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GTANet Annual Awards 2004 Winners


Recommended Posts


Best Asset to McDonalds

3rd place: Cerbera'sMom [39]

2nd place: wantfrieswiththat9 [48]

Winner: vALKYR™ [54]

Prize: Addition to Fry Cook Group


Best Unofficial Gang

3rd place: Feroci [56]

2nd place: The Frat [67]

Winner: Parcel Force [76]

Prize: + points in next gang race


Best Official Gang

3rd place: $outh $ide Hoodz [45]

2nd place: The Precinct [75]

Winner: The NYCC [101]

Prize: PM Space doubled


Best Led by

3rd place: anuj [48]

2nd place: Dalpura [53]

Winner: GTA3Freak-2001 [72]

Prize: + points in next mod election tounge.gif


Best Moderator

3rd place: GTA3Freak-2001 [43]

2nd place: adamcs [51]

Winner: Opius [71]


Best Administrator

3rd place: Azkoyen [47]

2nd place: MyMothersMySister [93]

Winner: illspirit [96]


Most Improved Member

3rd place: papanesta [45]

2nd place: Dup [53]

Winner: adamcs [57]


Best New Member

3rd place: Jayzamann [39]

2nd place: vALKYR [48]

Winner: tagamaynila [61]

Prize: +1 Karma


Best Writer

3rd place: BrassKnuckles [43]

2nd place: Candarelli [44]

Winner: gta phil gta [68]

Prize: temporary pinned listing of all their work


Best Coder (Non GTA)

3rd place: Delfi [26]

2nd place: Jevon [33]

Winner: Azkoyen [88]

Prize: Geek hat user posted image


Best Coder (Gta Related)

3rd place: Delfi [33]

2nd place: Opius [38]

Winner: steve-m [41]


Most Respected Member

3rd place: illspirit [36]

2nd place: MyMothersMySister [46]

Winner: 40ozFreak [58]

Prize: Respect


Most Helpful Member

3rd place: Neo-K 182 [21]

2nd place: Opius [24]

Winner: GTA3Freak-2001 [26]

Prize: +1 Karma


Funniest Member

3rd place: Knightmare [37]

2nd place: anuj [62]

Winner: ghost of delete key [83]


Most Helpful Grafix0r

3rd place: anuj [36]

2nd place: tagamaynila [42]

Winner: papanesta [61]

Prize: +1 karma


Best Signature

3rd place: illspirit [27]

2nd place: Vegas [34]

Winner: tagamaynila [60]


Best Car Modeller

3rd place: DieselGT [32]

2nd place: Monitor57 [33]

Winner: Majestik [65]


Best Map Modder

3rd place: ODIE [47]

2nd place: Opius [48]

Winner: illspirit [68]

Prize: GTAGarage benefits (coming soon)


Best Debator

3rd place: SagaciousKJB [29]

2nd place: BrassKnuckles [45]

Winner: Wheelman [64]



Here's a list of all the people trying to nominate themselves or their respective gang.


Shame on you.





Feel free to poke them with pointy sticks and throw hard poo at them.





Congratulations to everyone nominated and more so the winners and runners up in each category.


If you are due a prize and haven't recieved it then feel free to pm me.


Please don't mona about prizes if there are non allocated to an award you may or not have won.


Thanks again and I'll look forward to next years.


/me shakes fist at Illy!! tounge.gif

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Best Coder (Non GTA)

3rd place: Delfi [26]

2nd place: Jevon [33]

Winner: Azkoyen [88]

Prize: Geek hat user posted image


There is justice!




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/me highfives 40ozFreak


/me highfives tagamaynila


Seems there was less awards than those we nominated, so a lot of them got cut out, which makes the awards seem a bit serious.

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Congrats to all.


I can honestly say it was an honor for me just to be nominated as respected member smile.gif

You should drag your arse out of the Bat Scorp cave more often. smile.gif

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yaay, I got second place in best asset to McDonalds!


Feel free to have the first place ... demarest put you in the group for this already anyways. You have won long before this...



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Initial post edited with the hall of shame naughty voters list. wink.gif

I guess you didn't do the same for naughty voters who voted on their own unnoficial gang? 'cause I would be on it /runs and hides.



woohoo, I'm not on it!

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Parcel Force Parcel Force Gtaforums Best Unofficial Gang


You know it.



Just noticed it. Well done and congratulations !



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