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Guides and Walkthroughs

Recommended Posts



Vice City Store Robbing Guide

Throughout Vice City there are 15 stores that can be robbed. It may not seem like a major part of the game like missions or properties, but robbing all the stores contributes to getting 100%.


8 – East Island

7 – West Island


So (without cheating) you’ll have to unlock the rest of Vice City to get all the stores.


How much money you rob differs from store to store, once you aim your weapon at the cashier he will give up a “wad” of cash, but at the same time you’ll receive a wanted star. If however you keep aiming at him, he’ll fork over more cash but you’ll get another wanted star. It’s easier in my experience to just get the first amount of cash and then shoot him. You’ll only have one wanted star (which will go fast) and the store rob will still count.


The weapon doesn’t need to be an auto-aim weapon, as I found out today. I walked into a store and aimed my M60 at the cashier, only for him to push the alarm and get me 2 wanted stars. So as said above, if you don’t want too much trouble just kill him quick.


I have marked blue dots on this map to show where each store is located.


user posted image


#1 Bunch Of Tools (Washington Beach)


#2 Jewelery Store (Vice Point)


#3 Dispensary Plus (Vice Point)


#4 Corner Store (Vice Point)


#5 Gash (North Point Mall)


#6 Family Jewels (North Point Mall)


#7 Tooled Up (North Point Mall)


#8 Vinyl Countdown (North Point Mall)


#9 Coffee Bagels Donuts (Little Havana)


#10 Screw This (Little Havana)


#11 Robina’s Café (Little Havana)


#12 Laundromat (Little Havana)


#13 Ryton Aide Pharmancy (Little Haiti)


#14 Jewelery Store (Downtown)


#15 Dispensary Plus (Downtown)


original link

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Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City is at my webs site:



Overview: a big fat Sunday newspaper, with screenshots, of everything I thought was interesting, gimmicks for people to be self-sufficient (how to do all the races with the Wheels of Steel Angel, etc.), mods and how to mod, the real names of the vehicles, places, things in Mitch Baker's biker bar (Creative plugging), in-joke game and movie references, etc. A dauntingly long reference book (and probably about as often read all the way through) of (practically) all things Vice City.


The one for San Andreas is at the same site.

Edited by glenster

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Hi guys I am uploading EVERY mission from VC PC onto Youtube.com. I have had many good reviews on other sites and I hope ya' like what I am doing. smile.gif Here they are: I will update it regually. smile.gif


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l64EYMsbLDY - GTA: VC Mission #1: The Party.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPYIpDGixO0 - GTA: VC Mission #2: Back alley Brawl.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeX2rYiR1fM - GTA: VC Mission #3: Jury Fury.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjEeXiHYrAA - GTA: VC Mission #4: Riot.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DFM4xfVMKTg - GTA: VC Mission #5: Treacherous Swine.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pNg_2lxMMk - GTA: VC Mission #6: Mall Shoot - Out!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6h1kHzYXr0 - GTA: VC Mission #7: Road Kill.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCnSTfWUKkM - GTA: VC Mission #8: Waste The Wife.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-fLujoCVZA - GTA: VC Mission #9: Four Iron.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMWr-jj88bU - GTA: VC Mission #10: Demolition Man.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t_G08Cw6Uw - GTA: VC Mission #11: Guardian Angels


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kvUE2D28uE - GTA: VC Mission #12: The Chase.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC5Gcgac_WM - GTA: VC Mission #13: Phenom Pheh 86'


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=10qsoEtr0FI - GTA: VC Mission #14: The Fastest Boat.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVgOh3emTN4 - GTA: VC Mission #15: Sir Yes Sir.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7B6Gbnn768 - GTA: VC Mission #16: Two Bit Hit.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiYo9bMuTTM - GTA: VC Mission #17: Autocide.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omlG3cw0eWg - GTA: VC Mission #18: Supply & Demand.


http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Willzyyy - GTA: VC Mission #19: Death Row!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRUevTysJJE - GTA: VC Mission #20: Rub Out!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az4wIRrj-Xw - GTA: VC Mission #21: Shakedown.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHGOmHNEkEA - GTA: VC Mission #: Bar Brawl.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUSPLSaq_kA - GTA: VC Mission #23: All Hands of deck.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBEK9TRnoSg - GTA: VC Mission #24: Cop Land.


PM me for a certain mission. wink.gif

For all 60 of my videos, visit www.youtube.com/willzyyy biggrin.gif

Edited by will99

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user posted image


The frequently asked mission help guide although well thought of was dramatically underused, this is due to no fault of anyone but my belief was that due to the small amount of links to mission help it wasn’t used that often by members and they would simply create a fresh topic to get the help they required.


With the search tool down finding such help is harder these days and would cause members to scroll through countless pages to see if a topic had been made on the same subject they are preparing to post.


This topic is something I hope will make that a thing of the past. It will provide links to topics on most story missions in VC. It will be updated on a frequent basis and I plan to add side mission link help should the demand for them require it.



Ken Rosenburg
The Party

Back Alley Brawl

Jury Fury




Juan Garcia Cortez
Treacherous Swine

Mall Shootout

Guardian Angels

Sir, Yes Sir!

All Hands On Deck



Ricardo Diaz
The Chase

Phnom Penh '86

The Fastest Boat

Supply & Demand



Tommy Vercetti
Death Row

Rub Out


Bar Brawl




Final Missions
Cap The Collector

Keep Your Friends Close



Avery Carrington
Four Iron

Demolition Man

Two Bit Hit



Love Fist
Love Juice

Psycho Killer

Publicity Tour



Big Mitch Baker
Alloy Wheels Of Steel

Messing With The Man

Hog Tied



Assasination Contracts
Road Kill

Waste the Wife


Check Out at the Check In

Loose Ends



Steve Scott
Recruitment Drive

Dildo Dodo

Martha's Mug Shot




Umberto Robina


Stunt Boat Challenge

Cannon Fodder

Naval Engagement

Trojan Voodoo



Auntie Poulet
Juju Scramble

Bombs Away

Dirty Lickin's



Checkpoint Charlie



Kaufman Cab

Friendly Rivalry




The Malibu
No Escape?

The Shootist

The Driver

The Job



Phil Cassidy
Gun Runner

Boomshine Saigon



Print Works
Spilling The Beans

Hit the Courier


*Special thanks to Spuds725, Fuzzy Juzzy & Ja750*

Edited by Fuzzy Juzzy

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Vice City Hidden Packages




[Details Coming Soon.]


user posted image


1. [On A Unused Wooden Hut On The Water, Need A Boat To Get To It]



2. [On a rock formation near the wooden hut, Need boat]



3. [At the back steps of the building with the heli pad.]



4. [At the steps of the Lighthouse.]



5. [in the underground car park, near the docks.]



6. [On a ledge near the water, behind hospital.]



7. [under Bridge on a little path.]



8. [On the top of the building opposite the mall.]



9. [Round the back of the pink building near a fenced pool.]



10. [On top of the building joined on to the DBP security building]



11. [At the back of the building opposite Ken's.]



12. [besides the little road bridge.]



13. [On the top of the building (Blue & White Stripes).]



14. [On a life guard hut at the beach.]



15. [On The Second floor of the Police Station.]



16. [in the corner of a building with a small moat round the back.]



17. [in the Shower near #16.]



18. [On the little walkway under the bridge.]



19. [On the beam on top of construction yard.]



20. [behind the SpandEx Building.]



















































































































































































































































© copyright to gta_talk


[this is my work, i took every screenshot on my own computer][/size]



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Help with "Rifle Range"


Ok, here are a few tips that may help you when attempting "Rifle Range" in the Ammu-nation firing range. You must get 45 points to unlock the fast reload feature and it helps tawards 100%




1) Always use the analog stick to aim!! Don't do what I did and use the damn directional pad - makes it harder then it needs to be.


2) Don't wait for the targets to move under you crosshair, get it there, and do it fast!


3) I think you have about 7 to 9 misses to play with, any more and your looking at falling this mission.



Also, as soon as it starts you should clear the target in front of you, leaving only the head. Then you should try and get the middle target and 3rd ASAP..


At about a minute in you should really want about 28 to 30 points, at this point you should leave the second target with only the head and focus on the 3rd target.


When you here the 10 second count down clear the 1st & 2nd heads and then quickly do the 3rd target. And you should be fine!


Alternative method


Without a doubt getting the 2nd and last targets as fast as possible worked better for me at least - though its hard to say what will work better for any one person. As soon as the mission starts you should shoot the 1st and 2nd targets only leaving the head. At this point you have lots of time to work on the last target which is worth 3 points. When you are low on time shoot the heads off the 1st and 2nd target to earn 3 more points.


When just hitting the 3rd target you will have to wait longer and time runs out fast, I could not complete the level that way, though im sure others could.


(This is seriously hard and takes the cake for being annoying, and I don't see many people doing this on there first try. But stick with it, you'll feel great after doing it.


Just to clarify, the Malibu club mission "The Shooter" is NOT any part of the side mission "Rifle Range"


The Rifle Range DOES NOT have it's own category in the stats menu. The mission where you try and get Phil Cassidy on your team for "The Job" is nothing to do with Rifle Range, and as far as I know, you can't unlock the fast reload feature by doing that mission and scoring 45 in the first part.

Edited by Spuds725

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There are three RC missions you have to do to get 100%, excluding the ones you do for missions (Demolition Man and Bombs Away)


You have to do :

  • RC Bandit Race
  • RC Baron Race
  • RC Raider Pickup


  • RC Bandit Race
This is located on Washington beach.

You have to drive a mini RC car around a track 2 times. You're acceleration isn't as fast as the other cars but your top speed is faster. You should try to overtake the cars quickly and get ahead, as one of the cars does the course perfectly. You should brake on the corners or you will go to far.

Note, you can't crash into the other cars, as you just go through them.


  • RC Baron Race
The Top Fun van parked in the northwest corner of the multi-story parking garage on the west side of the North Point Mall, at the north of East Island. This is quite hard. You have to beat 3 other planes through 28 checkpoints. The other planes have better acceleration, but you have a greater top speed. What you should do, is try and fly a straight route, without making too many quick movements which could make you fall out of the air. If you do, it is seldom worth trying to get up and take off, especially as again, one of the planes does the course perfectly, just blow your plane up and start again. Try not to hit many lampposts or traffic lights. If you are a little above or below a checkpoint, it normally registers that you have been through it, so carry on.


  • RC Raider Pickup
The Top Fun van is parked just before the airport, on the left. (Go right out of sunshine autos, take the first right, then the second left, and take the shorter road of the two, and you should see the van on your right as you get to the end of the shorter road.)

This, by far is the hardest of the three, but it proves useful for practice if you are stuck on Demolition Man. You have to go through 20 checkpoints, or pickup points, which are spread out all over the airport. The main problem most people have is that their RC Helicopter gets blown up as they damage it to much. Take your time and try not to touch anything at all. You can scrape the blades on a few things but not a lot, or it will catch fire. As I said, time is the most important thing here, you are being timed but that doesn't matter, take as long as you want as you don't have any opponents.


Best of luck if you are stuck on these missions.

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Steve Crook

Some missions force you to pick up a certain weapon. If you had a different weapon in the same slot then you'd normally lose that other weapon, and you'll often also lose any ammo you had collected for it. This is especially a problem later in the game when you've collected a lot of ammo for your favourite weapons and it's also a problem if you've been to the west island early and got weapons that you aren't expected to have at this point.


For these comments I'm assuming that I've been to the west island early and that I've got all the hidden packages so I'm well stocked up with my favourite weapons, the katana, the Colt Python pistol, the MP5 sub-machine gun, the S.P.A.S. 12 shotgun, the M4 assault rifle, the .308 sniper rifle and the minigun with lots of ammo for each of them.


You can "save" a weapon at the airport by going into the terminal and so leaving all your weapons outside. Then come back out and pick up all the weapons you want except for the one(s) you want to save. Go and do the mission then come back to the airport where you can pick up your original weapon again, complete with all the ammunition you had for it.


You can do a similar thing at the golf course at the Country Club except that this doesn't save the sniper rifle, whichever one you had. You just lose the sniper rifle if you go into the Country Club.


Back Alley Brawl makes you pick up the pistol that Lance gives you, losing the Colt Python (and ammo) if you had it


Jury Fury suggests you pick up the hammer to smash the jurors' cars. But you don't have to pick it up, you can just shoot up the jurors' cars or crash into them


Treacherous Swine makes you pick up the chain saw that the Colonel gives you and so lose the Katana of any other melee weapon you have. You don't have to use it though, you can use any other weapon you have to hand. You can't run very fast with the chain saw, although it is an impressive way to do the job tounge.gif

You can pick up another Katana in the Tarbush Cafe, in North point mall


Guardian Angels makes you pick up a Kruger, losing the M4 if you've been to the west island early. But you can carry over the ammo you had for the M4 and when you change back to an M4 you can still keep the ammo.


Phnom Penh '86 makes you pick up an M60 so you lose the minigun and all the ammo you had for it.

This is a tricky one. You can save the minigun at the golf club, but that means you lose the .308 sniper rifle because that can't be saved at the golf club. Or you can save the minigun at the airport but that involves a few additional trips to the west island before you're supposed to be able to get there.

But if you've been to the west island early and have done enough hidden packages then the Sea Sparrow is available behind Diaz's mansion so you can easily get to the airport and save the minigun.


Supply & Demand makes you lose whatever you've got in your assault rifle slot. The Kruger or the M4. You lose the gun and all your ammo.

You can save your assault rifle at the airport.


Dirty Lickin's makes you pick up the standard sniper rifle, losing your .308 sniper rifle.

You can save your .308 sniper rifle at the airport.


Check out at the Check-In also makes you pick up a standard sniper rifle and even if you fire all the rounds so that it doesn't seem to be in your armoury - when you go outside the airport you can't get the .308 sniper rifle that you left there - it's changed to a standard sniper rifle with only a few rounds in it notify.gif

Don't pick up any other weapons in the airport, like the bodyguard's Uzi or a pistol from a P.I.G., when you get back outside the weapon in that slot will have changed to the weapon you picked up - often without any ammo cry.gif


Gun Runner makes you pick up an M60, losing your minigun and whatever ammo you've collected for it. It also makes you pick up a .357 pistol (Colt Python) and a S.P.A.S. 12 shotgun but I was already carrying those. It also makes you pick up an Ingram Mac-10 submachine gun, but when you change to another submachine gun you don't lose your ammo so you can easily change back again.

You can save the minigun at the airport.


This was all discussed in the Gameplay area and I thank the other forum members for the suggestions they made in that thread.


There might be a few other experiments we can try and we are always open to suggestions but I think that this seems to be a fairly complete list.



Edited by Steve Crook

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Is there any way to retrieve the Hunter without dying..?___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Many people wish to gain access to the Hunter before they should, but have no idea how, and the ones that do know how don't know how to survive. There are various methods, and this guide will (hopefully) give you a better understanding, and make you more able to retrieve this elusive vehicle!


Note; The Hunter is not available until you either complete the storyline of Vice City or collect all one hundred hidden packages. If both of the above have been successfully completed then the Hunter will also spawn at the helipad in Ocean Beach, not too far away from the lighthouse and directly across from the Cathedral.


In order to get the Hunter at Fort Baxter Airbase without getting shot at, you first need to gain access to the police outfit. Wearing this will stop the army attacking you on sight when entering Fort Baxter, and you can willingly enter the airbase to get the Hunter/Rhino scotch-free.


The Police uniform is accessed by completing the mission Cop land (or holding onto the uniform after you purchase the Malibu Club and complete the mission No Escape?, providing you don't die/get busted, though completing Copland will be a much quicker method), which is the last mission you complete at your mansion, before you complete it's protection ring asset. Once completed, the uniform is located in the only enter-able VCPD HQ, in Washington Beach. As soon as you get in the VCPD HQ, the first entrance to your left will take you to the Men's changing rooms, the uniform is just in there.


Be aware, as soon as you enter the Changing room you'll immediately receive a two-star wanted level, and quite often cops are in the changing room at the same time, and they will open fire, so be quick to get the uniform. Once you are wearing the uniform you can freely go into Fort Baxter airbase, without getting shot at.


There are other well known methods which, although fun, are extremely risky. Some people opt to shoot their way through the Airbase, which is very dangerous, as once you get inside Fort Baxter, if there are soldiers around they will open fire, and kill you in a matter of seconds, no matter how much life/armour and how good weapons you have. And then there's the fact that soldiers continuously spawn at different places, so you'd have to be on your guard at all times. Fact is, you'd probably die within a minute, simply making a run for the Hunter is better than opting to shoot the soldiers down.


Another well-known method is flying a Helicopter into the base, landing it beside the Hunter and stealing it. In theory, this seems relatively simple, but as soon as your chopper hovers over the Airbase, the soldiers will open fire. They're deadly accurate, and within seconds your chopper will be burning, forcing you to flee, which will either kill you as you'll land on top of the burning chopper just a it blows up, or it will leave you exposed to the barrage of shots you're about to receive from the soldiers. Even if you manage to land the chopper safely beside the Hunter, soldiers often spawn in the Tents beside, and come out of nowhere to blow you up, whether you're in the Hunter or not.


I've actually tested my luck out here, and I've attempted flying to the Hunter in a Chopper ten times, to see ho lucky/unlucky I really am. Note that I've made sure my armour and health points were at 150, as that will be the maximum for most gamers wishing to get there. Here are my results-


-1st attempt- My Maverick was on fire just as I landed it and fled, but I got in the Hunterand fled safely, only losing 83 armour in the process... passed!

-2nd attempt- I landed my chopper safely, but got annihilated the moment I stepped into the Hunter... failed!

-3rd attempt- Again I managed to get in the Hunter, this time with 97 armour remaining before getting annihilated... failed!

-4th attempt- This attempt was a carbon copy of my third attempt, except I had full armour and full health in-tact just before I got destroyed... failed!

-5th attempt- My first clean sheet! Not only did I manage to get in the Hunter and safely flee the Airbase, but I did it with full and and armour... passed!

-6th attempt- I again got in the Hunter, but it was soon on fire. I managed to flee and survive... for about three seconds! Failed!

-7th-10th attempt- What a successful run I had after attempt 6! I managed to succeed with all four final attempts, all with full health and armour!


Total passed- 6

Total failed- 4

Success percentage- 60%


Furthermore, some gamers choose to simply make a desperate dash for the Hunter, which is every bit as risky, if not more than the above method. I also tested my luck at running for the Hunter ten times each. My path to the Hunter was- Ramming the barrier with a vehicle, then exiting the vehicle and running up the stairs, past the trenches (keeping close to the edge), through the narrow path and towards the training ground. Then I avoided the training ground completely, ran behind the first building on the left, and finally ran around the back of the tents to the Hunter .Here are my results-


-1st attempt- I managed to get to the narrow gap just beyond the trenches before getting shot down, there were soldiers both outside the Airbase, in the central area and in the trenches. In short, I had no chance... failed!

-2nd attempt- This time I managed to get a little further, I got to the first big tent with only 45 health points remaining. Three, yes three different groups of soldiers had all spawned in front of me, and they wiped my remaining life away in literally a split second... failed!

-3rd attempt- This one was no short of abysmal. The soldiers managed to blow my car up before I even got to smash the barriers! They also managed to wipe out my entire armour, and most of my health, leaving me with just 22 health points as I entered the Airbase. To my surprise, I actually managed to get to the Hunter, and had only lost 5 health points (and that was because I jumped down the set of stairs after the trenches!). I thought I'd actually succeed this time, even though I'd ran by a group of soldiers as I entered the Hunter. They eventually noticed me, and blew me, and the Hunter to smithereens... failed!

-4th attempt- I got to the Hunter with 136 armour, and all my health in tact. Thinking that some soldiers would pop out of nowhere to blow me away, I still wasn't confident. To my surprise I made it out of the Airbase, with the Hunter, without receiving another shot... passed!

-5th attempt- This attempt was almost reminiscent as my 4th attempt, only this time when I was in the Hunter and setting off, I only had 70 armour, but still had full health... passed!

-6th attempt- Much like the above two attempts, I got to the Hunter with a lot of armour (110) and full health in-tact. Three in a row...? Not likely! A group of soldiers were in the far-out tents, and they blew me up... failed!

-7th attempt- I again got to the hunter with 110 armour and full health, but this time two groups of soldiers blew me up as I was about to set off... failed!

-8th attempt- The same as my 4th attempt, I got in the Hunter with all health and 136 armour, and managed to get out safely... passed!

-9th attempt- This attempt was pretty dire, although I did manage to get to the Hunter, but with only 17 health points remaining, that was until I got blown to pieces... failed!

-10th attempt- I really wanted to succeed with my last attempt, and I did! I had 70 armour and full health remaining when I got out of the Airbase safely... passed!


Total passed- 3

Total failed- 7

Success percentage- 30%


As you can see, the first method is what I was luckiest on, but I still didn't succeed as many times as I'd class as a 'high chance of success' method. Looking at this, these are your best chances to succeed-


-Cop uniform- 100%

-Using a chopper- 60%

-Making a run for it- 30%


Before going into the Airbase, you've got to be aware that the soldiers don't only spawn beside the Rhino, and outside the Airbase, but they also spawn-


-Beside the steps leading up to the trenches

-On the steps leading up to the trenches on the roof

-On the steps at the foot of both watch towers

-In the trenches

-In the narrow path leading to the training ground

-In multiple spots on the training ground

-In and around the tents beside the Hunter

-In the far-out tent and in the Southernmost corner beside the Hunter


...as well as other spots. Nine times out of ten, the average gamer will have a hard time making it alive.


If you're going into Fort Baxter to retrieve the Rhino, you will be able to get to it wearing any uniform you like, as it's relatively close to the entrance, but if you're wishing to get inside Fort Baxter to gain access to the Hunter, any method aside from wearing the cop uniform would be nigh on suicidal.



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Steve Crook

I read of a lot of people saying that they are having trouble with mission Demolition Man.

If you are having problems, try this ...


1. Learn to fly the helicopter

It sounds obvious but a lot of people don't do it.

Flying a helicopter is a bit complicated so learn how to do it properly.

The timer doesn't start until you pick up the first bomb so you can take as long as you like learning to fly it.


The basic controls that move the helicopter are:

Up & Down - makes you go up & down vertically

Tilt forwards & back - makes you go forwards and back

Note: tilting forwards will make you go down as well so use tilt forwards and Up together

Bank left & right - lean into a curving, slow turn to the left or right

Rotate left & right - rotate left & right for a fast turn

The keys that operate these controls vary depending on your system and, on the PC, what you set them to.


On the PC I use:

Up & Down - arrows up & down

Tilt forwards & back - 9 & 6

Bank left & right - arrows left & right

Rotate left & right - Q & E


2. Optionally, kill all the guards and workmen before you start with the bombs

It means they won't interfere with you bombing once you start, but they're easily avoided and won't do you much damage

To kill the guards & workmen, fly towards them just above the ground (not too high) and tilt or bank the helicopter so that the rotor blades slice them biggrin.gif

The guards will take a few shots at you but they're rotten shots and rarely do any damage.


3. Find your way around the building

Find out how to move around the building, how to go up and down the stairs between floors, how to get around the panels that have been erected.

Find out where you have to drop the bomb on each floor.

When you reach each floor the symbol on your HUD radar will change from an upward pointing triangle to a square.

Fly up to the top floor and explore each floor.

Try not to crash into the walls too often and the helicopter will easily survive


4. Now you can do the bombing run

Start with the first target at ground level and work your way up the building.

The trip from the van where you pick up the bombs to where you place the bomb on the top floor is the longest trip. If you make that the last one you drop then you don't have to do the long return trip to get the next bomb.


I can usually do the bombing run in about 4 minutes or at least under 4 minutes 30 seconds. You have 7 minutes from when you pick up the first bomb. Plenty of time smile.gif



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Help with The Driver


Hilary is in a much superior car to yours - it's a lot faster, stronger & durable than the Sentinel, and it's overall performance is fivefold above it too. Hilary's not the most assured of drivers though (aside from when he leaves your view, that's when he becomes seemingly impeccable!), and I can usually take him just after I get the two-star wanted level notification. The cops never bother me either; they only show for a brief spell when you get the notification, and if you're pretty close to Hilary, they quite often won't show until you start edging further ahead. They do act as obstacles at two pivotal points in the race, but once you know what's going to happen, it becomes all to easy to evade them.


Here's a basic runthrough of the method I use, for you to use in order to beat Hilary, without taking advantage of exploits -


-- Begin the race with your foot firmly down. As you near the first left turn, you should keep my foot firmly to the metal. Hilary breaks a little, which will give you the momentum as you go into the turn, to overtake him on the following straight.

-- Once you get onto the straight, you and Hilary should be pretty much neck & neck. This is where you should make a judgement of the road in front of you, and whether it is clear of traffic or not. If it is clear of traffic, you should carry on going head-to-head with Hilary, as nothing will act as an obstacle. If there are cars/Police vehicles ahead of you, you can perform a trick I always use, which is turning into your very own form of cop, and performing a PIT manoeuvre on Hilary, spinning his car around 180°. Now Hilary is pretty fast, and does have the ability to catch you up a little bit, but you will have now given yourself more room to breath upon making sharp left & right turns.

-- At this point, Hilary should not be in your sight; take a brief look behind you to check. If you are lucky, you should only see a very small & faint arrow above his vehicle, meaning the race will now be in your hands, and all you've got to do is keep it together, avoiding the now more frequently occuring police as you progress.

-- When you get to the Ocean Beach hospital, and gear up for a right turn towards the Washington Beach/Vicepoint Island, take your foot off the accelerator and gently brake. More often than not, two Police cars will drive from either side of the road and act as a barricade in your way. Clattering into them will slow you down, and make Hilary more than likely overtake you if the impact is a big one. So slow down and make the turn right over the grass verge before the road, completely evading the police in the process. This will still give you the momentum and advantage.

-- The same thing will happen again, just in front of the bridge that will take you by the pizza parlour and towards the Malibu. Again, slow down and make your turn over the grass verge, evading the police and putting yourself on the path to glory. From there on-in the race is Child's play, and, if you were good/lucky, you might just clock in at a time under 125 seconds


For those of you who struggle to complete the race the scripted way, here's an explanation of how to make the most of exploits -


You can actually complete this race in any vehicle you wish to. What you do, is get any vehicle you want (preferably one of the faster in the game; Infernus, Hotring Racer, Comet, Stinger, Banshee, Cheetah, Phoenix or the Deluxo), and then, prior to the mission, park the vehicle you will be using just beside the first intersection along the race-course (somewhere in or around this badly circled area, if you park the car closer to the Malibu Club, it will be gone upon beginning the mission). Make sure upon exit that you leave the car's door open, it is very important that you do that as it will almost guarantee the car to remain when you leave it out of your sight.


Then begin the mission. As soon as you begin, floor it to where your vehicle is located, and when you get to it, quickly swap and continue with the race. With a very fast vehicle, this mission will almost be a breeze, you'll soon catch Hilary up well before the finishing point, and you should easily and simply pass the mission. Here's a couple of thins to take note of, regarding tips-


-- Stay on your side of the road; you don't want to clatter into oncoming vehicles, especially Police cars, as they will be targeting you in the first place

-- Watch out for Lampposts/telephone poles; going into one will dramatically slow you down, and it could knock you off balance

-- Although you have a two-star wanted level, the VCPD don't show much, so don't be hesitant that they are closing in on you

-- Try to stay on the road; there are numerous obstacles that will cause you to slow down or change direction, you don't want that do you?!

-- Be aware of two police cars acting as obstacles at junctions. Clattering into them at speed will result in you losing ground on the race, and possibly losing out. There are two pivotal ones, as I have already stated


With that in mind, you should, eventually, nail the race! icon14.gif

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To Submit a guide you think is useful, please PM Spuds725 to review before submitting.


You can PM me the guide or post it to a new thread-- if I believe it is a finished product (complete and accurate) I will add/merge it to this thread and update the table of contents with your submission.


Please do NOT post other peoples work-- this if for originally created guides by our members....







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Good post to share.

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Gold Infernus:

To get this, just steal the Infernus that is parked on the side of the stairs of the Vercetti mansion at the beginning of the "Bar Brawl" mission.(I found this one at a walkthrough at Gamefaqs, not sure if it's true.)



Black Sanchez:

In the Dirt bike mission, "Trial By Dirt" you are chased by 3 other black Sanchezes. Simply shoot one of the guys off and the bike is yours. Credit goes to scmikes


I know this is an old topic, yet since it is a Pinned topic, I would like to keep it up to date as possible: With that being said, these two quotes from the first topic are incorrect, as in the Mission "Bar Brawl" the Infernus at the mansion is just the default White one that always spawns there..


About the Black Sanchez's in the mission "Trial By Dirt", I have no idea where that came from, as everytime I played that mission, there has never been any other vehicles chasing me-unless I had a wanted level of 2+(at which it would be the police chasing me)...


I have played this game many times, and have never experienced nor seen these things..? confused.gif

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I know this is an old topic, yet since it is a Pinned topic, I would like to keep it up to date as possible: With that being said, these two quotes from the first topic are incorrect, as in the Mission "Bar Brawl" the Infernus at the mansion is just the default White one that always spawns there..


About the Black Sanchez's in the mission "Trial By Dirt",  I have no idea where that came from, as everytime I played that mission, there has never been any other vehicles chasing me-unless I had a wanted level of 2+(at which it would be the police chasing me)...


I have played this game many times, and have never experienced nor seen these things..? confused.gif

The first thing you wrote is true. There is not gold Infernus in the entire game.


About the black Sanchez (and Rancher), you need to pass the Trial by Dirt (or Test Track) side-mission three times, in the fourth try, there will be three black Sanchez'es, chasing you. If it's Test Track there will be a black Rancher chasing you.

However as you can get this vehicles anytime you like, this vehicles aren't unique, just rare.

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Confirm... I've seen the guys on the sanchezes chasing you--- This is on my original (2002) version for the PS2-- I did not recall how many times you had to repeat it before they did but do recall it.


I don't recall that one but will trust you guys about that.




Fixed above entries----


FYI--- trial by dirt black sanchez vid....



Edited by Spuds725

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Thanks a lot man!

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Just for information Spuds, that link doesn't work anymore. (Trial by dirt)

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thanks... wasn't my vid just one I linked to...

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To add to Flicko's guide about "The Driver" mission, there is a glitch in the mission that occurs sometimes (not sure if it just happens on PC or not?), but sometimes when you do the mission, you'll be in last place, then further down the road you'll all of the sudden be in first place except when you get to the finish line it'll come up "Mission failed-Hillary died" and thus mission failure. It's been a while since I played this mission, but I used to have this happen a lot on my old XP Home and XP Pro PC's and that was on the Original CD version.


Just thought i'd mention that for the sake of completion on the guides listed here as this can be a bad thing for people who like to complete the game with as few mission failures as possible.

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Aah look at this old post, literally 2002, and I can't believe this forum was that old, and how it looked like, and I also can't believe people figured out this stuff that quick, and..


f*ckin' nostalgia

Edited by CarlsonRe

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