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Basketball, Gym & Pool Bugs/Glitches


Recommended Posts

I had the gym glitch for a long time and today i gave cj a brand new set of clothes except for his shades, then i tried the gym just to see if it worked and it did!! but after i changed cjs hat back to its old hat i couldnt go anymore. pissing me off!!!

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B-BALL Glitch Cause:


The Real Cause found.....saving at madd doggs. thats what gave it to me and many other people. i have never saved there untill a few days ago and then i realised the ball is no where. and a lot of other people say the same. so never save here!!!. - SA

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Ok i went into the world through the back door of the tattoo parlor and explored it last night. Its quite funny what you find down there, i jet packed all the way in to the ocean at the top of las venturas and i found a yellow marker i went through it and it was a plane ticket machine so i baught it and it started to fly but there was nothing there and it was pitch black so i skipped the flight. after the flight i appeared out side off track betting in the country side. But the annoying thing was the cinematic view with the two black bits at the top and the bottom was stuck on the screen and i couldnt press start. To get rid of it i went to the bookies and played one of the games.


Its pretty weird down there blink.gif

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I think you're the first to get the basketballs back!!


I might try those races, I have obviously tried getting fat etc etc.


But I haven't thought to check the courts in SF as I am there trying to get all Golds in the driving school.


Could someone tell me the location of basketball court in SF or LV?



Actually, I only saw the basketball at Madd Dogg's crib...I looked at the outside courts in LS, and no ball.


So I started jeting around looking for other courts - are there any others? I found many hoops set up in people's driveways, but no ball there either.


Anyway, after a few hours of looking, I went back to the crib, and the basketball won't show up anymore - you would think with 100% and 120 million I could buy a damn ball?


I can still work out at least


Good luck, everyone ph34r.gif


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You can get the weed tattoo, the san andreas tattoo and some more.

NOTE: you cant leave you have to walk through the wall and die.

ok, just an idea here but... is it possible, if you take the jetpack up with you or whatever that you could escape with the weed tattoo? notify.giflol.gifrah.gif thatd be pretty tight... never knew about the secret tattoo parlor or a few of the other glitches u mentioned. many many props, youve shown me lots of new fun things to try! keep up da good work guys, laterz. rahkstar2.gif


EDIT: You said you reach the second rooftop by jumping... if this is the only way and the jetpack wont get you across, could you jump across and use the spawn jetpack cheat? just thought about this. c u guyz lata! tounge2.gif

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If you die you can still keep the tattoo it doesnt dissapear and you can spawn the jet pack to give you a softer landing at the bottom but you cant fly back over to the other tattoo parlor because its just like flying the jet pack in a building it does nothing. smile.gif

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Wow, I never knew about the swim in first person or the camera one, Tatoo parlour was new too. I wonder if the tatoo place was beta?

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I'm currently half way through the Venturas missions and haven't encounted the glitch yet thankfully, however i'm sure i'll end up getting it...

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well i got the gym glitch again. i was eating every day. and to the person who said that it might be that it happens when you dont keep your fat up. my fat was at a good 80-85% throught and i still got it. my muscle was at about 85-90%.

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Glitch appeared for the first time today.


128 hrs of game play.

488 days in game.

125 missions completed.(Credits shown)

86.63% completion.

Fat 50%

Stamina 100%

Muscle 25%


Tried martial arts gym in San Fierro, couldn't work out although I hadn't been to the gym since about 25% game completion.


The martial arts instructor told me he wouldn't train with me cos I was too fat.


Tried removal of all tattoos, new clothes and haircut. Still wouldn't work.


Solution:- Competed in 'Beat the cock' triathlon twice in a row and won both times. Returned to gym after second win and hey presto CJ could train again.


Don't know if this would work for anyone else, but thought I would share in case it does.



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hope it works for basketball, it aint worked since i completed all the missions!

me either...as soon as i got 100%, no more b-ball


now that i think back, seems like the glitch happened right after i saved at Mad Doggs mansion angry.gif

Edited by ropadope
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do you want to edit your first post as these are the walk through walls and superjump codes for Action Replay Max



Walk through walls-







super jump-



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okay. i had this gym glitch, and no solution worked. none at all. i was at madd dogg's mansion, and nothing was working. so, i figured, since they have odd glitches when you start a new game with an old game saved on your memory card, maybe something would happen starting a new game. i started a new game, with my old games still saved. i played the new game up till the point when i got the gym. i went and worked out. saved in a new slot. went back to my old game, and, bam sha do wop, i could work out again. how odd is that?

Edited by grim vader
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suicidal.gifsuicidal.gifsuicidal.gif PLEASE HELP!!!! I've got the gym glitch, and NOW I CAN'T FINISH THE GAME! Millie won't go out with CJ cos he's "not fit". This means that I can't get the keycard, and cannot finish the heist missions. ANYONE!?!?! Anyone have any solutions? Thanks.

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Dang the Mods in here are picky. My bad, I'm new here and only read (as in red) the first page. That's why I said the last post was made Nov. 15th. Are ya' happy now Mad??

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Another glitch that I've found is that the Euros car that is meant to spawn under the sphinx's head in the Camel's Toe in LV won't appear. I need the car for the import/export list. sad.gif Is this just me or has anyone else encountered this problem???

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yeah. it happened with me too. what you do is, don't buy the hotel suite in the sphinx head. did you do that? cause if you did, don't.

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yeah. it happened with me too. what you do is, don't buy the hotel suite in the sphinx head. did you do that? cause if you did, don't.

I bought it before I had to find the Euros.



Made a couple of return journeys, after I found out it spawned at the sphinx, until it appeared.


Buying the room shouldn't make a difference.



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Just wanted to let you all know I have fixed my gym glitch using the starvation method.


I got up to 100% fat and rode a bike to get it off faster than just standing there (plus it helps my cycle stat). My muscle was about 25% and that began to go down once the fat was gone. When muscle and fat went to 0, I stood and waited for him to get hungry (watched Fear Factor). Went back to the gym (health already started going down due to the hunger), but couldn't work out. got 2 of the $12 meals from the Burger Shop around the corner from the gym in Las Venturas, went back to the gym .. still couldn't workout. Saved my game and went back to the gym ... glitch gone!

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I suspect that the problem arises due to extended periods of not eating. Saving the game restores your health and somehows resets the countdown to getting the "you're getting hungry" message, but the fact remains that you haven't eaten in X amount of days. When you rock up to the gym, CJ is actually too weak to exercise, but the "error message" doesn't indicate that.


Why I believe this is because I tried eating a few meals each day for five or six game days and eventually I was able to work out again. I tried the save slot and changing clothes tricks, but they didn't work. I persisted with daily eating and that solved the problem.

I Agree!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have the gym glitch since one month. I had tried all solutions posted here, except for those concerning a second memory card, and no one worked for me.


After an email from take 2, telling me that CJ must eat regulary, I tried to eat twice a day, and after 5 game days doing this, I was able to work out again.


The question now is, how often you must eat to stay away from this glitch ?

Once each two days would be enougth? Because eating twice a day makes the game no enjoyable.





The glitch is back. I was eating twice a day to prevent it, but I can't work out anymore.




Edited by cercata
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B-BALL Glitch Cause:


The Real Cause found.....saving at madd doggs. thats what gave it to me and many other people. i have never saved there untill a few days ago and then i realised the ball is no where. and a lot of other people say the same. so never save here!!!.

- SA

Thankyou so, so much. I have started a new game file after I discovered my older one which I had completed 75% and finished all storyline missions plus more, it had the B-Ball glitch, and it wasn't until towards the end of the game when I had it, so I was wondering what could have caused it, and is exactly why this second time around (being in LV already) I keep checking for b-balls all the time not knowing if I have done something to cause it again.


Not yet have I caused the glitch again with this second time around, but if I hadn't read what you said - not to save in Madd Dogg's mansion I would have simply glitched my second time around file again! You have saved alot for me. Thanks.


It's been like half a week and I am up to Saint Mark's Bistro mission, so I'll also save that to a seperate file so I can replay that mission over and over again.


So people with the Basketball glitch, probarbly the best and guaranteed way to get rid of the glitch is to just start again! Take the card out, reset for a non-glitched startup, do the first mission, insert card and save. Prepare to go to hell and back all again. But it's so so much easier the second time around.

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Self Portrait: Get a camera and start running full speed, whilst running hold R1 to aim. when the camera aims you will see your self and you can pivot around on one foot with the left analogue stick. If this doesnt work try tapping r1 realy fast and press l1 whilst your doing it. It may take a few tries.

Or you could do it the easy way:

Recruit a gangmember, stand next to him, take out the camera, a message appears "L1 for selfportrait" or something like that.

Then the gangmember can take a photo of you.


I know it´s not a glitch but it´s way easier...

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Good work, GTAGOD. Worthy of a pin in my book.


Keep it updated and perhaps spruce things up with some tables and a bit of colour to improve things further. Niceone.



The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Loads and loads of territories save before you do this and DONT save after. get a plane and fly into any corner of the map for about 30 mins (long time) and jump out of the plane without opening the parachute and intentionally drown. when you appear at the hospital there will be lots of territories and there is only one wave for each.


you really should thoroughly read the topic before posting things that you obviously only know little about


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