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Iron Man

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when ever i do this mission, i always run out oftime when there is 2 or 3 guys left. guys keep on blasting my car with shotguns, cars keep ongetting in my way, and i always fail! how do i do it? also, im using a shot gun to get rid of the yardies. should i be using a different weapon? thanks for oyur help... Edited by Iron Man
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Use the shotgun to blast the truck, it will damage it but not destroy it.

beat the drivers ass with the baseball bat and drive on to the next truck in a fast car. If you just blast and bash you should be able to finish the mission with about a minute and a half to spare.

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im talkinbg about the one where you have to kill the yardies in 5 minutes i think it is. they are walking one the streets. i dont think any of them are in vehicles.
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I faced the same challenge with Smackdown. Using you shotgun to get rid of the yardies is the most efficient means of getting rid of them. The other thing that allows to to kill the yardies in a 4 minute time frame is to change your route for getting to the other side of the city.


There is a shorter route to the other side of the city, I think it is call Witchta Gardens that allows to you save a few seconds and get to the other side of the city.

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  • 1 year later...

i tried the mission fifteen times before i finally beat it. def. hardest in the game.i always tried an insane jump across the river. it seems to help some. then u usually should finish it with inbetween 10 and 1 seconds left so. anyway u do it u will be cuttin it close

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