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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

Recommended Posts

small update. I am spending most of the night sorting out files. the purpose of this is because,thanks to someone who shall remain nameless,I have access to some choice falcon model parts. they import just fine in most cases and I am able to use these as refs. I won't say what site, it's not a pay site or something like that. it's just that even if these models are never used by anyone but me,they would likely be very sour to the idea that anyone has these files. it's by a stoke of luck that I can even access them really.


but I digress. someone pointed me to these sites and if I want accuracy then these models are absolutley what I need when it comes to the ford falcons and beyond. so even though I am doing something big here what research materials I do have I am sorry I cannot share them much like many of the ref pics I have from the mad max museum. but the gifts I have been given. will be put to use in the works of this mod so really it will all come out in detail on the models themselves. which is better because you'll be able to play with the results.


I am about to embark on asking MOD DB for help. not just in gta but in mulitgames. see if I can get others to bring say my mack and trailer into fall out. or my compound when it's rebuilt in HD. I know where to as for help and the best way to ask for help from the board but it could be met with a huge "meh" but I have to try something. I can't keep losing skinners or tech people this mod and keeping some of you waiting. but for the moment I am trying to get this engine done while I also getting these assets for referance.

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I'm sorry for the lack of renders but the basic update is I figured out the distriubutor cap and it's on a bit of a post. so I have that made.


there is a canister that is an off shoot of the engine and I understand it's shape I am going to make that next.


engine check list it goes like this.



2. off shoot canister

3.oil filter canister (which is visable

4. the mount for the engine topper

5. new headers

6. the entire back assembly of the engine and bottom of the engine.


you see the engine isn't mounted to the frame as you would expect it to be. it's actually clamped on by the exhaust pipes where are then hard welded to the support structure under the frame but above the chassi. it's a f*cking crazy design and that's part of why I love it. obviously my focus is on the engine


but I am looking over these meshes for the mod as my refs and I have a lot I can do for mad max as well as for stock aussie classics so as always some aussie classics will always be on the books. I recently bought stuntman ignition. three vehicles I want to make from it 1. the red neck monster truck 2, the originial interceptor design from the beta (which they would have kept it in oh well) and 3 is the armored apocolypitc missile truck. both the truck itself and the trailer as I feel both are interesting on their own. I already have started on the wooden frame for the monster truck. I think it would honestly look at home in the mad max world. as is some custom models I want to make my own for the community.


I hope to get more work done on this truck. it's kinda hard for me to push forward on it when I have so many other models I want to do. I also need to back up my old files and clean out many of the stages of dev I have done as my asset bank of work I've done is getting way to cluttered and it makes finding sh*t a little hard. so time for some reorgnization.


well wiring is what I will be working hard on for a while here so that the distributor cap will be wired up to the engine as seen on the movie version. I'll be picking at other small projects as I work. part of it is finding time when I am not so tired. that's the rub here. sometimes I get to a point of being fine and I can focus like it's no ones business but then some days and even weeks I just can't shake the fatigue and that's what slows me down more then anything else.

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  • 3 weeks later...

engine is finally done and installed I still have two sets of wires to hook up but the engine as a whoie is done. will have to redesign the cabin floor but that's okay. have to mount the sides of the engine to the frame. and make the tubes for the methane tanks on the side to the engine. after that it's nothing more chicken mesh wire and the outside will be complete.


then it will leave nothing left but the cabin. after that I need only make the lower poly version and then we'll move onto mad max thunderdome person truck and the red xa redesign.


still working on lining up skinners and tech people but so far no luck. as said before if no one will help me then at the end of all this I'll have models ready for the game but unable to release because there is no texture. but at this point I am going to keep on moving on these models. I mean hell I am the only one I know who has ever done the andamooka buggy. many have tried (and failed) to make the basic interceptor some have even made the thunderdome plane but none have done the extensive work on this buggy. so I am excited.


here's the look at her as she sits now.







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@skizzo45 I started making mods in 2003, so I am a relic, just like this thread.


finally got the front correctly. I will model the roll bar once i get the grille finished up..(note only the font, t-bar inner structure, roll bar and other loose items will be imported to zmod) I am doing the final assembly on zmodeler.



Edited by Carface80
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it's come to my attention that chromexmods has done something rather unthinkable and now the modding community at large is eating itself alive over this troll modding for gta online. I personally hated gta online in many ways because of how sh*ttily it was built in many respects. I had guys band together with machine guns going through the maps gunning everyone down and taking their money. one time I just escaped with no tires when someone spawned right in front of me,killed me and stole my car. and I hated this. I just wanted to play without having to go to passive mod,or try to use my cell to deposit my money and basicly put I hated it because people with higher ranks were just desimating people who just started out because they could. now the play modes were fine I had no major issue with that it was the hub world where I really just gave up on online.


which is too bad because there is a tanker stealing mission in gta V that would be perfect for our models. but it looks like that may not possible in the future release of GTA V for pc. for those,like myself who are unaware of what I am talking about here is the article that a fellow modder has sent to me.




this is what's eating the modding community a live right now and may jeapodrize the future pc modding for gta 5 and it pisses me off. but at the same time there is a lot of bullsh*t going with both sides.


case in point "While some claim the attacks are ‘funny’, others have criticised its depiction and trivialisation of sexual violence." funny? no but trivializing sexual assault...are you joking me? I'm sorry but no. this is a disgusting but you know what rockstar should have been more vigilant with the online coding and prepared for this because now...online modding for the pc will most certianly be locked out if any modding is allowed in gta V at all. and that means that half the reason for doing my work for gta V is gone. because people want my mods to do online matches and now they may never get that chance to do that in gta V.


since half the reason you all held on for so long as because of the possibilites in HD and ONLINE this almost kills half my reason for doing this mod.


which really makes me wonder if there is a point anymore. I have so many projects that aren't mad max that I'd love to see come to all gta's. but if 1. no one is going to help me skin or tech shoot these models for the game and 2. online is going to be a major no go. then is worth even coming back to? I do plan to finish up the truck above in the next couple of days regaurdless. and some models will be made even if not for gaming because I am a model maker it's in my blood.


but I am just not sure what to think anymore. we have people in the community who now hate the community because of what chromexmods did. even more so because some people are kissing chomex's ass. I don't think the above cited mods are okay. but now this is turning so many people against us. which is sad cause modding by in large is a universal good. I have a lot to think about.


on the mod front, I think the engine and radiator may be sitting too high on the model so that's gotta be sorted out before I can even hope to get to the rest of the model specifications. but it's largerly fix the motor ,mount it properly,make the wires for the engine and fuel tanks,chicken mesh and cabin. then I keep forgetting I have to make the chassis_vlo to encompass the model. before going back over her with a low poly brush for the low end machines in the audience.


I've been really contemplating a kickstarter for the models maybe if I bring money into this then someone will be more then happy to skin and tech shoot the models. not sure but it's one of many options I am exploring should I choose to keep moving forward with this mod. but I cannot say I am very happy with what's going on right now. I'll stand by this community and f*ck the haters but at the same time there is a lot to unpack here.

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I really need the forums help so please pay attention to this update:


no renders but I do have an annoucement that is very important and I really need some help from you guys out here. I am sick of nothing but modeling getting done. now yes our shadow modder still hard at work and our GTA IV section will is being done. but what about what you guys came for. what about you GTA SA folks or you GTA VC folks? I'm sick of asking for people to donate their time and effort when they really don't want to and having things fall apart.
So point is I am going to start a kickstarter for the purpose of upgrades to my computer so I can do more detailed work but more importantly I want to use the rest of the money to pay texture artists and tech hands. they would be paid per model and I am still working on that part. but outside of filming the video and getting the page set up I am stumped as to what to give people for rewards aside from the finished product. maybe you guys can comment below and tell me what might interest you if you were an investor.
I really need you guys on this one. even if you don't have the money to give when the project starts what do you think would interest you as a reward tier if you were theoretically investing?
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  • 2 weeks later...

okay so It has been a while since you guys last saw any updates but there is a good reason for this.


the kickstarter preperations are a go. and that's taking almost all my time. I have the donor shirts decided and working on other higher teir items such as mugs and posters and maybe fridge magnets. we'll see. we shoot the video in a week or two and then the project is a go.


if successful then I will be starting here with recruitment. I'd rather work with artistis who know the game and how to texture for it. we are going to go very big with this project and shoot for the moon. but we'll start with a reasonable monitary goal and go from there.


I want to inject money into this project so that you all can play with what we have done so far and be able to play with the models of the future including those of fury road. I'll be back when the kickstarter has started to update you with links. if you donate then you will have exclusive use of our mods for a period of time meaning that no one but donors will get to play with the finished models for a small period of time. it's one of the many perks of donation. anyways I am trying to do this for the greater good and get this mod out to you all.

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okay so the kickstarter shirts were settled and the mod's project name is officially "MAD MAX:UNLEASHED" got logos done and am working on a posters and cups for the donors as well. also going to offer people a physical copy of the road warrior soundtrack in the higher tiers to sweeten the deal.


that's all well and good I hear you say,but what about the mod. well I have a lot of good news to share on that front with much more likely to come.


I have at least one skinner lined up for sure. I hope to recruit more of you from this very forum but we'll see.


and I think I just found "dog". there is a game out there that is free2play that has a blue heeler in it. so I am going to download the game off steam and then see if I can extract their dog. then I'll use it as a referance model for our dog. which is great news because GTA V could be the best HD road warrior gaming experience to date. with trucks that have hitchable trailers and a dog friend to come with you. so I'll report more on that as I go along. but this is very exciting because it will help me get "dog" modeled for the mod. and lastly a bet was settled. and this one took me by surprise but I cannot deny it after all I have seen.


max's mad max thunderdome truck is actually...an xb...at least in the cabin and dashboard. so all this time I was thinking of a truck but it's a cut xb frame on a truck chassi. so now I can make a super accurate thunder dome truck. but it's crazy to think that max had an xb in all 3 movies and we never knew it. mind = blown.


so now I am looking at the work I was going to do on the xb and realizing that it will go further in this mod then first throught.


so 3 days the video for the kickstarter will be made and hopefully a day after that the kickstarter will go live. I'll post the link to it here. if I do this right then we should have all the money we need for texture artists and in the end it means we all win. me for getting more of these mods out to you the fans. you for reciving the mods and enjoying them to the fullest. though on prevision of the kickstarter is that the backers get exlusivity with the models for a while. so if you want early access to the mods as they are complete you'll have to donate. but don't worry anyone who donates (which includes the 1 dollar pledges) can gain access to the mods for use.


but after the timed exclusive we will release all our mods to you the fans starting right here.

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  • 3 weeks later...

okay folks. I am about the launch the kickstarter in about 3 days. I am screencapping parts of this topic for tesimonials of people who want to see this released. if you want your comment included in the video then post why you want this mod so badly in the comments below and I'll screen cap up till the 26th when I shoot the video and edit in the picitures. my reason for doing this is simple. this isn't just my dream but the dream of you all and if I can show that more then just me wants this. I can secure funding we need to pay modders and artists alike to finish the mods we've finished up.


some are willing to help the mods done now for free (thank you that frees up more funds) others want to be paid for their time and work and so we'll have that too.


bottom line is there is a lot happening behind the scenes but I am trying to come through for you all.


I figured out how to fix the back axel spacing issue I had with the lord humongus truck which means a little more time to get that model done. but we have to do it right or why bother to do it. so it's not as if I am not also working on the mod at the same time. but making rewards for the donors has taken it's time.


anyways comment below on why you want this mod and I'll try to include everyone I can.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have to take some liberties when it comes to accuracy, because its holding me back a bit...


Exhaust and new set of wheels, needs a couple of jerry cans...

Edited by Carface80
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I have to take some liberties when it comes to accuracy, because its holding me back a bit...


Exhaust and new set of wheels, needs a couple of jerry cans...



image is down could you reupload?

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You sure? Works fine for me.

well f*ck I am not sure. I am on a shared network and the firewall settings sometimes block the oddest sh*t. so it may be blocking this because reasons. thanks for the heads up.

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The sites have annoying pop outs.. even mobile devices are not spared.


now its a direct link....




I can see it now. looks f*cking great so don't sweat it man thanks for your hard work so far.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well this Mod is now 10 YEARS OLD. I know I missed the anniversary but this is the time I had hoped to have more releases for you and I am sad to say I do not.


My Patreon was a resounding failure and I am honestly not mad just confused. YOU guys want these mods,YOU guys voted on t-shirt,posters and mugs and yet when it came time to ask for a little bit of money to help pay artists to finish some mods for the anniversary you guys gave nothing for this project to be completed.


and so I am left asking myself why? was it something I said or do you no longer want these mods anymore? I'd ask you to tell me but you guys rarely if ever give me feedback on the works so why should this be any different.


Look bottom line is simple. without outside help I cannot get any more mods released period. yes one or two of you will aid me now and again on some parts of the mods but only so much. and I am thankful for that help but at the same time this will not push the mod as a whole forward. so if people won't help me for free. and I can't get money to pay people to help me here then I honest have been asking myself what the point of this all is. and I have no more answers to tell myself.


Yes this has been a passion and a major one at that. But if everyone wants but no one will pitch in then there is litterally no point to making any more mods for this mod. so here's the deal from here on out.


I won't cancel this mod. but I won't be working exclusively on this mod anymore. I will still post the works I do get done here. but I am also wanting to get so much more done and my time isn't what it used to be. I have so much non mad max related vehicles to bring you in the coming years and I have outside work I need to try to get to so I can start making some money for life and stuff.


so that's my update. this is as fair as I can be while being fair to myself as well. so maybe with the new movie coming next year help will arrive and I can aid in finishing this up. maybe not. only time will tell. thank you for your time and some of your support.

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and so I am left asking myself why? was it something I said or do you no longer want these mods anymore? I'd ask you to tell me but you guys rarely if ever give me feedback on the works so why should this be any different.


I know I probably don't have a say in this, but it's probably because not a lot of folks are into Mad Max. Some of this stuff is cool to me, though, seeing as they vehicles are all apocalyptic and all that cool stuff and I dabbled in that style for a model once, but for the masses I dunno if they're still into Mad Max. If anything, it seems to be a niche community. Of course, maybe the new movie coming up might change it. Maybe a bunch of folks will jump on this and help out, who knows. Hopefully that happens because 10 years is quite a long time and you've been making some good stuff from the look of things.

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Even though I'd be happy to invest a little bit of money into this project (and there are not many projects for which I'd do that; in fact, none comes to my mind right now), I think it's a bit unusual to ask for money in the first place - which you of course know. Most mods are available for free and I'd speculate that most people who know that, search for free alternatives if they encounter the evil "$" sign. Yes, it's evil. Personally, when ever I see the dollar, I click it right away.


Well, I gues this project is a little bit different. You're not charging a fee but asking for support.

When my financial situation changes, I'll make sure to buy you a virtual beer or two.

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believe it or not I am not mad at what you guys had to say. in many ways you guys are pretty dead on.


But I'd like to make a counter point and then ask a serious question.


Counterpoint....I get that initial money support to get a "patreon of modding" does seem a bit off putting. but it honestly shouldn't. with enough starter capital it would eventually sustain itself and no longer need user support.the mods themselves would always be free. but the modelers and modders could be paid a little bit of money for their hard work. I am not saying I was ever in this for the money but. After 10 years it would be nice to maybe get something more then a fleeting thanks for all the work me and my team did. this is 10 years of my life I have given to you guys. why is that so evil to ask for maybe a little something in return. that said I wasn't even asking for money for myself for this project. merely the funds to get things done. which brings me to my serious question.


outside of the gta IV mods that are being working on by our shadow modder (will link to their work when it's ready and some of it is almost ready) I have no way to finish this mod period. I cannot get people to help me for free (with again a few notable exceptions but even then it's not enough to finish these mods up for play) and I cannot get the funding to pay people to finish these mods up as a side job. then what more can I do?


and that's becoming the serious question. if all I'll have at the end of another 10 years is nothing but models collecting virtual dust then is there even any reason to keep going?


I think that's the ultimate question at this point. maybe the new movie will make people more interested and make this less of s niche mod. but maybe it won't.


so I think as I move forward I will think on this. the best case scenerio for all is I wait for the next movie to come out and we see if people come in wanting these mods and more. if they don't then the mods dead minus the last reslease by carface which will be for gta IV and hey that's not a bad thing. plus we do have someone working hard some gta IV mods you all will really like some are mad max some mad max related. but honestly I am not sure there is a point to this mod anymore beyond what's being done behind the scenes.


as said I am going to think on it. but if no one wants to finish what I started so long ago then there really is no point.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I mean, you can do whatever you want, but I still remember using your mods back in wee days of Vice and SA. Back when mods were being fought on GTAF, conversions were outlawed, and people were going to Acendense to post. I remember seeing the beta vehicles, and for a real long time I actually had a lot of them backed up in case I ever needed to do a format. I remember enjoying the sh*t out of them, even if they weren't done yet. I recall a lot about this mod, and going through the topic and seeing the replies was magic. I understand your feelings, and I would even agree with you. Ten years in a lot to invest in something, ESPECIALLY if it doesn't have any exponential gain from it other than a few hours toying around in the desert. Being fans to a loyal community is a rare thing these days, and while I haven't followed this topic since the summer that doesn't mean I don't think about it from time to time. I think this mod has rightfully sat itself upon the Great 10 Conversions of the 3D Era, and that's saying a real lot. I'm not necessarily sure if i'll even be able to use any of your HQ mods in GTA, but just being able to see them come together and voice input on them is still something that I think is important. Like Twisters said, the Mad Max theme isn't really too big anymore but that shouldn't mean all hope should be lost. Even if you enrich one persons life with the mods, that's still one person that'll be happier than a pig in sh*t. But I see where you're coming from, i'd be running out of steam myself.

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I thank you all for the comments. the good and the bad. I mean that. So I took some time off and really honestly thought about the future and so here is what I came up with to be as fair as possible.


I will wait till Mad Max Fury Road comes out and see what interest people may or may not take in the mod.


If help is then given to aid us in finishing this mod up (especially for the fury road mods) then I will keep going. But if the new movie fails to bring interest back to this mod then I will be closing her down as an actively working on mod.


I care about these mods. I care about you fans. I do. but if we never get any more help in san andreas or vice city then again there is no point in me modeling for this. there are still vehicles I am working on and will post work soon. but I won't do this for the rest of my life if no one is willing to help anymore and if interest in this is super limited.


but there is a lot of hope. there is a part of this mod that is being done by user for GTA IV. sadly though it looks like there will be so much DRM on GTA V that modding will be next to impossible on the PC edition. this really makes me a bit sad cause I had big plans. I know people will eventually find a way around it but modding won't be easy like it's been in the past.


so that's the deal my friends. I'll do all I can till the movie comes out but the post movie interest in this mod is really going to be what keeps this going or finally sinks it.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I'm a big fan of Mad Max, and I must say, this mod will be pretty awesome if you can get it finished!


But do remember that you're making a mod, not a game, you really shouldn't be focusing on the fans, focus on yourself, I've been making a mod for the past few years, but I didn't take to the forums to announce it, or blurt on about how I'm doing it for the people of the forums or whatnot, I'm making it because I want to, not for others.


You should continue the mod and do as you wish with it, you could come out with some pretty nifty stuff.


Good luck with whatever happens in the future :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Happy New Year to all my fans and well wishers on the forum.


Thank you for your support and with time I hope to really wow you with the work I get done moving forward.


That said I must at least say that for the time being I've lost the will to model. this isn't something I like to say as I really want to get more done even if it's not going to ultimately going to be in game since I have no help.


I did get a better look at the silver interceptor from Fury road. I cannot wait to see it all and see it in action in the movie. but I hope to see it on the roads of GTA as well. we shall see when I have time and the will to model again. It will come back but as for now things on a deffinate hold till I can bring myself to model again and model with passion. I want to bring you quality products even if it's just for show. so don't lose hope just yet. I will be back at modeling soon enough. but it's kinda like a fart...if you have to force then then it's probably sh*t.


here's to a better hear in 2015 cause my 2014 sucked for reasons too big to list here.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Holy sh*t man, you might not remember but I used to work on this mod back in the ascendence days, I used to convert some cars. I can't believe I go searching for this after like 10 years and it is still going on. Keep it up.

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