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Barton Waterduck

The Mission Builder thread

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/* tbh, that was a number i pulled off my head. point is, there are many more normal, sane people who enjoy the game for what it is (or for modders, what they want it to be). The people who go nuts and do something are few and far between.

It would be beneficial if you catered to the majority of us, rather than the small few who cant handle it. */

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Mass-killing have allways been here and they will always be, as long as there are f*cked up people. They happened in the past, when video-games didn't even exist and will in the future when they have multiplayer VR-versions of GTA.The main reason that is seems they happen more often now, is the global coverage of our media.


Anyway, I don't think your decision is a wise one, and for the modding community it's even a bad one. But it's your decision in the end and I respect that.

I think that you should always do what you personally think is good, don't act according to opinions forced upon you by others (or the media).


I haven't always agreed with your way of doing things, but I respect you for the incredible amount of effort you've put into this community.


We'll meet again.....

Edited by PatrickW

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This is a two year, two month bump, I am well aware, to all the people

who should be told before they point it out blush.gif


I just want to know: What does anyone feel about this Now? And if

anyone knows how to contact any of the people that left to come

back, make a post, and at least make a statement therein as to what it

stands as now for them, 2 years and 2 months later.


So, whether you stayed or went, bless you. Where does all of this that happened

to be summed up so tidily in this topic (top crowd of time = top clarity of topics?),

stand with you all now? I joined just after this. I think I was logging in for damned

near the first time the day Steve posted about Odie. That's my time frame. And

it all got worse thereafter. But here was one I stumbled on, seeking information,

low and behold, I'm inspired to ask.


I personally love to mod. It's the reason I stopped lurking and joined. I make

so much stuff, and one day, my substantial projects will see the light of day (rah!).

I'm going to be modding and displaying my work the GTA3 engine, San Andreas

build for a long long time. Unless GTAIV comes to PC moddable. Or unless

someone hacks ps3's firmware for homebrew.


Which would be f*cking spectacular.


Long live the contributors to the best games ever created. Homebrewers and

Rockstars alike. And in this case especially, Craig Kostelecky's perstistant

linkage to BWMB. Thank you for that, thank you all.

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