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Location of Blista Compact?

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Need it for Sunshine Autos, any parked spots? Other cars that make it appear?

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Here is a good way to get some of the cars on the list that don't have fixed locations-- go to the save point across the street from Kens office and save. Now reload.


There is a spot across the street and to your right will randomly spawn different vehicles-- get in it (even if its not the one you want)-- now drive across the southernmost bridge heading toward sunshine autos and keep your eyes open for the car(s) you are looking for-- if you get to the other side of the bridge and haven't seen your car, reload and repeat....


The other cars that spawn are "relatively" dependent upon the car you are driving, so driving cars of various classes will cause cars of the same class to spawn-- eventually you should get the same class car (or the car itself) to spawn across the street from the save point and hopefully this will make the car you want to spawn.


PS.... the Blista compact looks like a Honda CRX (litte hatchback car).





Edited by Spuds725

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All i did was wait for most of my cars that i needed. That right outside the autos, well a majority of the cars that you need will come down that road anyways. So go in and steal it. Some of them i did have to search for like the Espirnto or whatever its called cos some of the cars you want look simular to each other so i just got in and outta cars till i found what i want.... or at least and till i could identify the ones i know i don't need.

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there is one in the underground parking lot in front of pier 2, where colonel's yatch is.

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I always seem to find it just driving around Washington Beach. That upper-middle class area.

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stand near the intersection of the road with vercetti's mansion and the freeway.

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Chunky Lee Chong
I found many Blista Compact's Downtown.

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The cars that are driving in VC are triggered by the car you are/were driving in. For instance, when you are driving an Infernus, there will be Infernus's all over the place, together with Banshee's, Cheetah's and other sportcars. All you have to do, is find a car a bit like the Blista Compact, like a Sentinel XS or other normal Sedans and you should be able to find a Blista Compact.


Otherwise, just go in a garage building with multiple layers, and walk around until one pops up.

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