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Real Car Names

Recommended Posts


I've always thought the Tampa is a 1968 Ford Mustang:


user posted image

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Help has arrived. We're saved--the Gyrines have landed!


I just made new screenshots for the Tampa with my new graphics card

and took another look at it. I think I'd be the most embarrassed here to

say what I had for it before.


I think I'll go with Gman8 (again), reaffirming nekkidhillbilly's list on p.1,

about the styling of the Chevrolet Corvair.

I mainly had use for GTA_Loco's Ford Mustang for a comparison with the

grill. Here's what I have so far:


Tampa 1965-1969 Chevrolet Corvair body styling that's been made longer and

flatter--the size of the body below the cab roof seems more like a 1965 Chevro-

let Chevelle Malibu.


It's also been given a flatter front end with a six-sided grill. The grill

looks like the inside edges of the Corvair headlight plates have been reversed

for the outside edges of the Tampa grill, and it's a little smaller than the

grill of a 1965-1966 Ford Mustang. It might be a clue to a longer, flatter car

the Corvair is a blend with, and it just be there to throw people off when they

try to guess the real car comparison for it--I haven't seen a match for it yet.

A 1965 Chevrolet Corvair, a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, and a 1965 Ford

Mustang are shown at the links below.











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This topic is really interestingly useful. San Andreas fans would surely like to know the real counterparts of their favorite cars in the game. As more people are still playing San Andreas and with more still expected to patronize this, surely they will have to consult this listing for informations on the vehicles they'd like to know about.


The format though in which the listing is done, with all those links and jumble of pics and links are quite confusing.

Others I think are even unable to connect to the links provided. Maybe a little more presentable way can be done on this?

Like pictures of in-game vehicles placed side by side with their real life counterpart?


Would you think it would be better if Post 1 of Page 1 should look something like this?:


user posted image



Car descriptions here like year, model, etc (courtesy of GTA Warehouse.com)

plus maybe some nice background info on the car


In the event additions, revisions, deletions,etc is needed, it can then only be done on page 1, so that page would always be the official reference of people consulting this listing. Just a suggestion though, but this listing deserves a better layout so people can enjoy browsing a neat looking guide on all the in-game vehicles and their real life models. Hopefully too a pinnage later on? rolleyes.gif Good work guys! icon14.gif



Oh, here's something I found, a possible real life vortex:


user posted image

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^I'll go along with that--I've found a lot of the real car names here. I don't know what to do about the presentation, though. I have a batch in alphabetical order in my walk-through, but I wouldn't dare Copy and Paste the whole huge thing to a message for a message board. I don't think the links alone--for all the front, back, and side shots of vehicles, and combos of vehicles--would fit on the 1st page, let alone all the pictures.


Some more Vortex pictures:


Vortex A hovercraft souped up for racing










Edited by glenster

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If you want a complete list of every vehicle in all of the Grand Theft Auto games, then I suggest that you visit http://en.wikipedia.org and search for "List of Vehicles in Grand Theft Auto Series" exactly like this. There will be a complete list of every car from every game from the original Grand Theft Auto up to GTA: San Andreas.


I hope this helps!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Update on the trolley (thanks to imut_knight):


San Fierro trolley California Street line San Francisco cable car. A cable

car is pulled by a cable in a conduit underneath a slot between the rails. San

Francisco has the only permanently operational manually-operated cable car sys-






I used the Camera on a two car San Fierro trolley that wasn't moving and read

the triangular sign that's inside it--it says "Powell & Mason Sts."



Thanks to imut_knight at GTA Forums for telling me it's a reference to real

life and is referred to on this toy trolley:



According to the next link, the Powell and Mason Streets line is one of the

oldest cable car lines still operating in San Francisco:



Normally, nothing stops the San Fierro trolley, so some people at the "San An-

dreas" message boards have dubbed it "the trolley of doom." At one link given

below, a screenshot shows a car stuck sideways in the back car of a two car

trolley. A better example of that is near the end of the "San Andreas" stunt

video by Gotups and Buzzsaw called "Synergy": they somehow got a Packer stuck

sideways in there to wreak havok down the street.







Edited by glenster

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Personaly, I think the Merit looks slightly like a 1992/1996 Mitsubishi Diamante and a Hyundai XG350:



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image

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If anything, there is a slight resemblence between the two and the Merit. I think that an El Dorado being an Esperanto is right, though. It looks almost exactly like it.

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To me, I'd say it mostly looks like the Mitsubishi Diamante, except the front and rear and maybe even the lower part of the doors. But, it is true however, R* cannot design a car exactly on what its put out to be.

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Re: Glenster's interpretation of the Blade, I offer some slight corrections.


The front end of the Blade is most definately that of a '68 Impala.


user posted image


user posted image


And the rear is close to the '64 Bel Air/Biscayne.


user posted image


user posted image



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Though the Blade does look like both of those cars, it mostly just looks like the Impala.


user posted image

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Blade: for the back end, I went for the '63 Biscayne over the '64 because the '64 has the brake lights

in a rectangle but the '63 has the brake lights in the shape seen on the Blade.



I like the Impala for the front basically. A couple of things had me look elsewhere to find matches:

It has two pairs of headlights instead of the two trios the Blade has. The closest I found so far for the headlights

are the ones on the '67 Oldsmobile Cutlass--each pair has a space where a third could fit in the middle.



The front bumper of the Impala doesn't have the two long vertical parts I found on the '66 Chevrolet Caprice.



I put the matches I found for the Oceanic, and it's VC Bloodring Banger companion, the Glendale, on p.14.

Notice how the front of the '61 Dodge Dart is used for the Oceanic and the rest of it is used for the Glendale.

The rest for both are mid-'50's Chevy Bel Airs; for example, the coloring

on the side of the Oceanic is a reversal of the coloring on the side of a '56 Chevy Bel Air. I haven't found a good

match for the cab of the Oceanic, though.


The side windows of the '92-'94 Diamante are similar to those on the Merit.

Edited by glenster

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The Merit is an Infiniti M45/Q35 combination. No way is it a Mitsu or a Hyundai.

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There are some similar cab shapes in the suggestions for a match for the

Merit. Now that I have new graphics card, I'm going to take another

look at Gman8's choice: the Mazda 929. I still think that's right, but I've revised the description a little.


Merit 1990-1998 Mazda 929 (Mark 4, aka the Efini MS-9)

The 1992 and 1993 (a year after the time of the game, but the style is the

same) models are shown at the links below.




The headlights, grill, and brake lights are more like the boxier ones on the

1986-1992 Mazda 929 (Mark 3). (The years of the Mark 3 and 4 overlap). The

Merit has a few variations of those--for example, the inner edges of the brake

lights are slanted parallel to the slant of the light divider in the middle of

them. And the outside edges of the parking lights are slanted a little differ-


A 1987 and 1990 model are shown at the links below.




Thanks to Gman8 at GTA Forums for the Mazda 929 tip










Club 1983-1991 Volkwagen Golf (except with the larger of the two pairs of

headlights being the inside pair)

Thanks to FORDSUCK for the Volkswagen Golf tip.









Baggage 1985 Equitech M40 baggage tractor is close. (As with the same vehi-

cle of "Vice City," an Equitech for another year is probably the match, but I

couldn't find it. Some models by other companies are nearly matches, too.)












Uranus 1990-1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, and Plymouth Laser

Thanks to the list by nekkidhillbilly at GTA Forums






The depiction of an airplane over the entrance to Easter Bay Airport looks a

bit like a U.K. WWII bomber--the Avro Manchester, predecessor to the Avro Lan-

caster. (Thanks to thedude777 for pointing out the three blade type of propel-









Tahoma Now that I have better screen shots with my new graphics card, I'm

working on this one again. It has some features of a 1981-1982 Chevrolet Monte

Carlo, but it would need to be made into a four-door (like a 1990 Chevrolet

Caprice, just for example), given a third small pair of back side windows--"op-

era windows"--shaped something like the back side windows of the Monte Carlo,

and have the back of the trunk smoothed off.

This may end up being another hybrid blend unless something better comes


(Just a related note: Hotring Racer B is mostly a 1986 Monte Carlo Aero Coupe


Two 1981 Monte Carlos, a 1982 model, and a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice are shown at

the 1st four links below.














F.B.I. Rancher 1992 Chevrolet Suburban but with a flatter front end like a

model from the decade or so before

Three 1992 models and a 1989 model are shown at the 1st four links below.













Edited by glenster

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Voodoo 1960 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe low-rider The 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne

Fleetmaster, Biscayne, and Bel Air models had two brake lights per side--the Im-

pala had three per side. The Biscayne Fleetmaster was the least expensive, with

some parts painted instead of being chrome-plated. The regular Biscayne had

less "brightwork," as the Wikipedia site describes it, than the Bel Air.


Some of the small number of Biscaynes and Bel Airs I found with the Google

search engine have been fixed up and painted, and I can't be sure which, if any,

of the Biscaynes I saw are Biscayne Fleetmasters.


The Voodoo has a chrome plate across the back that the brake lights are set

in. The Bel Air had that chrome plate or a chrome ring around the same area.

Unless all the Biscaynes I saw were Fleetmasters, it looks like the Biscayne

didn't have the chrome plate or ring.


The Voodoo doesn't have chrome-plating on the edges of the tail fins. All the

Biscaynes I found had that chrome plating on them, so the lack of it could be a

detail of a Biscayne Fleetmaster or just a detail that was left off.


The chrome stripe on each side of the Voodoo looks wider than the one on the

Bel Air and I didn't see one on a Biscayne, so it either suggests the Bel Air or

a customization.


The "Vice City" Voodoo is similar.










Thanks to reader Timo Hakala for writing to me that Rockstar designed it so

you can blow it up by shooting the license plate in the back because the gas cap

is behind the license plate on an Impala. (So I guess it's the same for a Bis-

cayne or Bel Air.)






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mr. Norge

it is almoust my job as a sh*t kicker to put in some info on these whiecles here.. hope it can help you!


the tractor i think is a


BUCH 402 1963

or a


or a


or a


what do you think?


i think the harvester is just some fantasy build weichle.. i'd never seen one like it before.. (but still it's fun to run over dead peapole with it)



i'we got photos of the volvo and ferguson and the buch but i dont know how to put them in.... sorry.



Edited by mr. Norge

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buffalo=mitsubishi starion

the back is identical to a late wide body version but with a redisigned front end


starion= buffalo



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Gaja 90

I think you guyz forgot the bikes :

Freeway - Harley Davidson

FCR-900 - Honda CBR 918 '92

NRG 500 - Moto GP bike from the 90's

PCJ 600 - unknown

Sanchez - Yamaha 250

Fagio - Piagio


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buffalo=mitsubishi starion

the back is identical to a late wide body version but with a redisigned front end


starion= buffalo


No, the Buffalo was confirmed to be a 1990-1992 Camaro with the tail lights of an early 90's(I think) Mustang in the back end.

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cool, thanks for posting

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so both the voodoo and the savana are based off of Impalas...tiiight

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I haven't looked at this in a while.


NRG-500, Remington, Wayfarer, HPV1000--p.15

Tractor, FCR-900, BF-400, Freeway, PCJ-600--p.16

Buffalo, Combine Harvester--p.17

Sanchez, Voodoo (Bel Air, not Impala--compare the brake lights)--p.18 (near the



Faggio 1984-1986 Piaggio Vespa PX 200









The Mitsubishi Starion could be used for parts of the Buffalo in combination

with other cars. The basic shape is right, and the brake lights area is good. breadfish_by_Moto.gifcookie.gif

The part that nobody's come up with a good single match for is the front end of

the Buffalo.


I still don't have anything better than basic matches for the Dozer (the fence

in front of the cab is unique, and the back end should match), Sweeper, or some

of the boats.


Most of the findings I joined a lot of people biggrin.gif in coming up with can now be

found at this site with links that open in seperate windows, which is good for

comparing pictures:



Click "Glenster's Glimpse...." and "Edit," "Find," then type in "I.8.a" and

click "Find Next" four times. First are flying vehicles, then water vehicles,

then (most of the) hybrid land vehicles, then land vehicles.

Edited by glenster

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Reading thru this it is quite interesting.

If anyone has any questions as to what the cars are based on just ask me, as I know what 95% of them are based on.Would have an answer to you within 24 hours easy.

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mr. Norge

i looked up some more abot the harvester.. it seems like it is an john deere. i dont know any more abot it then. hope it is usefull.


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The Boxville is the same vehicle as the postman's truck in 'King of Queens'.



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mr. Norge

the tractor i think is a Ferguson, but at the time the tracktor in GTA SA is from they all was looking the same. but rahkstar2.gif did a HUGE mistake on the tracktor, if you look at the front wheels, it shuld not be that "V-pattern" as it is only used on 4-WD Tractors. at the time the tracktor on sa is from, no one ever know what a 4-WD was, they had only hesrd about 2-WD.

ask me, and I'll put in a photo to show what i men if you didn't understand what i mean with the "V-pattern"... just ask if you want to.

tracktors is my biggest interest, besides GTA SA. so i should know something about it.


if someone here want to ask about the farm whiechles, I'm the person to ask. i'll will always try to answer.



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the Infernus= Honda NSX

acura is only the american version.

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E-ONE firetruck

Here a couple more I have spotted:

Firetruck Pumper - Seagrave 1991 Pumper

Stratum - Nissan Stagea 1996 (I used to have one of these when I was living in Japan and they look very similar)

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