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Hidden Interiors via the Ganton Gym!

OD fa real

Recommended Posts





Please note this entire post has been edited to accomodate the newcomers.




Carpetdwellers Interiors Rundown




This doesn't require any cheat devices, although having one helps you find them ALL.


Here are some pictures I took while I viewed the interiors (Please note: I know these are old, and that its not really denise's house, just bare with them)




I got the idea looking at a thread by Pyrohazard.

I went into the Gym in Ganton, as explained by gtatheist...


Now... This is the technique.



I went into the Gym in Ganton and I let the heads roll... 4 shots with the M4 took everyone out. Then I went into the corner by the treadmill, being careful not to accidentally leave.


I entered the jetpack cheat (left, right, L1, L2, R1, R2, up, down, left, right)

and proceeded to fly... and off i flew... into the wild black yonder...

I'm currently making a MAP of all interior locations...


These maps show the places according to the way the map is after entering the Gym. Read on more into the thread to find out on the map being skewed and misplaced when you enter interiors.


ex: If you and I both entered in Ganton thru the Gym, I can tell you that if you put a mark over Denise's House, and fly there, you'll find the house I'm talking about. (as long as you stay LEVEL with the gym, and don't drop too low or go too high)


If you somehow managed to enter thru Burgershot or something... your map won't correspond with these maps, because we skewed them in different points...


ex: I skewed it in Ganton, and so it followed me from the Gym into whereever I went.

You skewed it in Garcia... so it wouldn't be a good idea to tell me where something is, when the map you see shows it in relation to Garcia's Burgershot, or whatever. (if you can manage to jump up there! ph34r.gif )


Anyway... if for some reason you find your jetpack not holding up as it should in the gym... leave ganton gym by falling back into it the same way you flew out of it, and then re-enter and re-follow the steps.


Furthermore 4 all new guys who just read page 1, and are already about to click reply... don't post things that have already been answered. Its bad enough if you post something off topic, but don't post a question we've all heard a thousand times. My suggestion... if your into this topic... take the time to read the 20+ pages and you'll learn alot. If THEN you have a question, feel free. We're answering and finding. But Finding first.


Also, if your unclear on how to get this glitch to work...


For Lo-Res Video



For Hi-Res Video




And Yes... Liberty City was found this way. But it was first found by edisoncarter... who is helping out with this search and finding new things everyday.


It was first learned that you can fly thru the gym ceiling by gtatheist.


Yes, It was pyro's thread about hidden interiors that made me want to find them... and finally it was...

I, OD, who was the first one to figure out you could fly to interiors if you killed the 4 guys, and hence began this thread.


So let me answer a few questions...


-Yes you can see liberty city...

-YES You can now land on LC. Read further down.

-YES You can get the secret tattoos here. Read further down.

-There is no VICE City in here. Sorry

-We have found a vice street racing stadium.

-Area 69 is underground and not really a heaven interior, its a K ground interior.

-Area 69 can be accessed using blue hell glitches... Not the gym one.

-Yes you have to kill all 4 of the guys in the gym

-No we don't know why.

-There is no chupa-cabra

-There is no bigfoot

-There is no ufo... That light that circles the sky is just that.

-We have not come across the interior of any spaceships

-We are, however, also looking for the interior of the Andromeda

-We have concluded that each girlfriend has her own interior, because we've found them.

-We also know that the girlfriends interiors were designed for sex scenes

-We have killed 4 people consecutively for thousands of times now.

-Yes this is a very interesting thread

-No, CJ's cellphone is NOT a nextel, so he has no chirp number

-Yes I am ranting a bit



Furthermore... here are some maps and carpet's key...


Carpetdweller's NEW Interior Wishlist Key - The greatest interior list in the world. View and view often, Save it often also. It comes in handy.




P.S. This is the thread that started it all.


Maps last updated Feb 4 2005


A - Gym Heaven


B - Ho Heaven


C - B Dup's Crack Heaven


D - Ammunation Heaven


E - Liberty City Heaven


F - Burgershot Heaven


G - Zip Heaven


H - Rusty Heaven


I - LS Tattoo Heaven


J - Binco Heaven


K - Exterior World coming SOON FULLY DONE.


L - Thief Heaven


M - Macisla Heaven


N - RC Heaven


O - The Colonel's Heaven


P - Cluckin Heaven


Q - Misty Heaven


R - Wardrobe Heaven



There are 18 heavens.




Also, if your looking for the SECRET TATTOO's, read from Page 1 - 3. You'll be sure to find them if you DO EXACTLY as described and nothing more/less.




As for liberty city... you'll have to read on till about page 8 to be sure you know enough, and you'll have to be comfortable flying around... then, if you want to reach liberty city without a GS/AR Max, you can by simply doing this...


Remember, NOT all of it exists up there, but sections. Alot actually, you'd be surprised. Like they copy/pasted half of portland. Anyway, the only SOLID sections are Saint Marks Bistro.


You would have to fly an invisible car into it. But yes, it is possible. so far, we have 3 people who have made it using nothing but the button cheats... and thats great.


This is how it was done.


first, check into this thread to find more info, specifically on how to get to marker 8. And also read the locations of marker 37 and 42. You can skim thru and you'll probably find them in the 30's, 40's. We've found ALOT, so what can I say? you can also check the "E - Liberty Heaven" picture above, as those numbers should be there.


Before anything, make sure that the Garage CJ owns in San Fierro has 2 cars in its garage. (so you can do float trick)

BTW: This is the garage that you get off catalina. If you don't own it, forget about trying.


Make sure you have a parachute (if not, spawn one with cheat)


1. enter ganton gym

2. kill all 4 people inside (2 boxing, 1 working out, 1 cheering)

3. walk to the treadmill corner of the room

4. enter jetpack cheat

5. fly thru the ceiling (just press X if your in the right corner)

6. fly to marker 8 (defined in Hidden Interiors thread)

7. fly to CJ's garage, defined as marker 37

8. enter cars fly and cars float

9. do floating trick and fly car to liberty city (marker 42)

10. you might see it when your flying up (it gets hard to control car once you pass 900meters in the air)

11. Fly well above LC and then hop out of car

12. Open parachute quickly

13. Enter jetpack cheat

14. press triangle to cut the parachute off

15. You'll have a jetpack on. Hold R2+L2 to strafe, and try to land on Saint Marks Bistro (or at least, in front of it)


BritishGangsta explains how he does it... read it here.


i guess fast motion cheat would work when flying up, and putting slow motion cheat would help with landing.

using those steps, you can get there without a GS/AR Max.




Ok, if you do, however own a GS/AR device, you might want to check...

Easy Access to Liberty City and Unused Interiors


if you have a GS, you might want my coordinate converter so you can swap the 4 right columns code with the 4 right columns code off of my program. My program can be downloaded here at my site.


using my program and the IPL files off of the disc, you can enter almost any interior. (it uses edison's binco code, but keep in mind that the 4 left columns are the BINCO code, and the 4 right are the selected interior) Basically...


"OGLOCS" via Binco

20C9D284 44011158

20C9D288 C18DB1F9

20C9D28C 447A5D71

10C9D296 00000C03


anything struck thru is the binco code (replace with any other left column codes found in edison's thread about easy access to unused interiors) and anything underlined is the code needed for OGLOCS


Useful Links:


confirmed cheats


edison's newly discovered cheats section


Easy Access to Liberty City and other unused interiors - this is the site for the cheat device codes.


And thats all for now.

Edited by OD fa real
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this is pretty cool smile.gif I'll have to try it


What I ont understand is how you can fly with the jetpack from the interior.

All the interiors are way up in the sky, and you cant go any higher with the jetpack after a while. and that should be well below these interiors


EDIT: liberty is at the same level, isn't it? would it be possible to get there?

Edited by weirdal
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the interiors were known, but it was not known how to get their without a gameshark or some form of cheat device, good work smile.gif

have a cookie cookie.gif

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hurry up with the map


im trying to find the tatoo parlor and i flew over to hashburry but all i see is water in black hell

Edited by Frank-Tenpenny
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alright guys, i'm working as hard as i can. I currently have a 3MB Logitech Video EXE file of me flying thru the interiors... It was 11MB as an AVI, but that HAD to be compressed. When I get it up, I will put the link to it as well.


If you try it... you'll be as shocked as I was...


I was like


"Wtf.... why does the jetpack work?!"


i know there's alot of Blue Hell threads, but this allows you to view ALL INTERIORS... as long as you can find 'em. The maps coming up soon also!


It'll be on the same page as the other pics

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The map IS UP!!! Check it at:





Logitech Video EXE is at:




Its 3.36MB, and has to be typed in on the website bar.

I woulda been here forever uploading 11MB


The interiors aren't where they are on the average map... the barber shop isn't located between the tattoo shop, and the pizza spot. Its all by itself, in a VERY different location.


So... Don't fly to where you know the tattoo parlor is on the map... The map, and the interiors are two different contradicting forces. I found that out the hard way. Check my map, and you'll see EXACTLY what I'm talking about...


ex: B Dup's Crackhouse is OVER WATER.





Thanks to PyroHazard on his Hidden Interiors thread and gtatheist on his thread about the Gym glitch.


Pyro gave me a reason

Heist gave me the door

I shot some heads up and found a way. LOL


Thanks... cookie.gif 's for all!!


Edited by OD fa real
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I'm getting lost, I seem to find myself standing on something at some places, but can't find any yellow markers anywhere. I also saw a shovel somewhere too, guess that I was at Ryder's house at the time.


Awesome glitch though, that's for sure.

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If you find yourself on the ground... your not gonna get the interiors... you have to remain level with the Gym after you float thru it. Check the map... The blue dot is where the gym is, and the red dot I circled with yellow is a yellow marker that after you go thru it, will help u see the hell alot better then all black.


If your on the ground, your going low and flying. Believe me, you gotta kill those 4 first. If you want to see how I did it, check the video.

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1 the map isnt clear

2. upload that video to www.250free.com as it is downloading at 1kb/psecond

3. WEL DONE!!!!! have 5 cookies cookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gifcookie.gif and some bread catloaf_by_anuj.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif

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as for #1, you gotta download it off yahoo... yahoo has a stupid thing of shrinking it. its at 400x400, or whatever. its actual size is like 900x600... so you DEFINITELY can see it if you download it off the yahoo.

2. I don't doubt its downloading slow. I'm trying to sign up for 250free right now. LOL

3. Thanks for the cookies and loafs.

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This looks like it seriously owns smile.gif


Just a question. I'm there, I've found the spots on your map, yet all I see is a few peds spawning in an invisible building; one is certainly a dance club because the music is playing. I can land on the roof but it's still all black. Any suggestions?

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Cool. Check on the map i made...


the blue dot is where you start at the gym


after you enter the gym and kill the guys...


press pause, and find the red dot with the yellow circle around it, find where it is on your map and mark it by pressing O after you zoom in with X.


Its basically on the corner of the block at Denise's house.


Now from the Gym, do the instructions and then fly to the blip mark. Don't fly too high, and definitely not too low. Look around and you should see a Yellow marker... The song thats blasting means you are CLOSE to the marker. LOL


Once you get inside, you'll notice not only are you inside, but after you get a jetpack on you, that you can fly thru the roof... and black hell is now blue/yellow/red depending on game time (00:00 - 23:59)


Thats gonna definitely help you see the areas you can't see... such as the Peds walking in nowhere... Specifically directly across from the Gym.

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Missed yellow marker part nervous.gif


Verrrry nice find!


I don't have any cheating device, so this is very much appreciated.

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No problem... Just hope if you guys run across the tattoo parlor especially, someone let me know.


And if anyone knows what that club is on top of the Collusieum (however its spelled) let me know. I've never seen it.


Useful tips: (they might already be known. LOL!)


#1. Don't run thru areas at a high height with no jetpack...

#2. Shoot walls and floors to see if they are sturdy to walk on

Sparks = Yes, No sparks = NO



BTW: I don't have a cheat device either. I just wanted to get to the damn interiors. devil.gif

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this is pretty cool smile.gif I'll have to try it


What I ont understand is how you can fly with the jetpack from the interior.

All the interiors are way up in the sky, and you cant go any higher with the jetpack after a while. and that should be well below these interiors


EDIT: liberty is at the same level, isn't it? would it be possible to get there?

Sorry for the double post. Yeah, it is at that height. Only problem is its not where it would normally be. LOL. I know that sounds dumb... but on the regular map, when your doing your missions, Liberty city is miles high in between Terra Robada and the San Fierro airstrip. Only problem here... is that CJ's garage is located in Back o beyond/Flint County... so that means that if it keeps about the same distance... Liberty city should be on the North West side of Los Santos. Probably directly above the beach going north, on that light greenish patch a bit south and west of Madd Doggs mansion.



You wanna see what height CJ is at?


Put a parachute on. LOL. Even if your not diving... it still shows up. I guess thats how they proved the interiors were in the air.

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i think i'll pass on the exe video...


anyway, I tried this and found a few interiors (ones you listed)


just for clarification. once you leave the gym, the sky will be totally black, making it hard to find interiors.

once you go to the place above the girlfriends house, there is a yellow arrow. enter it. you get to keep your jetpack (well I did) and then you can fly out through the roof.

then the sky is blue.



many interiors you cannot get into but you can be on top of them and view inside.

some are for cutscenes and only the floor is solid.

some are actually enterable in game and you cant enter through the outside.


a tip: all the interiors are at the same level. if you are not around interiors, it will be hard to tell what your altitude is. So you should wear a parachute while wearing the jetpack (I think this will work, maybe not if you have a smg though)


another tip: dont go too low. you cannot go back up. you get below the point where the game doesnt allow you to go back up and then your screwed.

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another tip: dont go too low. you cannot go back up. you get below the point where the game doesnt allow you to go back up and then your screwed.

that's me alright bored.gif


btw, how do i get your map on yahoo full sized? Or does yahoo not allow you? If not, plz upload to imageshack.us because it's damn small there!

Edited by TheDuffMan
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my bad. to save it right click it on the yahoo, and click save, or save as.


sorry guys, you gotta work wit what i've posted.

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Grr. I keep flying too low!



I got stuck somehow, down low. Completely stuck in complete darkness.


So I did the handy Suicide cheat. . . .really wierd glitch happened!


I was technically dead, but still in the jetpack in a standing position, and it wobbled back and forth and did some crazy crap, and after about 20 seconds, CJ fell out of the Jetpack and continued to "die"

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I just did this and I must say its harder to get these than the ones I (and my forummates) found. Probaly due to the fact the yellow arrows are so far away and you can't see sh*t.
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Im in the blue world now, I can see a club that is supposed to be denice's house. and the thing across the street.


Now, can I fall down and get stuck like before?, or am I pretty safe?




ALSO, HOW do you download that damn picture! I cant see anything on it, and when I rightclick> save as on it, it stays the same size. HOW do you download the full size?

Edited by nopenopenope
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Thanks for posting this. It's exactly what I've been looking for.


Took me ages to find that yellow marker and then quite a few more goes to stay at the right height to enter it. Getting the hang of it now.


Don't know if everyone knows this, but...

When I entered the place with gold records on the wall and took off my jetpack - the sky went back to being just black again. I thought I'd completely f*cked it up and tried heading back to the yellow marker to reset it. I couldn't find it anymore, so I went inside the place with all the bedrooms and the tiger skin rug and took the jetpack off again to see if this worked - it didn't.


Then I did something stupid and walked to where the missing bit of wall is [as if I was going to walk off the edge] and it reloaded the interior with me facing inwards and the sky back to daylight.

Just thought that might help anyone who did something similar. I'm off to explore some more.

user posted image
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Grr. I keep flying too low!



I got stuck somehow, down low. Completely stuck in complete darkness.


So I did the handy Suicide cheat. . . .really wierd glitch happened!


I was technically dead, but still in the jetpack in a standing position, and it wobbled back and forth and did some crazy crap, and after about 20 seconds, CJ fell out of the Jetpack and continued to "die"

That's not really a glitch, it's just CJ trying to land. You keep on going down until you hit the ground so it can show the wasted screen.


carpetdweller, some spots just seem to stay black. Mostly around the stadium area, it turns pitch black for me, but if I continue to fly straight I eventually get out of the darkness.


To the topic creator: I seem to have found a yellow marker, beside a fire extinguisher, but I can't get to the entrance. It's south of the westernmost point on your map.

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carpetdweller, some spots just seem to stay black.  Mostly around the stadium area, it turns pitch black for me, but if I continue to fly straight I eventually get out of the darkness.



No, I agree about some parts staying black around the stadium, but when I entered the the gold record place the sky stayed daylight UNTIL I took off the jetpack. Then it all turned 'Black Hell' again. Flying to other places did nothing. Even places I'd already been to with a blue sky were now in darkness. I had to reactivate 'the lights' (in the same way as the original yellow marker) by walking through a certain point without the jetpack.


Now the light has returned to following the normal daytime schedule.



[EDIT: Oh sh*t! I just landed on top of the LVPD and it caused the jetpack to stop working. I'm falling again until it reaches it's maximum height. I'll have to come back again another time.]


[EDIT again: actually might have been SFPD as it only had one floor and I remember LVPD having quite a few levels.

Pics available at my Otherworlds gallery.]


[FINAL EDIT: I went back and finished visiting all the main red dots on the map and the same thing happened when I got too close to the Police Dept. It must be located at that cut-off height. It may be the LV one (and I can only see one level loaded at a time from this distance).


I'd most like to get to: The Pleasuredomes, Millie's place, The missing Tattoo place, Sweet's, Ryder's, Big Smoke's, the Welcome Pump, the Office of The Four Dragons and Francis Airport.


The map was a great help. I'd like to see a larger one with place names. One which shows which places exist at the same time (exist meaning that the building is there, not just the marker). I'll start making one unless someone beats me to it.]

Edited by carpetdweller
user posted image
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Something really strange happened, I found the strip club and tried to get through the door, wouldn't let me though. Then as soon as I flew off I appeared back in Black hell and found another yellow arrow (can't remember where), what was strange though is that CJ appeared upside-down and had gotten stuck. confused.gif

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What zones have you visited?

I was visiting the zone of the airport of ls but I didn't find nothing.


Please anyone send info where you have stayed. If anyone do this i'm sure we will discover the position of the Tattoo Parlor very soon!


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