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St. Mark’s Bistro Located & Explored


Recommended Posts

Saint Mark’s Bistro/Liberty City is located high in the sky just east of the Easter Bay Airport Runway 69 and south of the sandy area you see on the map near there. Don’t try to get there with any flying vehicles, it is far too high in the sky to reach. To verify this location simply die whilst in the Bistro mission: as soon as you see the “Mission Failed: Wasted” screen, immediately pause the game, the map will become activated again and show the player location icon and you may even tag it with the red marker if you desire.


How to explore the area outside of the Bistro walls: First, during the Bistro mission kill everyone EXCEPT the guy in the courtyard with the red arrow above his head. Next, push that car away from the guy as he will be trying to shoot you in the next few steps and will blow the car up, killing himself and ending the mission. Then, walk into the small area that stems off to the side of the courtyard and go to the far left corner up onto the highest dirt mound. Facing into the corner, throw a grenade. It will bounce back and explode, time your jump to coincide with the exploding of the grenade and it will rocket you up onto the walls ledge. (You may need to use the Health cheat if this is not accomplished the first time!) Now just walk off the ledge and you are out!


You can wander around this small area or use the grenade trick again on the wall directly in front of you to get into the alley. WARNING: Be sure to shoot the ground and walls you are walking near with a pistol or automatic weapon, if you see sparks, it is solid interactive graphics. If not, you will fall through - all the way down to a San Andreas that is physically there but not visually loaded, it is impossible to find anything


In the roadway/alley that is behind the second wall - at one end, you can clearly see the large buildings and road but cannot walk to them as they and the road are just visual graphics. At the other end of the alley is a short tunnel and the road you see in the cut scene, and yes there is snow and no you cannot walk out onto it, again it is just a visual graphic. To explore these areas better, use the heat seeking rocket launcher in and around the Bistro as it can “see” through walls that you are close to and always pan the camera around before walking out or through a building to see what’s on the other side of a wall. Using the rocket pack cheat will not do you any good here as is rendered retarded and will not get off the ground.


When you’ve had your fill of exploring and decide to jump into the void, it is a loooong trip. You will see why you cannot fly there, it is about the height of the sun at it’s peak. You will splash into the water and will only be able to see the sea creatures, everything else is a brown/blue void - if you know the map well you can swim north to the sand bar and try to walk your way around. I can hear where the roads are from Carls footsteps but quickly get lost.


If anyone finds a store to enter which will load some visuals, post it and

reply with any interesting updates you find exploring with all of these tricks.



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i know theres a way to get there when NOT on the mission, but ive tried it and it doesnt work, i guess it involved gameshark codes or somthing, anyone have info for this?
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Hey, Underground arts


I just had a thought....what If you use the jetpack cheat. while walking around? Couldn't you fly through liberty city, or would u just drop down because there is no ground?



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good find man and good guide.. also good idea with the jetpack idea sumone do it and post what happened it sounds like an excellent idea!! thanks for that walkthrough man

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Hey, my hearts actually going really fast at the mo (sad I know).


I tested this as soon as I found it and after a few goes timing the grenade throwing and realising that I should be pressing square instead of X I finally did it. I then got over the second wall and walked up and down the alley.


[at this point I hadn't read all of the first post.. I was reading as I did it]


I walked out onto the snow to go in to the area with buildings and fell through.


I thought that was the end of this adventure and pulled the parachute cord and turned back to have a look at this forum. When I turned back the screen had gone almost white then it faded to blue and a bit of road appeared. I thought this was SA reappearing but it's not. Only a few roads and building appeared even when I landed. It's basically the SF garage, the train station opposite and the fire station next door. The rest is just blue sky all around. The 2 doors to the garage are open so I can see inside. The one on the left wont let me in but the right one lets me enter (and shifts to cinematic camera).

Have I found the set where Dwayne and Jethro work while CJ receives missions in SF?


I really appologise if this is old news but it really excited me. I love exploring and this is the first experince of a 'non-game environment' I've encountered. I never even been to the ghost island on GTA3.


I'm off to see what there is. Hope I fall through this floor and on to somewhere else.


Oh yeah - if I pause the game, my map is completely blank of all markers. I can still see the forelli guy's red marker on the radar directly east of me and there are peds wandering around but no cars.


sorry again if this makes no sense, I'm typing quickly so I can get back to it.

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As a final warning to anyone that finds their way to the SF garage: I'm now stuck and will have to just give up.


I wandered all around the garage, around the fire house, around the front again, over the road and into the station. I walked along the train tracks, through a tunnel (alot further than I thought it would go and emerged in to a mass of blue. I couldn't find anywhere that I couldn't walk including walking on thin air and was only occasionally stopped by invisible barriers. I could shoot the peds (they reacted by screaming and running around) but the nearby cops did nothing to stop me. There was part of the freeway behind the train station so I headed for that and, by using the grenade technique again, got on to it. I can't remember exactly when , but at some point I wandered off this and fell into some invisible water (containing sea-life). I 've swam in all directions (sometimes quite far) but all lead to invisible barriers that I cannot get past or climb out at. I've tried the jetpack cheat, but although it says 'cheat activated' nothing happens. I'm not sure if this is normal in water. My previously maxed out muscle is now down to nothing and I've decided I'll have to drown CJ and see where I wake up.




Las Venturas Airport to the greeting of "Time for a shower, Homes."


[EDIT: some spelling]

Edited by carpetdweller
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can someone post pics of the "ghost island" and behind the wall? I had the level saved and my memery card got messed up and now my data is gone so now i will have to beat the game... again. please post pics anyone if you can...

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I 've just repeated my trip to the SF garage 'set'.

It took me a couple of trys this time...


[the first time I walked through the archway end wall by mistake and fell. Did parachute again and landed on nothing in mid air. After a little walk some peds appeared but I couldn't find any scenery so restarted.

2nd attempt I didn't push car enough and Forelli blew himself up]


... very easy to get to garage. I was in the middle of the alley with archway behind me and buildings in front. I walked forward towards the buildings and fell through the ground, after 2 or 3 seconds I opened chute and just let it drift for a while. When I saw a grey shape [the train tunnel] appear ahead of me just to the left I adjusted my course to land on it.


This time I got stuck in the pit in the garage and couldn't climb out, but "Yay!", Jet-packs work here! so I could fly all around. I wonder if there are more sets just outside my view at this level.


I have pics this time. They were taken direct from camera on tripod in front of tv. Not the best quality and the Liberty ones are a bit dark to see. But you can make out the SF ones.


I'm new to this sort of thing, so can anyone suggest the best way to get these on here?

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Found another one!


it is some of the blue buildings in LS. Where we originally meet Denise.


This is the only other one I've found and I've been flying and running everywhere.


I'm facing the windows that I threw the molotovs at right now. The shutters are open but there is just a hollow shell inside.


On my radar: North at 12 o'clock, Forelli at just past 10.


[will someone please tell me to f*ck off if I'm saying stuff everyone knows]



[EDIT: spelling and to add that nearby this is what I think is the section of wall that is missing after you smash it with the swat tank in the last mission.


Also on my travels I have seen lots of peds walking on air, floating objects such as armour, pool cues, cameras but unfortunately no food or gym. I now have no muscle or fat again and keep having to do the health cheat to stay alive.]

Edited by carpetdweller
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Ok - I promise this'll be my last post for a while.


I just wanted to say I've put some pictures of my travels [all started because of this topic] in an online gallery. Hope you find them interesting.


GTA Image Gallery


[Edit: changed link]

Edited by carpetdweller
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