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[SRC|REL] SCM Hook for Vice City


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Sorry for the bump of such an old topic, but does anyone still have this? It seems that Spookie's site has been taken over by a link farm sad.gif

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I know this is a very old topic and nobody maybe interested at all.


I am been playing around with these tool for the past days and I found out that the load models / load requested models does not work at all in the Hook. It does not work for some unknown reasons. In the mission Sample the MP5 weapon loaded because of spawning the feds ( FBI). The fed models spawns with pre-loaded weapons like the cops do with a nitestick and a pistol.


If you try to give other weapon to the player at the first place, it does not work at all.

The REQUEST MODEL( 0247) and LOAD REQUESTED MODEL (038B) could be replaced by functions from CStreaming function address but I am not sure it would work though.


Hope someone would be able to help.

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The solution was merely simple. I just found found that Spookie's SCM hook was giving Weapon_Index as parameter to REQUEST_MODEL and IS_MODEL_AVAILABLE opcodes, which was causing the goddamn error. They actually take MODEL ID as parameter.

I made replacements and here is the updated versions. Simply replace them with the old files.







Have fun with OOP style Mission coding. rah.gif



I have added a marker next to the original The Sample mission just for the sake of debugging. It just spawns a FBI and a vending machine so it may not be of any use. moto_whistle.gif

Edited by Swoorup
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