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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

Recommended Posts

got my hands on some info from the handling file. gonna be tough. theres a sh*tload of extra fields. but once we get some editors made, it shouldn't take too long. and glad to see i got some people helpin me on it.
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How are you gonna fix the 'problems' with the landau?


1: the manifolds are four-piece, but the car is turbocharged. are you gonna make turbo manifolds, then split the downpipes into four pipes and graft them onto the exterior manifolds?


2: the way the turbochargers stick out of the bonnet will make the bonnet damage difficult. either the bonnet has to stay on and just flap a bit, or it has to go through the turbos whenever it falls off. sad.gif

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well you bring up som intrestign points...soemthing that i will address when in post production of the model right now the misison is the get the models done and done accurately to the movies.


once that is done and we got the game and have an idea of the new damage system then we can assess were and what parts shoudl be done.


ther is tow schools of thought on it thought if i think about it...one would be to just mount it to the hood and make an alternate version that is damaged that would falp around in the wind....but that woudl be poly coslty and i'm doign my damnest not to do that.


or b. we jsut keep it as part of the hood and it unlralisticaly stays stationary with the engine as it goes thoguht the hood. with all the "extras" i'm not sure if we can ever really get realist damge on the models but we'll do what we can...when it coems down to the logic of it all i'll have a team meeting of the minds and we'll see what tech staff has to say about it all. thank you for the questions i hope that asnwered at least one of the questions the otehr one right now will have to wait and see when i get that far on the landau.


@neo-k thanks for the heads up any information we can get right now is helpful for the future with all the customiziation that went into the real cars it will be a challenge on it's own btu add to it the new system out there with extras...well we'll jsut have to do our damndest is all but thank yo ufor sharign what you know it helps to knwo abotu what we are up against.

Edited by T-808
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Barton Waterduck

Looks like I'm the first to actually RELEASE a mod for SA then. tounge2.giftounge2.gif


edit: uh, I think so anyway. blush.gif About the handling, the maximum top speed possible of everything is fixed to "75" which is equal to the top speed of the hydra. If you need to go faster than that, no problem, you just need a gamespeed mod. Then the top speed is about 300 "units" (whatever that means).

Edited by Barton Waterduck
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@ jallar wow....i have been wrtign to these people and writing to that site people and seen no progress and then finaly wow we have been featured that is beyond what i had ever hoped would happen thank you for the link.


@Barton Waterduck well okay so you are the first congrats thought i don't think any of us can truely we made the first until we see it workign in game when it hits the sates in june. we may need that mod at some poitn but i don't know yet till we get things workign in game our selves thank yo ufor the news. but still you do it congrats moving on.


as for the mod ta-da progress!!! spured on by some fan mail and now this advertizing i been able to clear sometime for work on the mod. it's not alot but ti's soemthign and a start of bigger and better progress.


th landau needs a back end among other thigns so i been carefuly crafting a new one i had to cut out a trunk as the c.j. made was wirher noth there or was too big wither way i cut one out and made a new one un damged for the time being as i need to fix som issues with makign the correct curvatur of the over all trunk. again the back end is beta so the little gaps will be fixed.



also did some som low poly headlights...gott fix their scale a bit and spacing but they are coming along.


ed: images removed for band width


now for the haters out there the landau sits right now at just over 4k.


also starting the finishng touches on the red xa coupe mainly the wheels have to be done (among a few other minor details.) so i refasioned the back tires to be one mesh instead of 2 trust me it saves us alot of pollies.


i liberated one of aughs rim assemblys so i copied it almsot poly for poly to get a good rims going, thought what you see is likely what you get until it's skinned as i am doing what i can to save and shave poliies.


so this is how far i got on the wheel works for the time being still working out the kinks but if i get the tires and rims done then she is basicly ready for skinning when the sa mod tools become available. and will be one of the first finsihed cars and the second vehicle done for the mod.



now part of the problem that c.j sorta brought up to me on msn is that he feels the wheel weels on the xa are cut higher then factor standard....he miight be right but to mee it seem almsot like the xa has smaller tires then usual i have only htis picture i took long ago to go on what do all of you think?



lastly i am happy to report that thanks to hard work the xa is only 9k above polly imit and falling.

Edited by T-808
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well i spent all night baling out my virus riddled computer and finaly got her back to some normalcy. so today i had a chunk of time...not a big one but some tiem none the less today.


fixed them andau back end gaps (no pics yet sorry. and installed a new bumper on the landau. plus a look at my new project.


the landau pumper and i did a little work on the headlights.



and a little treat it may not be much but it's a start......


lord humungus truck start!!!



what do ya want i only had 5 minutes. it the front of the truck jsut after the prisoner display holders in front.


no tonight i hope to get the tires done on the red xa and i'll de doign two versions as no one seems to knwo the anser abotu the red xa...version one will have (aughs orginal sized) scratch made tires and bigger cut wheel wells. the second will have smaller tires. so one way or the other i'm going to try to finish up the red xa tonight.

Edited by T-808
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fishihed!!!! working into the wee hours of the night i finised versions 1 and 2 of the red xa coupe nothing really left to do but the skinning.


so here she is version 1 is uncut wheel wells and smaller tires, version 2 is higher cut wheel wells with aughs original size tires.


note: this is AUGH's orginal mesh body. i have , with his blessing, modded it into the red xa bat coupe. i could only hope to make cars as good as augh but i won't take credit for all the work as it's not all mine.


so without further adue here she is.




image removed to save bandwidth




image removed to save bandwidth




image removed to save bandwidth


sorry forgot the back end shot on version 1 (it was late or early depending on how you look at 3 am.)


also note that version 2's wheel were a wee bit missalighed so i fixed it in post production.


i have a firm start on lord humungus's truck but nothing i feel needs showing yet and i'm cleaning up aughs engine from the red xa coupe for modeling a lower poly version to put into the landau so on words and up words.


2 down many many more to go.

Edited by T-808
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yeah that spoiler does look a bit damaged, idk, been a while since i've seen the movie, maybe it's supose to be that way.


as for the fields, there are some new ones for the dune buggys, so any of the buggy cars we make will be able to work and look realistic.


and it's awesome that we got on the Mad Max Movies page. well this is still the dull time, it's when SanAn comes out that the fun starts.


mainly for me. lol. and i already pre-orderd it over at gamestop. so june 7th or 8th i'll have all the PC cfg files read through and hopefully figured out.

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well you all got me there yup....the back spiol has the undamged and dameged version shown a litte bit of my bad but oh well you get a basic idea i wasn't even sure how to do it until i saw 2 things


1. saw how augh damges his rear spoiler and

2. i thought abotu the way the car would have actualy been if it were real.


the spoiler end peces looked sorta thign and weled on good to the body frame so i wouldn't make sence to me to have that one end flappign in the wind like the rest of the spoiler so i bent the main body of it for the damged version.

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In Your Nightmares
Ok i was thinking last nite about what Barton was talking about just having 1 big wheel Well u can do that and have a alpha map in the middle so it will give the illusion that its 2 seperate wheels, would this work?
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okay abotu the back wheels i forgot to tlak abotu that one...both the landau that wrecks in the begign of the movie and the red xa coupe have 4 back wheels...why...ask the road warriro production art people.


now to save polly i had to go with 1 mesh for both wheels that may work it may not i won't knwo till we get our hands on san andreas pc as one of their pickup trucks has double back tires once we see how they did it we can reconfigure what we have done...btu the one tire idea was purely to save poly.



if it works it works if it doesn't we'l lfix it trust me gettignworkign modesl is one of our top priorities not jsut pretty models. thank you for brrigning it up since i'l ladd it to the lsit of tech concerns to look at once we can get cars in game.

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T-808 invited me ta help with this mod, unfortunatly I cant model ta save my life but textures n skins I can do. If ya aint seen um yet here is a link to my Mad Max skins.


Hopefuly with San Ann there will be a ped or charctr we'l be able ta use insted of CJ tho for the time being Im gona "attempt" a cj skin. If anyone has the PS2 version you could do me a BIG favour and look around for a decent ped or charcter we could use for Max.. or even better if someone could do a custom model.

Great start so far thou guys looking forward ta help you lot out wherever I can.



T-808 Kindly gave me his boomstick ta texture, Heres what Ive done so far Im not happy with the barrel texture might change that..... I would carry on tonight with this but My wifes nagging... you know what women are like lol....

user posted image

Edited by soul_courageous
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Awesome car there is it from one of the movies or made up or what.... its been quite a while since I sat and watched um.. Anyways great work keep it up....

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Although I would just like to nitpick for a second, can you make sure that for Max's Black on Black interceptor that the spark plugs/plug leads lead to between the exhaust headers like a 351 cleveland (the engine that is in max's car) I don't mind with any other car but I think the interceptor should be done properly.

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lol @ knowsfords. we'll take it all in to concideration but frnakly that's aughs department so you'll have to talk to augh about that one. don't excepct much toill closer to the games release in june as augh is bogged down with hsi sweet gt-r right now but thank you for the sudgestion.


but trust me the work augh does on the gt-r can only imporve the interceptor(s) while greatly decresing unnessecary poly counts (not that augh has ever really ahd that problem tounge.gif ) work is steady but slow i'm still not feelign the humunugs truck is workign yet but then again i felt the same way about the killzone rifle and look how that baby turned out.


so nothgin to show yet but i'm glade to see c.j. has come back with us for a whiel to help out with the mod it helps alot and he has shown som improvment over his last models. hopefully the landau i am finishing up for his will have an engine soon. till then all.

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well i did my work on the landau engine but i reached my badnwith allowence this month so i have to wait till my birthday feb. 1st till ican psot anything. well that is the main progress i have to report i also widened the work i did on the humnungus truck and no i feel a little better about it.

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Blessings be upon us, God be praised.


Nothing important, just religious doggerel, for no reason.



General resource requests, I'll certainly do what I can. The engine shown before from the older Falcon model was made in zmodeler as I learned the internal mechanics of a V-block, from a guide to overhauling and porting an Essex V6. There were a lot of revisions to make as I went along, and large portions of the motor are imo a complete hash biggrin.gif Add better references, a whole sh*tload of modelling experience, better understanding of combustion mechanics, and factor in the effect 3ds Max has had so far on my modelling and hopefully we should be in for something a little meatier;


Valve cover/spark/distributor type arrangements;


Cleveland v8, normally aspirated.


Cleveland v8, centrifugally supercharged.


Cleveland v8, "roots" style charger (if really terribly different)


Any relevant fuel injection conventions (Scott retro)



Some or any of the above would become useful further down the road. I'll be starting new sheet metal soon. The Pursuit Special will be undergoing a ground up rebuild commencing rather soon. Sheet metal, as always, is first up for the barber's chair. What I could really use is more shots of the bare unibody. I can always use more of those though.


The rebuild just strikes me as overwhelmingly necessary. I've made a lot of progress making that GT-R and this will simply give a cleaner, better product.


Regards rampage_ani.gif


Ed: 808; Abuse imageshack.us like I do wink.gif Or you could get a photobucket if you prefer, both have been pretty good to me so far.

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we might have some big big news from a modeler you all know and love. i jsut need to confirm with this modeler if what i haerd from another teamate is true and if it is this could project this project way past a must see topic. stay tuned true bleivers!!!



ed: good news bad news and greatish news.


good:the great ganjcia is donatign his models to us for the mod..they will fill in our mad max part of the mod quite well.


bad news: well their basiclay his cars from vice city which is good cause we can translate then i would hope pretty easily (don't knwo abotu handeling yet.) and he won't be joing us and makign more models.


greatish: c.j. has finsihed off his night rider manoro from mad max 1...but he won't show it unil san andreas comes out...nto even to me so don't ask.


so even that bad news is good news in the end we get high quality models from the great ganjcia and so long as we keep i nthe tradition of giving credit i will be able to edit soem of his models to make soem of the road warrior vehicles. maybe even redoing some models that are done.


also a friend is donatign some screenshots from road warriro and mad max so i can give out way better refs to my fellow modelrs who desprately need them. so onward and upword the great ganjcia as donated some wonderful models to mod shall be even better because of it.


for thsoe saying "so what is old ganjcia doing these days?" here is a a peek at his latest project..when it hits stores i'm goign right our to buy it i sudgest you do the same look here:


ganjcias new game


Edited by T-808
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progress update: work on ganjcias models begin. first the interceptor. or as max fans know it "...the last of the great v8 interceptors...."


first things first that trunk has jsut got to go...


[ and now for that back window,trunk wall andback seat...we won't be needing those where we're going.


ed: images removed for band width


so as you can see next to do is :


patch up the holes i have now torn in the mesh inside the car

look at how max put that "seat on the door" trying to get more interrior shots from raod warrior

then install back tanks

insall gas cans

install extra tried above back gas tanks

install misculanious item next to tire but above back gas tanks

install and wire boobytrap + knife in holster


last but not least hand it over to our award winning skinning staff for final preps. after that it's a long raod to making sure this car works in game since there is no trunk and no back windsheild. but that won't be till far after june when the tools are finaly made to import and export models safely in and out of san andreas.


so there you go...humungus truck is givign me a bit of a head ache so he's on the back burner until i finish the interceptor up to spec.


landau will get worked on jsut feelign al ittle whatsthat.gif

Edited by T-808
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