitch.


#1 - CK Building:

At night, one of the taller skyscrapers in San Fierro windows seem to light up in the shape of 'C' on one side and 'K' on another. Another suggestion is that the lights form a monkeys face... The relevance of these lights is still unknown. Many claim there is an "" above the K, claiming it spells CoK; but with no definitive prove, it remains a mystery.


#2 - Locals Only:

There is a shop in Blueberry with a sign above it stating 'Locals Only!', a reference to the Local Shop for Local People in the BBC comedy, The League Of Gentlemen. However, it could also highlight the inherent racism in the southern 'hick' states of America, with the sign also saying 'We don't like yur type round here.' Thanks to Grisha for the picture.


#3 - Catalina’s Ex-boyfriends:

Next to the Catalina’s cabin on Fern Ridge is a spade weapon pick-up. Next to this are two shallow graves. Evidence of Catalina's shady past?


#4 - Suicidal Photographer:

Enter the Trailer park around the Los Santos Inlet and face east towards Los Santos in the centre of the park and a person should spawn on the side of the road near the water on your right. Go up to them and you will see they are taking snapshots of Los Santos. After a while they will put the camera away and slowly walk into the water and drown themselves. Possibly a glitch.


#5 - Red Room of Solitude:

Behind Woozie's Office in Chinatown SF, there is an empty brick room with no apparent purpose. Thanks to SlowStenRacing and Carpetdweller.


#6 - Lemmings:

In what some call a hint at Rockstar North's own Lemmings, pedestrians will sometimes appear on a ledge and walk off to their deaths. Highly said to be a glitch, though. This appears in 3 places: When you are standing in a certain alley in Las Venturas, a phone pole near a Cluckin' Bell in Las Santos, and from a pay phone booth in a city in the countryside. I can't remember the name.


#7 - Misty's Bar:

Near the Cobra Dojo in SF you can see a bar called "Misty's," possibly owned by the woman from GTA3 before she moved to Liberty City? Thanks to Arthazzz for the picture.


#8 - Beta Smoke:

The statue of Big Smoke on the lounge floor of the Crack Palace wears a basketball jersey and has no hat- it's the original Smoke who was later changed to his appearance in the game. Or maybe Rockstar just forgot to remove this statue.


Unconfirmed References. - These are what I like to call" Unconfirmed References". They have been listed in this topic, but I need confirmation like a picture or something.


There currently no unconfirmed references.


*~*Total Number Of Secrets: 167*~*

*~*Number Of Unknowns: 7*~*

*~*Number Of Unconfirmable References: 0*~*


*~*Please PM me if you find any spelling errors.*~*


*~*If you believe I wrongfully removed something from the original list, please let me know.*~*


*~*Here is a link to the original list: Original List*~*


List originally created by Shaft121 then maintained and added to by Mxyzptlk and finally ended up in the hands of thedude777.

Edited by thedude777
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Here is a Pic

user posted image


hope it means something. *Northstar Rock should have a better pic soon







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Here's one, too large to post in here though. I'll get on the map now that I'm home.

user posted image

Play pool with weapon (start and exit a game), humorous signs, and Manhunt soldier.

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hey everyone i dont know if this is an easter egg but when i was about to go on an midnight drive-by biggrin.gif i saw these stars in the sky and it looks like an R for R* is it true or is it just me thinking crap lol colgate.gif

user posted image


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I think my bodybags location image is the right size now...as i sed bfore i was actually stood on the bodybags at that point so it is a very accurate picture

Yup that's the place... Here's a slightly smaller hosting of yon's pic.

user posted image

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Tallest building in LS

user posted image

True Grime

user posted image

Double Ender

user posted image

Fisher's Lagoon Wheelchair

user posted image

Bar Easter Eggs

user posted image

Montgomery Well

user posted image

Eye Symbol in Flint

user posted image

Junker Bobcat in Shady Creek

user posted image

Edited by Mxyzptlk
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Northstar Rock

I guess that means I don't need to take pictures of the titles.

But I have already read the Hidden Interiors Thru Gym thread (sort of), but I didn't think it was worth mentioning.

It is the only way to get the SF tattoos without resorting to cheat-engines.

They have also found numerous things which were intended to be in the game but were thrown out, including a 2 story Ammu-Nation and apparently one of the girlfriend's bedrooms.


EDIT: I think this hasn't been posted, but in the Atrium where you fight the Russians one of the statues is masturbating.


EDIT 2: Here are pictures user posted image

user posted image.


EDIT3: There is also a shop called the Hippy Shopper, this is poking fun at another place in real-life called the Happy Shopper.


EDIT4: Happy Shopper user posted image


EDIT5: Hippy Shopper user posted image

Edited by Northstar Rock
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Northstar Rock

At Kingjad: Wow, that is much higher quality, is there any way of getting such a high-quality picture without buying some kind of cheating device or other (ARM, GS, CB)?


EDIT: Oh, and I got one picture of a statue covering its eyes, I will get more from different angles if that will help...

user posted image

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Northstar Rock

I got another shot of the eye covering statue at another angle, to get the highest quality, I just hold the camera steady and take about 6 pictures and then pick the best one.

user posted image


But Myxlzptk or whatever his name is (who can remember the name of 5th dimension genies, anyway) is a professional photographer I remember him saying, so there probably is a trick to it.


EDIT: By the way, Shaft, I can't find the SanAn fault anywhere, I drove on the bottom of the sea almost everywhere between LS, LV and SF and didn't find any crack.

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user posted image

ahhh finally my pics the right size...well this is the league of gentlemen refrence that is on the list on the first page...the locals only! sign is above a shop in blueberry

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user posted image

and heres the avery construction sign which is ment to be a reference to avery carrington from vice city.that sign is also in blueberry



thanks to imageshack for the hosting

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Sinister Zombies

user posted image

RIP Opposition

user posted image

Police Brutality

user posted image

Cobra Marital Arts

user posted image

Candy Suxxx

user posted image

SF lights, south side

user posted image

SF lights, east side

user posted image

Blueberry Liquors

user posted image

Manhunt and Vice City toys

user posted image

Edited by Mxyzptlk
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OK, I've finished clearing the topic. shaft121 hasn't been online since I locked this so he'll probably wonder what happened to it all tounge.gif


The posts that were removed weren't necessarily spam, but they were either a little off topic or now irrelevent. I'm pretty sure the original poster had this in mind as a comprehensive list of secrets rather than a debate about how he might improve the first post or discussion about the website.


It took me over half an hour to sift through this topic and remove unnecessary / redundant posts, and I certainly don't want to have to do that again any time soon. The posts that I've left behind are those that are relevent to the topic - in particular pictures or recommended additions. I apoligise if I have inadvertently removed something important - if I have then PM me and I'll recover it.


Please, once again, I ask that you keep this topic on topic, and keep any chat or discussion about the planned website to the private message system or outside of the forum smile.gif


Topic Reopened

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ProXimity WarNing


following descriptions, this is the guy:


user posted image


I'm not convinced, though...


Who is that guy supposed to be?

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Who is that guy supposed to be?

It's supposed to be the "alien" at Lil Probe Inn. I found some thermal goggles so I'll see if anyone else is more convincing in there later...



Thanks for the clean up Bargaust, you rock!

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wow those rock....Im looking for some easter eggs right now...Ill post whatever I find...

Can anyone post a map of where to find the lemmings?

Edited by AmbiguousD
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wow those rock....Im looking for some easter eggs right now...Ill post whatever I find...

Can anyone post a map of where to find the lemmings?

It's in the alley behind the gym in LV, top of the strip, near the "Y" shape, left side... stand under the power lines in the alley and look NE towards the Emerald Isle hotel. I should have the map of everything done monday.

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user posted image

beware sign in bar


user posted image

graves in front of catalinas hideout


P.S Barguast why did you delete my post with the pics of the beat up glendales?

sad.gif that was an on topic post, right?


rampage_ani.gif GTA MA$TA rampage_ani.gif

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Also, below the bar signs, Im pretty sure It has a Notre Lame sign, obviously making fun of Notre Dame

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What are the directions for the one "just north of the cluckin bell" near grove street?
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