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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

Recommended Posts

as promised:


prliminary list of vehicles to be moded.


1.mack r600 = tanker,road train

2.red xa coupe = clover

3.red snake truck = tow truck

4.low suspension f100 tow truck = also tow truck or utility truck

5.wez bike = bf400 or pcj600

6.big bopper = police

7.jebadiah plane = dodo

8.gyrocopter = sparrow

9.various dune buggies = bandito,bfinjector

10.pink destro = tornado


side mod mini rc mod


1.interceptor = rc bandit

2.mack r600 = rc bandit

3.gyrcopter = rc goblin



now this is not the complete list i did manage to make it to las venturas so i need to take a bigger look around before i can start doing some completion of the list but this should give you all an idea of where we are heading.


as for the fine work quicksilver is doing i'm still finding slots for his cars but there will be space somewhere these are jsut the cars,trucks and flyign machiens that make sence from a game play stand point.


as for the interceptor(s) i need to be sure of what cars can be fixed with nitro once i get that down then i can say which cars they will be and the march hare is still up for debate if we want to have them both in as is quicksilvers mad max 1 manoro hq "pursit specail."



but rest assure slots will be fileld in the best ways and we can then move on to locations and possible mission scripting. but that is far into the future.


also no i think the wheels on quicksilvers pappagello car are fine. in the modeling programs the wheels tend to look a little big but in the game engine it is very differnent they will be the right size in game trust me.

Edited by T-808
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some big news and some modeling progress.


first the big news...now this won't be happening for a while as our tech staff member is going to be busy but....i finsihed up 100% the red xa coupe and the wez bike and translated them into a format for beta tesing the cars in vice first.


meaning beta testing of the models for the mod is begining the mod is moving forward. i'm sending the files off but our tech man says he needs a few days but he'll squeeze it in when he can...mean while modeling is still going on.


for those of you confused yes we will be beta testing the cars in vice cause if we know it works in vice by the time sa comes out we will have most of the kinks worked out for the models and most of it will be basic translation to san andreas (in theory.). it's a brillant idea from our second in command here so that is what we are doing.


so though models are few and far between some of the mod is going beta.


now wez bike was done...all i had to do was make everything in to approprate names and attatch what needed to be attached to the body.


but the red xa coupe was a differnet story well i needed to do the bumpers front and back when they are damged so that'swhat i did. now in the picture you will notice a whole in the red xa roof...that was my bad not aughs and has been since patched up.




and the front chin.




work continues on the other models but nothing i can show you yet except to show you my decent start on the snake truck. hood is preliminary but the front fender is pretty much done.



ed: images removed for band width



i should be finishing up the intercepor tonight and doing more on the mack plus finishing the mesh cleanup on the hood and moving on the the rest of the truck.


also i'm not sure about until we can get the sa models out when the pc version comes out but i got an idea for a side mod making the mad max/road warrior vehicles into shells for the "kart" go-kart thing in san andreas so you could have a sorta "mad maxio kart." kinda thing.


not sure how it will all work out but i'd shring the meshes and replace the tires and cut holes in the roofs the the seat and steerign wheel.


just an idea i have to see how viable it is but woild be cool if i can make it work.

Edited by T-808
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well that is a very good question. while alot of me would love to jsut gets things going in a public beta the purpose right now is mainly technical.


we need to get these cars working in a gta engine before we can start saying they are really together...plus beta right now means "beta" while all the dummies shoudl be there and the models working well technical there is no skin yet as i haven't sent them off to the skinners so it wouldn't be very fun to give you an unskinned possibly not working car and bike. i say this only cause we need people who have and know alot about getting cars in game since i'm no tech person on that (damn you ww 2 harely lol.) because the car and bike are done but beauty is more then skin deep in this case cause it will be all for nothing if the wheels are off or if the car crashes vice.


but i think once the tech staff have gotten them working in game and the skinners do their part then i might look at reaslesing models to wet your appetite in vice and help you see what i see everytime i play san andreas and if you as big a max fan as i am you'll likely burst at the possibilities max holds for SA. (ie: in las venturas their is a mohawked punk we can likely pull apart to make wez.)


so private for now but i'll take a vote with the staff to see about a post beta pre sa realease of our works to you to mad max adoring public...if quicksilvers night rider manoro is all he says it is then trust me you will want these cars.

Edited by T-808
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did some work on the interceptor and got the knife in place. also the bobby trap is almost done but won't be 100% as wiring it all up liek in them ovie would be nice but at that scale ingame youre really not goig nto see it so cuttign down on polly waste. but she shoudl look the part. then she will be ready for the skinners and beta testing. also solved the tank clippign porblem...bassiclay i had jsut enough room to move the tanks back so that rest right.


ed: images removed for band width


oh yeah had to add a trunk bottom as there was none and the knife is mounted to it.


snake truck progresses but i might redo the back it was late and i was workign hard to get this puppy really going. but here is the results of last night.


so that is where that is now. more to come soon.


oh and beta testing for the red xa coupe has come from an differnet source then i thought i'm trying out quicksilver to see if he can get it working in vice he says he can skin it as well and when he comes on tonight i will know the answer to if the car is working and if she is skinned. you'll all know soemthign when i do.

Edited by T-808
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i've got a revised prrliminary list as a few more cars seem to suit our needs so here it is the revised list


preliminary list of vehicles in sa to mod.



1.mack r600 = tanker,road train

2.red xa coupe = clover

3.red snake truck = tow truck

4.lower suspension f100 tow truck (rw) = also tow truck

5.wez bike = bf400 or pcj600

6.big bopper = police los santos

7.max mfp cruiser = police las venturas

*8."black mystery car in madmax garage" = police red county

9."night rider" pursit specil = buffilo

10.jebadia plane = dodo

11.gyrocopter = sparrow

12.various dune buggies = bandito,bfinjector

13.canvas monster truck = monster



side mod porject rc mini mods


1.interceptor = rc bandit

2.mack r600 = rc bandit

3.gyrocpter = rc goblin


*note: car has been identified as a black pursiut specail with the sirens of max's mfp car mounted on top.


sorry no modeling updates...seem to have caught a slight case of insomnia and while i haven't started any fight clubs yet i still need to take a few nights off to try to get rid of it as best one can. more to come soon thought i promise you all that.




Edited by T-808
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the interceptor now has her bomb and i did some damged tanks for the truck lid damage replacemnet meaning...you ram her hard enough in the back you can make the tanks come off! or should if beta testign goes well.


speaking of which i have only some minior detials to sort out and i might do that passenger seat fix and then she'll be ready for beta testing.


work continues on the snake truck as well she has a bottom. and a backing to her cab (only partial thought since the back of the cab and truck bed were cut away to make a sorta walk way.) still have to redo tha back but the back gave me an idea of how to do the truck bottom as the back is not as long as the standard truck is. then i did a little mesh clean up making some things fit together and what not.


also got a new sig for those paying attention. so here is the new shots.


the bomb (basic yes but at that scale in game you wouldn't beable to see the real detail anyways.)


image removed to save bandwidth


and the tank damage


image removed to save bandwidth


snake truck works


image removed to save bandwidth


note...yes i will be making the axel ridge and punching hole for the engine i'm jsut not there yet.


image removed to save bandwidth


aslo the gun factory is back in buisness making sci-fi as well as real guns that were over looked in san andreas. first on the docket:


restarting the lord humungus scoped .45 magnum the scope is done she jsut needs a scratch built body is all i used the old python for refence and scale.


image removed to save bandwidth


Edited by T-808
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*note: car has been identified as a black pursiut specail with the sirens of max's mfp car mounted on top.

it's the nightrider monaro with lights, yes. they filmed the scene before the opening scene.

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@92f :yup still added under the mad max section...only change to the line up weapon wise is that quicksilver will now be doing the sawed off since his handle was alot prettier mesh wise then mine was so i felt his was better for in game thus he got that one instead of mine.


@jellar and your right jellar that's the same manoro alright and yes they filmed the garage before the opening otherwise that pusuit specil in the garage would have been totaled if they did it after. and seeing as how the police rancher is one 2 door it fits perfectly with the manoro with sirens being the red country police vehicle. only loss will the tbe police ranchers 4x4 ability but i think once you are driving long the country side only to see the pursit specai with sirens running down a perp it will be like the unseen things of the world of mad max...before the wastelands.


see the country side to sone extent has alot of places that look alot like melborne (where max 1 was filmed.) thus with a few sighs put up and a decal or two on some of the roads you'll feel right at home chasing after...or being chased in the night rider manoro

Edited by T-808
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last time i checked it was MGM but i'm not worried in the least there have been a hand full of games to feature accurate mad max vehicles and as far as i read none of them were hasseled by mgm.


but if it comes to it then we'll scale things back mainly i wanted to get the vehicles and weapons in the game and mgm has never sued anyone over just the cars and weapons otherwise my modeling freinds in washington would have been sued along time ago for carmageddon, need for speed 3 and 4,grand theft auto:vice city,1nsane,and the midtown madness series to name just a few.


we already have to put "all vehicles copy right mgm studios." i have no intnetion of bringing down the wrath of the man.


we were already featured as a link on madmaxmovies.com i would htink if we haven't gotten mgm's attention on a premeier mad max site then there isn't much to worry about yet.


i thank you for the heads up i wil keep an eye out for it and see about any e-mails i might get from them.


odd thought you worry about our totoal converstion yet you doing somehting by capcom as well i'd watch myself as well.

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yeah thats the thing MGM went though and wrote every team makeing a stargate mod a cease and desist. they went though and said it to every farcry, halflife, and doom mod team that were makeing one. i was really looking forward to fargate a farcy stargate mod. they go the letter saying to stop from MGM them selfs or they would take action. the first thing i thought when i read that was your mad max mod. its seems like MGM is holding on tight to their property. what sucks the most is that the fargate mod was so close to being done and they got the letter. i would hate for you guys to get nearly done too and get one you know? funny how they like to wait till your almost done with the mod till thay say no to it. mean while you put so damn much work in to it and they dont care.


yeah i am worryed about my mod too. from time to time i will check out alot of other resident evil mod sites for halflife and doom or what not and see if they got a cease and desist or not. if any of them ever do then i will know for sure cant make mine. all though i have read that capcom dosnt mind it if its all your own models and textures being used and none of it is ripped from there games. so as long as we dont really use anything of theirs then we dont have a hole lot to worry about im hoping.


anyway just trying to warn you guys of whats been going on and looking out for you. smile.gifwink.gif

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okay thank you for the warning and yeah it could happen very much so so i'll keep an eye.


the only thing i could say that would make sence thought is that farcry and stargate are still on for the most part and still in heavey use on t.v. (not so much farcry but they are making a movie i heard and reissuing the dvd's of the series.) so they are still comercialy viable property. but as augh would say the only way a game would come out of raod warrior liscnese is fury raod was a smash hit otherwise the liscene will just go back in to obsucrity.


worse comes to worse we can realease alteast 3 of our best model cars and a weapon or two...ganjcia realsed 3 cars for vice and he got no flak.


alot of it is the volume of content...for isntance if we use anyting ripped form the movie we can't use more then 15 minutes of dilaogue and or music or that is copyright in frindgement(rember park wars.)...meaning that thinking of using the original motion picture soundtrack would not be viable so i cut it back to using the intro theme which runs just over 2 minutes. but if we don't do every location every character (if we can get chracters done) and every vehicle then the copy right lawas as i have seen them would not aply to us.


but again thank you for the heads up and thank you for the back sotry as to why to worry there is always a way that if fury road is still in the making that mgm might hit us just in case fury road is a hit and they pull out the old liscences to make the earlier movies into a game. so i'll keep my head up and looking thanks for warning i would hate to put all my hard work into this and have it all be for nothing.


agian worse coems to worse we realease the vehicles cause i been through many games and no one gets hasseled for making car mods.


ed: good news on the copyright front.....jsut got my dvd today and raod warrior is owned by wanrer borthers so we won't have to worry as much on the road warrior part of the mod. but mgm does won mad amx that i do know so we'll have to watch out on the mad max front.

Edited by T-808
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well the moment some of you have been wating for will soon be here. as i finish off two more models and get them ready for beta i am without a funtional graphics card.


i can still model luckily but hiher things like games and suck are not happening...meaning i can't even run vice on my system and with money enough for bills only it won't be fixed any time soon.


so i'm gathering up my tech staff here in pms getting things lined up for the tech part of the mod i am in need of a few beta testers to test the model in vice city. interested parties must have a good amount of free time and vice city on which to play the game and test the cars. any one intrested pm me and we'll start picking soon.


modeling news should be coming tomarrow when i show the finished modeles of the intereceptor and sandman. i hope to get more work on the snake truck done as well but for now i'm focusing on finishing up some models.


so there it is the big announcemnt my misfortune is a selcet fews fortuneas a few will get to test the beta models of the cars and trucks done so far.



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well basic update sending more off to the tech crew to look at and hopefuly get workign in game. also watched road warrior as i just got my dvd and wow love it so much.


well choofa couldn't finish off his sandman so natrualy i have been apointed the duty of taking care of that. mostly she needed a gear box for the basic finish of the beasic mesh but now i find out it needs damgae thus i haveto make the damaged parts and all the dummies before she can go into beta testing.


well finaly did it i succssesfuly scrapled the passenger seat out of the interceptor and made a very basic attempt at a bucket seat which i mounted to the undamaged door of the car i'm workign out weather the try to make a damaged version or leave of for the damaged door. worked on the pipes but hell i don't think i got them right so i might have to reansplant a modified version of the red xa's over to ganjcias donated model.


the last of my work last night consisted of gun factory business.....dante's "ebony and ivory" form capcoms devil may cry were giving me nightmares on their complex front end work (anyone who has tried modeling them know what i'm talkign about.) but the fisrt new prototype shows promise and if all goes well i can have her in sa when she comes out. so get you pistol skils up to dual weild and you cna play out some of you devil may cry fantasies.

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muahahahahaha LET THE BETA TESTIGN BEGIN!!!!


2 models have been sent out tow more are almost ready to be sent out. the tech staff is working hard and we should have our first looks at in-games on the red xa and wez bike.


so wish the tech staff (found on page 1,5 and 6 ) luck but if anyone can get them working our tech staff can then it's off to the skinners with them.



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well crx is right but to some degree so it gt-1....the porblem..when i edit old topics on different days i founf my tpic was never bumped nore was the day of posting changed...if i posted in the same window each day no one would check to topic thinking the porject was stagnat and the topic will go lower and lower until it disappered.


so thoguht it don't look pretty i'm tryign to show the topic looky looers and followers of the topic that there is some progress out there. but i never post more then once a day if i can help it sorry but i'm doign what i can to show the fans the topic has progress i'll try to limit the number of tiem s i double post but that is the best i can do.

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well fantastic neok i was hoping to hear form the tech crew thanks for clearign a spot in you schedule.


as for progress there is none yet to save my sanity i had to take some time off and jsut sleep but this week will be a work week so excepct more progress very very soon.

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well not sure i said it yet but the mad max intercptor will now be done by quicksilver with my leafsprings. the mad max interceptor was to be done by augh but i seem to be tellign me thigns like "this mod no longer concerns me." so i think he might be lookign to get out or took ganjcias donations as a bootign out. but it's not he is still welcome to do the model.


so interpersonal mod b.s. a side i did some rework and new work on the snake truck.


back end pannel is fitted.


image removed to save bandwidth


a view from above.


image removed to save bandwidth


and a view of the preliminary windsheild


image removed to save bandwidth


i fixed the normals trouble in the back boy was it a pain but it's done. now the next steps are making the guts of the truck,lights,seats and some understide work to do and then she'll be closer to being finished.


did some work on the mack truck hood ...it's my nemisies for the time being i want it soo badly to look liek the model i am workign off perfect but if it's not one htign it's another with thei struck lol but i'll kill my nemisies somehow jsut gotta keep on working. no word yet on the beta testing from the tech crew yet but they're all very busy.


also i had to go back into the back loggs anf remove all but the last 2 pages of wip screens i have lot of them ...no one reads back logs and so why keep them on there. so i too kthem off except my mack truck recent works on page 11 because there are soemthign i did fully scratch work and i believe that even if no one sees then they're jsut too good so far to delete.

Edited by T-808
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thanks alot generz i'm workign hard and this is my first real attempt at a fully scratch built model. i got 2 more f-100's to buld from scratch (not including the lord humunguses truck.) we're all workign very hard on this project and hope to show more models going beta soon.


tonight i hope to finish the retrofiting of my parts onto c.j.'s recrafting of ganjicias interceptor for the road warrior part of the mod. then she can go to c.j. for skinning and then she will be beta.

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