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Basketball, Gym & Pool Bugs/Glitches


Recommended Posts

I got the gym glitch yesterday right after dating "michelle" (crazy mechanic whore) to 100%.. Damn perfect time to get it when CJ is fat as albert and looks like sh*t.


Since i had spare memory cards I did the # 2 and # 3 glitch fixes, and for good measure stripped CJ down to his skivvies. My little sister (2 years old) kept saying "he not put on his clothes", "he not put on his shoes"... priceless... anyways, nothing worked.


Oh, and I even tried the starvation/beat him up routine to no avail.


But I did read something from somebody called "chang" that talked about if you save with times that are close together, like "saving" then "saving again" a minuter or so later in another slot, that would create the glitch (I never save like that, but it was worth a try). And you should delete the last saved slot and other mumbo jumbo.


I deleted the last saved slot and the gym still didn't work, but after doing some import/export and one storyline mission, the glitch is gone for now... Cool.


Don't know if it was the delete the slot or not. But the glitch is gone and rather quickly compared to some.

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Walk through walls- Max







super jump- Max





are those AR Max codes for the UK verison or US or will they work on either?

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i dont know if this is related in any way to the basketball glitch, but sometimes the white text in the corner when u enter a building (e.g a safe house) is red/pink. I first noticed this in the rioting missions.


Is it normally red? If not, ppl with the basketball glitch see if u have this too.


Yeah i get that with the wardrobe most of the time also when im entering idlewood the text is green wicked alien.gif

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well i sent a letter to take2 support and told them all about the basketball glitch and this is what they had to say....


Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for contacting Take 2 Technical Support.


Try to change your appearance completely i.e. Clothes, hair style and

tattoos. also dont kill anyone on the basketball court. The use of cheats

can also effect the game like this so if you have the only solution we can

offer is to delete the last saved game.

Please be sure to delete all previous correspondence when replying. This

will help us to process your response in a more timely and efficient manner.


Kind Regards,

Take 2 Technical Support


Tobu24- since u got the bball glitch gone can u tell me EXACTLY what u did to get rid of it.

Chalkstar2188-since your tryin to do the method tobu24 did, if it works please tell us


Edited by rizzo5431
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i WOULD try it

but i dont really know if its effective because i dont have the glitch anymore. In fact i dont have my savegame anymore. Yesterday i accidently was saving my brothers game for him and i accidently put it over the top of mine.

It's annoying i was at like 78-79% too.

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well we could see what else tobu has to say.. in detail of everything he did.

wait look what i found under the glitch section..


Glitch: Loads and loads of territories save before you do this and DONT save after. get a plane and fly into any corner of the map for about 30 mins (long time) and jump out of the plane without opening the parachute and intentionally drown. when you appear at the hospital there will be lots of territories and there is only one wave for each.

Difficulty: Easy


Edited by rizzo5431
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I don't know if this is old but I only just found it and I did do a search.


There's a construction site in Las Venturas with a working crane. If you use it to lift the blocks by the Clown's Pocket Casino and then release them in the air - They stay there.


I wonder what I can build with this.


Edit twice: Pics I posted didn't work. It's the image titled 'Strange Blocks' in my gallery. The address is in my signature.

hah pretty fun



after you mess with the blocks, quickly move to the south westernish white building. Theres a corner where you can climb up on it and run over to the blocks. I just made a short staircase with them


its a shame you can only move them up and down though.


Its about here.


user posted image

Edited by hawk_196
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Here's one that I recently discovered but didn't see listed in this topic.


I was doing one of the races in San Fierro and decided that I was going to keep the car. On to the Xoomer garage I went....but on the way I hit a few cops and attained a 2 star wanted level.


I parked the car in the garage and took a PCJ-600 to the Pay & Spray adjacent to Wang Cars. The timer to return to my car ran out while I was still in the Pay & Spray.


I was returned to the little red thing that you step into to start races and whatnot...completely unable to move, switch weapons, look, or anything else.

However, I could still hear the engine of the bike running.


Finally had to use the suicide code... suicidal.gif

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I have some pretty interesting glitches for you to add on your list.


Shoot handgun/shotgun/assault rifle from back of bike


Go to any multiplayer spot in San Andreas. Go get a motorbike. Then take any weapon cheat.

Note: Only player 2 can shoot from the bike.

After taking the weapon cheat, shoot away all player 2:s ammo for the uzi. Then choose the weapon you wish to fire with(pl2) & get on the bike both of you, pl1 driving & pl2 shooting. When youre on the bike and pl2 has for example a sawed-off shotgun selected, take the weapon cheat BUT this time another weapon cheat, so that the sawed-off shotgun changes to a combat shotgun or a regular one. Now you can shoot from the bike with it, and the guns are automatic!!!! For example, the combat shotgun becomes automatic, & you can shoot with it with an incredible fire rate. Repeat the cheat several times & go out on a motorway rampage shooting crazy taxi drivers!!!!! Guaranteed fun!

WARNING: If you fall from the bike, the glitch goes away


Get infinite handgun, shotgun, uzi & assault rifle ammo


This ones simple. All you need is a little ammo for every category. Then you just have to enter & immediately cancel the shooting range challenge in Ammu-Nation. Everytime it doubles your ammo!!

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I think that all glitches should be put in this topic saving people starting topics already heard of.

If you do the cheat with the jetpackgoing in the underworld and if u keep looking you can find are 51

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I got a good one to add enter fast motion cheat 2 times triangleuprightdownsquareL2L1 The cars will go really fast then go on the freeway and some cars will get stuck in each other then disapear

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i'm sorry guys i forgot to mention that i didn't jump out of the plane after 1 hour.

i fell asleep while i was waiting an hour watching the lotr.

i woke up about 6 hours later to a starving CJ.(it was his probably 3rd time starving.

i took control of cj and went to get something to eat.

after that i went to the gym and too my amazement it worked!!

i then drove to the basketball hoop over the garage in san fierro and that worked also.

a huge price to pay to get rid of a glitch!

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Heres a way of getting muscle but it will not solve the solution of the gym glitch also this is for cheaters only!


Max Muscle Cheat - triangleupupleftrightsquarecircleleft


also to make CJ fat just do the same code except down at the end instead of left


and to make CJ skinny a right at the end. smile.gif

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I have recieved an e-mail from Take-2 regarding the Basketball Glitch (in response to the e-mail I sent to them).


They have worked out a solution, but are kinda unsure if it will work or not. It is definately worth a try.





(1) Go to the nearest Safe House and save the game 6 times (thus


some days)

(2) Go to the nearest Fast Food Restaurant and eat as much as possible


get CJ quite fat

(3) Completely change CJ's appearance - clothes, haircut, and tattoos.



That is not the entire e-mail they sent to me. If you would like to read the whole e-mail I have posted as a new topic titled something like "basketball glitch: take-2's response".


Also, if yas are wondering why the solution looks like the same one for the gym solution, you are right i guess. Take-2 did state in the e-mail I recieved that the Basketball Glitch was very similar to the Gym Glitch.


Hope it works for yas.

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vice-andreas would u please try this for us and see if it works? thanks for sharing that with us and i can't seem to find ur thread 'basketball glitch take2 response' anywhere. maybe a link

Edited by rizzo5431
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I don't know if this counts as the pool glitch. the bartender has her hands up for me even if i go in with just the brass knukles on but so far i've still been able to play pool


as for the basketball glitch i've tried everything listed here and can't get them back and i've spent hours going from the courts next to the boxville lockup by the beach in playa del seville, and the courts near east los santos next to the train tracks, and the single hoops at sweets. also (in LV)the courts behind the V-rock hotel, the courts across from the club behind the camels toe as well as all the single hoops up by millies in prickle pine. are there any other courts (not single hoops) im missing because if so i'll start checking them too


and i've had the gym glitch many times where i can't work out for like a week, i just run,swim,bike for awhile to get the same effect (just slower) and after awhile this has allowed me to work out again

Edited by Sweets
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rizzo: I had deleted the glitched file and started a new game prior to recieving the solution. Currently am on the Riot missions and have done stacks of stuff and my game isn't glitched yet.


The cause of the glitch is saving in Madd Dogg's Mansion.


But at the moment, my new file is not glitched so I can't test out the solution. Thought I'd still share it though incase you guys wanted to try it. If only I had known I wouldn't have restarted - but oh well.. i've done like every single odd job and stuff, so my new file is cool but took like a week to get up to the end of the game again.


I had heard from someone on these forums and they said the cause was saving in Madd Dogg's Mansion. Knowing this prior to that point in the game, I noted myself not to save there. It has worked too. So I don't know if it is the cause or whether i'm just lucky my save file isn't glitched yet. Who knows.


But don't save in Madd Dogg's and it might help prevent this glitch. Otherwise try the Take-2's solution.



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I found the GYM glitch maybe solution:


1-Do the beach party,CJ phones home, High jump and vehicle of death cheats

(Up up Down down S O L1 R1 T down- T S O O S O O L1 L2 L2 R1 R2-


2-If u have 100% muscles find some way to lower it at least a little(not hungry this don't work)

3-when u have uncomplete the muscles bar do the Max muscle cheat(T UP UP LEFT RIGHT S O LEFT)

4-Go to a GYM(Santa maria beach recommended)

5-and tell me if you can use it



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The secret tattoo parlor: ok you need an action replay 2 v2 to do this cheat first put in the walk through walls cheat and the super jump cheat. go into the tattoo parlor next to the barbers that ryder takes you to. with the two cheats enabled jump in the air as soon as you get in the parlor. you will go through the roof and appear on top in a dark room. over the other side you will see another yellow marker.

Stay above the tattoo parler because there is a big drop around it. Now with the super jump, jump accross to the other marker hopefully you will land on top of the secret parlor. now care fully drop onto the yellow marker and you will enter. You can get the weed tattoo, the san andreas tattoo and some more.

NOTE: you cant leave you have to walk through the wall and die.

Difficulty: Medium



you know the cheats you mentioned like run through walls...are they th gameshark cheats or just cheat codes

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I saved my game at Madd Dogg's Crib... And got the gym-bug and basketball-bug. I managed to solve the gym-bug but not the basketball-bug. Is there any way except for the one mentioned as solution? Or do I have to start a new game?

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I also saved at Madd Dogg's and basketballs no longer appear. I tried all three suggestions and none worked. Will this effect me being able to earn 100% as well?

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I am kinda new to this forum, but not new to the GTA series... I kinda don't get how you guys post cheats here.. like for instance:


Walk through walls cheat: AR2 V2

D0700A42 0000FAFF

20123BCC 00000000

D0700A42 0000F5FF

20123BCC 0C0C8A14


Super jump cheat: AR2 V2

0088D83C 00000001


Walk through walls- Max







super jump- Max




how do these cheats work?? what do I press on the joystick, lol...

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@dj4star: It is unknown of any other solution, let alone if even the provided solutions are 100% workable.

Unfortunately I had to start a new game, but in the end it worked out to be better. Knowing not to save at Madd Dogg's has helped and am currently about 78% with no basketball glitch at all, or any for that matter. So you may wish to start a new game.

Keep the old one until you get to LV, that way you can muck around on the other file from time to time.


@switchblade: The basketball glitch will NOT affect reaching 100% progress. It is not needed for 100%, but if you're a perfectionist like me and want the BB feature to be usable at the end of the game, you may wish to try a solution or start new game. Tough decision, I know from experience.


Currently though I have reached the last few missions, all checkpoint races complete apart from the LS ones, 2 of 3 stadiums complete, all 8 trucking missions complete, all 7 Quarry missions, 32 or so Oysters, Triathlon complete, all Plane races complete, All Gold on Flight and Bike school, plus loads loads more.


So as you can see, the second time around is a little quicker, easier and comes to your advantage.

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@dj4star: It is unknown of any other solution, let alone if even the provided solutions are 100% workable.

Unfortunately I had to start a new game, but in the end it worked out to be better. Knowing not to save at Madd Dogg's has helped and am currently about 78% with no basketball glitch at all, or any for that matter. So you may wish to start a new game.

Keep the old one until you get to LV, that way you can muck around on the other file from time to time.


I started a new game yesterday... Deleted all saves and started from the beginning. It's a lot easier this time around, since I "know how to play"...


I won't even look at the floppydisk in Madd Dogg's Crib this time...

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So, had the 'Pool' glitch a few weeks ago. The way I solved that one was by gambling. Changing appearance had no effect at all. rolleyes.gif


Since I've saved at Mad Dogg's a few times, I've also got the basketball glitch. Well, the 'solution' suggested for that one by Take2 has absolutely no effect. angry.gif


Finally, I've now got the 'gym' glitch (I've completed all the main storyline weeks ago, and my game is at about 80% completion now). I've also not used any cheats EVER.

So far NONE of the suggested solutions have worked - I have tried all the memory card ones, tried saving 8x time in the same slot etc etc etc... suicidal.gif

I've also tried the starvation methods ONCE, but no banana.

I'm going to try this again, maybe it'll eventually work. I hope so anyway. bored.gif


I hope someone can filter out THE DEFINITE way to fix the gym glitch - all this trying around is getting boring, and seriously detracting from the gameplay.


As for Take2 doing a re-issue - fat fcuking chance!!

If they admit that these bugs exist, they'd open themselves up for all kinds of expensive liability, if you consider that they'd be forced to replace MILLIONS of sold SA copies.

Will NEVER happen!!!


What they WILL do however is to quietly release a bug-fixed version in about three month's time as a 'platinum' version or something. This is how it was with VC.

Downside, my friends, is that (like with VC), you WILL NOT BE ABLE to retain the saves from the original version of SA, meaning you'll HAVE TO START SA OVER with the 'fixed' version, as the fixed game will not make it possible to interpret the old-game saved settings (due to code/flag changes you see).


So, basically, we're all fcuked. die2.gif

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Firstly, i want to say: Really good post !!! colgate.gif Thanks.


Now, i'm going to explain a solution for the problem of the Gym.



"You have worked out enough for today, please come back tomorrow!"


Solution (that worked for me):


- Lose all fat (run, or be some days without eat)

- When you lose all fat, eat a little

- Now, be two days without eat (and you will begin to lose muscle)

- And then, we can go to the gym, and do exercise


Posible Cause:

I think that the cause of this problem, it's that we fat too much. When it happended to me, a popup window told me that i had fatted too much. Since then, i coudn't go to de gym. But finally I solutioned it.


I hope that it work for everybody

Edited by sutalu
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