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The Big 50 - A Huge Milestone


Recommended Posts

At the point of writing, the current statistics for the board are:



We have 49,993 registered members


We'll have another 10 in no time. 50,000 is a number that not many forums achieve in their lifespans, and I am very glad we were able to pull it off.


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to GTA3Forums.com and GTAForums.com since 2001, and hopefully we still have many great times to come.

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Still 49,993 at the time of this post.


But it is indeed a huge achievement to get so many people tied into one subject and bound together as a community.


Congrats to every single member, and especsially congrats to all the mods, admin, staff, and old timers for keeping this board alive.



IIRC, there was a top 100 largest forums list maybe a year ago. Anyone have a link to that now?

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We have 49,997 registered members

The newest member is preludepassion




3 more to go





We have 50,002 registered members

The newest member is xxx///


We done it I missed 50,000 though sad.gif But anyways wow over 50,000 wow.gif

Edited by Vengence
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Damn...50 thousand members.........I mean 50 thousand registered. Thats a great thing.....This gotta be the best Gta board online...I know this is my favorite all around board out of about 6 others i go to......The comminity is so big here the other forums that have nothin to do with gta are still huge.....great job go's out to the GTAforums staff...old and new.
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Things keep getting celebrated around these forums yet I havent seen 1 drop of alcohol! and I dont care if most of the members are underage! haha

A great achievement for the forums and staff and all the members in the community biggrin.gif

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Shortly after I first joined, I remember a thread about how many people would eventually register here. I predicted 75,000... and people laughed at me. If there is another GTA in two years , I have a feeling 75k could easily be surpassed. Afterall, it was around 23k when I joined just two years ago.

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Wow. 50,000 is really a really massive achievement. It's just amazing to have seen this forum grow from such a tiny community to such a big one.


Congrats GTAF. biggrin.gif

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We have 50,002 registered members

The newest member is xxx///

This guy was member ID 55395, meaning number 55393 is the 50,000th member, according to board stats.


That member is D-blood-Ice.

When you delete a persons account thier ID number remains, so it seems. That explains why there is a hole in the member ID field for 50000. Did the staff ever decide whether members were allowed to ask that any old accounts they had made but did not use could be deleted? I asked about it here but didn't get a specific response.


IMHO, I think Dilbert summed up this situation best:

Just because we use a base ten counting system and have reached a big round number, there is no reason to celebrate!
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