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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

Recommended Posts

I'm still here, I ain't dead yet, neither is the car.


bf: Yeah it had rear glass, I'll dig for screens on that too (have to do like 3 different runs through road warrior with fraps now biggrin.gif )


If you got any messenger progs you use and questions, do feel more than welcome to get ahold of me wink.gif


Seven days... everyone shall suffer O_O Hehe I made this one from like three or four frames, and just photoshopped the vertical hold going etc. Really happy with how it came out, but it's pretty old now biggrin.gif



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AAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH my phone rang ph34r.gifph34r.gifph34r.gif what did you do ???? It urns out I being barged by shcool homework... biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif


I see, I thought it doesnt have one...hard to see on my current screens smile.gif


BTW my homework @ school is brutal it just keep my ass stuck fer a while.. so far I added an engine block and exhaust on Holden Statesman . Im sure it doesnt have carpet or padded seats biggrin.gif


I just installed my msn smile.gif






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homework @ school is brutal it just keep my ass stuck fer a while..

eew, me too actually cryani.gif


just figgered,


if c.j can now fight with different "styles"


maybe make one of the gyms into a "thunderdome" arena tounge.gif

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Hi team. Well this may be my last post in here for a while cryani.gif


As of Tuesday i'll have left for the RAF and wont be around for 3-5 weeks.


I havent got any other projects on the go just now, 'part from the Colt Python which ive handed over to T-808.


You prob will see me around before i go, but keep up the goodness on this mod.

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soooo is anyone in need of some shots or what tounge.gif....hopefully someone is/has adressed the fact that the blower on the interceptor wasnt real...btw the prelim shots of the scoop ontop and the blower body are to small but still look great they just need a lil stretching

please tell me that engine shot with the plug wires in the covers was in a mopar as well its the ONLY engine with the plug wires there

the 59 pink desoto was a DODGE not a gm...so much lost in translations tounge.gif and yes the jyro copter is VW powered

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  • 2 weeks later...

okay okay i am back had a little vacation cause my ex was in town and for reasons i don't care to get into i was off line but the upshot was i managed to make thsi a workign vacation and (minus two minor details.) i managed to slap together wez's bike from road warrior.


the bikes body is from bigfoot2003's genrious donation the mods to the bike are purely mine.


now the pipe work was somthing else i had to go half replica half movie snapps off a japanese road warrior site. but the bottom was not shown so i had to wing it on how the exuast system pipes were connected on the left side (right side if you are lookign at the bike from the front.)


i still have the do a bit of the skull emblem on the front and some sheet metal that was weleded onto on side and then she is basical left up to the skinners to finish her off but basicaly she is pretty done. so here she is.


ed: images removed for band width


pipe work from the bottom on side just ends according to the road warrior screens so i left it open like that, the other one i had to fudge the conection to the main pipe on the side.


and yes the red dimonds are the dummy tags so ignore them for now.


so one ward and up ward i did sorta shave the hood of the mack truck and decided it was not working so i whipped out the model i got off 3dcafe.com and cleaned it up so i can use it for refence also i played sa (well i rented it which was theb est i can do till satan clause comes to town.) so i have seen the damage system for myself and even driven the two semi trucks in the beginign of the game so i know abotu how to do the one peice hood for them ack truck...the rest is just left up to modeling. so work contininues with the rig and the xa coupe after i finish the small details with wez's bike.

Edited by T-808
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hizaaaaaa!!! i have done it she needs texture work but the wez bike is done. got the skull and the "for no apperent reason" weilded on peice of sheet metal i found in one of the movie screen caps. now the skull doen't look liek much now but when hse is textured she will shine in the game engine tryign to keep some polys down where needed.


also i have the pictures of the restart on my mack using the model i found off 3dcafe.com as refence. i snuck in a befre and after shot the before is the grey peice o' crap the green is the new hood i did last night.


so progress is slow but steady on my end this mod is not dead yet.


wez bike all sniney and new. remember THE MAIN BODY OF THE BIKE IS BIGFOOT2003 i want people to know that he gave me his bike to make for wez bike because it was the same model and bigfoots original bike was amazing. i did the movie modifications the only thing i feel is great was the side pipe system and the front end (which gave me hell to no end.)


ed: images removed for band width



and the mack:








oh and the mack got a new roof spoiler thnaks to my work with the red xa coupe i have discovered how to make a decent spoiler and from all my own dvd screen caps this truck has a spoiler.


and no the red xa coupe is not dead jsut workign hard on the mack and the coupe while finishing up wez bike. but bike is done.

Edited by T-808
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small update nothing to show yet but i have been gifted from a true modeling god.


go here pedal to the metal mack truck to see this mans work he has made great strides in mack truck modeling but his latest one the mad max 2 mack is supperb.


so what does this have to do with anything...simple a friend of this modeler e-mailed me a few days ago and said he wanted to help but couldn't model so he gave me some refrences from this guys model then i got a link to his site and got ahold of him. and sure enough he was genrious enough to lend me his model for use as a better refrence model for the mack so now that i have that you can excpect better cleaner progress on the mack.


work is slow on the xa copue but that car will never die she is 75% done mainly new hoods and a few tweaks. well just wanted to share a link with you all and tell you that a better mack can only come of this ,this is good news for the mod indeed.

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progress!!! but not what everyone would hope for....the refrence model for the mack i am refrence modeling keeps crashing 3d studio max for some unknown reason so untill that is really worked out the mack is on the back burner.


mean time i went back to the car that was almsot down before i started these other mods. the red xa coupe.


i'm happier with it now then i was a while back as i got some beta pipes in place some refine ment needs to be done but they are almsot finished.


and did some work on the hood undamaged....once i get the rest of it modeled i can punch a hole for the induction pipes then i need to put a lip around the opening then comes the interestign part....making the damaged hood lol.


well after that i have to work out the tires and a damaged back spoiler and then she will be as done as we can till we can get our hands on some actual sa models. so enjoy the progress shoudl be continueing tonight.



and the hood.


ed: images removed for band width


the nodules you see at the back are aughs fine hood mounting details ones i hope to emulate when i do the rest of the hood otherwise the hood you see was all mine.

Edited by T-808
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If you just rip the basic shape for the hinges, they'll stay concealed in the dash and bay walls while the hood's closed, but yeah, that's the most of the trouble with them. So just stick to the side view profile and don't move them too far across X, you'll have no troubles.



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It all looks pretty good so far but a little on the high poly side, yeah its for SA I belive and un-doubtably SA will ba able to handle more polys than VC can. But still looks a little on the high side for teh vehicles.

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the red xa is slightly over poly but the bike is under actualy.


over kill on the bike would have been to do the brakets,rivets and the do a detailed skull emblem not to mention more of the welded on stuff but i have learned to leave it up to the skinners to do it.


as for the rig i justt don't know i'm hating it the more i do it so it will probably be thrown out for a better working model.


but thank you for the consern thought quality is number one on our list keeping the pollies down , shares that same spot we share your concern for hwat the sa engine can and can't handel.

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unshure of your direction on the pipes...but it looks like they would benifit from takeing the very top center point and sucking it down into the pipe to make them apear to be hollow....look great cookie.gif

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unshure of your direction on the pipes...but it looks like they would benifit from takeing the very top center point and sucking it down into the pipe to make them apear to be hollow....look great cookie.gif

Texture the pipe ends, imo wink.gif

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i beveled slightly i guess is hould render a back view tonight when i go to work but brakly i did it all with cylinders to save polys.


one must relaize that alot of detail won't be seen very well when it is at that scale and is better off being shown lit by the game engine as it refelcts off a well done skin.


but thank you for the sudgestion and the pipes are supposed to look that way i'll post a picture of the refences i did off the dvd long ago the pipes were syleized too be batish as is the hood paint job well you'll all see come the marrow.


well bad news i'm afriad c.j. has left the project so i have been given hsi model works and permission to mod them for the mod. he will be sadly missed.


good news is traveled over to zmodler2's homepage they are workign on a way to be able to import the player models into zmodler2 no release yet but should be someday so someday we might all be able to import our player models and meshes into 3d studio max and edit them with ease. well still working btu no progress that can be shown.

Edited by T-808
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sorry if this is a double post a few days almost a week since my last one but darn it this was the only way to shop progress and bump this topic up so people could see it so my apologies if i break a rule to show this project is not dead yet.


work is slow but i did manage to do some work on c.j.'s landau but the pipe works over the wheel well need to be redone i was just a vertici short on the outside frame work as you can see by the one sharp corner.

an engine and stuff to be added soon.


back bumper work



wheel well pipe works




and now to the red xa.....well she is gettign finished up actualy did the rear spoiler damage,re did the chine spoiler (long story.) and finsihed up the hoods damaged and un damaged and fitted them to the car. oh and added the mufflers that were needed to the exhuast system.


new rims and wheels are needed and then she can go to the skinners for finsihing before sa comes out june 7th in the usa and june 10th in europe.


back spoiler with the aslo damaged spoiler




and the work in total thus far remember those nice rims are going away.


ed: images removed for band width

Edited by T-808
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About the bumpage, thats okay according to many people...


Nice model toh. Looks like it has many polygons withing its nice body. I especially like the bars as bumpers. Good Job t-808 biggrin.gif

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catspider.gif okay lets just put this to bed once and for all....when i redo the tired and the rims the xa will be under a 1,000 k over the limit but i been looking even further into what i can shave to to make the limit.


but i have gone with low poly pipe works,plain bumpers low low poly extra lights and done what i could thus far to keep this car in the limit and with a little luck and futher planning i will have it within the limit but basicaly i am not over poly by much if really at all and i will hear no more of this "is this over polly." or "wow that looks too much poly." or any variation of the two.


that being said work coninutes i hope to have some progress going and another finished vehicle soon. next on my list is the landau and starting the snake truck. but i msut devide my time as i am workign on a half-life 2 mod as the weapons man and trust me i am having no problems keeping well within the limits that they set for me.


okay team project is still the same but i decided to repost what is being done by who and reassign some models. now one truck i am adding for me is the lord humungus truck unless i hear from any of the other memebers about them wantign to do it the rest are up for grabs but looks like it may fall to me to do them all.


the team is as follows:


team leader/modeler:T-808

modelers : 92F (is busy with the rfa we wish him well.)

augh toiling like a mad scientist.

ashdexx (busy mia)

bigfoot2003 (mia)



tech staff : Neo-k 182




skinner : LOMAN

mission coder: sleeper777 (when we get that far.)




assignments thus far:


T-808 :rig,snake car,sawed off shot gun, landau,lord humungus truck

92f : mad max's unused revlover from mad max 1

augh : intercptor (BUSY)

ashdexx: Black & White patrol car: 1974 ZG Fairlane, modified grille (Buick?)* (MIA)

choofa mad max 12 gauge double barrel shotguns,max family sandman,gooses bike.

bigfoot2003: statesmen with front fender and doors removed (MIA)



progress: rig 10%

red xa coupe 80%

wez bike 100%

mad max 1 unused revolver 100%

lord humungus pistol 100%

mad max sawed off shotgun 100%

landau 20%

interceptor ?

sandman 10%

statesmen with front panels removed 20%

mad max 12 gauge shotguns 100%

Edited by T-808
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sorry for absence, my schoolwork is just a mess, right now, but good thing is im on holiday so ill try to get the statesman goin...so far i got the basic engine block.....I have to make a massive modification to it..




user posted image

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it's understandable bigfoot2003 alot of the team got sacked because of school work and that's cool. wow that i s great work on the v8 so far and on a car with almost no real screenshots that rocks keep up the good work bigfoot2003. cookie.gif

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Hey, im baaacck!


Good progress here people, very god progress.


Im only back for 2 weeks though, then have to leave for another 5weeks confused.gif


So if you want to give me a quickie project(prob a weapon) ill get started.

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wow been a while since i've been in here.


anywayz, T-808, just wondering, if you guys want any hog type bikes modeled i'll give it a shot, i recently got back into modeling some choppers again.

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