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Welcome to the Vice City Multi-guide


Rather than pinning each guide separately, we decided to merge them. A lot easier, and it doesn't clutter up the forum. If you would like to submit your own guide, post it in a new topic, and PMSpuds725 for review. Thank you.


Note-- the guides posted in this threads are created by OUR members meaning you should not copy and paste other peoples work from other websites or whatnot. I'm not saying you can't refer to other sources for information but if you do, you should give credit to the source(s) in your post. If you have any questions about this PM Spuds725 (The VC area moderator)


Guide Contents



# Guide Author Link to Post
1 Secret Car List alex0989 Click Here
2 Ghost World Ice_Cobra Click Here
3 Health Levels adamcs Click Here
4 Missing Hidden Packages Opius Click Here
5 Paramedic Missions Icarus. Click Here
6 Sea Skimmer Joey.Leone Click Here
7 Fire Missions Diablo SV Click Here
8 Rhino Gliding azazel. Click Here
9 Distribution Diablo SV Click Here
10 Gav's Stunt Guide gav1100 Thread Here
11 macsux's Stunt Guide macsux Click Here
12 Walkthroughs adamcs Click Here
13 Hidden Packages Guide saintdave Click Here
14 How to Make Easy Money Justin Click Here
15 Real Estate Guide Vengence & Warlord Click Here
16 Rampages Warlord Click Here
17 Rampages Pics chenjx1983 Click Here
18 Unique Stunts Long Haired Freaky Guy Click Here
19 Radio Station Programing maverick01 Click Here
20 Sunshine Autos Guide Franswurst Click Here
21 Weapons Guide saintdave Click Here
22 SSA Car and Weapons Location Guide Demarest Click Here
23 Mass Killing Guide Spuds725 Click Here
24 Soveneirs From Vice City Konstantinos Click Here
25 100% Checklist Chunky Lee Chong Click Here
26 Unique Jump Coronas Justin Click Here
27 VC Superjump Guide Spuds725 Thread Here
28 Stuck at 99% Guide Spuds725 Click Here
29 Criminal Rating, Media Attention, Flight Ranking Spuds725 Click Here
30 "I'm Stuck! How Do I Get To The Final Missions?" Justin Click Here
31 "Never Wanted" in Vice City GTA_Loco Click Here
32 Store Robbing Guide saintdave Click Here
33 Exploring Interiors and Ghostworlds ViceCityMamba80 Thread Here
34 Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City glenster Overview + External Link Here
35 Videos of Every VC Mission will99 Click Here
36 VC Mission Help Guide saintdave Click Here
37 Rifle Range Tips & Info Trick_GSF Click Here
38 RC Missions Guide Isonis Click Here
39 Forced Weapons Change on Missions Guide Steve Crook Click Here
40 Retrieve the Hunter w/out Dying flicko Click Here
41 Demoltion Man How-to Steve Crook Click Here
laezyThread here[/tr]43Help with The DriverflickoClick Here44Mission/Task Percentage GuidespaceeinsteinThread Here








Secret Car List


There's been alot of talk about secret cars but there is no specific thread for them. Here are the ones that are known so far:


Completely Unique Cars*


Romero's Hearse: This car is availble during Avery's mission, "Two Bit Hit" Shoot the hearse until the driver flees, making sure not to blow up the hearse. Jack the hearse and take it to a garage to save it.


Love Fist: This special limo is available during most of the Love Fist missions. Simply beat the mission and go save your brand new limo.


Zebra Cab : Although im not sure , some people havent been able to get it after completing the Kaufman Cab Asset, so steal it while fighting the boss in the mission Cabmageddon.


*These are the only 2 completely unique cars.


Cars With Special Abilities


BP/EP/FP/DP/Spike and Tank Proof Admiral:

This car is available during the Colonel's mission "Guardian Angels" When Diaz arrives in this car you need to shot him in the head so his dead body rolls out of the car leaving the locked door open. Jack the car and go save it at a garage. All credit goes to Blue Zircon


BP/EP/Fp Sabre Turbo

Available during the Malibu mission "The Driver" Store a Rhino in a nearby garage and when the race starts go directly to that garage. Wait for Hilary near the end of the race and hit him so his car blows up. Then push it back to a garage to save. Alternative Strategy: Finish the race side by side with Hilary and he will vanish. Go knock the door off his car, get in, and go save. All credit goes to Blue Zircon


"Super" Angel

Available during the mission "Alloy Wheels of Steel" mission for Mitch Baker. The bikers you race against all drive Angels that have perfect handling and enhanced speed. Each of the bikes can be repaired at a pay n spray but cannot be saved. Any bike that is saved in a garage and reloaded will lose its special abilities. To obtain, simply start the mission, go up to one of the other bikes and jack it. The race will start when you do this.



Cars With Locked Doors



To get the Comet with the locked doors simply start the second assassination mission, "Waste The Wife" and then shoot the Comet. The wife will run in fear leaving the door open. If you try to save this vehicle the doors will become unlocked. Credit goes to KRUTON 9000



In the last mission for Umberto, "Trojan Voodoo" you can get a locked Voodoo. When you and the other 2 cars pull up to the lot simply walk over to the other car and shoot the guy in the head causing him to fall out. Once again if you try to save this car the doors will become unlocked. Credit goes to old_man


Cars With Special Colors


Pitch-Black Admiral:

This car is available during the fourth assassination mission, "Check Out At The Check-In" Once you kill the one guy you will be chased by 3 pitch-black admirals. Park your car up against a wall, get out and get on top of your car. The other 3 cars will ram into the wall which is when you can snipe the guy in the head so he falls out of the vehicle so you can steal it. Credit goes to KRUTON 9000


Black Sanchez:

In the Dirt bike mission, "Trial By Dirt" you are chased by 3 other black Sanchezes if you completed the checkpoint 3 times-- on the 4th time 3 gang members will spawn on black sanchezes and chase after you. Simply shoot one of the guys off and the bike is yours. Credit goes to scmikes


White PCJ 600:

In the assassination mission, "Autocide" there is a pure white PCJ 600 that one of the targets is riding. Credit goes to razorke


Cream-Colored Stretch:

This limo is available during the film studio mission, "Martha's Mug Shot" When the mission starts run over to Candy's limo and shoot the driver in the head and get inside the limo. Run Candy over to fail the mission and then go save your new car. Credit goes to DragoniteBallZ


Black Voodoo:

This car is available during Avery's mission, "Two Bit Hit" When you approach the Haitian Drug Lord you will spot a black Voodoo. Run up to it, jack it, and go save. Credit goes to DragoniteBallZ


Red/Black Bobcat:

This car is available during the mission, "Autocide" This car is a little more harder then the others cuz you do not have a chance to shoot the guy in the head and he will not flee. You can get the advantage by sniping his tires before you get to close. Once you get closer he will run and you will need to pin his vehicle so you can rip him out. Obviously easier said then done. Credit goes to Dark Literature


Black Pony:

This car is available during the last assassination mission, "Loose Ends" It is parked right in front of the gates. Jack it and then go save your new ride. Credit goes to Coognut


Black Sentinel:

There is a black Senitnel in the "Hit The Courier" mission. Just shoot the woman carrying the prints, complete the mission with that car, then take it to one of your garages.


Lightless Taxi:

Yes the lightless Taxi from GTA3 is back again in Vice City. How this works is, when several Taxis are on screen, sometimes the game doesn't load the light on the top of it thus making it look like a Sentinel. These can be seen

sometimes when patrolling around the Kaufman Cabs area more than others. This

will be the hardest car to find since it is just a glitch.(I'm not sure where else to look for this one, could someone tell me a place where I can most likely find it?)


Oh and for those who want the Coast Guard :

Right to get to it go from the most southernly bridge on the second island. Follow the coast southwards until you see a wooden jetty come out from the coast. If you look down from it you will see the coastguard in the water. All you have to do is jump into it but becareful not to miss!


Disapproved Cars

The cars all involved in the Vice City Racer are not BP/EP/FP/DP


The Sanchezes in the mission "Cap The Collectors" do not have anything special about them. They are not as fast as they seem when you are chasing them because the computer AI makes them go fast, even tho the bikes are just regular bikes.


Post more info people ! Suggest if you are in the beggining of the game you start looking out for these, dont miss them.





Original Secret Car List Topic

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How to enter The Ghost World:

First, you must get a Caddy either from Leaf Links or in the bushes near the lighthouse. Once you have one, drive to the front doors of the Malibu.

Slowly drive the Caddy through the doors of the malibu, and the Malibu wont load up as usual. Once in the doors, drive through the back wall of the "Black Room". (the black room is the small black area just on the other side of the doors of most indoor locations.)

Once this is done, go to the front door. The Malibu's interior should load now. When it is finished loading, the Caddy will be inside the Malibu. Get in it and slowly ease your way out of the door. (This may take a while so press x, then brake, then gas again over and over and you should get out the door)

Once out the door, everything will seem normal at first, but when you turn the corner, you will see that there are no buildings, cars, grass, pedestrians, etc. You are now in "The Ghost World" the hidden packages, rampages and so on will still be there, but scince there are no buildings they are very easy to spot.

To exit "The Ghost World" simply go to a loading area like the malibu or when you go to the other main island.


Edit 5/23/05 by Spuds

Submitted by Cookinater


another way to get into the ghost world is to download the ultimate trainer (lithjoe) and use the jetpack to go right through the door of hotel harrison (be inside then use the jetpack to drive outside) u should be in a strange place where you can bulding are invidible and i dont think the peds loas alothugh you can see policemen from miles around its fun i betet a few missions like this took a while anyways its pretty simple, just thought i should mention this its untested but probally works in any building where you accually let the game load up another room (not like ammunation) hope this helps and if im wrong please correct me smile.gif


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I have measured how many gunshots are required to kill each character (though I understand it varies in some cases, i.e Lance). One or two of these may be slightly inaccurate. Quite Interesting though...




Character Colt Python Chromed Shotgun Spaz Shotgun Ruger Rocket Launcher Sniper Rifle PSG-1
Ricardo Diaz 5 10 7 20 3 6 6
Lance Vance 3 5 4 10 2 3 3
Colonel Cortéz 3 2 2 10 GLITCH 3 3
Phil Cassidy 1 1 1 2 1 1 1
Hilary King 1 1 1 3 1 1 1
Cam Jones 1 1 1 3 1 1 1
Sonny Forelli 5 10 7 20 3 6 6

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Okay, many people on the forums are talking about disappearing hidden packages, unique jumps not registering, and other random stuff that gets screwed up.

If ANYTHING goes wrong with your Vice game related to bugs, save, then start a new game. Once you can get to a pause menu, load your saved game without resetting the PS2. I did not find this out, to my knowledge, Illspirit did, but he never pinned it. So, if your Vice is glitchy, try this. If its still glitchy afterwards... I don't know. Start a new game, if it bothers you that badly.

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Chunky Lee Chong

Good afternoon!


Hello. Have you ever tried to get to 100% but have no clue what you need to do? Or do you know what to do, have done it, and are stuck at 99% and lower? Well the solution is simple.


Try C.L.Chong's 100% GTA:Vice City[ Tic Sheet™!


The second you see this piece of paper you will immediately want to print it out and put it to use.


So what are you waiting for? Click and Print NOW!


And all of this can be yours for the low price of nothing!





C.L.Chong’s 100% Tic Sheet™Ken Rosenburg[_] The Party[_] Back Alley Brawl[_] Jury Fury[_] RiotJuan Garcia Cortez [_] Treacherous Swine[_] Mall Shootout[_] Guardian Angels[_] Sir, Yes Sir![_] All Hands On DeckRicardo Diaz [_] The Chase[_] Phnom Penh '86[_] The Fastest Boat[_] Supply & DemandTommi Vercetti[_] Death Row[_] Rub Out[_] Shakedown[_] Bar Brawl[_] CoplandFinal Missions[_] Cap The Collector[_] Keep Your Friends CloseAvery Carrington [_] Four Iron[_] Demolition Man[_] Two Bit HitLove Fist [_] Love Juice[_] Psycho Killer[_] Publicity TourBig Mitch Baker[_] Alloy Wheels Of Steel[_] Messing With The Man[_] Hog TiedAssassination Contracts[_] Road Kill[_] Waste the Wife[_] Autocide[_] Check Out at the Check In[_] Loose EndsSteve Scott[_] Recruitment Drive[_] Dildo Dodo[_] Martha’s Mug Shot[_] G-SpotlightUmberto Robina [_] Stunt Boat Challenge[_] Cannon Fodder[_] Naval Engagement[_] Trojan VoodooAuntie Poulet [_] Juju Scramble[_] Bombs Away[_] Dirty Lickin'sBoatyard[_] Checkpoint Charlie Kaufman Cab[_] VIP[_] Friendly Rivalry[_] CabmaggedonThe Malibu[_] No Escape?[_] The Shootist[_] The Driver[_] The JobPhil Cassidy[_] Gun Runner[_] Boomshine SaigonPrint Works[_] Spilling the Beans[_] Hit the Courier R3 Missions[_] Taxi Driver 100 Fares[_] Paramedic Level 12[_] Pizza Boy Level 10[_] Firefighter Level 12[_] Vigilante Level 12Sunshine Autos[_] Terminal Velocity[_] Ocean Drive[_] Border Run[_] Capital Cruise[_] Tour![_] V.C. Endurance[_] Garage 1[_] Garage 2[_] Garage 3[_] Garage 4Other[_] Cone Crazy[_] PCJ Playground[_] Test Track[_] Trial By Dirt[_] Shooting Range[_] Spend $300 at the Pole PositionChopper Checkpoints [_] Ocean Beach[_] Little Haiti[_] Vice Point[_] DowntownTop Fun Vans[_] RC Bandit Race[_] RC Baron Race[_] RC Raider PickupHyman Memorial Stadium[_] HOTring[_] DIRTring[_] BLOODringCherry Popper Ice Cream Factory[_] DistributionProperties[_] The Malibu Club[_] Print Works[_] Kaufman Cabs[_] Boatyard[_] Ice Cream Factory[_] Film Studio[_] Sunshine Autos[_] Pole Position[_] Ocean Heights[_] Links View Apartments[_] 1102 Washington Street[_] 3321 Vice Point[_] Skumole Shack[_] El Swanko Casa[_] Hyman CondoRampages[_] 1  [_] 2  [_] 3  [_] 4  [_] 5[_] 6  [_] 7  [_] 8  [_] 9  [_] 10[_] 11  [_] 12  [_] 13  [_] 14  [_] 15[_] 16  [_] 17  [_] 18  [_] 19  [_] 20[_] 21  [_] 22  [_] 23  [_] 24  [_] 25[_] 26  [_] 27  [_] 28  [_] 29  [_] 30[_] 31  [_] 32  [_] 33  [_] 34  [_] 35Unique Jumps[_] 1  [_] 2  [_] 3  [_] 4  [_] 5[_] 6  [_] 7  [_] 8  [_] 9  [_] 10[_] 11  [_] 12  [_] 13  [_] 14  [_] 15[_] 16  [_] 17  [_] 18  [_] 19  [_] 20[_] 21  [_] 22  [_] 23  [_] 24  [_] 25[_] 26  [_] 27  [_] 28  [_] 29  [_] 30[_] 31  [_] 32  [_] 33  [_] 34  [_] 35[_] 36Hidden Packages[_] 1  [_] 2  [_] 3  [_] 4  [_] 5[_] 6  [_] 7  [_] 8  [_] 9  [_] 10[_] 11  [_] 12  [_] 13  [_] 14  [_] 15[_] 16  [_] 17  [_] 18  [_] 19  [_] 20[_] 21  [_] 22  [_] 23  [_] 24  [_] 25[_] 26  [_] 27  [_] 28  [_] 29  [_] 30[_] 31  [_] 32  [_] 33  [_] 34  [_] 35[_] 36  [_] 37  [_] 38  [_] 39  [_] 40[_] 41  [_] 42  [_] 43  [_] 44  [_] 45[_] 46  [_] 47  [_] 48  [_] 49  [_] 50[_] 51  [_] 52  [_] 53  [_] 54  [_] 55[_] 56  [_] 57  [_] 58  [_] 59  [_] 60[_] 61  [_] 62  [_] 63  [_] 64  [_] 65[_] 66  [_] 67  [_] 68  [_] 69  [_] 70[_] 71  [_] 72  [_] 73  [_] 74  [_] 75[_] 76  [_] 77  [_] 78  [_] 79  [_] 80[_] 81  [_] 82  [_] 83  [_] 84  [_] 85[_] 86  [_] 87  [_] 88  [_] 89  [_] 90[_] 91  [_] 92  [_] 93  [_] 94  [_] 95[_] 96  [_] 97  [_] 98  [_] 99  [_] 100Stores to Rob[_] Corner Store – Vice Point[_] Dispensary – Vice Point[_] Jewelry Store – Vice Point[_] Gash – North Point Mall[_] Music Store – North Point Mall[_] Jewelry Store – North Point Mall[_] Tooled Up – North Point Mall[_] Bunch of Tools – Washington Beach[_] Ryton Aide Pharmacy – Little Haiti[_] Pharmacy – Downtown[_] Jewelry Store – Downtown[_] Deli – Little Havana[_] Doughnut Store – Little Havana[_] Laundromat – Little Havana[_] Screw This – Little Havana



It's is extremely important that you don't delete all the spaces.

Now, take all of that, and open up Word.


Font: Tahoma.

Size: Eight.

Columns: Three.



PS: Don't Forget To Print

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You did baaaad. Good bye, and thanks for the spam!


Banned. - spookie


The password to this account is...

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Vice City Paramedic Missions


Welcome all to my topic about the Vice City Paramedic Missions, here I will cover everything you need to know about the Vice City Paramedic Missions so please read on.


The ambulance can carry a total of three passengers, so when you get three passengers in the ambulance, you must drive back to the hospital, drop them off, then you must pick up more injured patients. The paramedic missions are probably only worth about 1% of your final percentage, however, if you want 100%, then you have to do this! sly.gif In the end, you should have rescued 78 passengers rescued and not dead. smile.gif


To start the siren on the PS2, push in the R3 button (right analog stick) and you will begin your medical journey in hell. devil.gif If you want, you may activate the siren using the L3 button (left analog stick) so when you drive up near cars, you can get them out of your way. However, if you don't like listening to the same siren for about forty minutes, then you can keep it off, however, the cars won't get out of your way.



  • Do not drive like a maniac, sure you need to drive fast, however, wreckless driving isn't a very good thing.



  • Pick up patients that are in clusters, the ones that are the closest together.



  • Cop cars will ignore the sirens, therefore will not get out of your way.



  • My suggestion would be to do the med missions in Ocean Beach, it's really easy there.



  • Know the area you're doing really well and look for possible shortcuts you can take.



  • Shortcuts are encouraged, as long as they will not screw you ever.



  • Don't use the normal brake (Square Button) because if you stop and reverse and a patient is trying to get in, mission failure! sad.gif



  • Saw the doors off before you start the missions, it's good to save a few seconds. On this note, if the doors are still on, wait till the patient opens the doors before you take off. Otherwise they will be left behind and you will have to drive back and get them.



  • Whenever you can, drive fast so you don't lose time.



  • Plan out your routes before you start the new level.



  • When you get close to the passenger, SLOW DOWN!
Explanation of all the levels


Levels I, II, and III: No problem, just pick them up and go.


Level IV: Pick up three patients that are closest to eachother, go back to the hospital, then get the last patient.


Level V: Pick up the three patients that are closest to eachother, go back to the hospital, then get the last two patients.


Level VI: Pick up the three patients that are closest to eachother, go back to the hospital, then get the other group of three.


Level VII: Pick up the a group of three close to eachother, drive back to the hospital, get another group of three that are close to eachother, then go back and get the last one.


Level VIII: Pick up the a group of three close to eachother, drive back to the hospital, get another group of three that are close to eachother, then go back and get the last one.


Level IX: Pick up three patients, go back to the hospital, get three more patients, go back to the hospital, then get your last three patients. Make sure that when you get your group of three, they are close to eachother.


Level X: Pick up three patients, go back to the hospital, get three more patients, go back to the hospital, then get another group of three, and then get your last guy.


Level XI: Pick up three patients, go back to the hospital, get three more patients, go back to the hospital, then get another group of three, then get the last two guys.


Level XII: This is the big one!! biggrin.gif Make sure you take your time on this and don't kill a patient here, you will regret it. Get a group of three, go to the hospital, get another group of three, go back to the hospital, go get another group of three, go back to the hospital and now if you have a lot of time on your clock, go slowly, get your last group of patients, drop them off and you have finished the paramedic missions. biggrin.gif


Take your time, on the Vice City med missions, you are given a lot of time to complete them.


Common Sense

  • Don't drive too fast near a patient, otherwise, you'll probably kill them.



  • Don't bash your ambulance, it can take a hell of a beating, however, if you push your luck, your patient will become crispy in no time.



  • Don't try for a joke to speed to a patient and brake just before you hit them, you will most likely kill them, I did that today, ON LEVEL 12! angry.gif



  • Shortcuts are good, however, make sure you know where they will take you.



  • Don't leave the ambulance, otherwise, mission failure.



  • Take your time!



  • Be careful on bumpy areas like the beach, if you're driving like a retard, you'll hit a bump at 300mph and flip the ambulance and fail. However, you might get lucky and be able to land it on its wheels again.
These missions will take up about forty minute of your time, however, when you're done them, you will be so glad you achieved getting that 1% and never having to set foot in that ambulance again. biggrin.gif


If anyone has anymore tips, please post them, I'd love to add more to this. smile.gif




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Sea Skimmer Altitude Guide



Be Patient! It will take some tries (you need to do it just right), but others must have noticed that the skimmer dips in flight, well when you start to gain height again quickly level it out by pressing up, or pushing up on the anolog stick. You should not see any of the nose, (plus its better to do this along a long strip) then if done correctly you will just keep gaining height in one strait line, i did this from the airport in line with the tallest building in downtown, so i could easily judge my height with the blimp.


PS. Dont turn while gaining height or you will just dip, be patient it will take many goes, even i am not perfect yet, but you will get the hang of it. I advice you to use the Analog sticks, but its up to you.


I hope that was clear enough for everyone. smile.gif

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.::The Official Guide of Completing Fire Missions::.


Firstly, the side missions of GTAVC requires which you must beat to get the fully 100% completion (well, it's not compulsury, but it is useful of getting 100%), you think it's hard, but playing with it intaneously will be quite so easier; so you've read the Ambulabnce guide, the Vigilante guide, the Taxi guide, now it's the Fire missions!


.:Activating the side missions:.

To start a side mission, normally you'd must find a Fire Truck. Can be found at any Fire Station and you would carjack it. Once you in there, hit the R3 button (PS2) or the Caps Lock or the Numberpad + (PC) to activate the Fire Mission.


Let's get started!


Car available for this mission:

*Fire Truck


The main story of this mission is to get to the burned car and wash the fire out. It is usually always timed, depending on how far the destination is at. The more you complete levels, it's starts getting harder. This time, you will have to wash the remaning passengers that was cought in the blaze. They will jump out of the car and run out for cover.


.:Instructions of completing the missions:.


You've activated the side mission, so let's continue on. Usually, a blip will indicate something on you map, showing a car which is on a blaze. The text at the bottom will show you the car, at it's destination throughout Vice City.


Hit the siren on and reach up to the blip on your GPS. Then you will see a car on fire with a pink arrow hovering over it. This is the car you have to put out. Use the water cannon ontop of the Fire Truck to put it out. You will get rewarded and will continue on.


Although there is obvious tips for this mission, to make it more common sense in your mind that you lost it:



*Mostly if it gets to higher levels, you will get some peds which got caught in the fire which I said earlier.


*You will get more than one star in this mission so don't hang about.


*It will make things twice as hard if the districts of gangs hate you when tresspassing their area, so please do them before they sell you out.


*Try taking shortcuts, using the speeding up and the handbrake conbination, etc. Any more you can think of




*Don't ram other cars, especially the cops' vehicle so hard you make him drop his donut.


*Avoid running down the passengers in the fire. Don't even blow the car on fire. It fails the side task automatically.


*Try not leaving the Fire Truck. Plus it also fails the mission automatically.


That's it, I have done my part. So enjoy the mission without help, your on your own!! smile.gif


Note: This thread may be worth of pinning!


-Diablo SV


Coming Soon: Ice Cream Mission Guide

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user posted image



I'm aware that many people know of this "trick" with the Rhino and the Dodo-cheat, but here's a guide for those of you who doesn't.



|| Rhino Specs ||


Get to know the vehicle you are flying.




1. On ground

- Speed: 3/10 (without use of O)

- Acceleration: 2/10 (without use of O)

- Handling: 3/10

- Braking: 5/10

- Mass: 10/10

- Durability: 10/10

- Speed: 6/10 (with use of O)

- Acceleration: 5/10 (with use of O)

2. On water

- Speed: 2/10 (without use of O)

- Acceleration: 2/10 (without use of O)

- Handling: 3/10

- Braking: 4/10

- Mass: 10/10

- Durability: 9/10

- Speed: 5/10 (with use of O)

- Acceleration: 4/10 (with use of O)

3. In mid-air

- Speed: 8/10

- Acceleration: 5/10

- Handling: 7/10

- Braking: 0/10

- Mass: 10/10

- Durability: 6/10


3d view


user posted image



|| How to RhinoGlide ||




1. Go get a Rhino (tank)

- At the Fort Baxter Airbase: 80/100 HPs required. Just

storm in through the main gate, using any car, stop close

to the Rhino, quickly enter it and drive it out of the

compound. You could also fly a helicopter in and land

besides it. Both methods works fine.

- Spawn one: Stand next to any road, and press the

code "Circle (x2), L1, Circle (x3), L1, L2, R1, Triangle,

Circle, Triangle". A Rhino will now dump down onto the

road next to you.

2. Punch in the needed codes

- Dodo cheat: "Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Down, L1, R1".

This will give every car the ability to actualy fly, or glide,

like the Dodo from GTA3... for those of you who've been

living under a rock since 1999.

3. Runway

- Find a nice flat stretch to take off from: The airport is of

course the best place to take off from, but it can be

done from a normal road (or sidewalk).

- For those of you who use the first mentioned method of

getting a Rhino: When you exit the Airbase with your

newly acuired tank, go straight across the road, towards

the white wall onto some brown colored surface, and

then drive left down this stretch. Make a 180, and there

you have it, a perfect runway.


Now, read ahead for further instructions.


getting started


1. Taking off

- Adjusting the "jetcanon": The jetcanon is of course the

turret of the Rhino. Use the right analog stick to turn the

turret 180 degrees, so that it points directly backwards.

- Taking off: Line up with the runway or stretch you are

using, and start speeding up, by pressing X. Start

shooting the jetcanon, by using O (circle). Now, pull a

bit back in the left analog stick, and watch as the Rhino

takes off.

2. Flying

- When you're airborn: Release X, but keep shooting the

jetcanon. This will keep you in the air.

3. Manouvering

- Controls: The controls are basicly the same as when

you're flying a Skimmer. A bit different though. Here's

the controls:


X = Throttle (when on ground)

O = Throttle (when airborn)

Square = Brake (when on ground)

Triangle = Exit/Bail out (when on ground/airborn)

R2/L1 = Look Right/Left

R1 = Handbrake (when on ground)

L3 = Horn (when on ground/airborn)

R3 = Start "Vigilante" mission

Down/Left analog stick down = Pull up (when airborn)

Left/Left analog stick left = Turn left (when on


Right/Left analog stick right = Turn right (when on


4. Landing

- The easy one: The landings are always fun. Find a pretty

long flat surface to land on. Slow down by stop pressing

O. Before making contact with the ground, hold

R1+Square. This will help you break when landing. Now,

try to level out your flyingpath, and as soon as your

close to ground, push the left analog stick up and hold

it there, making the Rhino hit the ground several times

depending on the airspeed. But eventualy, you'll come

to a complete stop. Isn't that comforting.

- On a rooftop: Practice the above before trying this.

Well, it's basicly the same as described above, but here

you have to be very presice. If you over shoot the

rooftop, you'll probably be able to recover, and turn

around to try again, but if you under shoot it, meaning

crashing into the wall of the building. The results might

be fatal. The trick is to lower your speed just enough to

make it onto the rooftop, litteraly climbing up the edge.

Practice this abit, you'll get it right eventualy.




1. Loop-de-Loop

- How to pull it off: First you need to get up pretty high,

then, push left analog stick forward, and stop pressing

O, to go into dive. Now, pull the left analog stick all the

way back, and start pressing O again. You should gain

altitude quickly again, and then start tilting backwards

towards the screen. Then it will start to dive once

again, and in most cases, it will start turning right a bit.

Don't panic, just let it flow, and then stable it once it's

leveled out.

2. Corckscrew

!! coming very soon !!

3. Super dive

!! coming very soon !!

4. The spiral

!! coming very soon !!




1. Water proof

- To land the thing on water: Punch in the "cars float on

water" code to be able to land on water, "Right, R2,

Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2". It's a huge advantage.

Now you don't have to fear crashing down into the



eventual complications


1. Maneuverability

- RhinoGliding can be tricky: You may experience that the

Rhino won't turn left or right sometimes. This is normaly

after a dive or a smaller drop in height. To solve this,

turn a bit in the opposite direction, and make a smaller

dive, then pull up again. The trick is to make the Rhino

fly with the nose a bit up, and the rear down.

2. Landings on water

- Don't ever try to do a vertical dive into the water,

thinking that you'll just pop up, and land back on the

wheels. You won't! The Rhino will tip back over and land

on it's roof, making you unable to recorver.

3. Cheats

- Don't save with them on: The required cheats, lower

your criminal rating, and can in some situations cause

several glitches to ruin your chances of getting 100%.

Be smart, and restart your PS2 when your done





1. In height

- How high can you go: There's no limits in height.

2. In width

- How far can you go: It's the same as with the




|| Pictures ||


This might help a bit, finding good loactions to take off from, lining up landings, and manouvering in mid-air.




1. Near Fort Baxter

- Picture A

- Picture B

- Picture C

2. At the airport

- Picture A

- Picture B

- Picture C

3. From the water

- Picture A

- Picture B

- Picture C

4. At the beach

- Picture A

- Picture B

- Picture C


in mid-air


1. Above the stadium

!! coming very soon !!

2. Very high up

!! coming very soon !!

3. Nose-dive

!! coming very soon !!

4. Loop-da-loop

!! coming very soon !!


setting it down


1. On the airport runway

!! coming very soon !!

2. Rooftop

!! coming very soon !!

3. On water

!! coming very soon !!

4. Non-solid rooftop

!! coming very soon !!



|| Movies ||


Hell yeah! I'm gonna record some movies. The quality is bad, the content is great. Live with it.


stunt sequences


1. Loop-de-Loop

!! coming soon !!

2. Attempting "The spiral"

!! coming soon !!




1. Nose-dive into the water

!! coming soon !!

2. Nose-dive into a road

!! coming soon !!




1. From 500+ meters

!! coming soon !!

2. Into the water from insane height

!! coming soon !!




This is really entertaining. There's a lot of fun to squeeze out of this... so get squeezing! wink.gif



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user posted image


.:The Official Guide Completing Ice-Cream Missions


Firstly, the side missions of GTAVC requires which you must beat to get the fully 100% completion (well, it's not compulsury, but it is useful of getting 100%), you think it's hard, but playing with it intaneously will be quite so easier; so you've read the Ambulabnce guide, the Vigilante guide, the Taxi guide, now it's the Fire missions!


.:Activating the side mission:.

To start 'Distribution', normally you'd must find the Ice-Cream van which can be found only at Cherry Poppers. You need to also purchase the Ice-Cream Factory before you can do this side mission 'Distribuition'. Unfortunately, you can't turn on the mission manually - this is an auto-triggering mission so you have to walk into the Ice-Cream van.

Let's get started!


Car available for this mission:

*Cherry Poppers Ice-Cream Van


When you buy Cherry Poppers, the main story of this mission is to try sell all 50 Ice-Creams to customers around Vice City.


.:Instructions of completing the missions:.


You've activated the side mission, so let's continue on.


Activate the Ice-Cream jingle by pressing the horn button. No-one will pay for Ice-Cream unless you stop your van. This is called making a transaction. To make a transaction; park the van somewhere and wait for the peds for pink arrows to hover over them. They will chat, and pay you after. Gangs, Security and Police will not appreciate you doing your buisness over town, so expect hostitality if you approach their turf. You have to sell all 50 Ice-Creams to complete 'Distribution'.


Although there is obvious tips for this mission, to make it more common sense in your mind that you lost it:



*If their's no customers in the area, drive to another space.


*You will get more than one star in this mission so don't hang about.




*Don't ram other cars, especially the cops' vehicle so hard you make him drop his donut.


*Gangs, Security and Police will not appreciate you doing your buisness over town, so expect hostitality if you approach their turf.


*Try not leaving the Ice-Cream van. Plus it also fails the mission automatically.


*If a gang/cop/guard spots you, don't stand there like a sitting duck, you know what I mean?


That's it, I have done my part. So enjoy the mission without help, your on your own!!



-Diablo SV

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Here I'll try to pass on some of the experience I got from learning how to make really cool jumps on bike. First off, the only bike that exists in my world is PJ600 smile.gif It's the fastest, it's got very good handling, and most of all, it's the coolest.


I play on keyboard, and throughout this text whenever I say "pull up" I mean shift the body weight towards the back of the bike (pop a wheelie), and when I say "pull down" is shift the bodyweight towards the front (stoppie). Also, it's advisable to change handling of your bike by editing handling.cfg file. For mine I changed max velocity (N) to 300 and acceleration (O) to 90. This will allow you to get your bike going faster and make bigger jumps = easier to practice.




Weelies: Two methods:

1. Constantly keep pulling up, and hit gas repeadetly at intervals to keep bike level.

2. Hit the gas all the way, and pull up repeadetly to keep while upwards.


Method one is preferable and more stable, especially with the dirt bike, but you will travel faster with method two.



Hit the breaks, and pull down. See physics note #3 for more info.




Now, some vice city phisics when it comes to bikes.

1. You fall of the bike if you travel over a certain speed and turned more then 90 degrees to either side. This speed limit will be slightly higher if you hold break, and slightly less if you gas it up. Ex. you've landed are turned 120 degrees and traveling at a certain speed. At this point if you are holding breaks you will not fall off, if you rev it up you will.


2. In the air you can shift the bodyweight and flip your bike up to a max of aprox 120 degrees forward or backwards before falling. On this ground you'll fall off at about 70-80 degrees.


3. While driving on the front wheel, the back wheel will have a tendancy to swing to either side. To correct it and even out your stoppie, you need to turn into the same direction as the backwheel is moving. Ex. you started making a stoppie and your backwheel starts swinging to the right. you should hit the right turn button to even it out.


Basic Jumps:


Well, there are basic jumps where you just drive fast up the ramp and either pull up or pull down. Especially fun if you are over a slow motion spot and start firing - really makes you feel like you're in the matrix. You can't flip vertically however - the max you can go is about 120 degrees. However, I believe if you go over 90 degrees, the game will register it as a flip. Make sure to go back to about 45 degrees before you land though, or you'll fall.


Rotational jumps


These are the most difficult and require a lot of experience and practice, and is the reason I wanted to write this article.

1. Starting a jump. First you need to gain some decent speed before you hit the ramp. I prefer small and highly steep ramps, like the small ones found in the airport. About 2 seconds before you hit the break, you should start turning. This will be the direction of your rotational jump. At about 1 to 1/2 seconds before you hit the jump, first pull up and then right after hit the handbreak.

2. While in the spin, pulling up will increase your rotation, and pulling down will decrease it. Shifting body (left/right) in the direction opposite to spin will also help slow down the rotation. This is what we want to do, since if we're spinning too fast when we land, we're doomed to fall - and that's not as cool as making a cool jump AND landing properly.

3. Landing. After about 1/2-1 second in the air, you should be already planning your landing. Decrease your rotation speed as much as you can by pulling down, so your bike is about 10-20 degrees below horisontal. The landing is almost surely doomed to fail if your backwheel hits the ground first - trust me. To make a perfect landing, when you touch the ground, your bike should be turned between -90 to -30 degrees to the direction you are flying. Ex. if you made your spin to the RIGHT, your ideal landing would be at 80 degrees LEFT of the direction your bike is traveling. As soon as you hit the ground you should be holding the breaks, and phisics rule #3 kicks in As soon as you land, you should change from holding the turning button against direction of the spin which you were holding while in the air, to the opposite so that you start turning INTO the spin. As un-intuitive as this may be, this will help slow down the spin, and give you a greater chance of not falling.


This pretty much covers it. As with everything, practice makes perfect.

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Ken Rosenberg




An Old Friend : N/A

This isn’t really much of a mission. Just drive over to the Ocean View Hotel, park out front, and enter the hotel. Cutscenes will take place, and clear instructions are given, very easy to follow. Sonny is unhappy that you lost his money, and begins instructing you (Tommy) that you must retrieve the lost cash or face consequences. Sonny issue’s a strict warning, and after hanging up, Tommy slams the phone down in anger.


Did You Know - The interiors for Marcos Bistro are actually hidden in the Ocean View Hotel in the large space across from Tommy’s room. Grab a rocket Launcher, and stand right against the wall. Turn 90 degrees left/right, with your side pressed against the wall. Use the aim button with the Rocket Launcher, and spin around. This enables you to look through the wall. You should see a set of floating saloon doors, the same one’s seen during the cutscene behind Sonny. So Although Sonny is supposed to be situated in Liberty City, Rockstar still need to hide the interiors somewhere, so they chose the Ocean View Hotel. When infact Sonny was supposed to be at the other side of the country, he was only next door!


The Party : $100

This is the main start of the Ken Rosenberg missions. You can find him at the Harisson Hotel in his office. He tells you to go and meet Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez, who can be found in his yacht down at Ocean Beach. There is a big party on at his yacht, and all of Vice City’s top residents have been invited. From here, you are introduced to the Colonel’s daughter, who introduces you to several characters who will be met later on in the game. You are introduced to Avery Carrington, Ricardo Diaz, Steve Scott, Donald Love, Candy Suxxx, Congressman Shrubb, Gonazales, and Pastor Richards. The colonel’s daughter is called Mercedes, and she wants you to drive her to the Pole Position Club. This will earn you your first $100.


Did you know - All of the guests at the party are met at least once throughout the game, except for Pastor Richards. Pastor’s voice actor sadly died. Rockstar probably intended on making missions connected with the Pastor, but because of this reason, they didn’t go ahead, and he can only be seen during the Party.


Back Alley Brawl : $200

Back to Ken, and he now instructs you to go and meet someone called Kent Paul, who apparently knows too much for his own good. He can be found at the Malibu Club. Enter the Malibu, and the cutscene will take place. Kent brings up a chef who has been acting suspicious recently. Go and find the chef, who will later be known as Leo Teal. He won’t talk, so kill him, and take his mobile. A cutscene will take place, you are now introduced to Lance Vance, who offer’s help. Three other chef’s enter the scene. Escape from the three chefs, and follow Lance. Drive with Lance, over to Ammo-nation, where instructions will be given. After this, simply take a ride back to the Hotel, exit the vehicle, and watch Lance stroll away.


Jury Fury : $400

In an attempt to be accepted by the liberty mob, Ken is willing to organise anything that they ask of him. So there’s a problem, Georgio Forelli could be locked up, and Ken needs to prevent this from happening. Ken orders you to irritate the two juror’s until they change their minds. Pick up a hammer, and go to the location of each of the jurors, indicated by the blips on your radar. Smash up the juror’s car’s, but don’t harm them, we just need them to change their minds. Once you have smashed their vehicles up, they give up, and change their minds about the decision.


Did you Know - Georgio Forelli of the Forelli Crime Family, is one of few characters who we don’t learn much about during the game. He was possibly one of the characters who we met at the start discussing the deal with Sonny, but nothing was confirmed.


Riot : $1000

Back at Ken’s office, he introduces you to a powerful Vice criminal called Avery Carrington. He wants to ask you of a little favour. He needs you to disguise yourself as a worker, and rough up some of the real estate owners down at Spand Express. Get the riot going by whacking about 3 or 4 workers, and blow up the vehicles behind the gates. Avery Carrington missions are now available and can be accessed by walking into the pink marker at the “A” on your radar.





Colonel Cortéz





Treacherous Swine : $250

Time to re-visit the Colonel, he needs you to sort out some problems. It seems that the colonel’s right hand man has been doing business behind his back, so he must be dealt with. Take a ride to Gonzales’ penthouse just up from the Malibu Club, where he is chatting away to one of Diaz’ men. You are given a chainsaw by the Colonel, but you do not necessarily need to use it, use a weapon of your choice if you have access to a selection. He runs slow, and isn’t hard to catch, simply chase him, and waste him. Get the cops off of your back by visiting a re-spray shop, and the mission is complete.


Mall Shootout : $500

The Colonel sends you to meet the courier at the Washington mall to pick up an item. The courier has tricked you. After the cutscene, run past the attackers, grab a bike and chase the courier to where ever he goes. Waste him, retrieve the item, and return it safely to the Colonel.


Guardian Angels : $1000

The Colonel needs an important job done, which will require your skills. You must protect Ricardo Diaz while a deal goes down at Ocean Beach. First of all, you are sent to the multi storey car park, where you can pick up a weapon that the Colonel has left for you. Lance makes an entrance, and offers yet more help. Drive to the location of the deal with Lance, and get a good watch point. Get ready to attack. The shooting begins, and several teams of Haitians and Cubans arrive, in an attempt to retrieve the briefcase. Protect Diaz and his men at all costs, and destroy every other gang member who gets in the way. A cutscene takes place, and two Haitians make a get-a-way on Sanchez’ bikes with the Diaz’ money. Lance manages to snipe one of the, but the other is getting away. Grab the bike, and keep on his tail. When the right time comes, shoot him off, and return the package to Diaz.


Did you know – The admiral that Diaz’ drives into the event is a precious item. It doesn’t smash to pieces after coming into contact, and the tires don’t blow. The best thing to do is kill Diaz after he enters the scene, store the car away in your garage, and re-do the mission. Now you have a special car, which can take more damage.





Ricardo Diáz





The Chase : $1000

One of Diaz’ dealers is being a little unfair, and you must find out where he is hiding his profits. Head over to the thief’s apartment. He isn’t inside, but he is on the roof. Chase him carefully across to the other side of the roof, avoiding the thief’s attempts to destroy you. He makes way for an escape, so grab the nearest vehicle, and follow him to the location of where he is hiding the profits. Stay a safe distance away form him, and don’t hurt him, otherwise you can never find out where it is hidden. Eventually, you should end up at the house on Prawn Island, mission complete.


Phnom Penh ’86 : $2000

You now need to retrieve Diaz’ merchandise from the thief, but the location of the profits is still heavily guarded. Lance is willing to help, He fly’s the chopper for you, while you have a chance to shoot down some of the thief’s, which should be guarding the merchandise on top of the roof’s of the houses on Prawn Island. Once you have shot them down, Lance will leave the scene. Enter the house, and shoot off the remaining thief’s. Retrieve the package, and return it safely to Diaz.





Colonel Cortéz Con't





Sir, Yes Sir! : $2000

The Colonel wants you to retrieve a piece of military hardware for him that is being taken around town. It’s a tank, and it is under heavy protection, so stand a safe distance, shoot off a couple of the guards, and keep doing so until you can enter the tank. You cannot just run over to the tank and enter, as the doors will be locked. Once you are in, your warning level will have risen dramatically, and you must escape to the Colonel’s garage before the Tank destructs.


All Hands On Deck : $5000

The colonel needs your help immediately; he must escape Vice City before the French get him. Pay a visit to him, and his yacht will set-off. Two FBI vehicles arrive at the scene, and they all enter boats. You must protect the Colonel at all costs, and watch out for the occurring Frenchmen who actually enter the yacht by helicopter. Shoot down choppers, boats blocking your route, and finally an Apache attacking helicopter (later known as the Hunter). A cutscene will take place, and you have to say goodbye to the Colonel.

Before the mission is triggered, the Colonel quotes that Diaz may indeed be the man behind the deal that went down, and Tommy seems certain too.





Ricardo Diáz Cont'd





The Fastest Boat : $4000

Diaz always has to have the latest technology. This time he wants a new boat, which has been developed, the fastest boat. It is a top speed Squallo that is being held down at the Vice Dock area. Diaz wants you to beat off the security and grab the boat for him. Drive down to the docks, and park outside the boathouse. Watch out for guards, they are armed, and can damage your health quickly. The best thing to do is to stand a safe distance from the boathouse to begin with, and shoot off some of the guards while they aren’t looking. Make you’re way in gradually, shooting off, and protecting your health at the same time. When there is nobody else in sight, enter the boathouse, and push the switch. (Watch out for some guards carrying hammers)

A cutscene should take place, and the boat lowers. Don’t run out just yet, as more guards are on their way. Carefully shoot them off one by one, and when you feel ready, take the boat back to the mansion.


Supply & Demand : $10,000

A boat is heading into Vice City dealing coke, but it only deals out once a month, and it only deals to the first boat that gets to it. You must take the fastest boat with Lance, and get to the boat before the other local gang’s do. Once you get there, you find that you have some competition. Lance now takes over, and you have a chance to shoot off the other gangsters. Watch out for the helicopter hovering above, and the gangsters standing on the jetty, as they are bound to take a lot of health off of the boat.





Tommy Vercetti





Death Row : N/A

You find out that Lance has been held hostage by some of Diaz’ goons down at the junkyard in Vice. His health is going down quickly, and you must save him before he dies. After leaving the Malibu, the best route to take is to take a left turn, and make your way over the bridge at the Leaf Links Golf Club. Once you are over the bridge, it’s just a case of driving forward, and into the junkyard. Watch out for the many goons that will try to stop you, they are hidden everywhere. There’s 3 or 4 at the entrance to the junkyard, and several inside. Keep an eye on Lance’s health. Once you have fought off most of the goons, enter the small room where Lance is being held. After the cutscene, make your way into the car to the left of the small building. Here comes the difficult bit, you must make your way over to the hospital, but Diaz’ goons are on your tail, so watch out for corners, and try not to flip the car.


Rub Out : $50,000

We now know that Diaz is the man who broke the deal, and Tommy must team up with Lance to take him out, before he takes them out after what happened in the last mission. Meet Lance at the mansion, and begin shooting off the guards at the door’s, and by the poll across from the entrance. The best route to take is round the left side of the mansion from where you enter. It’s easier than following Lance through the maze. Lance will ask you to follow him, so do so, shooting off guards at the same time, and make you’re way into the mansion through the back entrance. Watch out for goons guarding the stairs. Go up to the second level, and enter the main section of the mansion that way. Shoot off the remaining goons, making sure that Lance is healthy, and Diaz will enter the picture. He is fairly easy to destroy, and his weapon of choice is weak. The only thing you have to worry about is his health meter, which seems to be very high. Shoot carefully, avoiding all rebounds, and you have control over Vice City, congratulations!


Shakedown : $2000

People still think that Diaz is in control of the city, so you have to show the residents who are in charge now. Local companies usually paid Diaz for protection, and now you need to get them to do the same for you. After the cutscene, quickly climb to the roof of the mansion, and take the chopper over to the North Point Mall. Make sure you have a LOT of ammunition, and choose a weapon that you can run + shoot with at the same time. Shoot the glass of every shop on the radar, and the stores will agree to pay you protection. You only have 5 minutes to complete the mission, so be quick, and don’t mess about, it may take a couple of tries, but you should get used to it.


Bar Brawl : $4000

Back at Diaz’ mansion, (now known as the Vercetti Estate), Lance reveals that one of the companies has refused to pay protection. DBP Security is causing trouble. Take two bodyguards, and make your way over to the Front Page Café, situated next to the Ocean View Hotel. Shoot off the guards at the font of the café, and speak to the manager. After the cutscene, make your way over to DBP security, and shoot off all of the guards. Your bodyguards will shoot whomever you shoot. Two of the guards make a get-a-way on bikes, so follow them. They should end up at the Lighthouse, but hopefully you can destroy them before they reach that point.

Did you Know – By shooting off the Securicar’s on your tail, you can receive bonuses.


Copland : $10,000

One of the men messed up a bomb that was supposed to be set off in the Tarbrush café at the North Point Mall. The café is now been highly protected by members of the army, and Tommy must find a way to get the bomb triggered. Go out for a run with Lance, and get a wanted level. Get a cop car to follow you into the garage indicated on your radar. A cutscene will take place, and Lance and Tommy exit the garage dressed as cops. Now take a police car, and make your way over to the North Point Mall, make your way inside, run into the café to trigger the bomb, and make a quick escape. After the café is in flames, you must get back to the mansion safely; all cop forces are on your tail, so be careful. Once you get back to the mansion safely, the Protection ring asset is complete, and the mansion begins to generate a maximum of $5000 income per-day.

Did you Know – when you are dressed as a cop, you can steal cop cars from other cops just like you can with a normal pedestrian, and the cop runs away!




Final Missions




Cap The Collector : $30,000

There has been trouble down at the Printworks, and Ken informs you that you must make your way over there immediately to see what is going on. Ernest Kelly has been roughened up by the Forelli’s. Sonny is mad that you haven’t retrieved his money, but instead you have decided to make your OWN criminal empire. He has decided to take action, and the mafia are trying to tax all of your businesses. After the cutscene, you will see that the mafia are roaming around Vice on bikes, taxing your businesses. There are three sets of teams altogether, so tail them, and kill them before you are out of business. Be quick, because they don’t stop for lunch, they are in and out of your businesses quicker than you can say go!


Keep Your Friends Close… : $30,000

This is the final mission in the game, and Tommy is informed that Sonny is paying a visit to the mansion at any time soon. Tommy orders Ken to grab some fake cash, and Lance to gather the boys together. Sonny enters, heavily guarded, and makes a quick speech. Lance reveals that he has been working privately with Sonny, and he has betrayed you. After the cutscene, the mafia are storming the mansion trying to steal money from your safe. You are told to protect your safe, but if you have enough money, don’t bother, just worry about killing the main characters. After killing off about 10 or 15 mobsters, Lance enters the scene. Keep shooting, and follow him to the rooftop, where more mobsters will be standing. Shoot them off one by one, and finish off Lance Vance the backstabber! Once Lance is mincemeat, make your way back into the mansion where Sonny will be waiting. He enters, ruger in hand, and begins shooting. At one point or another, you will have to kill him, but the best thing to do is to go down the stairs and behind the main staircase. Shoot off the guards at either side. Walk down the side of the staircase towards sonny, and get into a position where you are protected, but you can still see sonny. Use the sniper to sniper him off, it takes quite a bit to get rid of him, but after around 6 or 7 snipe’s, the game is over and Sonny is dead. Congratulations, you now own Vice City, and have your own criminal empire!

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user posted image




You may be asking what the point of this is, Vice City is ancient now. However due to the recent hype over Vice City Stories and the inevitable waiting period, a lot of people have been playing Vice City not only to familiarise themselves with the island but also to play through the story, find hints towards VCS, or just to reacquaint themselves with characters and the overall feel of Vice.


This guide will help people find all 100 hidden packages, which is a requirement needed to get 100% on the game overall. In some cases it’s better to start the search for these packages once the entire island is unlocked, for example package #1 can’t be got without cheats until the other areas are unlocked. Some packages are also easier found during missions, which have been listed next to the appropriate package.




10 - Body Armour

20 - Chainsaw

30 - Python

40 - Flamethrower

50 - Laser Scope Sniper Rifle

60 - Minigun

70 - Rocket Launcher

80 - Sea Sparrow

90 - Rhino

100 - Hunter & $100,000


Rewards themselves can be found in a number of places, below is a list of locations.


10-70 of the packages found normally spawn the rewards ay two places, the Ocean View Hotel and the Starfish Island Mansion. However if you purchase the Hyman Condo save-house these rewards will also spawn there, but only after you have found the packages, if you buy it before you find them the rewards will not spawn there.


80 of the packages found will spawn the reward at the Starfish Island Mansion, near the backyard pool.


90 of the packages found will spawn the reward at the Fort Baxter Air Base (do not enter unless wearing the cop uniform).


100 of the packages found will spawn at the Fort Baxter Air Base, if however you complete the game and get all packages this reward will also spawn at the Helipad at Ocean Beach.




user posted image


The map has markers with numbers on them, each indicating the position of each package. Note that circular ones mean ground level, triangular mean above Tommy so you may need to use stairs or helicopters to get them.




Click here for images of Hidden Package locations.



Ocean Beach
#1 South of Ocean beach on an unused wooden hut out in the water (boat needed to reach).


#2 Near the wooden hut on a formation of rocks.


#3 Round the back of the house with a helipad, on the steps of the back door.


#4 On the steps of the lighthouse.


#5 In an underground car park near the docks for Colonel Cortez's boat.


#6 Behind the medical foundation research and development building (blue & white stripes).


#7 On a small walk area under the south bridge.


#8 On top of a building opposite the Washington mall.



Washington Mall
#9 Around the back of a pink apartment by a fenced in pool.


#10 On top of the building joined on to the DBP security building.


#11 Around the back of the building opposite Ken's office.


#12 Next to a small road bridge.


#13 On top of a building (blue & white stripes)


#14 On a lifeguard hut on the beach.


#15 Upstairs of the Police department (get during the mission "No Escape?").


#16 In the corner of a building with a small moat round the back.


#17 In the open showers around the other side of #16.


#18 Underneath the bridge going to Starfish Island.



Vice Point
#19 In a small alley behind the SpandEX building.


#20 The end of a beam on the 3rd floor of the building site (Avery's missions come from here).


#21 On a wooden dock facing Leaf Links.


#22 Near the pool on a building close to the Malibu.


#23 In the corner of the parking lot around the back of the Malibu.


#24 Up the stairs from a pool in a building you'll see during "Martha's Mugshot".


#25 Behind the WK Chariot hotel.


#26 In the pizza restaurant.


#27 Beside a set of stairs leading to an apartment, next to the pizza restaurant.


#28 Behind the counter in the jewellery shop.


#29 Around the back of Mercedes place.


#30 On the 2nd rooftop, get during "The Chase".


#31 By a wooden fence around the back of some houses.


#32 In the walled-in corner of the "u" shaped turn.


#33 On the highest diving board behind the hotel.


#34 Sidewalk leading to the side of the bridge leading to Prawn Island.


#35 Behind the wooden sign on the beach, near the RC Bandit track.


#36 Behind the building east of the north point mall.


#37 In between the northern entrances of the north point mall.


#38 Inside the north point mall, in front of a store with sale signs.


#39 Inside the north point mall, in the Gash store.


#40 In the large multi story car park near the north point mall.



Prawn Island
#41 At the end of a dead-end alleyway.


#42 In the film studio on top of the blue building.


#43 In the film studio, go to studio C.


#44 On a porch of the big green house.


#45 In the building you hit during "The Chase", there is a broken wall, drop into the room from above.



Leaf Links
#46 Underneath the bridge leading to Vice Point.


#47 On the farthest tee at the driving range.


#48 On a bunker on the west side of the island.


#49 On the small island in the water hazard pond.


#50 On the bridge connected to leaf links.



Starfish Island
#51 At the mansion, the corner of stairs leading to the water.


#52 At the mansion, in a small alley leading to water.


#53 On the balcony of the house with the Rockstar shaped pool.


#54 In the smallest pool of the house with a satellite dish.


#55 At the front door of the purple roofed house.



#56 Behind a building in a small area overlooking the water.


#57 In the statue at the V.A.J building.


#58 Behind the Mars Cafe'.


#59 Behind the stadium in the west car park.


#60 At the parking area at the Shuman health care center (hospital).


#61 Next to the helipad on the 5 story building.


#62 Behind the middle desk in the offices.



Little Haiti
#63 In the corner next to the Moist Palms hotel.


#64 Behind Phil's place in the corner near the water.


#65 In the shed at Phil's place.


#66 Down a set of stairs behind a building close to Kaufman Kabs.


#67 On the roof of the building at north Haiti.


#68 On some steps of the house east of Kaufman Kabs.


#69 Next to the skeleton grave behind the funeral home.


#70 On the roof covered with generators.


#71 Behind a wooden fence underneath the billboard.



Little Havana
#72 In the laundry.


#73 On the porch of the "for sale" house.


#74 Behind a wall opposite to Robina's Cafe.


#75 By the Kaufman Kabs billboard.


#76 In the doughnut shop.


#77 On top of a 4 story building.


#78 Upstairs of the car showroom.



#79 Near some piping in the middle of 4 large tanks.


#80 Between 2 trailers at the airport car park.


#81 Between 2 small apartments near the ship yard.


#82 On the north east cargo ship.


#83 Under the VC port authority sign.


#84 On the south west cargo ship.


#85 Inside the seaplane hangar, facing the water.


#86 In the corner of an open area, get during "Cabmageddon".



Escobar International Airport
#87 On the building southeast to the airport.


#88 On the helipad, get during "Loose Ends".


#89 On the top of the south McAdam airways hangar.


#90 The end of the east loading bridge.


#91 On top of an airplane parked southwest.


#92 Underneath the same plane for #91.


#93 Under the left wing of the Rockstar airplane.


#94 Behind the fire station.


#95 In the airport terminal near the pay phone.


#96 On the rooftop of the airport terminal.


#97 In the airport terminal, at the end of the jet way of gate 1-8.


#98 Behind the billboards facing the airport.


#99 Under the airplane north east of the airport.


#100 Behind the air base sign at Fort Baxter's entrance.


*Special thanks to the Dutch wikiGTA site, who provided pictures of the packages & to jarjar for the banner*


[adamcs edit] wikigta.org have requested that we remove all of their screenshots from this topic.

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user posted image


Introduction: I made this guide to give everyone a chance to make quick and easy money in Vice City. I have seen multiple "easy money" guides, and decided to put them together in one big mega-topic.

NOTE: None of these tricks involve the use of cheats, so you don't have to worry about cheats messing up your game or anything like that. It is worth noting that despite this, cheats will not hamper your ability to reach 100% completion of Vice City.





Vigilante: This is one of the best ways to make easy money. You can make good money either with a Hunter helicopter or a Rhino (tank).


Hunter: You can find a Hunter from the army base after you have completed the main story-line missions, (up to 'Keep Your Friends Close'), or from nearby the Marina, as a result of collecting all hidden packages. It doesn't matter which you choose. Get a Hunter helicopter, and just do the missions (Brown Thunder). You will find it incredibly easy using the Hunter's unlimited supply of missiles. The only problem you may encounter is the cop choppers, but then they can easily be taken care of with a missile. Also, beware of Tanks if you are close to the ground.


Rhino: Vigilante is also quite easy to complete with a tank. It is much easier with a hunter, but you probably don't want to wait until you have finished the game to max out your money. To get a tank fairly early in the game, make sure you have purchased the Hyman Condo. Now start the mission 'Sir Yes Sir'. (It is given to you by Colonel Cortez at the Marina). When you enter the tank, instead of heading to the garage you would normally go to, turn around and start driving toward the Hyman Condo. You must spin the turret around as well, and start firing backwards. This gives you greater speed, so you can make it to the Hyman Condo garage before the tank explodes. Once you arrive at the Condo, quickly drive the tank far back into the large garage closest to the left. Now get out, and stand at the entrance of the garage. Wait until the tank blows up, then exit and re-enter the garage. You will have failed the mission, but now have a tank in your garage, ready to do Vigilante.


For using any vehicle in Vigilante, starting from less then $8,000,000 it will take exactly 391 levels to max your money. The money equation for each level of Vigilante is:



$ = $50 x level ^2



So at exactly level 400 you get $8,000,000 - your money is maxed at this point but if you keep going your money amount per level will keep rising. If you get up over level 2200, you will be awarded about 250,000,000 per level.

The best place to do the Viginante missions is at the runways at Escobar International Airport.


Sunshine Autos:

If you have a bit of money to afford something like Sunshine Autos ($50,000), then go ahead and purchase it, and then complete the car lists to complete the protection ring asset. Once you complete all four lists of required vehicles Sunshine Autos will generate a total of $9,000 a day, the second highest total daily revenue amount of money for any ownership. Added to that, for every required car you deliver to the garage, you will receive $500. And what's more is that for every import/export car list you complete, you receive $20,000. Also, there are the Vice street races, which if you win will give you a substantial profit. Here's a list of all the money you can make from Sunshine Autos-


* $1,500 a day for completing the first list of import/export vehicles and a Deluxo vehicle in your showroom

* $4,000 a day for completing the second list of import/export vehicles and a sabre turbo in your showroom

* $6,000 a day for completing the third list of import/export vehicles and a sandking vehicle in your showroom

* $9,000 a day for completing the fourth list of import/export vehicles and a Hotring racer in your showroom

* $500 for every required vehicle you deliver to Sunshine autos, totalling $12,000

* $20,000 for every import/export vehicle list you successfully complete, totalling $80,000

* $400 for winning Vice street racer race 1- Terminal velocity. Take the fee it costs to enter the race away and that will give you $300 profit

* $2,000 for winning Vice street racer race 2- Ocean Drive. Take the fee it costs to enter the race away and that will give you $1,500 profit

* $4,000 for winning Vice street racer race 3- Border Run. Take the fee it costs to enter the race away and that will give you $3,000 profit

* $8,000 for winning Vice street racer race 4- Capital cruise. Take the fee it costs to enter the race away and that will give you $6,000 profit

* $20,000 for winning Vice street racer race 5- Tour! Take the fee it costs to enter the race away and that will give you $15,000 profit

* $40,000 for winning Vice street racer race 6- VC Endurance. Take the fee it costs to enter the race away and that will give you $30,000 profit


Total money: $156,800 (this is the total of each fixed amount of money you will collect fro completing all the above and collecting daily income of $9,000, one time-- in reality, if you collect your cash every time you bring a car back after completing the first list, you will end up with significantly more money then this). $156,000 would be enough to purchase the Malibu club and Kaufman cabs, or the Boatyard, The Ice-cream factory, the Pole position club and The Printworks, and that's if you only collect the property revenue up once, and only win all six races once. In actual fact, the money you could earn at Sunshine Autos is endless. For example, if you had $10,000 left over after purchasing Sunshine Autos, and put that towards entering the race VC Endurance, and won the race four times over, you'd have enough money to buy the Malibu club there and then. And the races aren't hard either, you'd probably be able to win them in a Manana!



Endurance Race: Once you have purchased Sunshine Autos, make sure you have a rocket launcher. (You can grab one from the pool in the hotel just south of Sunshine Autos). Then enter the Vice City Endurance Race. (The one that costs $10,000). Get to the starting line, then blow up all the Opposition cars. You will need to be quick, because as soon as one car gets damaged, the race will start. I find it easiest to stand a fair distance away, with the cars facing towards you. Then quickly fire the rockets at the cars. Usually, a well placed rocket right between the 3 cars will blow them all up. This is easier if you have unlocked the rapid-fire bonus. Once all the cars have been destroyed, you can go as slowly as you want through the race. When you win, you will get $40,000.


Last Film Studio Mission: Make sure you have a remote-control grenade with you. Now enter the last film studio mission. Go through the mission as per normal, but do not enter the marker which ends the mission. Now throw a remote-control grenade into/near the marker. Now you can enter the marker to end the mission. When the cinematic shows that the asset has been completed, activate the grenade. You will be killed, but the money still shows, so you can still get $7,000. The 'activate mission' marker will still be there though, so you can re-do the mission, doing the exact same thing with the grenade. Once you have finished the mission a second time, the Film Studio will generate money twice as fast. You can do this as many times as you want, and every time the Film Studio will generate $7,000 more.


Cone Crazy: Go to the Stallion you must enter to activate the mission 'Cone Crazy'. (It is on the top storey of the multi-storey carpark). The way this trick works, is that every time you beat your record on Cone Crazy, the prize money doubles. The first time you win it, you get $200, and after 23 wins, (each time you must beak you previous record), you will get over $800,000,000. This will max out your money.

NOTE: Some people prefer to nudge the cones around a little before they hit the first checkpoint. This allows a greater margin for error, and hence usually faster times. It all comes down to the individual though, and what you prefer and get used to. The trick is doable without need to move the cones beforehand though.

Asswipe has kindly submitted his own method of nudging the cones.


You will quickly learn which way you want to push the cones, and how gently you need to push the cones. I find the following route to be the easiest. When you start the challenge, drive to the wall on your right hand side. Pull up parralel to the wall, so that you are facing the 90 degree ramp in front of you. Drive up the ramp and down the other side. Now go through the checkpoint off to your left hand side. Once through this checkpoint proceed to the next one in the sequence, and from there through the last one.


If, like me, you decide to take this route. You will find it a geat aid to push the cones aside for the last three checkpoints so as to create an almost straight drive to the last checkpoint after coming off the 90 degree ramp.  colgate.gif



The game was edited on its transition through to XBox and PC, so it is much easier to max out your money this way on PS2. Below are detailed guides on how to max out your money with ease.


PS2: The first time you attempt the mission, collect all the checkpoints, then wait just in front of the last one. Drive through it with one second left. Now park the car back where you got it from, exit then enter. That should restart the mission. Do the mission as previous, but this time, get the last checkpoint with 2 seconds left. Repeat again, collecting the last checkpoint with 3 seconds left and so on. If you beat it by 1 second each time, your 23rd time will only be a time of 24 seconds, which is not hard to do.


PC/XBox: They fixed this glitch on XBox and PC. What they did was take away the extra second you receive for each checkpoint for the first 6 times you complete the mission. So, for XBox and PC, do the following.

Leave 1 second on your clock when you pass through the last checkpoint the first 6 times you do it, now from there, you will then leave 2 seconds on clock, 3 seconds, 4 seconds, and so on. If you do it this way, your 23rd time will be a time of 6 seconds - this time is possible but you will have to nudge cones around before you start. Even if you don't repeat it 23 times, if you can do it 15 times or so, you should have enough money to finish the game in style.


Trial By Dirt and Test Track: The same thing as above occurs in the missions Trial By Dirt and Test Track, at the dirt bike track north on the west island. Obviously it will take longer on these since they are longer events. The money progression for Cone Crazy, Trial By Dirt and Test Track is as follows:






Bus Driver: Get a bus - you can usually find them at bus stops - and drive around somewhat slowly. Soon enough you should find a few pedestrians standing at a bus stop. Slow down and stop close to them. The pedestrians should start entering the bus. For each one that does, you get $5. You don't have to take them anywhere. It's slow, but easy money. It's useful to set-up a bus at a stop and just leave the game running while you go do something else. This trick works on all platforms.


Ryton Aide Store: Find the Ryton Aide store. (It's located in Little Haiti, just north of the Pay and Spray). Park any vehicle in the Pay and Spray adjacent to the store. Make sure to leave it's door open. (By holding any directional button whilst exiting). Now go into Ryton Aide, and rob the store. Once you can't get anymore money from the store owner, sprint back outside and enter the car you left waiting in the Pay and Spray. Now you will have no wanted level again. Repeat as necessary. If you find the store owner isn't there, leave and come back later, and he should be there.


Gash and Tool Shop (North Point Mall): Go to the tool shop in the North Point Mall. Hold up the shop-keeper until you have 2 wanted stars. Now sprint to the Gash shop, and change clothes. Now you will have no wanted level. Then, rob the Gash store, and do the same thing. Wait until you have 2 wanted stars, and then run back to the tool shop to change clothes again. Repeat process until satisfied.


Chemist Downtown: Go to the chemist in Downtown. It's next to the music store called Rock City. As with before, hold up the shop-keeper, wait until you get 2 wanted stars, then sprint back towards the Pizza joint into the 'JockSport' store, (set back from the road on the grassy area), and change clothes to remove the wanted level. Repeat as necessary, if the shop-keeper isn't there, come back later.


Rob the Bank Again: After you have finished the Malibu mission 'The Job', you can rob the 'El Banco Corrupto Grande' again for some quick easy money. As with the Ryton Aide trick, leave a vehicle with its door open in the Pay and Spray in Little Haiti. Now go the bank. Walk in and turn right up the stairs. This will earn you a four star wanted level. Walk into the manager's office to get 1/3 of the cash. The rest is in the room with the elevator, on the right side. Now sprint out of the bank, and enter the vehicle you left in the Pay and Spray.


Parking Meters: Heading north from the bikers bar, keep going till you get to VAJ insurance (left) this is where they start (10 in all on right) head down to Mars Cafe, swing around doing a U-turn, then come back slowly (they're easy to miss if driving fast).

Use a bulkier vehicle , there are plenty around, a Kauffman cab is a good choice.

Hit one dead on along the curb (it won't need much force), passing over it, get out & collect the cash, keep repeating this. The cops ignore it, so no wanted level to worry about.

Go around the block & repeat it a many times as you like they'll always be standing & full of cash again. The amount of cash made varies anywhere between $100 to $1000.


Good Citizen Bonus: Run around Vice City, until you find a cop. Follow the cop, and eventually he will start chasing a criminal. (If you want, just wait until you see a cop already chasing a criminal.) Then, just punch the criminal to the ground. You will get $50 for every punch you land, until he is dead. Thisworks better if you don't have the Brass Knuckles, as it takes longer to kill the criminal. Make sure you only use fists, as firing a weapon will attract the cop's attention, and will result in a wanted star. Also, make sure you don't hit the cop when hitting the criminal, as you will also get a wanted star. This is a good way to gain stamina as well, from sprinting around the city.


Vercetti Gang: Once you have completed the mission 'Rub Out', Diaz's gang will no longer fight back when you attack them. If you attack them with fists, you won't get a wanted level, and most of them will drop cash and weapons. This works best at Sunshine Autos, where you can find packs of the gang.


Also, once you have completed 'Shake Down', buy a business in Little Haiti, such as the Print Works or Kaufman Cabs. Now your gang will spawn here. Now walk up to a Haitian, there's heaps around, and fire a weapon at him. A whole bunch of them will start chasing you and firing at you. As soon as they start chasing you, your gang will fight back, and kill them all in mere seconds. Now you can pick up their cash - and weapons - with ease.

NB: If you have finished the last Cuban's mission, the Haitians will chase you without the need to irritate them.


Hit and Run: Get a car and head to an area with lots of gangs. This works well in Little Haiti, down the main road on the west island. You will see heaps of Haitians around, and a little further south, heaps of Cubans. Just get a run-up up, and charge down on a pack of a gang at full speed. As soon as you hit them, stop the car, jump out, and collect all their cash. You will get a fair amount, and it is pretty hard to get a wanted level this way. If you do get a wanted level, it will be only one star.


Lighthouse Fun: At dusk, make your way to the lighthouse, near the Ocean View Hotel. Make sure you have brass knuckles, or a melee weapon, such as the golfclub or baseball bat. Basically, beat the living sh*t out of anyone and everyone you see. Since you're there while it's dark, there's many PIMPS, whores and drug dealers, which equals money, and lots of it. After you have cleared the pier of all living things, walk away for a bit, then return to the scene. More victims, more money. If you get a wanted level doing this, simply run to a Pay & Spray or save your game at the nearest save house.



North Point Mall Fun: In the North Point Mall, you can go around basically beating the sh*t out of everyone and everything with any melee weapon. You'll eventually get a wanted star. Continue beating sh*t up until you get a second. Now run to Gash at the southern end of the mall. Get a change of clothes. Now repeat, and get a change of clothes at the Tool Shop. Rinse and repeat until satisfied.


Thanks To:

Spuds725, for the in-depth stuff on the vigilante missions here, and the great stuff on Cone Crazy, Trial by Dirt, and Test Track and on how to acquire a Rhino early in the game here and here.

Jonny Tightlips, for his great find on the Film Studio trick here.

Naomi, for the stuff on the Haitians and Vercetti Gang fighting here, the hit and run trick here,

the parking meters here, and the Downtown chemist trick here.

chitownmike, for his info on the lighthouse stuff here.

ohno!notagen, for the stuff on the North Point Mall trick here.

Asswipe, for his detailed route for 'Cone Crazy' here.

Lauren!, for her verification of the bus trick, along with the additional information on leaving the bus parked at the stop indefinitely. smile.gifinlove.gif

Flicko, for detailed info on Sunshine Autos as a money generator


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Welcome To My Rampage Guide!1. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds by doing a drive-by

Location: Vice Point - The northern part of the island, there is a building where there is a ramp on the right side of the building.



2. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with a Colt Python

Location: Vice Point - Near rampage #1, but this one out behind a building on the beach.



3. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a Rocket Launcher

Location: Vice Point - Inside the mall on the second level near the store called Vinyl Countdown.



4. Kill 35 gang members in 120 seconds with an M4

Location: Vice Point - The eastern entrance to the mall.



5. Kill 20 gang members in 120 seconds with a Chainsaw

Location: Vice Point - The eastern entrance bridge that heads towards the golf course, there is a house beside the entrance near the docks.



6. Kill 35 gang members in 120 seconds by doing a drive-by

Location: Vice Point - The dead end loop street near the island of the golf course.



7. Kill 10 gang members in 120 seconds with a PSG-1

Location: Vice Point - Out on the beach with the giant swimming pool and diving board (Near the Malibu).



8. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a Spaz Shotgun

Location: Vice Point - Just south of the previous rampage. it's on a ledge.



9. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with an MP5

Location: Vice Point - South of the construction building. Theirs a building with the package on the steps.



10. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with a Shotgun

Location: Ocean Beach - On the very top level on the mall near the bridge to Little Havana.



11. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with an M4

Location: Ocean Beach - On the steps of "The Ocean View Medical Foundation" just down the street of Colonel Cortez boat.



12. Kill 20 gang members in 120 seconds with a Chainsaw

Location: Ocean Beach - Across the mall with the gas station. There is a building with a door half open, it's just around the door.



13. Kill 10 gang members in 120 seconds with a Katana

Location: Ocean Beach - Just around the block of rampage #12. It's hidden in between apartments.



14. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with a PSG-1

Location: Ocean Beach - Inside the parking garage, go up the ramp and jump off landing on the roof.



15. Run over and kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a car

Location: Ocean Beach - Just near the lighthouse. It's over a sand-dune.



16. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with Molotov's

Location: Ocean Beach - Near the road and the lighthouse path. It's near the corner of the road.



17. Destroy 10 vehicles in 120 seconds with a Rocket Launcher

Location: Ocean Beach - Take a boat and head south from Cortez's boat yard. Find a wooden house with a rampage glow.



Wester Island
18. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a Flamethrower

Location: Downtown - Near the stadium, the rampage is right beside the ramp to the helipad.



19. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a Minigun

Location: Downtown - Take a detour when coming off Pawn Island bridge. Turn right in the open area. There is a sculpture with the rampage close by.



20. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with a Colt Python

Location: Downtown - Go to Ammu-Nation. There is a huge pile of stairs that ramps over the gun shop. It's at the top of the stairs.



21. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a Flamethrower

Location: Downtown - Coming off Pawn Island bridge, turn left at the open area, there are stairs that lead up to a door.



22. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds by doing a drive-by

Location: Downtown - Beside the Well Stacked Pizza building that's down the street from the Recording Studio.



23. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with an M60

Location: Downtown - A large hotel with a pool, it's around the right side in a little corner.



24. Kill 35 gang members in 120 seconds with a Spaz Shotgun

Location: Little Haiti - An iron red bridge, go across it and around the building, you will find it.



25. Kill 30 gang members in 120 seconds with a Tec-9

Location: Little Haiti - Behind a building just near the Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory.



26. Destroy 15 vehicles in 120 seconds with a Minigun

Location: Escobar International Airport - Just to the east of the Military base, hidden in some trees.



27. Kill 10 gang members in 120 seconds with a Katana

Location: Little Havana - On a small ramp just a couple buildings north of Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory.



28. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with a Shotgun

Location: Little Havana - In the basketball courts in the small sub-division with shacks/houses.



29. Run over and kill 35 gang members in 120 seconds with a car

Location: Starfish Island - In the driveway of the western house.



30. Kill 20 gang members in 120 seconds with a Sniper Rifle

Location: Little Havana - You need helicopter to get this one. The roof of the building of Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory.



31. Kill 20 gang members in 120 seconds with a Ruger

Location: Little Havana - Drive north from Sunshine Autos, at the "T" intersection, there are stairs to the left that leads up to the roof.



32. Destroy 12 vehicles in 120 seconds with a Rocket Launcher

Location: Escobar International Airport - On the roof of the entrance of the airport. Get a helicopter to get it.



33. Kill 25 gang members in 120 seconds with a Spaz Shotgun

Location: Escobar International Airport - Behind one of the large pillars inside the airport.



34. Kill 35 gang members in 120 seconds with Grenades

Location: Little Havana - head south from Sunshine Autos, the intersection, go diagonally to the right to the Hooker Inn. It's around the back.



35. Destroy 15 vehicles in 120 seconds with a Rocket Launcher

Location: Vice Port - The large cargo ship, it's at the very front of the ship.



Well that's it. I hope that helps! If you have anything you think should be added please PM me.



Very special thanks to Bartleby for the table coding and also very special thanks to chenjx1983 for providing the pictures.
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Real Estate Guide
The Malibu
Price: $120,000
Daily Earn: $10,000
No Escape?
Before starting this mission, you should have full health and armor to make your life a lot easier. Head to the Police Station in Washington Beach, once you have entered turn left into the lockers this will give you 2 stars but there will be a police uniform there and it will lower your wanted level to none and allow you to go further into the station without getting 4 stars. After this go down the hallway and up the stairs you need to find a keycard which is the office straight in front of you when you go up the stairs. Now head down the stairs you came up and go down the stairs on your left then head in to the cells. Once you have broken Cam free you will have a wanted level of 4, don't bother shooting the police unless you find Cam is not behind you. Once you are outside head towards the car that is left there or a car that you parked yourself, drive the car to your nearest pay N spray and take him back to his hideout.
Reward: $1,000 and Cop outfit-- this allows you full access to the police station and Fort Baxter as long as you wear it. Changing clothes or getting killed or busted will result in the loss of this outfit until you complete the mission 'Copland'
The Shootist
Drive down to the Downtown Ammu-Nation, when you arrive go to the back and talk to Phil, you will now have to do a shooting challenge. The first section will be shooting moving targets, the closest target is worth 1 point, the middle target is worth 2 points and the furthest away is 3 points, the round lasts for 2 minutes and when your time is up or you run out of ammo the round is over. When you have finished proceed down to the next section. This time you will be in a street like setting where cardboard figures will pass through the windows and you must shot them, each target is worth just 1 point. The round last for 1 minute and ends when your time is up or you run out of ammo. After the second section head straight towards the third this time you will only have to focus on one building as with the last section you will have to shoot cardboard figures and all are worth 1 point. This round also lasts for 1 minute and ends when your time is up or ammo runs out. If you do not have 60 points by the end of all 3 sections the mission is failed.
Reward: $3,000 and the Rifle Range is open to shoot in.
The Driver
You will have to compete in a street race with Hilary, when you pass the first checkpoint you will get a wanted level of 2. In some ways this could help you as the police might smash into Hilary's car, Hilary's car has a faster acceleration which will make this mission a bit harder but if you keep a clean pace without smashing your car every 2 seconds the mission will be easy.
Reward: $4,000
The Job
Before starting this mission it is helpful to be equipped with lots of weapons and full health and armor. Using the taxi provided outside of Malibu drive Hilary, Cam and Phil to the bank in Little Havana. Hilary will then drive off then you must head into the bushes near the bank here you will change into new clothes and will be armed with a Colt Python. When you enter the bank a little cutscene will happen then you must take Cam up to the vault when you head up the stairs two guards will appear, kill them before they kill you or Cam once they are finished head up some more stairs when come up be aware there are two more guards there kill them before they can hurt Cam. Then head to the lift. When you come out of the lift be aware for any guards and kill them before they kill you. Once you are there let Cam do his stuff, when Cam tells you the vault will take hours to crack go downstairs via the lift and go back to where you first saw the two guards and enter the room at the end of room you are in here you will find a man take him up to Cam but don�t hurt him then head back down to the entrance, while you are going down to the entrance the alarm is set off and you have a wanted level of 3 soon the SWAT members will come in to the bank, kill them all and then head out. Hilary will arrive outside and get himself kill, make sure Phil doesn�t die if he does it�s mission failed but don't worry if Cam die because it won't matter, I would suggest killing him yourself as it will result in you get more money for the mission. Once you are done with that head into the taxi and drive to the pay 'n' spray and then head to Cam's hideout and enjoy your reward.
Reward: $50,000 or $30,000 if Cam is alive, bank outfit delivered to the Malibu, the Malibu's asset is completed and you will receive $10,000 from Malibu everyday.
The Print Works
Price: $70,000
Daily Earn: $8,000
Spilling The Beans
Drive to Malibu and talk to Kent Paul after that drive to the ship docked in Vice Port here you will be greeted with PIGs, kill them if necessary if not then go past them head to the point marked on your map, once you have been to that point you will have a wanted level of 2. Exit the ship and return to the Print Works.
Reward: $2,000
Hit The Courier
Before this mission it is advisable to have full health and armor and be equipped with loads of weapons. Drive to Vice Port docks, when you enter be careful there will be woman armed with very powerful weapons take them all out then wait for the helicopter to arrive, once the woman gets out kill her and grab the plates, hop into one of the cars there and drive to Print Works. If the courier does not arrive or her helicopter is destroyed the mission is failed.
Reward: $5,000 and the asset is completed and you will earn $8,000 a day from Print Works.
Inter Global Films
Price: $60,000
Daily Earn: $7,000
Recruitment Drive
Drive to the Downtown area and pick up Candy Suxx. But before she comes with you her pimp and some of his men arrive kill the men and chase after the pimp he will occasionally stop and get in another car, once you have killed him go back to Candy and take her in your car then drop off at the Well Stacked Pizza store also in downtown and pick up Mercedes once you have got them both head back to the Film Studios.
Reward: $1,000
Dildo Dodo
Get to skimmer that is left for you behind the film studios, you will have to fly the skimmer around the city distributing fliers, to start the distributing enter a blue checkpoint to start it and go to the red checkpoint to end the distributing. It is much easier if you do the checkpoints in order rather than making it random.
Reward: $2,000 and the skimmer is always at the film studios.
Martha's Mug Shot
Follow Candy with the Sparrow that is provided to not go too much in front of her limo or fall back too much, once she has reached her location do not go to the building that is suggested because once you have finished taking the photos the FBI will storm it instead go to the roof of any building that is close enough to take the pictures. Once you have taken the pictures you will have a wanted level of 5, fly back to the studio avoiding the FBI's gunfire as much as possible.
Reward: $4,000
Steal the PCJ-600 that is provided for you and go to the office building in Downtown marked on your map, when you reach the top floor and enter the pink marker you must now jump from building to building with the bike, when you get about 3/4 of the way to your destination there will be a little cutscene where you will see some stairs lower if in any case your bike is destroyed or lost come down those stairs and get a new PCJ-600. Once you have reached the destination step in the pink marker and you will see a cutscene after that the light will turn towards the building and mark a picture of Candy's breasts and under it saying 'Suxx' If you do not reach the destination before 7:00 AM the mission will be a failure.
Reward: $8,000 and asset completed, you will receive $7,000 per day from the Inter Global Studios.
Kaufman Cabs
Price: $40,000
Daily Earn: $5,000
You will have 1 minute timer to get to Starfish Island and pick up the fare when you get there the fare is stolen by a rival cab, you must now ram into the rival cab so that is damaged enough for the fare to get out, if the fare reaches the airport in the rival cab the mission is failed also if the fare is killed during the drive the mission is also failed.
Reward: $1,000
Friendly Rivalry
Destroy 3 rival cabs marked on your map with any chosen method.
Reward: $2,000
Before this mission equip yourself with a sub-machine gun. Go to pick up Mercedes in the area behind the warehouses in Vice Port. When you arrive you find that it's a trap and you are surrounded by 6 rival cabs you have two choices you can either survive for 1 minute or destroy all the cars with any chosen method. When the time is up or you have destroyed all 6 cabs, the Zebra Cab will arrive. The car can be destroyed or just the driver.
Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory
Cost: $20,000
Daily Earn: $3,000
Go to the factory and get an ice cream van to sell ice cream when you get outside turn the jingle on and wait in one stop for the customers to come and buy some ice cream. Do not stop and wait for customers on other gangs turf as they will start shooting at you, when you have sold 4 ice creams your wanted level will go up. There is no time limit for this mission but the sells do need to be made consecutively. You must exit the van to complete the mission-- you fail if you die or get busted prior to exiting.

Reward: Asset completed and you will receive $3,000 per day.

Sunshine Autos
Cost: $50,000
Daily Earn: $9,000 (after 4 car lists have been completed.)
Complete all 4 Car Lists
Behind Sunshine Autos is a garage next to it is a list, you must bring those cars to that garage to get the revenue for Sunshine Autos.
List 1





Blista Compact


List 2








List 3








List 4


Cuban Hermes


Baggage Handler

Mr. Whoopee

Pizza Boy

Money: $500 per car, $20,000 for the complete list.

Reward: Revenue is given.

Vice City Street Races
In the same area that the garage was there is a map of Vice City if you go up to it, it will give you a selection of races. The following is a list of races in order from shortest to longest.
1. Terminal Velocity

Starting Location: Escobar International Airport terminal

Length: 1.1 miles

Entry Fee: $100

Prize Money: $400


2. Ocean Drive

Starting Location: Washington Beach

Length: 1.652 miles

Entry Fee: $500

Prize Money: $2,000



3. Border Run

Starting Location: Little Havana

Length: 1.926 miles

Entry Fee: $1,000

Prize Money: $4,000



4. Capital Cruise

Starting Location: Vice Point

Length: 2.438 miles

Entry Fee: $2,000

Prize Money: $8,000



5. Tour!

Starting Location: Vice Point

Length: 2.86 miles

Entry Fee: $5,000

Prize Money: $20,000


6. V.C. Endurance

Starting Location: Little Havana

Length: 6.1 miles

Entry Fee: $10,000

Prize Money: $40,000

The Boatyard
Cost: $10,000
Daily Earn: $2,000
Checkpoint Charlie
Enter one of the boats docked at the boatyard for this mission to begin, when it has begun you will have to pass through checkpoints with the packages (same ones for GTA3) in the middle. You have a time limit of 2 and a half minutes to go through all of the checkpoints, if the timer runs out the mission is failed.
The Pole Position Club
Cost: $40,000
Daily Earn: $3,000
The Dancer
Inside the club, enter the hallway at the back of the club and go into the first door on your left. Spend a total of $300 watching the girl dance. The amount of money spent does not need to spent all in one go.
Reward: Asset complete and the Mr. Vercetti outfit is delivered to Collars & Cuffs.
Note: The price varies for some but as I said you don't need to pay it all in one go so try $300 first and if that does not work then try $600.
El Swanko Casa

Cost: $8,000

Garage(s): One

Other info: Has weapons around the building.

Hyman Condo
Cost: $14,000

Garage(s): Three

Other info: Has a helicopter on the roof and it can get all your hidden packages rewards that have been recieved before the purchase of the safehouse.

Link View Apartment
Cost: $6,000

Garage(s): One

Other info: It's got a save point and garage, not much more to say

1102 Washington Street
Cost: $3,000

Garage(s): None

Other info: You are neighbors with Ken Rosenberg

Ocean Heights
Cost: $7,000

Garages(s): One

Other info: None

3321 Vice Point
Cost: $2,500

Garage(s): None

Other info: Close to the North Point Mall

Skumole Shack
Cost: $1,000

Garage(s): None

Other info: Close to the biker bar and there is usually PCJ-600 underneath it also has a sub-machine gun under the stairs.

By Vengence & Warlord


Huge Thanks goes out to Bartleby for the coding biggrin.gif


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Long Haired Freaky Guy

I made this into a seperate topic, but just incase it gets lost down the pages....



Ocean Beach:-



Jump No: 1

Location: In the really long alleyway behind the Ocean View Hotel (your first hideout). There are numerous unique jumps found behind here, so matching the number of the jump on this guide and the actual jump in the game can be tricky. Anyway, head north up the alley and you should come to a stack of pallets on your left.

Walkthrough: When you find the pallets you are looking for, aim your bike, or car if you are feeling daring, towards the ramp on the pallets. When you feel you have a good line, accelerate towards the ramp and don’t take your finger off the acceleration, and if all goes well, you should fly high over the pallets and land safely further down the alleyway.

All the jumps in this section are quite tricky, and may take a few goes to master the perfect angle at which to jump at, and also the speed that each jump requires. Don’t give up if you don’t get the reward after the first few attempts.


Jump No: 2

Location: Head to the top deck of the car park, and in the southwest corner you should see a little ramp, this being your target for this unique jump.

Walkthrough: Again, when you find the ramp, line your bike up with the ramp, so that you feel that you will hit it in the right spot to achieve the perfect, or in this case unique, jump. Accelerate and hit the jump, and for this jump to register, you have to land on the roof of Collars & Cuffs to the south. Anywhere else and it won’t register.


Jump No: 3

Location: On the roof of the Washington Mall, the ramp near the shotgun. There ya go, a weapon and and jump in one. wink.gif

Walkthrough: Head to the top of the Washington Mall Via the spiral driveway, and there you should spot a ramp in the corner next to the shotgun. Strike the ramp at full speed, and for this jump to register as a unique jump, land on top of the building to the east.


Jump No: 4

Location: Straight after the previous jump.

Walkthrough: When you land jump #3, carry on at full speed, if you can, but aim your bike towards the air vents that are on top of this roof. Hit the one on the left and jump over to the next roof, and you have yet another jump in the bag.


Jump No: 5

Location: If you have done the “PCJ Playground” mission, then you will know where this one is, and also you will have completed this jump. If not, then this jump is located at the white building in Ocean Beach. The building should have a pair of steps on it, so search for the building, and the stairs that accompany it.

Walkthrough: Reverse fully back to the house on your bike, and then speed off towards the stairs. With the staircase been so narrow, this jump can prove quite tricky, and quite irritating when a car gets in your way when you try to cross the road. Hit the stairs at full speed, and you should take off at the top, and if all goes right you should land on the building roof across from you, which leads me onto the next jump....


Jump No: 6

Location: Directly leading on from previous jump.

Walkthrough: Once you have landed jump #5, you should see yet another ramp in front of you, or you should if you land in the right place, so keep your finger down on the acceleration button and hit this next ramp at full speed. You have to land on the roof, or at least hit the building across the road for this jump to register.


Jump No: 7

Location: Head down to the dock area, the one where Colonel Cortez can be found on his giant boat. Once you have completed all his missions, the gates will be open, giving you access to the next two jumps. Head through the open gate and down along the pier, keeping a lookout on the left for a ramp on one of the piers.

Walkthrough: When you have spotted the first ramp, turn your bike, and yes it will have to be a bike for these two jumps because of the narrowness of the pier, and aim it towards the ramp. Now reverse back, keeping your finger on the L button so that you get a sideways view, meaning when you reverse right back, you won’t fall into the drink. Reverse back so that your back wheel is hitched up against the pier edge, so that you are higher up at the back in other words. Now get your bike in a perfect line, and hit the ramp at full speed, full speed needed to get both jumps, and land on the other pier for the jump to register.


Jump No: 8

Location: Directly leading on from previous jump...

Walkthrough: If you still have full speed, and still in a perfect straight line, aim for the next ramp and hit that one at full speed as well. If all goes well, you should land on yet another pier and will have yet another jump in the bag.

Both jumps require you to actually land on the adjacent pier for it to register. Failing that, and landing in the big blue drink, will not register the jump, and you will have to dry yourself off and try again.



Washington Beach:-



Jump No: 9

Location: Yay, guess what set of jumps we are doing now. Yep, you guessed it, it’s those annoying ones down that alleyway, the ones you attempt to do in the PCJ600 mission.

Walkthrough: Speed south down the huge alleyway, and hit the pallets at the end of it. Basically, for this jump to register you have to land in the next alleyway further south. Sounds easy, but believe me, gets quite irritating after the first few goes.


Jump No: 10

Location: Remember the steps that Lance stood on during the “Guardian Angels” mission? These are the steps that require jumping over for this unique jump.

Walkthrough: Head to the steps that I have just told you to, and aim your bike towards them (so that you are facing west), and now you have to reverse your bike all the way over to the wall near the beach, which means weaving in and out of traffic as you cross the road, unless you feel you can go forwards towards the wall and then turn round and do the jump, but this proves more tricky. Once at the wall, set off towards the ramp at full speed, also avoiding the traffic along the way which can prove quite tricky, and if you manage this the only thing left is to juuuuuuuuuuuump from the top of the stairs. Land your bike on the grass near the police station, which means clearing the road, and you will have this jump registered as unique.


Jump No: 11

Location: Start off at the “Standing Vice Point” building, and the jump is in front of you.

Walkthrough: Starting off at the “Standing Vice Point” building, head South down the alley and do a HUGE jump from the first set of stairs on the right. Easy enough?


Jump No: 12

Location: Still in the same alley, just a bit further south then jump #11.

Walkthrough: Basically the same as jump #11, but just using the stairs that are further south down the alleyway. Land safely and don’t crash for this to register.


Jump No: 13

Location: This is the concrete block near the police station.

Walkthrough: Head west along the road behind the police station, and clear the channel using the concrete block for this jump to register. You can use a fast car or bike for this jump.


Jump No: 14

Location: Drive to the bridge that links Starfish Island to the East Island, and turn around to face the bridge that leads to the police station.

Walkthrough: Speed towards the bridge leading to the police station, but just as you approach it, swerve right and you should see a small mound of dirt near the wall. Hit this at full speed to jump the channel and land on the other side. Yet another easy jump to add to your collection.


Jump No: 15

Location: Head towards “Coin Laundry” and there should be a ramp aiming towards its roof.

Walkthrough: Hit this ramp at full speed on your motorbike and you should land on the “Coin Laundry”.



Prawn Island:-



Jump No: 16

Location: Head towards the film studio, and near the block of buildings (not the ones near the fountain), there should be a road that leads right round them. Head round the back here and you should see a ramp leading to a roof.

Walkthrough: Go slowly, but not too slow, up this ramp and land on the ramp on the building roof, the one that allows access to the roof of the next building. Once on top of this next building, look at the ramp near the edge of it, and turn around and go to the opposite end. The roof is actually shaped so that the opposite edge to the ramp is the longest, meaning a bigger run-up. Once your bike is on the edge of the roof, hit the ramp at full speed and you should hopefully land in the film studio.

Don’t worry if you haven’t unlocked the studio yet, as there is a pair of steps round the edge that allows you to get out.






Jump No: 17

Location: As you cross over to the 2nd island, you are straight away on a main road. Follow this road North, and as it starts to curve round towards the Greasy Chopper, follow the straight road and you shall come to the fire station. As you continue north, you will notice a building on the right hand side that has a huge pair of steps up it, here is your jump....and a rampage. wink.gif

Walkthrough: When you find this building and it’s huge pair of steps, you will notice that they are narrow, so a PCJ600 will be better for this jump, although you can make it in a car. Once on your PCJ, reverse back to the fire station and face the steps. Now accelerate towards the steps, making sure to miss the traffic on the road, and drive all the way up the steps. You will lose a bit of momentum, but keep your finger down and you should have enough speed to clear the road and land on top of the Ammunation. If you don’t make it onto the roof then the jump won’t register, and usually results in you smashing into the building and falling to the ground...OUCH!


Jump No: 18

Location: Only accessible on the G-Spotlight mission, which is a mission for the Film Studio.

Walkthrough: When you begin the G-Spotlight mission, you have to go up the lift onto a higher floor in the tower block, and then you are told to smash through the glass onto the building below. This jump will always register, but only if you make it to the other building without falling. If you complete the G-Spotlight mission, then you will have done this jump.


Jump No: 19

Location: Same as above, but further on in the mission.

Walkthrough: Same mission as the last jump, but just a bit further on. You have to jump between the two buildings in front of the V-Rock HQ. Again, you will have always done this jump if you have done the mission.


Jump No: 20

Location: Again, same as above but further on in the mission.

Walkthrough: This time round, it’s right near the end, well, it is the last jump. You have to jump to the building with the spotlight on from the building to the North. As I said in the previous two, once mission is completed then you will have definitely done this jump, unless you used a helicopter for the mission.....CHEATER!!!!



Escobar International Airport:-



Jump No: 21

Location: Drive to the front of the airport, and you should spot a huge surf sign in front of it.

Walkthrough: Line your bike up with the slope on the sign, and then reverse your bike as far back as it will go. Now, making sure you can still see the slope of the ramp, and that you are still in a good line with it, accelerate towards it. The jump can prove tricky because the slope starts narrow, but gets even narrower a bit in, so make sure you stick to the right-hand side of the slope and you will make the jump. For this jump to register, you have to make it all the way onto the Airport roof, where a handy Rampage icon will be awaiting you.


Jump No: 22

Location: Enter the big runway section via the entrance near the building you just jumped on, and immediately turn left. You should see a ramp pointing towards the road.

Walkthrough: Again, aim your bike towards the ramp, and reverse as far back as possible to ensure the biggest jump possible. Now fly towards the ramp and hit it at full throttle, and for this jump to register you have to land on the Vice City Transport Building’s roof.


Jump No: 23

Location: Enter the runway area again via the entrance, and this time turn right. Next to one of the tunnels should be some mobile steps.

Walkthrough: Use a PCJ600 (car cannot be used due to narrowness of stairs) to jump over the tunnel via the mobile stairs next to it. You have to clear the tunnel completely for the jump to register.


Jump No: 24

Location: Now when you enter the airport runway section, go straight ahead, and you should see yet another pair of mbile steps aiming towards a tunnel.

Walkthrough: As with the previous jump, just reverse enough distance back to ensure you have enough speed to clear the tunnel, and this will be another jump for you to cross off your list.


Jump No: 25

Location: Head towards the stairs used in jump #23, but carry on going South and you will come to some more mobile stairs facing a tunnel.

Walkthrough: You know the drill by now, clear the tunnel completely using your bike for the jump to register. Sorry, but there isn’t a lot I can really say in these jumps.... cryani.gif


Jump No: 26

Location: As you enter the runway section, you should see on your radar the first runway is diagonal. At the end nearest to you as you enter, you should come across a set of two grey ramps, one higher then the other.

Walkthrough: Race right to the other end with your bike, or high performance car, and then turn round. Now speed all the way back, and when the ramps come into view, go to the side of the runway that has the highest one on, and keep up the speed. When you leave the ramp, you should be able to clear the fence for the jump to register.


Jump No: 27

Location: Search the Southern side of the big airport runway area, and you should see a building with a dish on it, no, not the same type of dish that allows you to watch porn on TV, but a big red dish spinning round on the building. Nearby is a red ramp.

Walkthrough: Using a bike, hit this red ramp at a slight angle to the right, and this should mean you just have enough angle to miss the building and clear it totally. If you keep hitting the building, just keep trying different start points and different angles.


Jump No: 28

Location: Near the radar building should be a pair of mobile stairs.

Walkthrough: I bet you can’t guess what to do can you......you get a cookie if you can....oh well, you guessed right, have your cookie. cookie.gif



Little Haiti:-



Jump No: 29

Location: As you reach the 2nd island Via Starfish Island, turn right and then go down the 2nd right turn, then do another right down the first road you come to. You should now be at a drainage tunnel, and nearby is a wooden ramp.

Walkthrough: Using any car or bike, yes I said ANY, use the wooden ramp to clear the drainage channel and receive another unique jump reward.


Jump No: 30

Location: Head towards the slums in this area, and down one small alleyway you should see a yellow bus. Once you find this, look for a ramp nearby.

Walkthrough: When you find this ramp, reverse your bike right up the alleyway, but there isn’t a lot of space to manoeuvre or get a lot of speed in, so you’ll have to make do with the area you have. Now hit the ramp at full speed, and clear the yellow bus for the jump to register.


Jump No: 31

Location: Head Northeast of Kauffman cabs and you should find an alleyway, which should have a ramp in it.

Walkthrough: Hit this ramp at full speed on a PCJ600, and you have to land on the roof beyond it for the jump to register. Hitting the building will not result in a unique jump.



Little Havana:-



Jump No: 32

Location: A set of ramps near the Bakery & Cafeteria.

Walkthrough: Begin your run up behind the Bakery & Cafeteria and head South. Keep your speed up over the ramps then jump from the last one over the street and onto the roof of the 1-HR Photo Shop.



Starfish Island:-



Jump No: 33

Location: Head round the island, and find the brown building with a red roof, one with some hedges. Search around the house and you should see a small set of steps up the side of the house.

Walkthrough: This is one of the most tricky jumps in the game, as it involves jumping a long distance with not such a long runway to set off from. Make use of all the space when you are lining your PCJ up with the stairs, and then hit the stairs at full speed to clear the hedge. This took me a few goes to master, so don’t give up straight away.



Vice Point:-



Jump No: 34

Location: Just a bit South from the Malibu Club, down along the grass verge, is a concrete block.

Walkthrough: Starting off at the Malibu Club, speed down the grass verge and hit the concrete block at full speed. These jumps are the easiest to do, as it only involves you jumping a short distance.


Jump No: 35

Location: The concrete block right next to the Malibu Club.

Walkthrough: Using the car park opposite the Malibu Club, use a PCJ to race towards the concrete block, hitting at full speed. You must fully clear the river to complete this jump, falling in will result in failure!


Jump No: 36

Location: Head to the highest point in Avery’s building site. One of the girders points North, this is your designated girder in which to jump from.

Walkthrough: Use a PCJ to manoeuvre the very small girder, and then jump off the edge of the girder towards the North. You must fully clear the street and land on the grass for this jump to register.





Need help, or don’t understand any part of the guide? Got some constructive critiscm about the guide? Then don’t be afraid to post here or PM me to ask/ tell me your queries.




xmas.gif Long Haired Freaky Guy xmas.gif

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I was bored so I thought I would make this Radio Station guide. I know there is a list in the manual and on some other sites but there isn't anything on radio stations on these forums.






1. DJ Lazlow Intro

2. You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest

3. Love Fury - Love Fist

4. Yankee Rose - David Lee Roth

5. I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister

6. Too Young to Fall in Love - Mötley Crüe

7. Cum on Feel the Noise - Quiet Riot

8. She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult

9. Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne

10. Dangerous Bastard - Love Fist

11. 2 Minutes To Midnight - Iron Maiden

12. Working for the Weekend - Loverboy

13. God Bless Video - Alcatrazz

14. Cumin' Atcha Live - Tesla

15. Turn Up The Radio - Autograph

16. Peace Sells - Megadeth

17. Madhouse - Anthrax

18. Raining Blood - Slayer





1. DJ Toni Introduction

2. Out Of Touch - Hall & Oates

3. Four Little Diamonds - Electric Light Orchestra

4. Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

5. Your Love - The Outfield

6. Life's What You Make It - Talk Talk

7. Run To You - Bryan Adams

8. Dance Hall Days - Wang Chung

9. DJ Toni Mid Party Announcement

10. Call Me - Go West

11. Running With The Night - Lionel Richie

12. Self Control - Laura Branigan

13. Kiss the Dirt - Inxs

14. Owner Of A Lonely Heart - Yes

15. DJ Toni Outro

16. Blox Radio Commercial

17. Just The Five Of Us


WAVE 103:


1. DJ Adam First Intro

2. Two Tribes - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

3. Pale Shelter - Tears For Fears

4. Kids In America - Kim Wilde

5. Atomic - Blondie

6. I Ran So Far Away - A Flock Of Seagulls

7. Fascination - The Human League

8. DJ Adam First Halftime

9. 99 Luftballons - Nena

10. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs

11. Gold - Spandau Ballet

12. Hyperactive! - Thomas Dolby

13. Never Say Never - Romeo Void

14. Sunglasses At Night - Corey Hart

15. DJ Adam First Outro

16. Sissy Spritz

17. Synth And Son




1. DJ Fernando Intro

2. Africa - Toto

3. Crockett's Theme - Jan Hammer

4. Missing You - John Waite

5. Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew

6. Waiting For A Girl Like You - Foreigner

7. Broken Wings ­ Mr. Mister

8. DJ Fernando Half Time

9. More Than This - Roxy Music

10. Tempted - Squeeze

11. Keep On Loving You - Reo Speedwagon

12. Sister Christian - Night Ranger

13. Never Too Much - Luther Vandross

14. Wow - Kate Bush

15. DJ Fernando Outro

16. Knife After Dark

17. Petstuffers




1. Wildstyle DJ Intro

2. Rockit - Herbie Hancock

3. The Message - Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

4. More Bounce To The Ounce - Zapp & Roger

5. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic

6. One For The Treble - Davy Dmx

7. Bassline - Mantronix

8. Wildstyle DJ Halftime

9. Hip Hop Bee Bop - Man Parrish

10. Al-Naafiysh - Hashim

11. Clear - Cybotron

12. Wildstyle DJ 3rd Quarter

13. Looking For The Perfect Beat - Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force

14. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic Premier

15. Rock Box - RUN DMC

16. The Breaks - Kurtis Blow

17. Wildstyle DJ Mr Magic Super Blast

18. Magic's Wand - Whodini

19. Wildstyle Dj Outro

20. Degeneration

21. Maibatsu Thunder


FEVER 105:


1. DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Introduction

2. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - Michael Jackson

3. Automatic - The Pointer Sisters

4. Act Like You Know - Fat Larry's Band

5. Juicy Fruit - Mtume

6. Behind The Groove - Teena Marie

7. DJ Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Halftime

8. Get Down Saturday Night

9. Ghetto Life ­ Rick James

10. Shame - Evelyne "Champagne" King

11. All Night Long - Mary Jane Girls

12. Summer Madness - Kool & The Gang

13. I'll Be Good - Various,Angela Winbush,Rene Moore

14. And The Beat Goes On - Whispers

15. Dj Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Outro

16. Salivex

17. Yuppie And The Alien




1. Pepe Introduction

2. Super Strut - Deodato

3. A Gozar Con Mi Combo - Cachao

4. Me And You Baby - Mongo Santamaria

5. Mambo Mucho Mambo - Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra

6. Jamay - Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra

7. Pepe Intermission

8. Mama Papa Tu - Mongo Santamaria

9. La Vida es Una Lenteia - Unaesta

10. Expansions - Lonnie Liston Smith

11. Aguanile - Irakere

12. Maracaibo Oriental - Beny Moré

13. Latin Flute - Deodato

14. Mambo Gozón - Tito Puente

15. Pepe Outro

16. Fernando's Medallion Ad

17. Think Your Way To Success




Host-Maurice Chavez

Special guests include:

Alex Shrub

Callum Crayshaw

John F. Hickory

(more to come as I think of them)


Talk Radio




Talk Radio


Host Amy ________ (need to look up)

Special guests include:

BJ Smith


(more to come)


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This is a complete guide to Sunshine Autos:


Where to find it:


- located in the south of West Vice City

- take the bridge from Starfish Island, when you get to West VC turn left, and then right into the next street. continue to the end until you can make a left, follow that road, and you will see Sunshine Autos on the left.

- buy it for $50000




- You can now save your games here

- there are four garages for saviing cars, you can save a total of 8 cars

- you have a pay-n-spray, free of charge

- Street Races available

- Stolen Cars list

- Sentinel respawning, inside the showroom

- Hidden Package on the second floor




Location; When you drive into Sunshine Autos parking lot, head down the ramp, and on the right wil be the Street Races list.


1. Terminal Velocity:

Location: Escobar International Airport

Length: 1.1 miles

Entrance Fee: $100

Winnings: $400


2. Ocean Drive:

Location: Ocean Drive

Length: 1.552 miles

Entrance Fee: $500

Winnings: $2000


3. Border Run:

Location: Little Havanna/ Little Haiti

Length: 1.926 miles

Entrance Fee: $1000

Winnings: $4000


4. Capital Cruise:

Location: Ocean Beach/ Washington Beach

Length: 2.438 miles

Entrance Fee: $2000

Winnings: $8000


5. Tour!

Location: Vice Point/ Washington Beach

Length: 2.86 miles

Entrance Fee: $5000

Winnings: $20000


6. V.C. Endurance

Location: All of Vice City

Length: 6.1 miles

Entrance Fee: $10000

Winnings: $40000


Note: Use a fast but very stable car for these!!



Stolen Cars:


Location: if you come into Sunshine Autos, drive down the ramp, and the garage will be to the right, next to the Street Races list.


List 1:






-Blista Compact


Known fixed locations for above cars.



1) Northwesternmost house on Starfish Island

2) Test Track near downtown



1) Cone Crazy (parking garage near ocean view hotel-top floor)


Rewards: A $500, for each car delivered, once all are delivered, you get an extra $20000, the Deluxo as a Bonus car, and Sunshine Autos, will spawn a revenue of $1500 a day.


List 2:








Known fixed locations for above



1) Sunshine Autos



1) Vercetti Estate


Rewads: A $500, for each car delivered, once all are delivered, you get an extra $20000, the Turbo Sabre as a Bonus car, and Sunshine Autos, will spawn a revenue of $4000 a day.


List 3:








Known fixed locations for above cars



1) Cortez's pier

2) easternmost lot of Starfish



1) Diaz's Mansion / Vercetti Estate

2) inside North Point Mall

3) inside the non-functioning garage of the estate on Starfish with the female-shaped pool



1) behind the Ocean Beach Pay N Spray

2) the western-central lot of Starfish



1) in the garage of the just east of center lot along the northern edge of Starfish (with figure 8 pool with beach ball)



1) northeasternmost lot of Starfish

2) front gate of Leaf Links golf course



1) western-central lot of Starfish (with R* pool)


Rewads: A $500, for each car delivered, once all are delivered, you get an extra $20000, the Sandking as a Bonus car, and Sunshine Autos, will spawn a revenue of $6500 a day.


List 4:


-Cuban Hermes


-Bagagge Handler

-Mr. Whoopee

-Pizza boy


Known fixed locations for above cars



1) outside Auntie Poulet's



1) in a bush near the lighthouse

2) Behind clubhouse at golf course (PS2 only)


Bagagge Handler

1) just west of the airport helipad

2) just south of the airport terminal, almost under the western boarding tunnel

3) between the southermost hangars of the west coast of the airport

4) on the west side of the airport terminal, underneath one of its overhangs


Mr. Whoopee

1) Cherry Poppers


Pizza boy

1) Well Stacked Pizza Little Haiti

2) Well Stacked Pizza Downtown

3) Well Stacked Pizza Vice Point



Rewads: A $500, for each car delivered, once all are delivered, you get an extra $20000, the Hot Ring Racer as a Bonus car, and Sunshine Autos, will spawn a revenue of $9000 a day.


Now all asset missions are complete.


Bonus Cars: You will find the Bonus cars inside the Car Showroom, and don't worry, they will respawn later if you take one out.


Now you have alot of more money, and four cool cars.


Fixed locations for cars to deliver provided by Demarest.

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user posted image


Using inspiration from the San Andreas Weapons Information made by 51L3N7 4554551N, I have made one for Vice City. A lot of people will be saying this game is old, but I for one still play it and I know many others that also still play this great game.


There are 33 weapons available in Vice City, most of these weapons can be found for free, some you will get during or after missions others must be bought from either Ammu-Nation, Tool Shops or Phil’s Place.


By collecting “Hidden Packages” scattered through out the City, you will get a weapon spawn at 3 of your save points in the game, Ocean View Hotel, Vercetti Estate, and Hyman Condo (on the roof) For every 10 Packages you find, a new weapon will appear.


10 - Body Armor

20 - Chainsaw

30 - Python

40 - Flamethrower

50 - Laser Scope Sniper Rifle

60 - Mini Gun

70 - Rocket Launcher

80 - Sea Sparrow at Starfish Island Helipad

90 - Rhino at Fort Baxter Air Base

100 - Hunter at Fort Baxter Air Base





Sprint – Yes

Location – The end of Tommy’s arms.

Comments – Tommy doesn’t have many moves but can run and throw a punch, he will also use kicks.


Brass Knuckles

Sprint – Yes

Location – To the right of the bat location, on the side of the hotel you start on.

Comments – Punches are more powerful with this on.





Sprint – Yes

Location – Tool Shop near Starfish Island Entrance.

Comments – One of the many “tools” that can be bought in the game, not a very strong weapon.



Sprint – Yes

Location – Tool Shop near Starfish Island Entrance.

Comments – Given to you on Avery’s first mission, like screwdriver not a very strong weapon.



Sprint – Yes

Location – Southernmost part of ocean beach (just drive forward in the alleyway of "guardian angels" mission)

Comments – Need to be close to target to get best results.



Sprint – Yes

Location – Tool Shop near Starfish Island Entrance.

Comments – Like the knife better close to target.



Sprint – Yes

Location – In the left of the starfish island bridge (same as "left the building site of "demolition man.

Comments – Does more damage than the cleaver, but again use only for close combat.



Sprint – No

Location – Side of hotel you start on.

Comments – Good range on this, only draw back is that you cant sprint with it.



Sprint – No

Location – Complete the mission “Treacherous Swine”.

Comments – Very heavy, Tommy moves quite slow when equipped, but does great damage and takes out groups of people fast.



Sprint – Yes

Location – In Tarbrush Cafe office.

Comments – Depending on the range of the target, Tommy will do different things, like swipe or stab.


Golf Club

Sprint – Yes

Location – To the right after you enter the golf club

Comments – Similar to the bat, but you can sprint with this.


Night Stick

Sprint – Yes

Location – N/A

Comments – Cops choice of weapon, good and strong, 2 hits normally kill with this.


Hand Guns


Colt 45

Sprint – Yes

Location – At Pier 2,stand with your back to it and go forward and left.

Comments – Good first gun to have, but is not very fast.


Colt Python

Sprint – Yes

Location – Drive to the big sign that says "Welcome to Hell" to south of City Scrap. Look in the alley nearby.

Comments – Very powerful, 1 hit kills, Tommy cant move when shooting this though.


Hand Grenades



Sprint – Yes

Location – At the back of the Washington Beach Police station, by the parked police cars.

Comments – Great when surrounded by gang members, just jump or sprint away asap.


Remote Grenades

Sprint – Yes

Location – Phil’s Place.

Comments – Similar to regular grenades but much more fun, throw the grenade and trigger when you feel like.


Molotov Cocktails

Sprint – Yes

Location – In Taco restaurant by Hyman Condos in north area of left island.

Comments – Does good damage to people and vehicles, just be sure to throw it away from yourself.


Tear Gass

Sprint – Yes

Location – Behind the police station in the center of the right island.

Comments – Similar to Molotov cocktails, great for crowds of people.


Sub-Machine Guns



Sprint – Yes

Location – Behind a house near the end of the cul-de-sac across the bridge west of the Well Stacked Pizza in Vice Point.

Comments – Not much power, but you can move while shooting.



Sprint – Yes

Location – Across from the Boatyard in Viceport.

Comments – A bit quicker than the Tech, but mostly the same.



Sprint – Yes

Location – Go to the back of Pay 'n' Spray (inside the fence) in Ocean Beach and continue to the building's south side.

Comments – Used by S.W.A.T teams, very powerful and very fast shooting.



Sprint – Yes

Location – Ammu-Nation (Downtown).

Comments – Used by F.B.I, kills targets very quickly. Best of all sub-machine guns.





Sprint – No

Location – At starting hotel, go left down that street until the end. It's by a bench on the right (Close to the beach).

Comments – Slow to reload and takes 2 hits to kill.


Stubby Shotgun

Sprint – No

Location – The weapon is located at the top-left corner of City Scrap, behind the bunker.

Comments – Similar to the shotgun, bit quicker to reload.



Sprint – No

Location – Drive to the main entrance to Escobar International Airport. Go to the big sign that says "Vice Surf”.

Comments – Best of the shotguns, fires a lot more rounds, reload time isn’t as long either.


Assault Rifles



Sprint – No

Location – You'll find the Kruger on the roof on the back of El Swanko Casa.

Comments – Good weapon, takes out vehicles fast with this.


Colt M4

Sprint – No

Location – Behind the buildings west of the Cafe Robina in Little Havana.

Comments – Used by the Army, very similar to the Kruger, but with better range.


Sniper Rifles


Sniper Rifle

Sprint – No

Location – Drive to the big sign that says "Welcome to Hell" to south of City Scrap. Look in the alley nearby.

Comments – Slow to reload, but better aiming, will produce better shots.



Sprint – No

Location – On roof by Kaufman Cabs billboard east of the Cafe Robina.

Comments – More rounds than the sniper rifle, and is quicker to reload.


Extreme Weapons



Sprint – No

Location – On Starfish Island, find house with Rockstar logo shaped swimming pool in backyard, flamethrower is in the star of the logo.

Comments – Like the chainsaw very heavy weapon, great for groups of people and Tommy can rotate while firing.


Rocket Launcher

Sprint – No

Location – Just before airport entrance of left island - big orange hotel "Hooker Inn". In pool in inner area.

Comments – Destroys almost anything, don’t use if enemy’s are nearby as the blast will probably kill you.



Sprint – No

Location – On prawn island, house to far north side all boarded up - on front balcony.

Comments – 1 hit to kill, very powerful, but quite heavy.


Mini Gun

Sprint – No

Location – On the top floor of the remains of the drug processing plant in the west part of Little Haiti (available after "Trojan Voodoo" (Umberto Robina)).

Comments – Brilliant for power and destruction, but another heavy weapon.


*Special thanks to yngve for making the banner*

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Parked car locations for SSA list vehicles:


As you wish! Would've been on it sooner but... yeah wink.gif



1) northwesternmost house of Starfish

2) Test Track



1) Cone Crazy



1) Sunshine Autos



1) Diaz's Mansion / Vercetti Estate



1) Diaz's Mansion / Vercetti Estate

2) westernmost lot of Starfish



1) Cortez's pier

2) easternmost lot of Starfish



1) Diaz's Mansion / Vercetti Estate

2) inside North Point Mall

3) inside the non-functioning garage of the estate on Starfish with the female-shaped pool



1) behind the Ocean Beach Pay N Spray

2) the western-central lot of Starfish



1) in the garage of the just east of center lot along the northern edge of Starfish (with figure 8 pool with beach ball)



1) northeasternmost lot of Starfish

2) front gate of Leaf Links golf course



1) western-central lot of Starfish (with R* pool)



1) outside Auntie Poulet's



1) in a bush near the lighthouse


Bagagge Handler

1) just west of the airport helipad

2) just south of the airport terminal, almost under the western boarding tunnel

3) between the southermost hangars of the west coast of the airport

4) on the west side of the airport terminal, underneath one of its overhangs


Mr. Whoopee

1) Cherry Poppers


Pizza boy

1) Well Stacked Pizza Little Haiti

1) Well Stacked Pizza Downtown

1) Well Stacked Pizza Vice Point



Not sure why the weapons guid STILL doesn't mention that Hyman Condos will produce the package benefits once acquired, but here are the additional weapons locations not mentioned already:


Brass Knuckles - Comments - Can be stolen from guards at the Malibu.


Screwdriver - Location - Bunch of Tools, Tooled Up, and Screw This


Hammer - Location - Bunch of Tools, Tooled Up, and Screw This. Since you later mentioned Treacherous Swine, Jury Fury should be mentioned here.


Knife - Location - Tooled Up. Also upstairs at the Malibu after completing The Job.


Cleaver - Location - Bunch of Tools, Tooled Up, Screw This, and behind the Well Stacked Pizza in Vice Point.


Machete - Location - Bunch of Tools and Screw This


Bat - Location - Bunch of Tools


Chainsaw - Location - Screw This and Apartment 3C.


Katana - Location - Tooled Up, in the garage of the house next to Diaz's Mansion/Vercetti Estate.


Golf Club - Location - entering any Caddy


Night Stick - Location - Washington Beach police station shower room (not available during No Escape?)


Colt 45 - Location - Ocean Beach AmmuNation, North Point Mall AmmuNation, and construction site where you get missions from Avery.


Colt Python - Location - Downtown AmmuNation, given during Gun Runner, and given in two different locations during Keep Your Friends Close...


Grenades - Location - North Point Mall AmmuNation and on basketball courts behind Little Havana hospital.


Remote Grenades - Location - back of building where the juror's car from Jury Fury is parked in Vice Point and given to you during Gun Runner. (also, the one you mentioned is for sale, not just readily available)


Molotov Cocktails - Location - Tacopalypse (you listed, just including the name)


Tear Gass - Comments - not available in the PC release game


Silenced Ingram (not Mac10) - Location - Ocean Beach AmmuNation and given to you during Gun Runner.


Uzi - Location - North Point Mall AmmuNation, behind the lawyer's office at the base of the same building as an armor pickup and hidden package 9, on the landing of the northmost abandoned building of Prawn Island, under the stairs of the Skumole Shack, given to you during Guardian Angels, Shakedown, and Road Kill, and used by Vice detectives, SWAT, and police heli-jumpers.


Shotgun - Location - Ocean Beach AmmuNation, upper deck of the Washington Mall, and in the basement of Vercetti Estate once it becomes Vercetti Estate

Comments - available from any Police car


Stubby Shotgun - Location - North Point Mall AmmuNation


S.P.A.S.12 - Location - Downtown AmmuNation, given to you during Gun Runner, Loose Ends, and Keep Your Friends Close...


Kruger - Location - Ocean Beach AmmuNation and given to you during Guardian Angels and All Hands On Deck!


Colt M4 - Location - Downtown AmmuNation, at the back of Studio B at InterGlobe, just across from Auntie Poulet's, in the basement of Vercetti Estate once it becomes Vercetti Estate, and given to you during Loose Ends.


Sniper Rifle - Location - North Point Mall AmmuNation, in the shrubbery maze of Diaz's Mansion / Vercetti Estate, the south edge of the westernmost bridge house of the southernmost bridge, and given to you during the missions Road Kill and Check Out At The Check In. Couldn't find the one you mentioned.


PSG-1 - Location - Downtown AmmuNation and given to you during the mission Cannon Fodder


Flamethrower - Location - Two blocks south of the Viceport Pay N Spray just outside the compoound Cabmageddon takes place in.

Comments - bane of the Rhino


Rocket Launcher - Location - For sale at Phil's.


M60 - Location - Southwest tower of Fort Baxter, sold at Phil's, and given to you during the missions Gun Runner and Phnom Penh '86


Mini Gun - Location - For sale at Phil's.

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Spuds’ Killing Method I


Weapon: Hunter Helicopter Auto-aim Minigun


Sustainable killing rate: About 3000-5000 kills per hour.


Location: Runway area located across from the main terminal at the airport, mostly between the "parking" entrance sign and the west fence bordering the runway-- I hover mostly about 20-30 feet up about 1/2 way between the south fence and an imaginary line run between the two light poles in this area (anywhere south of the light poles is ok so you don't run into them). This location is good in that it is very difficult for the Ranchers to get under you where you can't target them--although they do get in occasionally, they generally stay on the south side of the fence and drive past you.


Preparation: You must have access to the Hunter by either collecting 100 hidden packages or completing story line missions. Get your favorite weapons and I recommend the PSG-1 sniper rifle and get the cop uniform and save at the Mansion. If you head around the left side of the mansion (poolside not the maze side) the Sea Skimmer is always there and you can fly to Fort Baxter to get the Hunter in a few minutes. Make sure your health & armor is at maximum. When you head to Fort Baxter approach low, this seems to make the Hunter spawn more often-- if its not there, fly to the junkyard and back and make sure you approach low--its there every time I do that. After you land there, use your Sniper rifle and shoot soldiers to get you wanted level up to at least 3 stars- is easier to raise your wanted level this way then with the Hunter. By the time you are ready to start your spree you willl be at the desired 5 stars.


Method: Get a Hunter and start a Brown Thunder vigilante mission and try to get the 12th level to spawn in the runway area and do about 20-30 levels. Use your rockets and start blowing stuff up to get your wanted level up to 5 stars (if you haven't raised it previously). Keep your wanted level at 5 stars-- this makes the FBI Ranchers spawn, each of them carrying 4 FBI agents (aka pre-corpses).


Go to the killing spot and hover with the helicopter pointing south and keep your mini-gun shooting continuously and blow up the Ranchers as they drive by. Try not to get behind the “parking sign” as it blocks the bullets. By using the mini-gun instead of the rockets (besides being easier to aim) is that your wanted level rises slower then if you blow them up with rockets. When the police helicopter shows up (it will about every 90-120 seconds, blow it up with rockets--hopefully you see it approach which makes it easier) this is usually what raises your wanted level. Anytime the wanted rises to 6 stars (approximately every 8 minutes), fly over to the bribe behind Sunshine Autos and lower it back to 5 stars and then back to the killing spot (if you are good in the Hunter you can fly there and back in about 20-25 seconds)-- you can do this method without being on a vigilante but your wanted level will rise to 6 stars prior to the bribe re-spawning so you will have to fly to the one in Little Haiti to clear the 6th star this costs valuable killing time.


The purpose of killing while on vigilante is that it takes longer for your wanted level to go from 5 to 6 stars and you can keep getting the close bribe by Sunshine Autos. Also, if the Hunter starts taking damage and smoking you can complete several levels of vigilante and this will heal the chopper—if you see any smoke coming from the engines heal the Hunter.-- I recommend doing 15-20 levels each time which will build the armor up on the Hunter. If you have a good spawning point (ie the runway area) you can complete 20 levels in just a few minutes--and you still get kills but at a slightly slower rate then this method. When you are ready to go back to killing, make sure that you don’t destroy the criminals cars on the runway—let just one of them drive around but make sure you do blow up the 3rd car that usually spawns outside the airport if it does not destroy itself—if you don’t its possible for that car to end up downtown doing the loop in front of the stadium and it takes too long to fly over and kill it. The cars at the runway are close so if you take damage you can quickly fly over, kill them and heal yourself.


A conservative way of this method is every other time you have to clear a star, go and do 15-20 vigilante levels which will keep the helicopter health up and help fight boredom.


Spawning trick: The game engine hates having to keep track of too many cars (even blown up ones on screen at the same time) so if you get too many on screen, the FBI Ranchers stop spawning. A trick I figured out is to try and get the camera angle to point at the Hunter from the side but you want the road to still be visible in the shot (see pic below). Do this by moving joystick a little as you hover. If you start with the hunter near the fence pull it back a little and the camera angle will shift to the side, push it back forward a little to stop the helicopter from continuing to move but not too far or the camera angle will revert back to pointing forward. I know there are other ways to get the camera angle to the side but this method allows you to keep shooting as you get the camera in position--use whatever method is easiest for you.


By getting the angle to the side it makes the Ranchers spawn faster (I’ve had them spawn almost 1 per second before—this is 240 kills per minute—but they generally won’t keep spawning that fast for long)


Keep the Hunter pointed south with the mini-gun shooting and the Ranchers will blow up off screen but the blown up ranchers won’t register as being there so new ones will keep spawning—I am happy if I can keep one spawning every 3 seconds or so since that equates to 20 per minute which equates to 80 kills per minute. Clearing the stars and blowing up the police helicopter takes time away from this.


If you get a good spawning point/camera angle try not to touch the keypad or joystick (as this will change the camera angle and stop them from spawning so fast or the can stop entirely)


When the police helicopter shows up use your rotation buttons to turn the helicopter and your up and down buttons to try and line up your shot—if you see the police helicopter spawn in the distance, line up your angle but don’t go up until he starts to approach you, otherwise he won’t dive down at you and will likely pass over you. As he approaches, hit your up button and keep firing rockets as you rise, you should be able to shoot him as he gets close and he will pass under you. If the police helicopter is off screen and you don’t see him approach, use his tracers to try and line up your shot and just keep firing your rockets at it as you rise up to his level—the screen shakes when you hit it you won’t see it. After you shoot down the helicopter (you should know if you hit it by the sound and the screen shaking a little), use rotate so you are pointing south again and decrease your altitude til you are at a desirable height. If you keep missing the helicopter you will have to move eventually as he gets to close to you for you to kill him without taking damage. This is the hardest part of the method and takes practice to line up the shots when you can't really see the helicopter.


If you happen to get blown up cars on screen or they stop spawning, move to the east or west, and try to get the camera angle to the side again. I generally try to get the camera to point to the side of the killing area I’m on—west side pointed west, east side pointed east and you will see them spawn in the distance. Some will spawn some place else and they can blow up and end up on screen, as long as they keep spawning and blowing up don’t worry about this.


Also, it is important to only leave ONLY ONE of the vigilante criminal cars driving around-- the game has to still keep track of these which makes the FBI ranchers spawn slower-- it does make a difference in your killing rate.


Escape: Fly back to your mansion, end vigilante, and save. If you get shot down you can either try to jack an FBI Rancher and keep the vigilante alive. If you don't want to risk losing your CR points don’t try this—just run north on the runway, cross the road and go over by the billboards to the east and cut over into Little Havana. Stay behind the buildings and then cross the road to the big field that goes behind Sunshine Autos. Circle around the back side of Sunshine Autos and then save it (this is the safest route to a save point).



+Rate of kills

+Ease of kills.

+Hunter protects Tommy from taking health/armor damage.

+You can clear stars easily by flying to them and 3 are easily picked up without landing on the second island (1 behind Sunshine Autos, and 2 in Little Haiti).

+You can listen to the radio while killing (if you kill alot you will appreciate this)



-You can’t save while on vigilante so if you lock up or get killed or wasted you lose your criminal rating points from your kills.

-It takes at least 15 minutes (and as much as 30 minutes) to get the Hunter, raise your wanted level, and get your vigilante mission up and running (Level 25 or so).

-You are dependent upon where the vigilante spawn locks in as this affects how fast you can heal the Hunter, when the spawn occurs on the runway the third car almost always blows itself up and you can go through up to 15-20 levels in a minute if it keeps blowing up (I’ve done over 50 levels in a row without having to chase the third car).

-The spawning rate for the Ranchers varies, sometimes real fast and sometimes slow and its hard to get the camera angle to the side.

-Police Helicopter keeps interrupting your killing—slows you down.



This picture shows a desirable camera angle-- you can hear the ranchers blow up and the screen shakes but since they are off screen they keep spawning--you can see two FBI Ranchers in the pic (will be 8 corpses in about 3 seconds).


user posted image


Spuds’ Killing Method II


Weapon: Rocket Launcher (100% for unlimited ammo required)


Sustainable killing rate: About 4000 kills per hour.


Location: Mansion-- behind in the open yard east of where the Sea Sparrow is parked. From the center of the pool on the east side of the mansion head toward the water to your south. Stop about 5 feet from the water-- facing the water there will be a tree to your left about 10 feet away (estimate)-- the spot you stand will affect the cop spawning rate and where they spawn so it is relatively important where you stand, but you get good results in this area pretty much anywhere.


Preparation: You need 100% completion (so you have unlimited ammo), full health and armor, and the rocket launcher---all available at the mansion.


Method: Get up to 6 stars wanted level-- aim rocket launcher and hold fire button. Aim at the retaining wall to your north and blow up the cops that will spawn near the pool and at the base of the wall-- after you blow these cops up aim to your west and more cops will spawn on the walkway on the wall to your left-- blow them up and aim back to the north, the cops to the north will have respawned-- repeat. You will not have to aim up at the cops near the pool, just aim at the wall and the explosion should get them, same with the cops to the west. Keep firing as they spawn and you will eventually develop a firing rhythym.


Blow up police helicopter when it shows up (every minute or so)--do not stop firing your rockets-- try to blow up the helicopter in the air (keep firing rockets til it explodes) so it does not shoot you as it spins out of control.


Spawning trick: Keep turning from the north to the west and back to north to keep cops spawning. The police boats in the water will ignore you. If civilians are spawning instead of cops (they spawn in fewer numbers), run up next to the pool to your north and back to the spot--this usually changes them to cops.


Escape: No need to really escape since you can save at the mansion, but before trying to clear your stars, save your game and load up on armor/health. Easiest way is to grab the Maverick on the roof or the Sea Sparrow in the back-- fly to the bribe behind Sunshine Autos or either of the 2 "air" bribes in Little Haiti to lower your wanted level. Then land and grab a car to take to a Pay n Spray.



+Rate of kills

+Armor, health, and save point all nearby

+Very little prep time--can start killing right away

+Raises your media attention quite a bit (if you care about this)




-Police Helicopter keeps interrupting your killing—slows you down.

-Health/armor gets picked away if you can't shoot police helicopter down fast enough.


user posted image


And just so people don't think I'm full of it-- this was the culmination of 8 months of killing in my spare time-- most of these were done with method #1 (which is why my vehicles destroyed is so high). I didn't discover the 2nd method til I was at about 370,000 kills.


user posted image

Edited by Spuds725

"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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Souvenirs from Vice City (Part 1 of 2)


Here's the final list of all the thingies that appear at Ocean Beach Hotel and Vercetti Mansion guring the course of the game. Enjoy!

(click on thumbnails for full size)


The Hotel


Suit cover

user posted image

Appears after "The Party" (Storyline)


Boomshine kegs

user posted image

Appear after "Boomshine Saigon" (Phil Cassidy)


Opened hidden package

user posted image

Appears after "Rub Out" (Storyline)


Bank job's hockey mask

user posted image

Appears after "The Job" (Malibu club)


Movie posters

user posted image

Appear after "G-Spotlight" (Film studio)


Bag full of money

user posted image

Appears after "Hit the courier" (Print works)


Shooter of the month award

user posted imageuser posted image

Appears after "The Shootist" (Malibu club)



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Souvenirs from Vice City (Part 2 of 2)


(note: entries in gray didn't fit into the image limit.)


The Mansion


Junk, GASH shopping bags (all over the place)

user posted image

Time-based, appear after you've owned the mansion for some time



user posted image

Appears after "Two bit hit" (Avery Carrington)


RC Heli box

user posted image

Appears after "Demolition man" (Avery Carrington)


Gun brochures, Paper targets

user posted image

Appear after "The Job" (Malibu club)


Napalm canisters

user posted image

Appear after you find 40 HP's and get the flamethrower


Candy poster, BW photos, color photos

user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Appear after "Martha's mugshot" (Film studio)


Hyman arena trophies

user posted image

Appear after completing all 3 arena challenges



user posted image

Appears after completing "Pizzaboy"


Thanks to Demarest for helping to sort things out.

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Checklist for those stuck at 99%


Since we frequently get new threads for people that cannot get 100%, I decided to create this guide (inspired by Craig Kostelecki's 99% check sheet that he created for San Andreas) to help people out.. and so I don't have to keep re typing the same thing.


First of all, if you are going for 100% you should use Chunky Lee Chongs 100% tic sheet and mark off everything as you do it.


The only problem with his guide is you can't tell if you have completed something or not for all the items by looking at your stats. You may remember doing something but you could have got killed after, reloaded and then not done it again.


To remedy this I copied over his guides and I made 2 seperate tic sheets-- the first lists all items that are in your stats that you can verify by checking out your stat page-- if these items are not in your stats, then the game does not consider these done-- you have to redo them. The second tic sheet lists items NOT in your stats and ways you can check that they are done.


***SPECIAL NOTE*** The Rifle Range is BY FAR, the most overlooked item... lots of confusion over this since the first part of the Malibu mission for Phil takes you there and secondly, when you go to do the rifle range, it says you need to score a 30 to pass it, the ACTUAL SCORE is 45-- this unlocks fast reload and is required for 100%-- My estimates are that 80-85% of all people stuck at 99% are missing this. So carefully read the below to check if you have unlocked fast reload-- THE SCORE FOR THE RIFLE RANGE IS NOT IN YOUR STATS and is pretty difficult on consoles... mouse aiming on PC makes this alot easier.


Rifle Range (score of 45)-- gives you fast reload-- you can verify only if you know the difference between fast and normal reload-- you should be able to fire 3 rockets (with the rocket launcher) in 1 second with fast reload-- if its slower then this, you likely don't have the shooting range done. Also, when firing a Sub Machine Gun-- there is a long pause when you empty a clip and you can see the animation of tommy reloading-- if quick reload is enabled, the animation is disabled-- there should only be a real quick reload pause.


So first, carefully go through your stats and verify each of the following is done.




C.L.Chong’s 100% Tic Sheet™ (Edited-- Only listing items that should be in your stats)


Assassination Contracts

[_] Assassination Contracts Complete 5 out of 5



[_] Checkpoint Charlie time in your stats


R3 Missions

[_] Taxi Driver- at least 100 Fares

[_] Paramedic Level 12

[_] Firefighter at least Level 12



Street Races

[_] Terminal Velocity time in your stats

[_] Ocean Drive time in your stats

[_] Border Run time in your stats

[_] Capital Cruise time in your stats

[_] Tour! time in your stats

[_] V.C. Endurance time in your stats



[_] Cone Crazy time in your stats

[_] PCJ Playground time in your stats

[_] Test Track time in your stats

[_] Trial By Dirt time in your stats


Chopper Checkpoints

[_] Ocean Beach time in your stats

[_] Little Haiti time in your stats

[_] Vice Point time in your stats

[_] Downtown time in your stats


Top Fun Vans

[_] RC Bandit Race time in your stats

[_] RC Baron Race time in your stats

[_] RC Raider Pickup time in your stats


Hyman Memorial Stadium

[_] HoTring (first place)

[_] DIRTring time in your stats

[_] BLOODring time in your stats



[_] The Malibu Club

[_] Print Works

[_] Kaufman Cabs

[_] Boatyard

[_] Ice Cream Factory

[_] Film Studio

[_] Sunshine Autos

[_] Pole Position

[_] Ocean Heights

[_] Links View Apartments

[_] 1102 Washington Street

[_] 3321 Vice Point

[_] Skumole Shack

[_] El Swanko Casa

[_] Hyman Condo



[_] 35 Rampages completed


Unique Jumps

[_] 36 Unique Jumps completed


Hidden Packages

[_] 100 Hidden packages found


Stores to Rob

[_] Stores Knocked off 15 of 15





This second tic sheet list items not in your stats and how to verify them-- I left the last story mission in, the final mission in all side mission strings, as well as, businesses that are not required for the story (only printworks is absolutely required to open up final missions).


I removed Avery's missions since you have to complete his to open up Umberto Robina's missions.


I removed Malibu missions, since those are required to open up Phils Missions.


I removed boatyard since you can verify this done by having time for checkpoint charlie (see above tic sheet)


You can verify each business by making sure each is generating money.


C.L.Chong’s 100% Tic Sheet™

(edited-- everything that is not in stats that is required for 100%, all side missions strings, all non required businesses listed)


Misc Items

[_] Rifle Range at the Downtown Ammunation (You can Do this AFTER the Malibu mission) (score of 45)-- gives you fast reload-- you can verify only if you know the difference between fast and normal reload-- you should be able to fire 3 rockets (with the rocket launcher) in 1 second with fast reload-- if its slower then this, you likely don't have the shooting range done.  Also, when firing a SMG-- there is a long pause when you empty a clip and you can see the animation of tommy reloading-- if quick reload is enabled, the animation is disabled-- there should only be a real quick reload pause.


R3 Missions-

[_] Pizza Boy Level 10 -- This is not in your stats, verify by having a maximum health of 150 after completion.

[_] Vigilante at least Level 12 -- this is in your stats,  however my game has a glitch where it will show I have completed level 12 if I start it from a new game from an old game in which it was previously completed (won't clear it out)- because of this, verify vigilante completed by having 150 maximum armor after completion



Juan Garcia Cortez

[_] All Hands On Deck-- Verify this by lack of an icon at Marina. Also, his big boat will be gone, and the gates to the piers will be open.


Final Mission

[_] Keep Your Friends Close-- Verify-- Hunter at fort baxter if 100 hidden packages NOT done, will also be at Ocean Beach helipad if 100 hidden packages ARE done.


Love Fist

[_] Publicity Tour-- Verify this by lack of an icon at radio station downtown


Big Mitch Baker

[_] Hog Tied-- Verify by lack of an icon at Biker Bar near downtown.


Interglobal Film Studio

[_] G-Spotlight -- Verify this if Film studio generating money


Umberto Robina

[_] Trojan Voodoo-- Verify by lack of an icon at cafe in Little Havanna


Auntie Poulet

[_] Dirty Lickin's-- Verify by lack of an icon a shack in Little Haiti-- and Haitians shoot at you when you are in Little Haiti.


Kaufman Cabs

[_] Cabmaggedon--Verify this if Kaufman Cabs is generating money.


Phil Cassidy

[_] Boomshine Saigon-- Verify this-- 4 heavy weapons available for purchase at Phils Place.


Sunshine Autos

[_] Garage 4 List complete-- verify this if the Hotring racer is upstairs


Pole Position

[_] Spend at least $300 at the Pole Position-- verify this if Pole Position is generating money.


Cherry Popper Ice Cream Factory

[_] Distribution- Verify this if Cherry Poppers is generating money.






The most frequently missed item is the Shooting range--- After the Malibu Mission "the shooter" you must return to the downtown ammunation and score a 45 or better on the gun range-- this is NOT in your stats.



Test Track/Trial by Dirt-- in some games there is a glitch in these checkpoints(I know this glitch exists on PS2 and PC-- just not every copy has it)-- for whatever reason, in some people's games, one of these times will not register unless the other is done and then the times for both will be the same, and depending on what order you do them will affect whether one or both will be in your stats--

--to fix this glitch-- do trial by dirt-- check your stats to see if you have a time for both, if not, do test track, check your stats again-- if it still doesn't have a time for both, do trial by dirt again-- you should now have a time for both and it will be the same for both.


Missing Hidden package/Missing jump-- I'm not sure either of these actually exist but I've heard people swear that they do-- I've also read that this will fix it (on PS2 anyway). Remove your memory card. Turn your PS2 off and back on-- let a brand new game start-- click through the cut scenes if you don't want to watch them again.... when you can control Tommy-- pause, insert your memory card, and reload your saved game-- supposedly this will reset your jumps and hidden packages that are missing and you will be able to complete them now.


Missing Rampage-- I'm told that the Molotov rampage in Ocean Beach will disappear if you fail it, making it impossible to get 100%-- I've never experienced this glitch-- if this happens, I'd try the reload trick described above.


Make sure you are looking in the correct spot for your packages-- some quides are not correct-- I urge you to use one that has pics of the packages.


For the Jumps-- you have to land them correctly (correct spot and/or distance)-- I'm considering making a compilation video clip of me successfully doing all the Unique jumps-- will show you where you should land.


I'm open to any suggestions on improving this guide---


If anyone has any screenies of the various icons for the different missions (cuban, haitian, Lovefist, and Mitch Baker-- please post them-- as I would like to incorporate them in the guide-- I can take PS2 screenies but they will be of significantly less quality-- I will add them in if no one else posts these.


Thanks to Chunky Lee Chong for creating the tic sheet-- It was alot easier to edit out stuff then to create a new one from scratch.



Edited by Spuds725

"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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Criminal Ratings

-6000 to - = Total Liar
-4000 to -5999 = Cheater
-2000 to -3999 = Hacker
-1000 to -1999 = Embarrassment
0 to -999 = Untrustworthy
0 to 24 = Upstanding Citizen
25 to 49 = Nobody Special
50 to 74 = Litterer
75 to 99 = Shoplifter
100 to 124 = Vandal
125 to 149 = Do Boy
150 to 199 = Pickpocket
200 to 239 = Clepto
240 to 269 = Snitch
270 to 329 = Rat
330 to 359 = Leece
360 to 389 = Scam Artist
390 to 419 = Trickster
420 to 449 = Numbers Runner
450 to 499 = Hustler
500 to 549 = Bully
550 to 599 = Riff-Raff
600 to 629 = Scalawag
630 to 659 = Ruffian
660 to 699 = Outlaw
700 to 849 = Thug
850 to 999 = Drop Man
1,000 to 1,009 = SA Goon
1,010 to 1,149 = Goon
1,150 to 1,299 = Jailbird
1,300 to 1,499 = Ex-Con
1,500 to 1,699 = Felon
1,700 to 1,999 = Bag Man
2,000 to 2,099 = Wiseguy
2,100 to 2,299 = Wheelman
2,300 to 2,499 = Hired Muscle
2,500 to 2,749 = Hatchetman
2,750 to 2,999 = Headhunter
3,000 to 3,499 = Enforcer
3,500 to 3,999 = Ronin
4,000 to 4,999 = Fixer
5,000 to 7,499 = Hitman
7,500 to 9,999 = Associate
10,000 to 12,499 = Butcher
12,500 to 14,999 = Cleaner
15,000 to 19,999 = Assassin
20,000 to 24,999 = Consigliere
25,000 to 49,999 = Made Man
50,000 to 74,999 = Right-Hand Man
75,000 to 99,999 = Executioner
100,000 to 149,999 = Lieutenant
150,000 to 199,999 = Underboss
200,000 to 299,999 = Capo
300,000 to 499,999 = Boss
500,000 to 999,999 = Don
1,000,000+ = Godfather

Also to note, you need at least $10,000,000 to get Godfather ranking-- 100% is not required.

(Note: I have personally only verified the upper ones Capo and above-- I copied this list from http://www.gtavice.com/?zone=criminalratings -- this showed the upper few ranking with the wrong numbers-- Godfather at 500,000.... it also listed a "king pin" ranking which does not exist in the game)

You get various points for completing missions and stuff. Besides these "mission" points-- these 5 stats affect your Criminal rating.

1. Planes & helis destroyed-- 30 points each

2. People wasted-- 1 pt each (but these points are only given if you if you clear your stars in a pay -n- spray or if you save. If you get busted or wasted prior to this, you get no points from your current killing spree.

3. Accuracy-- 5 pts per 1%-- you can raise your accuracy by shooting a blown up car with the minigun on the hunter or sea sparrow-- the shots fired by them don't count but the hits do.

4. Criminals killed on vigilante--1 pt each. these are in addition to points from #2 and you don't need to save or clear stars in the pay n spray.

5. Money-- 1 pt per $5,000-- up to a maximum of 200,000 points for maxing your money $999,999,999

Dying -3 points

Getting busted -3 points

Cheating-- I don't know if any others affect it, but the "spawn cars" cheat lowers your rating by 999 points-- I guess Rockstar wants you to "steal" the cars-- and stay true to the game "Grand Theft Auto"

Media Attention Ratings

0 to 25 = Ignored
25 to 50 = Boring
50 to 75 = Vaguely Interesting
75 to 100 = Local Paper Page 7
100 to 150 = Front Page of Local Paper
150 to 200 = Vice Courier Page 2
200 to 250 = Vice Courier Front Page
250 to 300 = Local TV 3 AM
300 to 350 = Local TV News
350 to 400 = Local TV Live Coverage
400 to 500 = UFA Today Page 12
500 to 600 = UFA Today Page 4
600 to 700 = Picture in UFA Today 700 to 800 = National TV 4 AM
800 to 900 = National TV News
900 to 1000 = National TV Live Coverage
1000 to 1200 = International News
1200 to 1400 = National Crisis
1400 to 1600 = International Crisis
1600 to 1800 = World Event
1800 to + = Stuff of Legends

Flight Record Ratings

Note: when these were programmed by Rockstar someone messed up and these were never verified-- the following is what the flight rankings should be based on the code for the PC version-- These were lifted from the code by spaceeinstein and posted in this thread)


Intended flight rankings (listed in hours:minutes)


0:05 Flyboy
0:10 Aircraftman
0:20 Pilot Officer
0:30 Corporal
1:00 Lieutenant
1:30 Sergeant
2:00 Captain
2:30 Biggs
3:00 Wedge
3:30 Red Baron
4:00 Goose
5:00 Viper
10:00 Jester
20:00 Chappy
25:00 Iceman
30:00 Maverick
49:02 Noops
50:00 Air Chief Marshal
100:00 Ace


Actual (bugged) flight rankings (listed in hours:minutes)-- these were tested by Spaceeinstein.


0:05 Flyboy
0:10 Aircraftman
0:20 Pilot Officer
0:30 Ace
1:00 Lieutenant
1:30 Ace
2:00 Captain
2:30 Ace
3:00 Wedge
3:30 Ace
4:00 Maverick
4:02 Ace
5:00 Maverick
5:02 Ace
6:00 Maverick
6:02 Ace
Alternates between Maverick and Ace
50:00 Ace
Remains Ace for as long as I can test
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"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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"I'm Stuck! How Do I Get To The Final Missions?"


So you seem to have no more missions to do. But you haven't done 'Cap The Collectors' or 'Keep Your Friends Close...'. There's nowhere to go, nothing to do. Look no further.


To make the final missions available to you, you must complete a few prerequisites. Once these conditions are met, you will receive a phone call telling you to arrive at the Printworks (be careful, some people miss the phonecall and don't realise it - in this case just head down to the Printworks to see if there's a pink marker for you). At any rate, to unlock the final missions, you must:


Purchase, and then complete the Printworks mission string.

• Complete all Vercetti missions.

• Complete any five other assets.


There's a few ways to check to see what of this you've done if you can't remember.


• Make sure there is a Printworks icon (user posted image) on your radar/map. If not, you still need to purchase it.

• Visit the Printworks and see if you're generating money via a money icon out the front of the business. If you are, you've completed the Printworks mission string and the first of the above three prerequisites. If you're not, there should be a pink marker waiting for you to activate another mission for the Printworks. Once you've done all the missions for the Printworks, you'll be notified that the mission string is complete and that you are now making money.

• Do the same for Vercetti Estate (user posted image), and five other assets. You must have completed the whole mission string and must be generating money from the Printworks, Vercetti Estate and five other businesses. It may help to write them down, and cross the assets off as you do them. For reference's sake, you must complete the Printworks mission 'Hit the Courier'. You must complete the Vercetti mission 'Copland', and you must complete five of the below asset's missions (you must pass every mission for each of the five assets you choose) , meaning you may fail to complete only two assets.


Boatyard Missions user posted image

a. Checkpoint Charlie


Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory user posted image

a. Distribution


Pole Position Club user posted image

a. Pole Position Club


Kaufman Cabs Taxi Firm user posted image

a. VIP

b. Friendly Rivalry

c. Cabmaggedon


Sunshine Autos Car Showroom user posted image

a. At least the first car delivery list should be completed.


Porn Empire: Interglobal Film Studio user posted image

a. Recruitment Drive

b. Dildo Dodo

c. Martha's Mugshot

d. G-Spotlight


Malibu Club user posted image

a. No Escape

b. The Shootist

c. The Driver

d. The Job


Common ones people miss are the Boatyard, Cherry Poppers, Sunshine Autos and Pole Position. None of these missions are triggered by the usual pink marker.


• To activate 'Checkpoint Charlie' you must enter either one of the two boats docked out the back of the Boatyard. You must then pass through each and every checkpoint before time runs out.

• To activate 'Distribution' you must enter the Mr Whoopee Van parked inside Cherry Poppers Icecream Factory. You must then sell 50 icecreams. To do this, you must tap the horn button to start the jingle. This will attract customers. You will attract police attention though, via an increasing wanted level, so be sure to sell in close proximity to a Pay & Spray. Once you've reached 50, exit the vehicle to pass the mission. Many people don't realise you must exit the van before you are credited with the mission.

• To complete the Sunshine Autos asset, you must successfully deliver the requested vehicles to the large garage. This garage is located down out the back of Sunshine Autos and to the right. If you're still unsure, see this post for screenshots. There are four car lists in total, (you must do the first to unlock the second, and so on), and each one increases the money you generate daily. However, to have the game consider the asset 'complete', you only need to finish the first list.

• There is no real 'activation' of 'Pole Position Club'. You simply must spend five real-time minutes (which equals $300 in-game) on the stripper in the back section of the Pole Position Club (walk down the hall - it's the first door on your left). Once you've done that, exit the room and a cutscene will play, indicating the asset is complete.


Common Misconceptions Put Straight


• You do not have to have a certain percantage (%) of the game complete.

• You do not have to have completed the Cuban missions, Haitian missions, Phil's missions, Love Fist's missions, Big Mitch Baker/Biker's missions, Avery's missions, or indeed any other side missions. The only things you need to do are detailed above.













Feel free to edit/add to/whatever. I'm not sure how much you wanted to be revealed, but I'll add some spoilers and such if you'd like. Let me know if you want anything at all changed or whatnot (or if I've got some details wrong, which is fairly probable tounge.gif ).

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"Never Wanted" in Vice City

Cheatless, hassle-free ways to commit felony





This maybe quite late already since Vice city has been out for about four years now. I started playing this game quite recently only after having enjoyed so much San Andreas. San andreas may be enormous in a lot of ways but Vice City kicks ass differently. This might also explain that I might miss some important details for which I would gladly hear from others if brought to my attention.


Some research I did on walkthroughs at Gamefaqs.com and on this forum didn't mention anything about missions in the game that freeze your wanted level, or did I miss something there? In anycase, if additional infos would be provided by others, I'll appropriately add them or give credit whoever deserves one.


Anyways, although GTA IV is about to be released and San Andreas has hugged the limelight impressively, a significant number of people are still likely or expected to play Vice City especially those who would like to have a complete experience in playing the GTA Trilogy. Hopefully, this simple documentation would be of some use for others somehow new and veteran players alike.





The purpose of this list would be mainly a compilation and documentation of missions in the game that freeze your wanted level at a certain point in the playthrough partially or totally, in which you can commit felony to your heart's content without incurring any penalty. It's obviously a cheatless way and besides, there's no code for never wanted in Vice City. I'm not a programming savvy person so I'm not aware of what their descriptions are in the game script. Mission tests were done in PS2 v1.0, I'm not sure if they apply in other platforms as well.


This was essentially inspired by PDEscobar's No Wanted Level Mission Exploits guide that he authored for San Andreas which really proved very useful in completing all the tasks in that series.

In comparison to Vice City, similar missions might not be of as much use except for a few, some would be listed for purposes of documentation only and may not be useful at all. Regardless, I thought, why not document them all just the same even just for curiousity's sake.


So what's the point then in exploiting these missions? We can probably cite 5 reasons:


1.Rob stores to raise a good amount of money early on without having to do tedious odd jobs or even missions that yield measly sums and to clear this out of the way for your 100% completion as well.

2.Go on a killing spree to raise additional money and/or weapons from peds and gangsters that you killed.

3. Steal law enforcer vehicles from the police or Army if you've raised your wanted level.

4.Steal a Rhino from Fort Baxter military base after collecting all 90 packages.

5.Steal a Hunter from Fort Baxter military base after collecting all 100 packages.


Of the abovecited reasons, we can probably say these missions are reason enough to exploit only for the first two: knocking off stores & going on a killing spree. These missions may prove useful too however, in stealing a Rhino, or you might fancy a Barracks too, from the military if you've raised your wanted level to 6 stars and haven't collected enough packages for the Rhino to spawn at Fort Baxter.

The other reasons cited can also be achieved by simply using the cop uniform after you obtained it for completing the missionCOP LAND. Unfortunatley, during any of the missions, Washington Beach precint is always closed so there's absolutely no help with the hidden package you can find there. This shouldn't be a problem anyway since you can always use the cop uniform to enter the precint anytime to get it during freeroam.


Vice City law enforcers are an aggressively ruthless lot compared to San Andreas' who are soft in comparison so these missions might prove useful to an extent should you decide to commit crimes/violations without having a brutal encouter with the Vice City authorities .


Mainly for reference, we can list three types of no wanted level missions you can find in this game, two of which are essentially the same:

a.Never Wanted:Police response to your felonies is set to maximum inaction. None of your wanted stars would even flash nor would you hear radio calls, the cops completely ignoring you.

b.Felony Allowed: Missions that allow you to commit violations with your wanted stars flashing momentarily then quickly being removed. Absolutely no police action would be taken against you however. This applies to every type of crime/violation committed.Essentially similar to Never Wanted.

c.Location-specific Elimination: Bordering on the unexploitable, this type works like an expanded police bribe function. It can still be useful should you decide to commit felony during a mission, although somewhat limited. Your wanted level is kept at zero within a small radius of the area where the game script instructs you to perform a given task. Farther away from your mission location however, your wanted level is instated as normal and law enforcers would try to bust you in the normal ways should you commit any crime. This can still be useful though if you want to steal some law enforcer vehicles, ( Enforcer, Barracks or Rhino)during an encounter with them if you've raised your wanted level. Simply lure them to the area where the mission is taking place. Whatever wanted stars you have would be instantly removed just like picking up a police bribe only in this case it's an all-at-once removal.



The Missions


Not necessarily in storyline order, the following are missions that would keep your wanted level to zero either partially or totally. Difficulty would be based on mission-related tasks you need to do in order to reach the stage where your wanted level would be at zero. Some other details on the over-all situation are provided just to give an idea what to expect or can possibly be done in relation to comitting felony for whatever purpose.



1. Demolition Man


Character: Avery Carrington

Location: Construction Site, Vice Point

Difficulty: Unexploitable

Mission Type: Never Wanted


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal


Method:As soon as you get inside the Top Fun van, your wanted level would be frozen. You would now be transformed into a mini Goblin and would be instructed to plant the bomb within a limited time. This is essentially a Never Wanted misson but totally unexploitable. Your action is constrained by having to complete the task within the given time aside from the fact that you're transformed into a Goblin and definitely no help in robbing stores to raise money.


Failure is to let the time expire or bomb the Top Fun van to kill Vercetti.



2. Guardian Angels


Character: Colonel Juan Cortez

Location: Ocean Beach, Pier 2

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Type: Location-specific Elimination


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffic are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal

-soldiers' presence in Fort Baxter normal


Method: Your wanted level is frozen in a given location as soon as you begin the mission. Whatever wanted level you have incurred will be removed whenever you are very close to the areas around the spot where the drug deal will take place and the shootout will happen afterwards. Should you commit violations during the mission, simply drive as quickly as you can near the place and your stars will be removed.


Failure is to kill or allow Diaz or Lance to die.



3. Sir, Yes Sir!


Character: Colonel Juan Cortez

Location: Ocean Beach, Pier 2

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Type: Location-specific Elimination


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffic are minimal

-police presence in the streets is minimal


Method: Start the mission and go to where the military convoy is and try to block their path. You need to stop them or you'll fail the mission if they make it to their destination. The CO would order a soldier everytime to remove your vehicle, but by doing this repeatedly, for some reasons, he will stop giving the order and the convoy would just stop where you blocked them. As long as you don't hurt any soldier or bump into any of the military vehicles to start a shootout, you're still good to go. You can lose your wanted stars within the areas wherever you managed to stop the convoy.


Failure is to allow the convoy to reach its destination.



4. All Hands on Deck


Character: Colonel Juan Cortez

Location: Ocean Beach, Pier 2

Difficulty: Hard

Mission Type: Felony Allowed


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal

-no soldiers at Fort Baxter


Method: You're supposed to protect the colonel on this mission against the French and have to ride his indestructible yatch while the colonel makes his way out of Vice City. As soon as you step on the marker, when you find yourself onboard already, your wanted level is frozen. Find a way to leave the boat, either by jumping on the Squallo that would be following you on the first wave of attack by the French guys, which is a bit of a nightmare to perform since you must to do an accurate jump so as not to overshoot the boat nor fall short, else Tommy would die if he falls into the water, and second which is easier, is wait for the next wave of attack . A Reefer at a certain point on this stage would sail close by and you can take this opportunity to jump into it and steal the boat.Make your way on dry land, you're now free to do whatever you want to do without getting busted. What makes me rate this as hard is the fact that for some reasons, you can't ride any vehicle or else you'll fail the mission. Which means you'll have to go on foot.


Failure is to kill colonel cortez or ride any vehicle when you make it on dry land.



5. Rub Out


Character: Ricardo Diaz

Location: Ricardo Diaz's Mansion (later Vercetti Mansion), Starfish Island

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Type: Felony Allowed


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal

-no soldiers at Fort Baxter


Method: Meet Lance outside of Diaz's mansion. Make your way inside the mansion killing all of Diaz's bodyguards outside along the way. At this point, your wanted levels are still instated as normal. Make sure Lance stay alive until you can make it inside. As soon as you get inside, after the "Diaz's Mansion" appears in the blackout scene, your wanted level is now frozen. Go out side again, just leave Lance anywhere safe and you're now free to rob stores or commit any other crimes.


Failure is to kill Lance.



6. The Shootist


Location: Malibu Club

Difficulty: Unexploitable

Mission Type: Never Wanted



Method:Do the mission and meet Phill Cassidy at the Ammu-Nation store. Your wanted level would be removed (and presumably frozen) once you complete or exit the first level of the shooting challenge. Hard to exploit and tell exactly the situation outside since you're not allowed to leave the shooting range or you'll fail the mission.


Failure is to kill Phil or your unnamed challenger, or exit the shooting range.



7. Cop Land


Character: Tomy Vercetti

Location: Vercetti Mansion, Strafish Island

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Type: Never Wanted


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is more than normal

-no soldiers at Fort Baxter


Method: Start the mission and take Lance with you. Attract police attention so that they would chase you.You need to lure a couple of them to a lock to to get their uniforms for you and Lance, so it seems best to always raise your wanted level to 2 stars to make sure that enough cops would spawn. After you've obtained the uniforms you are now never wanted by the authorities.


Failure is to kill Lance or shoot at the two soldiers guarding your target the Tarbrush Cafe.



8. Bombs Away


Character: Auntie Poulet

Location: Little Haiti

Difficulty: Unexploitable

Mission Type: Never Wanted


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal


Method: This is basically similar to Demolition Man mission because you would be transformed again into a mini aircraft, an RC plane this time. But only on that aspect because unlike the Goblin, here you have unlimited supply of mini bomb with lethal capability. Your mission is not timed also neither will you fail it if you do not engage your target. Essentially unexploitable though since you can't raise money nor increase your criminal rating as the mission doesn't even count the vehicles you destroy.


Failure is to cancel the mission or destroy the RC plane



9. Dirty Lickin's


Character: Auntie Poulet

Location: Little Haiti

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Type: Felony Allowed


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal

-no soldiers at Fort Baxter


Method: As soon as you begin the mission when you are supposed to protect the Haitian gangsters from the Cubans, you're now free to be a badass .It couldn't get any easier than this. And It wouldn't make any difference too if you'll step on the roof marker. You're still free to start commiting violations at this stage.


Failure is to kill or allow all of the Haitian gangsters to die.



10. Hog Tied


Character: Mitch Baker

Location: Greasy Chopper, Downtown

Difficulty: Easy

Mission Type: Location-specific Elimination


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal

-soldiers' presence at Fort Baxter normal


Method: Start the mission and your wanted level is now eliminated on the rooftop of Ammu-Nation where Mitch's bike is being keptas well as in some areas nearby. You don't have to go on the rooftop everytime to eliminate your wanted stars incase you incur some. There's a small space which appears to be for parking behind Ammu-Nation and to the left (from your point of view)of Mars Cafe that you can run to where your wanted level would be frozen.


Failure is to destroy Mitch's bike.



11. Keep Your Friends Close...


Character: Tommy Vercetti

Location: Vercetti Mansion, Starfish Island

Difficulty: Medium

Mission Type: Location-specific Elimination


-Pedestrian and vehicle traffics are normal

-police presence in the streets is normal

-soldiers' presence at Fort Baxter normal


Method: At the start of the mission, your wanted level suspension is in effect already. You have an option to either fight off the Mafia guys first because they would try to rob your vault and wait til you reach the point where you have to kill Lance or just make your way outside of the mansion immediately. Your wanted level is frozen within the immediate vicinity of the mansion including the main road but does not include the area covering the opposite side houses. It covers about 50% of Starfish Island.





PDEscobar for the inspiration in making this documentation and for creating No Wanted Level Mission Exploits for San Andreas. A big help indeed in accomplishing that game 100% with less hassle. Gratis too for other informative discussions and enlightening informations pertaining to a lot of stuffs.


Spuds725 for tirelessly leading Vice City section of this forum. Props to you dude, you practically handle all the forums in the Vice City section which is by no means a walk in the park I can imagine.


Fuzzy Juzzy for his detailed and also very useful How To Make Easy Money guide as well as other useful informations.


Demarest for his highly helpful Ultimate Start to VC, plus other informative stuffs and corrections on some informations pertaining to missions. Thanks for suggesting a better term for one of the no wanted level type of mission.


Saint Dave for consulting his Vice City Store Robbing Guide. A great help for knowing the locations of the stores which are unmarked in Vice City unlike in San andreas for which anyone new in the game might have quite a hard time locating them.


Ice_Cobra for his extensive Guides, Walkthrus, and more..


InsideOutBoy for also consulting his 100% completion guide on Gamefaqs.com

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