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Confirmed Cheats

Recommended Posts

It also cant be deactivated or levelled out with the 'Speed Up Time' cheat. The game has to be restarted or reloaded for the normal game speed to be reobtained. [/color]

PAL Version it can.

I don't know if it's version related or not, but I'm also on PAL and was pretty sure that upon entering the Fast Gameplay after the Slow Gameplay.. the game returned to it's default speed.

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Another error. It's listed as Slow down clock but considering the fact that there is no slow down clock cheat and the lack of a slow motion cheat. I'm willing to bet that IS the slow mo cheat.


Also, the monster truck cheat is spelled wrong, but I don't care about that.

there is a cheat for slow mo game playt it is triangleuprightdownsquareR2R1

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It was said on the 23rd and again on the 26th that



Invisible Cars



is a cheat post it up on your table,I mean you have the Adrenaline cheat already, why not this one,not trying to be mean or nothing don't take any offense

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the first time I used the funhouse theme cheat there were lawnmowers. i got on one and it had hydrolics. It looked weird having hydrolics. I havent seen any lawn mowers with that cheat since.

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THE best cheat has to be the; full armour and full health plus $250,000 cheat,,, its a easy way to get money, and u also can get past missions ALOT EASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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I haven't used it "yet" so I'm not sure but in older versions of the game the slow motion cheat could be reset by going off a unique jump


And I tried the parachute cheat and couldn't get it to work.

I tried it both while falling(and died)

and while on the ground


I was trying some of them for the first time so I'm positive it was after having used either just the "cars float away when hit" cheat or

both that and the "cars fly" cheat

not sure if it's connected

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There are two different gang cheats, whats the difference between them?

I think the difference is that in gang members rule the streets, evrywhere u go theres gang members fighting and in gang members everywhere, there arent any peds and everyone is a gang member.

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this is not a thread for guessing what the next confirmed code is. I suggest cutting the spam before the mods tell you guys to. Don't want to make this another Newly Discovered cheats thread, where you guys had the liberty of freely causing it to be cleaned out 3-4 times.


You guys wanna discuss the codes... everyone get on Yahoo Messenger or something and IM the sh1t out of each other... or make a Yahoo chatroom, or do something. Here's not the place... BTW: If it hasn't been found in the Newly Discovered Cheats thread, then it probably hasn't been found, period. Check there.

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Regarding the Rhino Properties cheat:


I tried it out, and stile a Regina. It worked-the body panels dented, and it eventually began to smoke. I used the all-purpose health cheat to heal it, and it became invincible. It could not be dented, or made to smoke, by collisions. As soon as I saved, it and the Rhino cheat altogether deactivated. Cool glitch, in my opinion.cool.gif-TS

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What about the ninja cheat? Add it or die2.gif

New cheats are added to the topic when meth. has tested them. It undoubtedly works, but there's no desperate need to add it - the cheat is listed in the first post of the Newly Discovered Cheats topic which, like this one, is also pinned.

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cookie.gif  cookie.gif  cookie.gif 4 edison

he found 45%of those codes  wow.gif

Um no. There are 68 codes in this topic and he found 17 of thoses. Go jack off in his thread. That goes for everybody.

hahahaha! well said!!! rah.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...


is there a cheat tyo make it snow ?

No - all of the known cheats are listed here, if it isn't listed then it doesn't exist / hasn't been found yet. However, since snowy weather isn't seen in the game, it is extremely unlikely that there will ever be a cheat for it.

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