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Cheats + Unlockables

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  • Activate "cheat mode" displays coordinates
While playing press A + B + Start





  • Police Bribes at Hideout
Complete 10 Vigilante Missions to get one police bribe at your hideout. Complete 20 on each island to get six police bribes at your hideout.
  • Health Pickup at Hideout
Complete 9 paramedic missions
  • Flame Thrower at Hideout
Complete 20 Fire Truck missions on each island
  • Hidden Package Rewards
$1,000,000 100 packages

Rocket Launcher 90 packages

Mini gun 80 packages

Assualt Rifle 70 packages

Molotovs 60 packages

Grenades 50 packages

Shotgun 40 packages

Body Armour 30 packages

Uzi 20 packages

Handgun 10 packages


  • Borgnine Taxi
Complete 50 Taxi missions and it will appear at your Portland hideout.
  • F-1 Racer
Complete all 18 race missions. The car will appear at (82, 19) on the last island, where the last set of races began.





  • Cruise Control
While in a car, hold Up + R (like you would to sound the horn). Hold those buttons, and release the gas. Your car will continue at the same speed you were at when beginning the sequence.

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Nice guide! It deserves pinning and a cookie. cookie.gif

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yer this should be pinned....Says me 3 weeks later


But yer its a good guide and is pin worthy!

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In addition to this post, here are the cheats for the game! Thank IGN for this one:


NOTE: Cheat Mode (A + B + Start) must be on for these cheats to work. After it's on, press the following button combination during gameplay.


Beneficial Cheats:

Health: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, B, B. Restores character's health to 100.


Armor: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, L. Restores/Gives armor, to 100.


All Weapons: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, A. Gives all weapons in the game for you.


Cash: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, L, L. Gives you $15,000 every time this cheat is used.


Misc. Cheats


Toggle Gang Hostility: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, B, R. If you kill a gang member, and have a swarm of them after you, use this cheat. NOTE: Won't work if a gang hates you, as the case with the Hoods in the earlier missions.


Wanted Level cheats:


Raise Wanted Level: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, R, A. Raises wanted level by one star.


Lower Wanted Level: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, A, R. Lowers wanted level by one star.


Maximum or No Wanted Level: LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, R, R. Gives you 6 stars if you have 0, or resets the wanted level, if you have one, to zero.

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