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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas


Recommended Posts

this is an opening to a post that I've made many times before. but never has been more true then now. so let me straight with you all as we move forward. then I'll tell you where I am right now there is some very good news and some very bad news so let's eat our veggies before we have our dessert.


Bad news:


My mothers sick. a form of MS (multiple sclerosis) and has been getting gradually worse. now it's at a stage where she cannot put off treatment and will have to endure aggessive chemo therapy to get rid of it. this means I will need to help her and despite my own disabilities I'll have to really work hard around the house. this means I'll be often out of touch with what's going on currently. and it means my modeling time is going to be very sparatic when I have time at all.


I know you all well enough to know that you aren't upset by this cause it's my mom and you understand. I won't push myself but I do have to do something to help me keep my mind and will strong in this coming time so modeling is one activity that does tend to even me out. so it'll be something I am doing cause I want to. not because I think I have to for you fans. but if I am going to work on anything it'll be this since mad max is one of my main passions. but not my only passion.


The Good News:


well there is a lot of good news over all outside of my personal life and sonly duties. we have a massive back catologue of mods that are pretty much done and ready to go save for rigging and skinning. we have someone awesome whom I have great faith in who will do both those tasks and has access to my best files for the mod. the crossbow isn't with them but honestly I need to figure out which weapon is best to replace in sa but again...that will be when it can be.


the person had the files and seems to be able to get them to open and import which is good cause I've worked hard to make them easy to use with any program that a skinner/rigger might use. going forward progress will likely be through this person till or if my personal issues pass.


Where I am at:


personally I won't get into where I am emotionally. and this isn't oprah so I'll leave off there.


I actually skipped a few projects and have been secretly going back to the thunderdome Airtruk because the body I made bugs me. there are a lot of issue with it and I just cannot leave it as is because it will dive me nuts. you all may not notice the issues with the body but I can and as an artists I don't want to put it out unless I am happy with it. our skinner/rigger has version 1 along with example textures to work with but honestly they may be better off when v2 comes about because I am putting more detail into her while not breaking the bank on poly.


but what started out as a simple body do over has turned into an almost full new build. but that's good cause there a lot of details I missed going into Version 1 that I can now incorprotate into the new model. this should look so pretty in sa and fly pretty too. and the stock air truck will get some love as well cause I don't want to just leave her hanging either.


part of why this has gotten my attention is that we have a lot of car mods,truck mods,big rig mods and even one helicopter mod in the form of the gyrocopter. but we really don't have a plane mod I am happy with which would mean that the total,in total conversion is not being met. and I want to meet it. the plane isn't ready for show yet but I'll tell you what's left. body,interrior,top wing set,bottom wing set,the back rudder housing and parts of the assembly. trust me when you see the renders you'll see that this was the right way to go when it's all said and done. might even render out a side by side labeling v1 and v2.


Lastly the plan is still in place to wait more for september for mad max the game to come up and wait for the mesh rips from the pc version. from there the silver interceptor will be crafted as well as a brand new interceptor from fury road as there are suttle differences in the fury road version as there are to our old road warrior version. plus as much as I love ganjicias donations to our mod. I really want to craft a scratch built interceptor of my own to try to up the quality of our mods just a little bit.


Mad max is my passion but with the new terminator film coming out I did make some new mods that I hope to get skinned and rigged as well. so if you guys could pass this bonus information around to your friends to see if people might also help me finish and release some mods of a different sort then that would do me a major solid cause I Love being the mad max guy of the GTA community but man I got me in me.


I have 1. cobra F.A.N.G. helicopter finished and ready for rigging and skinning. that's all she needs. refs will be provided with the 3d file.

1. terminator t-800 micro processor needs skinning and textureing I want to replace either the horseshoes or the clams in SA as a collectable. I have a couple other terminator meshes in the works as well as a few G.I. JOE 1980's models cause they can be quickly made all things considered. and in the coming years I have some big plans for terminator in general but I need others help to make these work in game. anyone who works for me gets full credit for all work done so please ask your buddies if they would like to help with a terminator.G.I.JOE 1980's mods could add a lot of new life to this old game. PM me if interested.


anyways I am very tired but I needed to take this time because I don't know when I'll around to post progress on my end. I hope the new skinner will post the mods as they are completed and this will show that this mod is not fully opperational but is far from dead. thank you all for the patience and the help and hopefully we can all rock and roll with this mod. as for me I'll do what I can to make it through this will be very trying but I have faith,such as it is, that things will ultimately come through on all fronts. till then my friends take care.

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I'm working on textures for vehicles. I start from Holden Statesman 1974 hq.
Here is my progress (WIP):
is it good?

Edited by YuRE$
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this isn't by us but those looking for a fury road action a bit early here's a decent,all-be-it innaccurate gigahorse.




I will not be asking the author if they wish to donate the model to the mod. I'll be working on our own cause I have massively good refs for the build and will make this as accurate as I can.

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I am back around for now folks. things have possibly changed with my mom. we are waiting on a second opinion but things may not be what think it is and some of it may be just normal aging. t.m.I. over with.


I have been working to keep my mind off of things but I won't say what things I am doing right now and I don't want to show it off but I'll have some progress in modeling on my end.


as you can see some actual progress is happening with one of our models thanks to Yuke$ who is a man of his word and is working hard to

get this beauty above onto the virtual roads. they work is as you see above and I think considering you've been looking at my grey raw models for so long now it's time you see one with some texture and style. and this has it in spades.


so that's good. I've contracted a friend about making the desoto body and interrior. with luck this friend will take the commission and he'll make a hi-poly desoto that I can then revese model to lower poly for gta sa and then use his work for gta IV and V.


I can't gurantee he'll take the commission but I gotta try something.


meantime I am just trying to get things done in the midst of all this chaos at home. hope you all are well. I'll be around when I can and soon I promise you more modeling refs I don't want to spoil anything but I think you guys will like it cause I get chills everytime I see it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello this T-808 girl and am here to help him relay a message.


T-808 is blocked from the forums by a network firewall for now. so he cannot access the forums. He needs you to e-mail him at [email protected] as e-mail will be the best way to reach him for the time being. he has progress on the silver interceptor but he needs your input on how to finish it. he'll explain what he means and show you his progress when you make contact with him. be sure to say "Attention T-808" as the title of the email so that he can find it even if it goes to his spam folder.

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Progress: Holden Stateman HQ 1974 97% textures is done, I fix some things and after I will rig it to the game :lol:








Hello YuRE$,


T-808 needs you to contact him though his email here [email protected] because he is blocked from the forum at

the moment and can't contact anyone here.


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T-808's girl here with another message for you guys.

hey guys I am blocked by a firewall where I am at. I will try to get unblocked but to be honest my father doesn't know how to whitelist sites with the firewall so I'll likely be blocked off an on. this won't stop the mod. I wanted to give you guys some small updates and good news to go with that. I got permission to convert a the mack truck model I found lately for sa that is accurate and slightly high poly. meaning that the macks cab for the mack truck train is already taken care of. the rest is making the back pipe works. the rail wheels and then making the back train car for the coach. we are also converting ganjicas interceptor for use in the first fury road mod. I haven't posted pics yet but the mod is almost done modeling wise. what's left to do is the back spike units,back gun and the front skull for the blower. this is version 1 of the mod. once the pc edition of mad max hits in september we'll have better mods based on both the game and the fury road vehicles. lastly the rebuild of thunderdome plane is down to body and wing works. so look for posts on that as well. I also know what went wrong with the HD black tow truck and how to fix it. but looking at the HD DVD version of road warrior I saw detials I never seen before so the two truck will be reworked to be more accuarate. I plan to redo the RW interceptor. as I sign off I plan to start another mod that is nothing but cars,trucks,weapons and vehicles from t.v.,movies,cartoons,comics. if I cannot get what I want done here for sa then I'll make them for GTA V as it's perfect for some of the vehicles I've been working on when taking a break or two from this mod. tired of having these things done and getting no hits from people wanting to help make these mods finished for gta. I am wanting to see all the vehicles I ever wanted to drive on the roads of gta. I hope you all can share in my passions in the future.

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~Another update from T-808 ~

Hey guys. small update and sadly it's not a good one for now. YuRe$ has just vanished. I've e-mailed what contacts I've had with him. I've tried to raise him skype. and I've had my fiancee posting for me on here because I am so sick of fighting the blocks my father puts onto the firewall. though I will try to get it unblocked for the umteenth time so that I can post myself. but here's the skinny. I have no idea what's going on with the last model that YuRe$ was working on. he was so happy to see where things were going with the silver interceptor and I was making the major progress that my fiancee has been posting to you through my posts to her. but I cannot seem to raise him and I don't know if it's by choice or if it's some other reason because YuRe$ wasn't mad at me the last time we spoke. this dead air from him is completely out of the blue. so what's the point? giving YuRe$ the benifit of the doubt I have to give him a month to respond. if he doesn't respond within a month,or ever for that matter, then I must consider that his help is no longer there in which case I'll be the only one left doing things for this mod. if it comes to that. then the kill list will be reinstated and the list of vehicles to do or finish will be put back in place. I am on break for maybe the next week so I won't be updating much more then this post but I had to put things out there cause this is the, i've lost count, time that this seems to have happened and I don't get it. and it's frustrating me at a time when my health has given way to some frustrations as well. so that's the update. if I never hear from YuRe$ ever again then that's it. cause he was one of the last people to really step up and I was really excited that we'd have releases for you all but now it's unknown. so if I don't hear from YuRe$ in a month the kill list for the mod will be put back in place and this mod will wind down.

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sorry for the akwardness of the sudden change in postings. I am unblocked and should likely be unblocked for the foreseeable future.


soon I'll post shots of the work I have done on the silver interceptor. it was on the list from before. as of posting I still haven't heard back from YuRe$ but again I am doing my best. if I don't hear form YuRe$ soon then I'll start the conversion of the thunderdome truck train next. as I said before I have permission from the moders of a mack truck I need. to convert it and use it for the mack truck train. this will save me days of work and make it possible to make this look super amazing.


beyond that I haven't much else to say right now. it's good to be back.

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okay guys I am back finally as I stated above. I have good news then we'll get to the things you people like as far as showing you my own progress with the project I have been toiling on.


I am back in contact with YuRE$ and that's about it. I don't know the state of the statesmen as it stands now. but I know he's been working hard on it. so my mod kill list is resended. I am about two weeks away from finishing up this current model I've been working at.


so without further adue I give you all:Razor Cola aka the silver interceptor.








obviously there is still tweaks to be done to her but she's coming out gloriously. the hardest part was mostly gutting the inside of the car. but I did it and patched it up as well myself.


I have to patch the back end up a little because they removed a section of the back of the interceptor to accomedate the spiked tanks hanging off the back near the bumper. so I had to rip a peice of the mesh out and will have to repatch. then the body will be as it should be.


the steering wheel is dismounted as YuRE$ has made his own that based off the movie and it looks great. so that will be his contributions.


the main list of to do's aside from the above is: finish the back spike traps. made the dart gun for the back. and the front skull for the blower. and back hood pins. (yes she had actually 4 hood pins with the main pin pins in the back of the hood instead of the front.


the middle engine part is from a hot rod from mafia II game so I cannot take credit for that either. but mosf of the grey is mine and I even installed a correct pipe system for the side pipes and a proper drop tank for the cars back area. she's going to be as acurate as possible but that's where this mod is running into trouble. see she's at around 36k poly. I trying to keep these at 40k or under and I know i'll surpass it with the gun alone no matter how hard I work to make it low poly without looking low poly. this mod may not be suitable for those with low end systems and for that I am sorry if it comes to that. it's not my intention to make high poly models for lower poly games. that said this should still be a mod to please those who really want to drive in style down the fury road.


this mod is one of my favorites as it's challened me so hard but I love that it has cause it's giving me what I need most to push to higher level of modeling. rather then some of the amature works I've done in the past.


anyways once this is done I may do nux's car before switching over to the mack truck train to try to kick off a proper thunderdome mesh.


at any rate stay tuned for more updates.

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  • 2 weeks later...

not a lot to say here but things may be progressing a little more. I am in talks with some russian who might also help us skin models including enviornmental models like my unfinished junk trailer from mundi mundi look out. the trail the mack is hitched to in the begining of mad max 2 the road warrior.


I missed a meeting due to some family issues that have now been resolved.


so what am I doing? I am working my butt off on the last details of the silver interceptor. this month is THE month to do this and get it done. next month "Mad Max" the game comes out as well as "Metal Gear V" the second game I would have canceled if this wasn't Kojimas last metal gear ever,and if you haven't heard the news yet let give you the short version. Kojima is leaving (or being forced out) of konami for reasons unknown right now. Konami has also been caught violating some of their workers rights and basically treat their game making staff like sh*t. now I cannot fully confirm this last part but I do have a buddy in the industry who has heard much the same as all of you from his friends who worked there. they (Konami) also seem to be shifitng to almost strickly mobile gaming deciding to give a big f*ck you to the fans who have supporrted them over the years.


In short after MGS V I am done with Konami.


I also have a spetember vacation to see my fiancee and my soon to be step kids for the last two weeks of september so it's highly unlikely I'll be getting work done. after september it's hard to say what my time will be like after september as I have a lot more to do with my health then most people thanks to my illnesses. but what time I have will be spent working on each movies different unique vehicles. and as stated I have permission to use two beautifully done models for conversions with permission that will save me a lot of time so those will likely be targets to work on which includes the mack truck for the mack truck train and and the wired's '71 dodge charger that is the model needed for the Fury road dodge charger.



New footage of the mad max game seems to show a valiant charger so we might have a body I could just convert rather then making it from scratch. we'll see when the game hits september 1st. more when I have something to show.

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Our main skinner is busy with real life work. so his works with us are delayed but he seems to be saying they will come just later. that's the best I can give you guys on it.


next or rather lastly is that the silver interceptor is almost done. I have the teeth of the blower skull to do in front and then I have the back flecett gun to do in the back and it will be done done and ready to go to the skinning and rigging shop. I have progress shots but I'd rather just reveal when it's done which should be by the end of this week or worst case the end of next week.


as said septemeber I am off because mad max the game comes out and I want to play it with my son who is now a big mad max fan. and then I have a vacation that wipe out the end of septmeber with my fiancee. so I cannot work then though I'll be collecting any cars people extract from the game and be trying to use them for some of the side cars and trucks in fury road side.


once this interceptor build is done and over with it'll probably be the thunderdome train I do because again it would be interesting and I think it would make for a really neat mod and complete part of the total conversion since we wouldn't have had a basic train mod without it. I want everything to fit as it has cause you gotta think. no one was likely backing that train up and since the old movies are still cannon it stands to reason that old mack train is still sitting out there on the tracks in the universe. after all what we've seen seems to suggest that bartertown never really recovered or got rebuilt. seriously people get the mad max comics on max himself if you really want your mind blown because they written by miller so they are cannon. it's mind blowing to see how the world of mad max all fits together.



anyways back with shots of the finished build.

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I promised photos and so here they are. the model weighs in at 62.5k poly. not ideal since some users have complained that my models may be a bit to poly heavy for their older machines and once again we've come full circle.


some come on here and look down at me for having low poly trash (Kotton I am looking at you and a few others) but when I start to nut up or shut up and make models based off the GTA V poly count for simple objects then I get accused of making models way too poly heavy and thus they are high poly trash.


It hasn't escaped my attention that we do have many forgien parrties who are interested in our mods because they are awesome,different or they are fan of Mad Max as a property. and I do know that in many of these places,getting a machine that runs games of today,as well as said games, can be so prohibatively expensive that it's next to impossible for them to get a machine capable of running higher poly models within a game like GTA San Andreas. So I am not so blind and stupid as to know the dilema that we face and will always face within the fandom. and NO, I am not mad at you guys in either camp,just frustrated at the situation.


but I am not going to spend my life making really extremely low poly models of complex cars and then make the bigger poly version to please everyone. my models at this point are what are. so from here on out you more then welcome to come here and tell me I am making models that are too much or not enough for your machines. but I will make the models as best I can and then hand them off to the community at large. if you want to take my models peice by peice and demake them into way lower poly then be my guest just please observe the credit for the parts I,and others did in these models and credit us accordingly.


Last order of business is a plea. I get that we can never stop people from stealing our mods. it's been done more times then I can count. but when steal our landau,barely reskin it and then call it the "ford falcon from mad max 2" that's when I get a little pissed because then other sites like GTAINSIDE post and host your model with the incorrect title and don't seem to care to change the name of the car. I mean seriously what the f*ck is up with that? please if you steal our mods,as much as I'd like credit for me and the team who worked on the model you stole, I'd rather the car was named right. otherwise you make a fool out of all of us.


so here is the beta of the silver interceptor "Razor Cola" from "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Body by Ganjica

Skull by Free model online no author

Everything else (including work on the skull( by T-808)

Steering wheel (not shown to be added by skinner later) YuRE$


















Someday I'll build a Scratch ford falcon body but at this point it won't be today. conversion saved us moths of me remaking and improving on Ganjicas body. doing the inside work was hard and often frustrating to get done and future interceptor works won't use his body. as much as I'd like to take credit for it all by having made it all myself this model taught me much about just letting go,not trying to make it perfect perfect and when to just go with things rather then obsessing over the smallest detail.


this is gta and while cars should look nice,this isn't pixar. my models aren't ment for the big screen and thus every nut and bolt doesn't have to be done. this was such a tough build because it was so filled with creative problems that needed creative solutions. and for that I think this is one of my favorite builds.


Now from here I,as spoken before, want to make more of the total conversion by taking on the mack truck train from thunderdome. so what little work may get done will likely start tomorrow or next week and allow for me to get something more done before september. my son starts schooling next monday and being that it's homeschooling this year, means my time will be more limited as it should be after september.


meaning that I may have an idea of my time from here on out. we'll see what it all leads to. I hope the coming models get set up and skinned and put out to you to enjoy. as for me I need some well deserved rest before I do anything more and hope this post will tied you all over until I have anything more to report. thank you for your patience and time.

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small update. installed our skinners steeringwheel. so here's a better look at both the dash board and of YuRE$'s steering wheel that he made all on his own. you should see it when it's skinned.


the final polycount with wheel is actually 64009 poly. not bad for a final total in general.




there are details left out here or there. and if I really think about it I could have left Ganjicas exhaust alone and redone the drive train in just one tube as he had done. there is likely area where poly could be cut still but again that's up to you the community now. because for me I am done with this models as a whole.

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey guys. well I have two last announcements to make as today is the day before the midnight launch of mad max the game. my son and I will be playing the hell out of the game.


but before I go for my time off (remember I have a vacation the last two weeks of september and well september is mostly dedicated to playing mad max the game.


1. someone gifted me the game Carmageddon:Reincaration. so models will be getting ports to that game as soon as I learn the tools to mod it with and the process to transfer the cars over. so this is now a multigame mod. but it was always intended to be as we move forward.


2. the mack truck train is scrapped for the time being. because I really want to get the cab of the war rig done and done in a low enough poly so that everyone can play it. today I'll start on reliminary modeling of the truck and I should have some renders of the start by days end.


the reason is we have a decend model to work off of. but it's waaaaay to high poly even for a game like GTA V. so I have to basically recreate it only in much much lower poly and it's missing a few details. what I learned by doing Razor Cola is when to model it and when to let the skin do the work for you. in renders there will be much missing inside the rigs interrior because it has to be skinned in. but I doubt most of you will care too much if I nail this rig and bring it in under poly budget. so we'll work on it till it's done and then see maybe about the tanker trailer itself.


I want something that will be challenging but is somewhat laid out and the war rig is it. so stay tuned for the start renders of the work I do later today. I hope some of you are also picking up mad max tomorrow at midnight and to the rest I hope you get your game on tuesday and I hope my faith is well placed and that the game is as good as it looks.


if you guys like I'll do a small review when I beat the game and am back from vacation.


so look for the war rig coming soon to a gta near you.

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  • 1 month later...

I am back from vacation and will resume my modeling duties. as said above we have indeed started on the war rig. I found a free 3d model that is almost exact to the movie counterpart but is way too high poly and is missing a few things. so I am mostly refmodeling it and modeling it's poly down to a managable size for most computers. I only really have the side air intakes modeled right now but it's not really anything to show so for the time being letting you know what is done vs all that has to be done to get her road ready. this time when I say I'll be back with renders I mean it.


I had a dream about the 3d mesh look of the peacemaker from fury road. this model is litterally haunting my dreams and I am hoping to have a way to do that car after I finish the war rig. we'll see what time and other things allow. so moving forward from here on out.

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I feel sorry for people waiting for this mod since 2004. :blink:


I completely agree with you. part of the problem has been getting refference materials such as I have now in 2015. some parts of it were getting conistant help with the things I couldn't do. another part has been personal setbacks and loss of work due to computer viruses. constant setbacks have befallen this but I've always fought to try to make this a reality because the fans want this as much as I do.


at any rate I thank you for the comment. I wish I had more to show of this and soon I should since I finally have some help for the things I just can't.

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  • 4 weeks later...

thanks to the fans. I know I've tried some of your patience I promise you two people are working on the mods for finishing behind the scenes. I don't have any pictures to show you of that but I promise you it's happening. and I am working with them to get releases we can get done.


so what the hell am I doing at this point? well I bought mad max for pc on discount. I tried many 100% game saves but most of the time most vehicles that you can collect so I realized if I want all the vehicles we could need for the mods I have to replay the game in pc. so I am. but someone found out how to rip models from the game using NinjaRipper x64 version. and I can tell you it does work to rip the models of this game so if you are having trouble and want to rip the models yourself download the newest version of Ninja Ripper and use the x64 edition with the dx11wrap trust me it works. http://cgig.ru/en/2012/10/ho-to-use-ninja-ripper/


I also raised the funds to buy this car: http://garagemdigital.blogspot.com/2015/08/1959-desoto-firesweep-sportsman-custom.html dude wanted 50 bucks. this means once I have the model I can use it to make the pink desoto from road warrior after I remake it to the 4 door and a non croptop cause it's a custom model for another client of this person. point is I really really needed this model and I will have access shortly.


after the ripping,after the model is mine then what? well I started the war rig and likely going to try to stick to it. that said the models in the mad max game are almost exactly that of the fury road ones. this means for instance,that the fire vw bug that gets smashed by the war rig near the end of the movie only needs a few small details and the flame gun unit. easy to do and should make shooting out more meshes to you all a snap.


lastly one of the people working with the models currently wants to push things to gta IV and eventually V. which has always been a goal of mine since those games came out. so I am going to be working to split time on the mod to that end as well because honestly we should have an HD version of the mod and I already had started reworking old models to be HD anyways.


speaking of I am redoing the lord humongus lord humongus model only in part because the suspension of the meshes wheels was never fully made ever not even in this new remake I did a while back. and since getting a copy of the HD DVD road warrior I have to say it looks a lot better quality and I saw details the blu-ray didn't have which almost makes me sad blu-ray won the format wars now cause I have to admit HD DVD was nothing to sneeze at either. it seem to give sharper image. so I got screens off the HD DVD.


so I need to make it clear that I am not stalled or stalling. if I don't rip the models from mad max now then it will feel like a chore to go back and do it if I don't do it now when my interest and time is here then I'll never really come back to it. but I have so much ripped off the game saves I did get. the rest is up to me and these are some cars and trucks you just cannot collect that I will collect via ninja ripper.


I notice someone released the interceptor from the game for gta V. they did a nice job but anything we do with the game interceptor will only add the details these persons missed so that you can have a higher poly count mad max 2/The road warrior experience and I hope to give it to you who can play gta IV and V. so stay tuned I promised you war rig WIP renders and they will come by the end of next week as of this post.

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Update: I own the De Soto mesh. it's a lowish poly mesh with a lot of mesh smoothing. which is actually not at all a bad thing. it means that you SA and VC players shall have a mesh that shouldn't hurt performance on most machines. I have to remake it as a 4 door model then do all the mad max parts for it which I might add shall be no major issue from here on out. I have opened the file the artist gave me and it works fine on my system.


so what to expect on it and the mod for now:


1. a stock model of the de soto will be made available as is as in the 2 hoor model you saw in the link above. I may build it from the model he gave or I may just convert it. we'll see.


2. the 4 door remake movie version.


I want to start this model now but I may put it off for the War Rig. We'll see I plan to study the skulls from the mad max the game rips I am working on now so I can make you better low poly skulls for the fury road models including the war rig. so I need to finish up the game model rips before returning to modeling. but once the ripping is done then we'll be trying to push for releases big time because I realize you have waited so long for all this.


I hope to also make the warboys availble for you who really want the imortan to witness you. when it comes to nuz's car the main issue for me was making those wonderful pipes on the side. well thanks to the mad max game that shouldn't be an issue. we should be able to do a really good nux car.


so that's the news for now will post more the moment I have it for you with renders I have to get done for you all.

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  • 2 weeks later...

well things have sadly progressed into areas I had hoped they would not progress into once again.


our helper modder was hit while riding a motorcycle. now while they are thankfully very much alive they have injuries that will likely take 1 year to fully recorver from so at this point I cannot ask this person to mod and wouldn't even if they were able to do it because their health and well being mean more to me then anything.


which puts the releases section at a dead f*cking standstill. -sigh-.


My progress modeling has likewise bottomed out due to a combination of personal probelms I won't boar you with. but it's been hard for me to do a lot of things outside the mod.


I still don't plan to end the mod,at least not yet. I didn't pay 50 bucks of my own money on a desoto model just to stop now but I have to take a real break because even trying to get modeling done has just been a chore unlike anything else.


and after seeing the war rig coverted over to gta V. I honestly want to push into that community and see if they'll help me so long as I UP the polycount on older model. though in the case of the lord humongus that shouldn't prove too hard as there isn't much left to make that hasn't been made for it. my dreams are bigger then GTA:SA and if I can find a team again. we could really get this whole thing into more of a release.


but if help honestly doesn't arrive soon forr gta SA then I just don't know what to do guys and gals.


I'll always be modeling mad max nothing would ever change that even if the mod here ends. so it's not like that would ever stop till I've done all the vehicles and am satisfied but if even gta 5 modders don't want me then well I don't know what else to do. over my break I'm going to take some time off of thinking about all this and figure out what I'd do for both "winding down the mod" scenerios and "keep going till I die" as I don't feel strongly enough about either one to feel out what I want to do as the last mod leader here. it's not our last modders fault he got hit by another car. but equally don't see it as being my fault we don't have help or realeases. but I am kinda getting the feeling people will see it that way no matter what I do.


when next you hear from me I'll have shots of the work done and won't come back till I have shots for you guys no matter what I choose to do ultimately. but for now things are just...not where I want them to be and at times it's cause I know you guys have waited so very long to spend time with the models you've seen in the past and the ones I did when I finally started working on all this again.

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  • 4 weeks later...

okay folks. after a break and some thinking I have two things to say and I'll be brief with them.


first is I brought a second model. and it's one I'll have to downgrade because it's too many poly to even open up. luckily has files that art only parts. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/vehicle/military/peacemaker-from-mad-max-fury-road there is the model as it looks now. the body isn't quiet correct. and the treads are individually created and the body is a lot for most of my programs to handle which means most of you won't have the ability to use this even if I just straight converted it to gta. this has cost me that much money and more. money would help me make more models a reality. and while I am not actually asking for real donations here I am trying to make a point that money in modding doesn't have to be what steam tried to do and failed. steam did a pay for play model on modding. that's not at all even close to what I was trying to do. GTAinside had a paypal tip jar so that people can tip creators they enjoy. money in modding is coming I was the one to bring that out cause it's coming even if I hadn't thought of it. but the difference is the plans of the future are a donate if you want to. not donate cause you have to. the desoto I was making would have been a mix between a dodge fury from christine fame and the front end of Ford Thunderbird late model. it would be a franken car instead of the car it needed to be which is an accurate desoto. paying other artists to help out will only help this mod grow. which is why I tried to ask for funding. this isn't an insult to those who did it for free and did it before me or are doing it now. but it is to say that my idea works and by putting my own money into this I am showing a proof of concept. to say money has no place in modding I think is very short sited. I am not hear to guilt you over this I just want to show you how this could work. imagine what I could do with more funding. I won't start a patreon myself for my work but if I did I'd love it if you eventually see things my way and maybe throw me a few bucks to help finish this. but for now I have no plans to make one just yet.


part of why I am not is because I am really leaning towards ending this mod here sooner then later. the pink desoto is a must because I bought the model for you as much as for me. and the peacemaker is a go. the war rig low poly is already started and should be finished. so that's the idea. I am putting off the deosoto for the peacemaker but like the war rig it's way tooo hight poly and has to be imported into 3d max in peices. so a lot of it is picking the details to make and the ones to throw out. well make it work. I don't have the partss ready just yet to sorry no renders yet.


the thing is it may be time to face facts. these models aren't going anywhere no matter how much I model them. and while I've spent money to get other models working it's time I maybe look to selling my own works and calling it a day. people want to help but something honestly always happens to the people who help and it's so weird because it's almost supernatural. so even if people offered to help it doesn't mean much because it's not going to yeild the result of releases for you.


so unless a team just magically appears I am going to make the models I have in progress including redoing the gyrocopter from the ground up. and then offer the models for a limited time to those who would help. then if nothing happens from that I'll close this off and maybe see if it'll have better luck in gta V. if nothing then I will also have shut the mod down and hope this will stay up as an archive.


I tried guys and gals. I honestly did. and it's been an fun ride for me over all. but if nothing can come of this then there is little to no point in it. I'll always model and people can pm me about the models and I'll look in from time to time but for now I can see no real point in keeping this going without help.


so we'll see how things go. this mod isn't so much in my hands (modeling aside) as it is yours. if people really want this to keep going then I need people who can get us into release mod. if that means a team then it means a team. but I can't do this alone forever guys I am sorry but I just can't.


Lastly I know I promised you renders of the models but things have changed right now and my freetime is almost gone. so modeling is almost stopped but there is a break from my actual work that has given me the money to buy models for our mod. that's when I'll likely have the time to start making renders and show you my work continues.


I won't give up on releases of our old finished works. but I do need people who to make that happen. so it's up to you. and there is still the mods from other movies and generes to come out that are finished just like that cobra viper helocotper to say the least. I have models I've started from all over the pop culture verse. some are finishd and some are started. I'll always push for those to be made for release too. thank you all for the support and the time. now back to your regularly scheduled lives.

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  • 2 weeks later...

okay I am trying a little experiment here. I am blocked from photobucket so I am going to see it googlephotos + will show up here so I can show you what progress we do have going right now. it's slow going but we are working to make things work ingame as we speak.


the silver interceptor is being worked on also known as "razor cola" we've riped the interceptors from the mad max game itself and are mostly using that along with my modeled parts from my finished model. this is making it so that we are close to an actual release here folks. the tanker trailer from mad max 2 is also close to release but it will only be made to work after razor cola is done. so here's the shots of the work by one of our team.




I tried the photo upload and it's not working and I don't have a cell phone to sign up for flickr. that said check the url I just shared I'll be uploading to that as much as I can.


now that said the modeling phase is stalled for now while I play and rip the mad max game including background vehicles. what I discovered is that many of the vehicles of fury road are in the game..just sorta remixed. I hope to bring both the ingame models as is and the fury road vehicles that can be made by unremixing the models. this will save us a lot of time and frustration. nux's hot rod is basically the deathrattle body from the game minus the side trays,headlights, and other back end that was grafted onto the car. I am riping the game because I plan to move up to windows 10 but I don't know if it will work well with ninja ripper update I have which works with windows 8 and the mad max game. so I am ripping everything I can including characters and weapons and making it so that we'll have all the resources for use in GTA San Andreas. soon I'll also be asking to form a team for gta V modding but that's a ways away and I don't know if they'd like to work with my models or the updated higher poly models but we'll see what we can get done cause the total pop culture mod is still on. I am still cracking away at the ninja turtles van and such and I have a beed on other models that can get done. and I plan to pour even more money into the modding works that I am having worked on.


the red monoro from mad max 2 is one such model I may pay to get done from the guy who did the base body of the desoto for me to ref. I still have the peacemaker from fury road model as well and shall work on that along with the war rig and all the conversions of the mad max models to fury road models for you fans out there.


so a lot of the progress going forward will be conversions but I am also still working hard to make fresh scratch built content. I always wanted to keep this scratch built but I see no major shame in conversions as well and work with other artists to get things done. so keep an eye out on the url any new progress in photos will be uploaded there.


thank you all for your time and I wish you all well.

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  • 1 month later...

I haven't abandoned you my fans and friends. but I do want more thunderdome done even if many fans hate that part of the trilogy. I found a ref model that has the hood ornament that was used on not just Aunty Entity's jet car but also on the mechanics helmut. so I'll be buying http://humster3d.com/2015/11/30/desoto-airflow-sedan-1935 unless someone else wants to buy it for the mod and get it to me faster. not asking others to do it for us just putting it out there that a gift mesh wouldn't be hated. that said either way the mesh is the one I am buying next to help move some of this forward.


the theory I had on the mad max game cars was spot on. I almost have elvis: http://madmax.wikia.com/wiki/Ford_3_Window_Coupe_1932_"Elvis" done and read for the team to get done. I also secured the conversion rights to Furiosa's sks: http://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59656/?tab=2&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fnewvegas%2Fajax%2Fmodfiles%2F%3Fid%3D59656&pUp=1 by henukelkoch whom I spoke to myself. it has the sounds,texture files and a scope/scopeless versions like the movie. so those will be cconverted by the team soon.


lastly we do have Razor Cola done and it's in a full conversion mod set right now but I'd rather those who just want the mod itself to have the solo mod. so as soon as I can get the readme done and collect the files I will be posting our first release in years. and this is only the start my friends.


buying a 4 door desoto mesh it'll need work to make it a more enclosed 4 door model for mr. pinks desoto. after this is all said and done we'll have the only desoto fire sweep in the modding market and the most accurate mr.pink that can be out there.


but for right now Fury road is a bit of the focus of the mod right now. but don't think this means no more road warrior or mad max 1 either. the game car charger valiant will be used to make the force ten lord humongus patrol car as it won't take much to convert that mesh to something that's stock and then into the movie car. so there is a lot that will get done despite my dissorders and work I am doing for the time being to get the money for more models.


I also bought need for speed rivals "why?" you might ask. why for the best fury road big foot just look at this mesh of a truck in the background http://www.igcd.net/vehicle.php?id=61545&width=1440 head lights aside it's perfect for what we need to make which is eventually this http://madmax.wikia.com/wiki/File:Fury_Road_BigFoot_001.jpg


all of this time and money and effort will pay off for you gamers and the fans who have held on for so long with this mod. before I move much of it to gta V I will leave sa with some grand models to satisfy any lover of mad max (since some hate thudnerdom but some don't. others love fury road only and others aren't too keen on the movie) so that if you have taste for one movie over that of others you'll likely find something you care about in it. and will feel that we tried before the ultimate end of this mod.


I love those who helped us. and those who supported us all and those whom might support us still. stay tuned for the release of our mod.

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as promised the release of Razor Cola. on name I forgot for the readme is Yure$ who did the skull for the steering wheel for us. this has been a long time in coming and hopefully not our last release. but some of the team wants to move onto gta IV and GTA V. so all I can do is model and hope for the best for us all.


so please enjoy the first fruit of our labor in a long while. http://www.gtainside.com/en/sanandreas/cars/85005-razor-cola-v1-0/ comment below what you think for those who try it.

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  • 2 weeks later...

hmm. talk about tumble weeds. but oh well we are still working hard on mods till we feel like stopping. I have found an image host that should work. right now I am working on the Fury road vehicle dubbed "Elvis" the game Mad Max has allowed us to have most of the movies vehilces in the game just mixed up. so here's the low down for the techies on a project like this. wheels,interrior thundersticks and main body aren't mine they are in the game. even Elvis's steering wheel is in the game just on a character. the inside of the car as seen in the sydney harbor show was pretty plain. and interesting note is that the car is listed as a three seater in the script but it is a one seater. so debating on taking out the stock second seat. the engines tell tale pipes are my work fully scratch built. and the gun and it's enplacement is also my work and this car is almost ready for the game.


the gun has one last touch to be done and then the rest is the funky mounting. I have the refs needed to finish this gun and then this model will rock. if only we had a way to make this game into a co-op gunner car that would be so cool. man mad max the game with co-op where you could spike the tires or just plain blow up someones machine like in fury road would be awesome. and maybe with my hard work we will one day make a game based on that. who knows life is funny like that. but here goes me trying this other picture sharing site.





http://www.imagebam.com/image/420309465818190 I made the octogonal film canister. it's oddly shaped ingame for some reason. but the rest of the back is stock game.

http://www.imagebam.com/image/19082b465818191 doors ripped from the game at a smaller size I still need to sort that out.

http://www.imagebam.com/image/ee7e78465818193 that's all stock interrior including the steering wheel. looks pretty bad ass eh?

http://www.imagebam.com/image/5eea90465818198 the pipes I made were originally too small these were so hard to get right and may still need adjustment

http://www.imagebam.com/image/74cfed465818203 but it's worth it to see the nearly final product

http://www.imagebam.com/image/794583465818207 roof mounting on it's own so far so good.




http://www.imagebam.com/image/6563ce465818219 the gun,I feel, never worked and was a shaped art sculpture. but in game it would fire.









Mad Max Fury Road quad shotgun. (it was in the door of max's interceptor but not shown till a citidel gaurd is holding it at the end of the movie)

made using the quad shotgun from mad max game by detatching and shfiting the barrels to correct configuration.






not super happy about the quad shotgun. might remake it from scratch. after "Elvis" I am plan to do the force ten charger using part from the game and parts from model someone else built that I am reffing. this should turn around the release time for our mods to you. then I want to tackle the fury road interceptor once and for all using a compination of the game interceptor and sratch built parts as well.


then I am looking back at the compound from mad max 2/the road warrior and seeing how I can make it once and for all. but I want to see what my time is like. enjoy the work so far I hope to have Elvis done by weeks end. we shall see.

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  • 1 month later...

I don't have a lot to show you guys right now. Elvis will be done in the nest week or so.


But due to living circumstances beyond my control I may be gone from the net for an indeffinate time. the good news is I'll always working on models and my team will likely keep trying to get things out to you as I have some things about ready for release to you all very soon. but by summer I may not have internet or much of anything... I don't wish to get into it right now. but I may upload the beta and raw files for others to work with in my abscense if people wish to take up the mantle. I am debating it. some refrences images I absolutely cannot share with anyone else. but I should still have enough behind the scenes shots for most works still to be done.


I'll be posting shots of what I get done and then if I feel I have the time and bandwidth I'll open up a folder that I'll direct future modders too so that they can do work till I can return someday. now there is a slim chance things will be okay but at some point I'll be moving from here and not sure when I'll be able to come back online to continue the work. we'll see what we can see my friends my team has access to the models you've seen in my signature with refs in their folders so they should have everything they need to finish the models I did in the past.


so I don't know what the rest of the year holds or what next year looks like. I have my files and refs and I should be able to keep most of that. but time and living arrangements aren't on my side right now so we'll just have to cross our fingers.

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