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Game crashing and whole computer restarts!


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Okay ever since I got Vice City I have been having this terrible problem where if I go near The Malibu or Pole Position or near boats (which is nearly everywhere) the sound starts wavering then the whole computer restarts. When I log back in I am greeted by an error message saying the system has recovered from a serious error. I sent it to microsoft once but I got nothing so I gave up on them. The strange thing is that the only boats crashing it are these white and black ones, that are mostly white with black trimming I don't know what they are called because trying to get near them with a ten foot barge pole would crash my game. The other weird thing is that inside the Malibu and Pole Position which I got into thanks to a save game I downloaded, the game is quite stable. If I go outside it crashes straight away though and after the cutscene with tommy watching the *ahem* lady *ahem* dancing it also crashes. I can't fly a helicopter much because of the boats that I can't see from the sky crashing the game nor, can I get past the first mission because as soon as the cutscene of Tommy at the party on the boat ends, the game crashes. I hope you guys can help me and I hope you don't die trying to read the huge description I have written above. Thanks in advance!!! alien.gifbiggrin.gifcolgate.gifcool.gif Edit: Okay I am a dumb dumb!! I forgot to mention that my computer is a Windows XP Home Edition! Hopefully that helps. ph34r.gif

Edited by Sniped22000
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Update all sound and video drivers. Then see what happens. Also, try reinstalling Vice City. It may help.


Oh, and could you use paragraphs next time? My eyes are burning. tounge.gif

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I am a dumb dumb I forgot to mention I have reinstalled more times than you have had hot food, and I am an extreme dumb dumb as I would not know how to "update all sound and video drivers" as i am a dumb dumb. suicidal.gif

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Just go to the video card or sound card manufacturers website, and see if any updated drivers are available for download.


For example, I have a NVIDIA GeForce Fx 5200 video card. So I go to NVIDIA.com, and check.


Also, using Windows Update should check for any updated drivers too.



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I don't know if this rules out any updated drivers but I have automatic updates in my taskbar and when I click it, the only updates it has is remove malicious software tools, and security updates. I think I went to Nvidia a while ago to get some driver and I didn't know what ones to get so I just got a random one. I was trying to get this game called Second Life to run which it did but I don't know if it was the drivers or not. So I would have no idea which one to get nor which one I have now. I am a dumb dumb!! devil.gif

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I did it and under high priority updates there was one up date here it is:


Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1

Download size: 10.2 MB, 12 minutes

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 resolves various issues found after the initial release of .NET Framework 1.1. These include both security- and non-security-related issues. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer. Once you have installed this item, it cannot be removed.


I dunno if this is what you mean, I'll have a little bit more of a look around the site. breadfish_by_Moto.gif Breadfish? Who in there right mind would make a emoticon of a breadfish? Who in there right mind would EAT a fish crammed through a loaf of bread? blink.gif

Edit: Maybe this is what you mean?


Microsoft Corporation - Video - NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

Download size: 12.2 MB, 14 minutes

NVIDIA display software update released on July 28 2003.


I will download them both. rah.gif

Edited by Sniped22000
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Hmm to bad its all ready downloaded. Is that a bad thing? I hope I haven't wrecked my computer. How is it useless? Edit: Where are my manners? Thank You very much for helping me so far! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.giftounge.gif

Edited by Sniped22000
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Nah, it won't have wrecked your computer or anything. It's just the source code for the .NET thingy. (I think). Anyway, you don't need to use it.


It's no problem helping you. It's good to see a new guy who uses correct spelling and who is polite. smile.gif

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Thanks. I am kinda a perfectionist when it comes to grammar and spelling. I will edit this once everything is done downloading. Edit: The reason I have been away for awhile is because the video driver got stuffed after the update and has just been fixed. Once more is VC still has crashing probs and this prob isn''t related to VC at all but my sound is now flickering on and off. suicidal.gifmad.gifangry.gifsad.gif

Edited by Sniped22000
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  • 3 weeks later...

The problem still isn't fixed and sorry for double-posting I just want to bump this back to the top of the list so I can get an answer.

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