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My Vice city Crashes alot.


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I bought Vice City for PS2 reciently, and it crashes or Frezzes up frequently.


specially after I die or get caught by the police.


I also input Codes, you know the normal in game codes (change outfit,reduce wanted level ect...)


Is this normal?


does it frezze frecuently because I put Codes on?

Edited by S.W.A.T
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It shouldn't freeze as a result of cheats. Can you post your system specs? Your PC might not be up to playing Vice City smoothly.


Also, have you installed any mods? Faulty mods can screw up games pretty badly.

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its NOT the PC version,


I have it for PS2 and it freezes mainly when I input codes, its not everytime it happens, lets say about every hour or two it can lock-up/Freeze.


does anyone own the PS2 version in this forums?


I need to know please! so I can return it if its Damaged.

Edited by S.W.A.T
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Oh crap. You even said in your first post it was for PS2. Sorry, my bad. blush.gif


Well, try cleaning you disc. If there are any scratches or whatever, that may be your problem. It could also be a problem with your PS2, a lot of PS2's that you use in the vertical position get problems with playing games.


Other than that, I can't help you.

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Thanks for the tips,


so...its not normal for it to freeze?


my Vice City PS2 disk doesnt have scratches, my PS2 is fine and its on the horizontal form.



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It isn't normal for any game to freeze wink.gif


Do any of your other games freeze? Is your PS2 a first-generation one? (ie. did you buy it as soon as PS2's came out, or a few months/years down the line?)

Tried setting your PS2 horizontal? I've heard that can sometimes help.

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I haven't played VC since San Andreas came out-- I have 2 PS2's-- my first one was bought about 2 years ago-- and in about 600 hours of playing VC-- it locked up about 8 times-- almost every time I was at a high wanted level-- couple times in the tank, once in a regular police car, once in the hunter. I always played it horizontally-- I did have it lock up twice while doing superjumps right after I blew up and got the "wasted" message.


On the day San Andreas came out my old PS2 decided not to read any discs-- I couldn't wait any longer so I went out and bought one of the new slim line PS2s. I haven't played VC with it yet but the new one has locked up twice playing san andreas--both times when I was in a strip club and (minor San Andreas spoiler)


went in the private lap dance room in the back


my locking up in VC was pretty random-- if your game is locking up regularly then I'd contact sony and see what can be done. You shouldn't have to play like that. In the mean time, I would look for obvious things that might be causing your problems-- if its sitting on carpet and getting hot, elevate it a little so air can get under it to keep it cooler and see if that does anything.

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My PS2 is fine. it is a version 10, I bougth it like a year ago,


my vice city locks-up randomly but only when I input lots of codes.


and it freezes mainly when I get wasted or Busted by the police.


If this Random lockups has happend to everyone, then my game is fine.


When I play the game without lots of codes it works perfectly fine.


Ive played other games that when you put codes or debug mode, it can freeze if you do lots of junk. maybe its the same with VICE CITY?


this game is huge, so its highly posible it cant stand all that code data?


I only wanted to know, if everyone who has Vice city for the PS2 has had these random lock-ups when they input codes and mainly when you die with the codes it stays blank and stays like that.

Edited by S.W.A.T
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It should NEVER, and I repeat, NEVER happen to a console such as a PS2 or heck, even a GCN! These machines are made to handle with ease the games that are and forever will be produced for them, so I say that one of the products you have there are faulty. Have you had this problem with any other game? If the answer is no, then its most probably the game that muffed sad.gif . If yes, then I'm afraid your PS2 is muffed blink.gif .

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no, only my Vice city does this.


but it doesnt happen so much, its random.


I just wanted to know if its random for you guys who have it for the PS2 and input lots of codes.


note: it only freezes randomly when I input lots of codes.

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You've got to be precise when you talk in these forums. How much is a lot? Gimme a number. A friend of mine can easily put around 10 codes in, and it'll work fine. Logicallyhowever, it souhldnt crash no matter how many codes you put ni unless the code has a warning about it that it clashes with other codes.

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codes that clash with others?


anyway, Ive been beating the missions and the lock ups became more and more uncommon.


and now they havent occured to me at all.


maybe the game didnt registered that I hadnt beaten areas and it froze.


thanks guys, Ill let you know if my game goes wacko again. hope it never happens again.



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