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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

Recommended Posts



So when it'll be released? :/

I wish I could tell you. we've had set back after setback after set back just trying to get much of the models ingame as well we have a skeleton crew as it is and even then I have no real way of knowing when they have time to help me out or if they have time to help me out and so really without more help I have no idea. that's not even getting into the modeling side of things which will at least take me through the end of this year just get one movies vehicles done. there is obvious interest in this mod but yet I don't have the kind of help I used to have that would speed this all up. that said there some models up for release already I can repost the links to the works we have done now if interested but beyond that I cannot give a release date now without some real help here. I know that you're very confused to continue the mod, but, there's many amazing things I've found with this mod:


1. This is the first and oldest modification for GTA SA.

2. The first modification which is still updated since starting the progress of mod before release of GTA SA till now.

3. The first vehicles pack modification for GTA SA.

4. The first car modification for GTA SA.

5. The first plane modification for GTA SA.

6. The first helicopter modification for GTA SA.

7. The first vehicles conversion for GTA SA.


I think you should find the professional modder as fast as possible to help you and I'm really amazed with this mod, keep up your work until it's done! Hope it'll be completed this year! :^:

Edited by Rizqan
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on the eve of the good news above I have to sadly say that a family sitation of dire proportions has just come up and I cannot focus on this mod till further notice. I don't want to get into details right now just know it involves my son and this could change a lot of things for me.


I still have no plans to cancel the mod so understand that much. if anything I have some more big plans on the horizon. but for now family is the most important thing. I've also lost contact with some people helping me with the finished models so that's not good either but not bad either as I know these people well enough to know that they haven't diserted us as so many have in the past.


still I cannot help but feel that old curse may be taking hold. either way I'll keep up my end of the bargin and make the models the rest is going to be up to the community at some point because without your help this mod may never fully come to be. but I am working as hard as I can here forlks I am doing all I can for you.

but as stated above for righr now I need to step away for obvious reasons. I'll message you when things are in a better place to. thank you for your understanding and the support you've shown us so far.

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okay I am slowly coming back online with the project. I had some family issues and thankfully things worked out for the best. I am also working hard on my own personal demons so I'll be on this project off and on but mostly on. I am working on a fresh model while I wait to find out if our old models will now work in zmodler 2.


what that model will be I won't say as I have a horrible issue of annoucing models I do intend to start and finish and something else comes up. but this model is one that I have full refs for and this will mean the ability to get the model done in less then a week provided nothing more comes up. it's one that can do well both low poly and high. and won't take so long to build to completion.


so it's my focus outside of our betas to work ingame and get you more releases. speaking of which I want to introduce the work of our latest edition to the team

they thought our models were abdoned and did try to reach out to old modlers who've long since moved on from their old e-mail addresses. so please don't give them sh*t for what was done in the past. they apologized and asked my permission for the models I could give permission on and I granted it to them because they have a lot to offer.


they have a total conversion that is ongoing and has some scenerly and other things we don't have yet including the fury road prototype car from the fury road press confrence. for those jonesing for some good work to play with until my teams works are skinned and ingame heres a good starting place. it's in russian so be aware of that but I believe the mod allows for english as well so check it out here.




and some choice screens of the mod:














mundi mundi look out from mad max II:







Thunderdome horse mod?




some of their WIP shots:






some actual mission work:




from what I could tell the modders had you retrieve the music box from the mack truck at mundi mundi outpost just like in the begining of mad max II. that's pretty awesome if you ask me.


now I want to stress this isn't my personal work though some of our models were uses in the creation of this mod but all credit for the work done with these models in the mod above goes to the perspective artists and modders who worked on it. I am sorry but I don't know most of their names as I don't speak russian and am unsure of the names attatched to this. but again they deserve the credit for the work done so far on their mod. I hope to see if we can see some individual releases for you all whom might want just the one fury road vehicle or the mad max horse mod. but first things first folks I am working as hard as I can for you all.


so I'll be back when I have some work to show. I hope to get something started tomorrow but who knows. anyways check out the link above see if you like the work done so far because their team will aid us in finishing up the mod as far as when we have cars that work well ingame they can do some touch up work for us and for you all. this is why I went with diplomacy other just blasting these modders cause I believe they can help us get this mod to you all faster.

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well I come baring my own works for this post. now I want to stress that this is very preliminary work I've laid down tonight and I'll have import the side view photo I have of this beast to fix the current issues with her. she's not accurate on some levels and so don't take this first look at being what the finished model will look like.


but the monster truck from Mad Max Beyond thunderdome has been calling me. it'll be a realtively easy build especially with the behind the scenes photos I have of her. the inside of the cabin isn't much of anything so really there isn't a lot in there to build. but I wanted to get the frame done tonight because if I didn't start this model I might have really stalled out on my work. yes I know I've been sick and I need to take it easy but I also need to be creative and this is my outlet.


so without further adue the "andamooka buggy" aka the thunderdome monster truck.






look at the refs I have and the refs I gathered from other sources the truckiest parts of this build will honestly be the wiring for the engine parts and the wheels which have a special tread. I'll breath a sigh of relief once those are done. as it stands I need to fix the issues with this primary frame and then move on to those parts.


looking at many of the thunderdome vehicles I've decided to go back and do a few others from that film. such as the redone popagello car that was in thunderdome I mean we already have the frame so why not just revamp it to look like the film car wouldn't take long. so I will. I do want to do the cow car even if everyone hates that car but me. and lastly added to list is antie entity's jet car. what can I say it's grown on me. this on top of finish up the mack truck train and revamping the jebadiha's plane as my work..seen in the siganture below isn't entirely accuarte at the back.


lastly I want also stress that from the finished model to the movie model a lot was added to this truck I am currently making. and well I am not likely to add that much detail to the model as I think it will only get in the way. it's mostly corrigated silver tubes and I don't honestly think most of you will miss them. but that's about the only deviation I plan for this model. the build will be the best I can make it and I hope to move onto max's truck after this as well because that truck is really interesting and would great ingame if I can pull off it's look. but anyways my work list is very full and I have many cars from our back catelogue to remake not the least of which is the red bat car. but I've been kinda tired of working on Road warrior and so I am doing some thunderdome to keep my interest up as I move into new phases of my life. but no matter where life takes me this mod will be very much ongoing.

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back. and as promised I was going to keep working on one model. so a lot of today was spent just sorting out the shape of the body of this beast. I threw a side shot into 3d max and that helped out a lot. now this truck looks pretty awesome as it should and I can progress from here. not much to say really she'll get an sd and and HD treatment with the may differances being that the wire mesh will be full 3d in the HD and only planes used to great effect in the SD versions also the engine will probably be slightly less detailed in the SD model. but other then that what you'll see coming out of this is what you should expect from the models no matter which on you pick. will move forward with work on the model as we go here. but here's the progress:








and a look at what she looks like against the actual vehicle:




I've been using that elbow peice at the bottome to peice the body frame together and then go back and remake the peices as one peice rather then multiple peices. this saves poly and makes the mesh less of a mess for our skinners.I also fixed the front end engine gaurd as that was slightly off and rotated the methan tanks on the side there. I thought they were secured to the side frame but I think they are actually secured to the wire mesh around the body. now this photo was taken after the movie wrapped up. this truck was just left there for some reason. and the fact that it's cabin is intact would say that this was a secondary truck built for the film because the first one's cabin was detatched as you saw when max's truck took it on head on.and only the cabin came off the truck. killing Ironbar in the process.


this truck is missing a lot as far as the movie shots go. you can see the drive trane isn't hooded up. the back canvas covering is gone and much of the tubing running along the body is also gone. it's like they stripped a lot of the truck and then left it there. now as to where the andamook truck is now. so far no one knows anymore someone likely picked it up someday and either scrapped it or has it as part of a private collection. I wish I knew where she was now. I'd have so many photos to take of her so that I could get the details fully right. but for now I'll have to settle for doing the best I can with what I have. and I still have some things to figure out as the smoke stakes on the side clip through the side body and that shouldn't be the case here.


all will be sorted out and this beast will be out on the road before you know it.


as a side project I may start making some basic meshes that no one has made so far and selling them online. I spent years on these models and obviously if I am giving them away as mods it would be useless to sell what most of you can get for free. but that doesn't mean I can't use my talents to try to make some money here or there. this shouldn't take away from my modding. but it's something I need to consider. cause I am pouring hours or work into this mod alone and it's not my only mod. just the mod I am doing publically while I work on several behind the scenes. but while this is for the fans and a labor of love and devotion. it's also not making me money at a time when I could use some. it's time like these I wish I had a pateron for model makers where in every model completed would make money pledged by users would be transfered to my pay pal and that way you get something you want and I get something I need. oh well maybe someday. for now I have to do my best with what I have.


speaking of which I am going to be going back and fixing up my old killzone rifle I made by eye. man I was a good modeler back in the day. I could look at works and make them without needing refs in view port. but that's not what I can do now. then again I am still making nice models for you all so I guess I can't complain.


well back to it. more shots when I have them as well as any news from the team that I have so far all is queit but people have their lives so what can I say.

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newsest batch of renders beings some good news. mainly that the wheels are done for the Thunderdome monster truck. that was first hurtle this model was to throw at me. spent all night on these wheels. and I am glade I did cause now they are where they need to be and I can move onto other details.


fashioned a back bumper which wasn't easy to figure out because the movie is so f*cking dusty that clear shots of anything during the chase scenes is next to impossible save for the mack truck train. but I figured the bumper out and shaped it myself. installed the radiator and fitted it with a correct radiator cap.


work for tomorrow will be to finish the super structure of the truck,make the back canvas of the truck and then move onto the engine. now the second hurtle for me will be wiring up the truck with the hoses. cause it wasn't scathingly obvious by now I hate doing hose work. but it must be done to finish the model.


I've also made a major discovery...MadMaxMovies is wrong about the green dart car. they report it to be a Valiant Vh coupe with gto front end but nothing could be further from the truth. examine the front end shots of the car as seen here.




two things should jump out at you. the first is obviously..that pontiac hood ornament is no fluke. it wasn't just mounted onto that hood. it was infact part of the hood natrually. the hood and the front end grill assembly go together as well they should they are a front a pontiac bonneville:




as to the car people keep debating but look flair at either side of the hood. I ignored this detail for the longest time but it's not supposed to be there if this was a valiant vh:




and even adding it in for artistic flair wouldn't make this work. no no. so the front end is for sure a 1971 Chrysler by Chrysler CH (strange name I know):








the tail lights match,the body lines match,the side windows and door frames match and the falair near the hood matches. the bonneville hood doesn't match and it's a bit long for the front of the car if you look at the top picture there.


so now I know what car to look at when I do get around to making the dart car myself. this will also aid our shadow modder when he makes the HD edtion for the GTA IV someday. which means his work will be super accurate as it always is with the right refs. either that or I'll be the one doing both editions. don't know don't care. onto the thunderdome work from last night.










onward and upward gents.

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okay small update. the .z3d files will work for our HD shadow modder. so I'll be spending my time with that over the next day or so then back to modeling.


this means I can for sure start to see a move forward on on our gta IV side of the mod. our other modder has some...issues and isn't able to do much right now. but I'll get the files into .z3d format and hopefully this will mean some more releases for sa as well. but if now I don't know know what to say guys I am doing my best with what I have here.


I also noticed a tread out of place on my mesh and so I have to redo the entire treads for the wheels. but it's okay small set back that won't take nearly as long to fix. sadly I didn't get any modeling done tonight because we've been having some odd black outs tonight and I didn't want to tempt fate here. but anyways none of that matters we'll get the tires sorted out and then move onto the parts I spoke of before hand.

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okay I spent most of the night building and translating files for our modders. and that's when I have good news and I have bad news.


Good news is almost all our works have translated just fine to zmodler and my modders now have their files. the bad is that for some reason we have a big problem with three of the old models.


1.the black towtruck HD

2.Popagellos car HD

3. the red snake Tow truck Both versions.


Now the first two I get I really do. they both have a 3d grate that throws up a "texture verticies out of range" error that I cannot figure out at this point. the grate has to be the x factor for those two because they have almost the same level of detail. but the snake truck really makes little sense to me. it just won't export to .dff for the work around. and when I am able to get the first two meshes into .dff format it crashes zmodeler everytime.


this means that for the time being we've lost three meshes. I'll try to figure out why we lost them and what I can do but for now I am stumped.


but I keep moving forward.


the thunderdome Monster progress as promised..and yes I know it's called the andamooka buggy but I refuse to call this truck a buggy and also that was the name give to her by people who found here at andamooka after the truck was just left behind after filming. she has a pedal system not unlike a buggy but her outside says monster truck to me. or just truck I guess with a slight lift.


anywways I got more work done I sorted out one of the struts for the middle rung of the back of the truck and she looks just fine now. I started on on the rest of the frame but I haven't gotten far on it. I was able to sort our the tread issue. turns out the tread in question was in the right postion just elivated more then it should have been. thankfully I have a save file where I could go back and fix the issues of the tread without a lot of back tracking my work.


speaking of treads....I started a side project to get the tough parts of future meshes done. and so I present to you as well the tire's for both mad max's truck and auntie enitity's jet truck. the wheels for those are now done and will make the builds a bit easier.


and before I show you last nights work I've come to a choice I wanted to make as an artist. I know we are going to movie accurate and that's hasn't changed really. but the difference with be with the mad max truck build. see I kinda hate the front end assembly when it comes the extented part of the front end area. I guess you could call it a bit of a rammer. in the movie it's shaped like a wedge but I've seen plastic model makers who made a better looking front end area. so here's my compromise. I'll make the movie perfect version,but I'll also make one version for myself that has what I like out of the plastic modeling community. this way we both win.


okay enough rambling here's the work from last night:








my tire work for Aunti Entity as well as Max's Truck from Thudnerdome:






and actually as basic front end tires go I kinda have that too with the whells I built already so she's good as far as wheels go. so far the builds are going well and I will be pushing on with my work while trying to solve the issues of what's going on now with my older models. we did have the snake truck in sa without a skin lonnnng lonnggg ago so I know it's possible. but man this truck does not like to be exported for some reason. anyways back with more progress when it's ready.

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well well more progress to be had but first let me talk about what's going with some of the modeler models that aren't exporting.


I been talking to a friend of mine who works with models proffessionaly and not I won't say what studio he works for but you'll know his work someday. anyways not the point. he gave me some things to try and so I did and sadly it seems that my work with the three deviant meshes I listed in my last post still won't work for now so I'll keep trying but we may have to face facts that the 3D Grate on two of the models just won't work outside of 3D max and wouldn't likely work ingame anyways. so I may have to scrap them that detail and make the models without the 3D grates. as for the snake truck I am still trying to figure it out but if I can't then I may have to start that mesh over.


speaking of meshes I got to work on the Thunderdome truck and so I wanted to share with you all the progress that's come about with tonights work.


I tweaked parts of the super structure and modeled solid parts of my other structures and thus finished up the super structure of the truck. some things will likely need tweaking here or there but for the most part the main structure is done. this means I can move on to the engine,chassi,drive train with axels and such before moving onto the chicken wire that surrounds the main truck and the canvas that covers the back end. also the cocpit work as well. but that's for another time really. the cocpit won't take long to make. as said I believe the engine hookups are what's going to take it's time to get finished. and so that's kinda why I want to get the engine done and installed. here's the shot of the main body.










More progress when I have it.

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well got some good news and bad news with this progress.


the good news is that I got further on this truck but the bad news is the coming details will be a lot of guess work on my part for reasons I'll get into. it's not bad news persay but it means I have a lot of head scratching issues that I am not entirely sure how to solve. granted the problems are mostly with things you don't see and won't see in the movie buttt that doesn't mean I am happy just guessing. but I'll get to that in a moment.


first the progress.


Hooked up the exhaust pipes and made them ready for whenever I get around to makehing the full engine. I made the bumper taller as per that said show you keep seeing for comparrison on my model. I finished up the radiator mounting. and it looks nice. finished the pullet hook that hangs off the front of the trucks "grille" added in detailed leaf springs from an old Jeep project I haven't finished yet. a log with the leaf spring mounting. lastly I added in the mud flaps. you only really see them for a fraction of a second during the back shots of the truck in the movie. sadly you don't see them enough to see detail so I am really just guessing what they are and now they are mounted.


now onto the issues I am about to run into. the chassi. looking at the side shot and the screenshots the chassi makes no sense. that rammer/bumper you see under the grille I thought that mounted directly to the chassi like a jeep's bumper. NOOOOPPE. it mounts on top of the chassi. but to make that happen I have to fudge the chassi in the front or the back chassi won't sit flush against the back of the truck. the movie screen are no help besides seeing the chassi from the front. and the side shots are too far away or two dusty. the drive trane is another issue. I am not sure at all how it mounts together. were this a true monster truck I figure it out no problem. but this isn't she sits somwhere between a "lifted" truck and a monster truck. I have no idea how she is mounted as far as suspension either. and lastly I have no idea what her floor is like. outside of the chassi almost everything about this truck was made by had via some skilled welders who made the main iron bar structure you see before you. meaning that it's not likely there was a pick up truck bottom to the iron bar body. so honestly folks I'll do my best but I have a lot of detail that I have no idea how to fill in the blanks without better shots of the truck not being filmed.


so I'll do my best but I am coming to the end of the movie perfect things to give to you all and I am sorry for it I truely am. I thought I knew this truck inside and out and I am finding I know nothing about it.


well anyways. much of the hardest parts of this build is done. so I'll just move forward as best I can folks.


anyways here's the truck as she sits now.


the radiator mounting












more progress as I have it. will probably focus on the engine but we'll see. got so much to work out with this model.

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Your quality of models makes these lego boys pissing their pants off. Your vehicles looks awesome, keep it up, is that san andreas with ENB? looks almost like gta4 graphics.

Edited by Carface80
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Your quality of models makes these lego boys pissing their pants off. Your vehicles looks awesome, keep it up, is that san andreas with ENB? looks almost like gta4 graphics.


thank you for much for the compliments. but I am a bit confussed what to you mean "with ENB" and to what are you reffereing to? if it's the screens the mod works recently posted then I don't know the person running it does seem to do nicely with textures.

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Sorry, i am referring to this shot from russian modders, hard to tell if this is really san andreas or they grafted san andreas maps into gtaiv game engine.



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Sorry, i am referring to this shot from russian modders, hard to tell if this is really san andreas or they grafted san andreas maps into gtaiv game engine.




aww oddly I have the very mod that brings san andreas into the rage engine saved on my bookmarks. part of me looks at the video footage of it and dreams of my mad max legacy in HD. part of why I do models that will be suited for higher def games like GTA IV.


okay with what I am about to show you I want to stress not to get too excited just yet. but the custom chassi is installed but there is a new problem that just sprang up I am afraid. but I'll get to that in a moment. I ginked the drive train and axels from an unrelated 3D project I've been working on in the background. it has extra parts I brought a long for the ride. the placement of the transfer case is guess work really is is the bring suspension I installed. honestly anything below the frame is a f*ck ton of educated guess work. I mean I know what the chassi's front looks like and that's a nother issue I need to sort out. but this is the basic start to the under carrage work so far. I also made the engine fan and installed it near the radiator.


now I mentioned there was a new problem. with the ridgid frame installed I have now realized that my frame is off so I need to fix those proprotions or this model will never be right and I won't release something I am not ready to sign off on. also not really too keen on the mounting of the leaf springs and I may be to rethink the end mountings as they stand. but we'll get to that when we get to it. the chassi looks funny but I promise you this is the only way it could be mounted given the only workable side view that I have. this truck appears to be only really a rear wheel drive from the screen shots I have but I am not 100% on it. as again. anything below the frame is entirely guess work at this point.


but when all is settled in I just need to make the engine,wire her up to the side tanks,make the interrior,make the chicken wire and finally make that canvas covering for the back end. then this beauty will be ready for the roads. but I will then have to tear her down and rework her for the SD version of this truck before moving onto to the next project in this series. she's closer a lot closer to being down but she has a ways to go. and so I'll keep working on here as I can.


I can imagine replacing the monster in San Andreas with this beast and just ripping sh*t up. that is till someone rams their max truck into my face Thunderdome style! anyways onto the renders so far.


oh one more thing I made the makeshift bumper into one solid weld. as my screenshots make it clear it's one hunk of metal with no divide. some of my behind the scenes shots aren't as clear on this as I'd like them to be.













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they went and done it. GTA V on PC. granted I won't have the hardware to run it. but just think of it. with the hitchable trailers I can bring my HD tanker over to V. and not have to use work around trailer mods. it will all work natively. with the chomp I can replace it with dog from road warrior. with the auto trains running around I can put the HD mack truck train from thunderdome on some nice HD tracks. and that's just the begining of what I have planned for mods of all types from all walks of life to replace different parts of this game for the greater good of us all. no more hack mods no more work around just a pure playground for you all to enjoy all the models I have on the books or have been working on in secret. this is big. reaaall big.


it changes very little of my plans for this mod really most things will go to gta IV first through our shadow modder and with luck we'll see an increase in the releaseability for GTA V after that. but I have so many mods I won't speak of here that I was waiting to do. waiting for the announcement of GTA V for. so some attention to that will be paid.


anyone else see the new tombraider trailer at E3? don't know why but I kinda want lara to find our andamooka buggy and drive it. I really would love to make a IP out of my mods so far and really make something neat that involves a bit of the vehicles from thunderdome. I know if you asked young me I would have said a game with raod warrior all the way. but something about working on these beautiful machines makes me appreciate them a bit more. don't get me wrong if I could put the green cart car into a game when I make it then I would. it's unique but something captivates me about the thunderdome vehicles.


speaking of road warrior I realized that the wheel wells of the red xa bat car are specially cut in the front. so I found a good side on ref and will be using it when I reboot our red xa to be more accurate since she looks nice but is highly inaccurate to the actual car.. I now have refs including the refs from a reproduction made by one of the men who helped make the first red xa. when you see her when she is done she'll put our old one to shame by a country mile.


but tonight is all about the monster I've been working on. so I'll be back with renders later on.

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I wish I had better news for you guys but it looks like some things have taken a small turn for the worst at least for the time being. our SA skinner and tech hand have some life issues to deal with, which it perfectly understandable so please don't read this as me being mad life comes first, but due to unforeseen cricumstances they will not be able to aid the mod till the time being. so the SD side of this mod is for now dead in the water outside of my own work on models.


so either we get more help...which seems to be asking too much these days for some reason. or nothing more gets released till this person can come back and finish up the mods. it happens. it sucks but it's once again hampering progress. but not all is lost. our shadow modder is back on the case after their own bout with life and the HD side of things will move forward all-be-it slowly.


I am about to start modeling and at this point I am going to try to o with my gut on some of the choices with the model I am currently working on because part of me isn't too happy with how the suspension is going. but I do know how to mount wheels such as these to the axel and so I'll be working on that too. but I want to tear down the suspension I just got done making and rebuild it using a different model of vehicle as the ref. if done right then this should in theory look a lot closer to the what detail I can see out there in the screenshots. still have have some work to do on the chassi as well but we'll get her done. I may experiment with the frame as well. we shall see.


onward hoe.

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okay I've come to realizes several things that I was seeing but not noticing about this truck. it is a verrrrrry complex build. which isn't bad it'll look so bad ass in game. and thanks to mercenaries 2:world in flames pc I'll have a perfect ref for low poly version of the wheels for this truck

. 1. the chassie is pretty much what I made it. but the frame is still flush with the chassi via support bars I wasn't seeing before. 2.the floor of this truck is raises slightlyfrom the from the frame. it's kinda odd but not in a bad way. 3. it is 4 wheel drive I've seen a decent shot of the intact drivetrain from the side and I now where the transfer case is, and I know both axels have crank cases on the axels as per 4 wheel drive. there are even more details I cannot get into. such as that those tanks on the side are actually having off the top of the chicken wire I have yet to construct not bolted to it. so there is a hell of a lot of little detail to this model. I also know exactly how the axel assemble works and will make that perfectly accurate when I get there. which should be today. I need to move the transfer case back. remake my basic drivetrain connector arms and the chassi needs some rework as the front "bumper" does off set the front of the chassi in a way I wasn't paying attention too. and that's before we even get into my readjustment of the frame itself as it's not right. this is before we get into some new structural detailing I just dsicovered that was again..right in front of my eyes.

if all goes well you should see the beautiful detail of this truck emerging. this truck is something else. more when I have actual renders.

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well as promised...progress and what progress it is as you shall see.


things done:


1.tore down the axels and remade them properly

2. fixed the transfercase position to it's correct spot.

3. remodeled the drive train to be correct as seen in the ref picture

4. hooked up a second crank case for the front axel

5. modeled all the steering components for the front axel.

6.reworked the main frame for size.

7. reworked the tank staps so that they will hand off the future chicken wire that is to be made for the side of the truck.

8. reworked the chassi she is now accurate

9.prilimiary tarp is now in place over the back of the truck

10. extended the exaust pipes so that they are now at the right highet off the ground.


things left to do

1. chicken wire

2. entire cabin

3. frame support structure

4. remake the exhaust pipes as one uniform pipe leading from the engine

5. make the engine

6. make a floor of some sort

7. make the wheel drum and bake pads for the wheels

8. finish work on the tarp

9. small accented structure for the front of the truck

10. make the final shock absorbers

11. wire up EVERYTHING!

12. add small accents to the chassi

13. make small step structure for back bumper.


told you this truck is more complicated then she looks. but over all that's been a big challenge for me to over come and over come it I am. she's a RHD truck...buggy thingie. so there is that. but there really isn't much to this truck inside. it's all outside. as for the shock absorbers I cannot find any visual evidence of there being spring shock absorbers like you'd find on a mudding truck (as they call it down here in texas. you take your truck out to the muddiest places on earth and test your truck against the mud trying not to get stuck and just driving where you want to drive at high speeds. I'm told it's fun) what I can find visual evidence of is possible piston shock absorbers like you'd find on a jeep. and I just so happen to have some made for a jeep project I haven't finished yet. so I'll transfer those over asap. now the leaf springs are a whole different issue. the mountings seem off and anyone who knows about the typical mounting will say I've gone mad. but I swear to you that I have screen that show the front have two vertical lead spring mounts and the back having the ones you see on the model below. so I did it. it may not make sense but f*ck nothing about this truck does. and that's why I f*cking love it.


this truck has taught me a lot. and you know. in a way I could see this truck in road warrior. not easily but I mean hey it still fits imo. anyways onto the progress shots for tonight. hopefully by months end this truck will be done and I can move onto other models. here's what I have for you so far.








here's a look at the new side tank mountings:




wouldn't want to be on the recieving end of this truck..would you?










she's going to be a bitch to make low poly but I'll do it for the fans. then it's onto greener projects. and no that's not a clue even if I am somewhat itching to dig into the green dart car from mad max 2 the road warrior.


anyways just gotta keep moving my friends.

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okay so this morning I got some work done.


things done

1. replaced the tarp with a rebuild. (the reason for the extra work there was that I found out that I was short on needed row of verts in order to make the tarp fit over the main frame so I had to throw the old one out and rebuild.)

2. replaced two of the round iron bars with square ones as part of the support structure for the frame. I wasn't looking at the parts right. thought they were round but found out otherwise and they were bolted onto to chassie to support the frame.

3. built the priliminary frame supports for under the frame

4.built the dashboard cover

5. built the cabin floor.

6. re adjusted the back bumper (forgot it was off because the first frame was off)


Things left to do

1.fix the inside of the I cloned and flipped so that the trucks tarp will looks more solid in GTA IV rather then being oddly transparent.

2.finish the support struts for the frame

3. remake the exhaust system for the exhaust pipes

4. replace the shock absorber springs with those of a more piston design

5.mount the wheels to the axel

6.finish the back floor

7.make the cabin

8.make the other front peice of eqipement

9. make the engine

10 wire the truck up as seen in the movie

11. make the chicken wire for the body and exaust

12. to make the step that is mounted to the back bumper


now I have a new problem that I have to solve before this model can be considered finished...you see while the top of the frame is covered in chicken wire the rest of the mesh is covered in a very very fine mesh. while I could make said mesh mateiral the issue is that even on a great pc this model would make your game choke badly. so I obviously cannot do that at all. but what I can do is make a glass plane that could be skinned to look like the mesh. would save us a crap done of poly and man hours. but I'm not sure it will work. and yes if I felt this detail out in any way it would be very very obvious so I am stuck between a rock and hard place if this doesn't work.


anyways here's the progress shots so far:













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now is the winter of my discontent. I have to say guys I almost quit the model tonight and here's why.

compared to where the rear leafsprings are acordding to the dark shapes under the truck..the axel is mounted not against the leaf springs but way above it. which wouldn't f*ckING work. so right now the back axel is mounted all wrong and does not line up with the wheels. I tried and I tried and I tried for almost two f*cking hours to get it to work and I just can't. there is a piece to this puzzle and I don't have access to that piece.


so real talk here. I might have to really fudge the back axel work because if I don't then I have no idea how to make it work mechanically. whomever did this for the movie was a f*cking wizard. sorry guys I am just honestly deeply frustrated by this as almost everything else is coming together as it should. everything but this. and I just don't get it. I really don't get it. so it the end model is a little odd in the back axle then that's not my fault. I am doing the best I can with what I have available to me.


okay so what was done besides swearing like a sailor at the model?

1. fixed the inner tarp so the tarp is done period.

2. made the proper shock absobers and mounted them the front mount is correct and should work fine. the back mount is well you read above.

3. created the back step up mounted to the back bumper and I correctly attached it. at least I think it's all correct I cannot get a good screen shot from the back so this is a lot of guess work. but I assume it's only there to aid the actors to climb into the back of the truck so that's what I made it for.

4.priliminary exhaust system for under the truck. it will need to be created and I summize that the truck has a single exhaust hook up that splits into a dual for the smoke stacks. based off my refs.

5. finished the frame support so that the frame is now fully secured to the frame. so that can now be exed off the list.

6. started on my "fine mesh" idea so far so good.


things still to do.

1. figure our or fudge the back axle mount

2. mount the wheels on said axels.

3. model the complete exhaust system plus engine hook up.

4. make the engine

5. chicken wire

6. finish the fine mesh

7. front accessory

8 full cabin

9. finish the back floor

10.wire everything up so it is like in the movie


so going to do my best I really am but somethings not right here and it's hard to tell what when it comes to said axle. but again I'll do my best here folks. after this I plan to do max's thunderdome truck before switching back to road warrior for a while.


here's the progress shots. now on the exhaust yes it is ment to go through the metal bar that hold up the frame. I don't know why they did this but it goes through in my engine bay refs so that's the best I can come up with. beyond that the rear axle is the only thing that is off right now.






a look at the exhaust system as well as a render of the final frame support that is inplace.




a look at the fixed inner tarp






back when I have more to report. sorry this isn't a sunny happy update. I expected to me more finished then I am but my good. grrr.

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small update. well okay so I get it now. the axle doesn't have to be fush against the leafsprings persay.


there is an accessory called the "axel mount" that can lower the axel while keeping the it supported otherwise the axel would not stay in place. there is also something that can be added called a lowering block. uses by offroaders. I honestly didn't know you could do this type of stuff. but it must be what was used on this truck. so tomorrow I can model these parts and put them in place and the rear axel will be correct once more. but god damn that was frustrating. but I've solved it. so there is that.


just an fyi. so the main issue I was having will soon be resolved.

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the model is back on track thanks to some good research. I never knew such things existed but now I do and guess what the axel is now mounted correctly allowing this model to now be more accurate. yeaaah.


so here is what was done tonight:


1. added the axle holder and then under it I added the lowering blocks. had to lenghten the leafspring mounts but they are not correctly mounted

2. finished the truck bed flooring

3.finished up the pesudo fine mesh. some tweaking is still needed in one section but otherwise we are golden


things left to do.

1. tweak the fine mesh in one section

2.make and mount the brake drums and break pads

3. model the final exhaust system

4. make the engine

5. small dodad for the front that I keep putting off.

6.cabin interrior

7.chicken wire.

8. wire everything up as seen in the movie.


after that we have a small bit of mesh clean up for any extra poly that can be taken out. and then she'll be ready for prime time. also need to make a chassi_vlo

then I have to tear her down and make the low poly edtion before switching up to the next model.


aside from the engine,and parts of the cabin most of this model should be down hill from here. which is nice. you saw how frustrated I was about this model.


I've been playing burnout:paradise as they made one of their car packs free for a limited time to honor the passing of Harold Raymos who played a ghostbuster and they have a mock ghost busters car in a car pack. they have a pink cadilacish car that reminds me of the pink desoto. I really really really would love to make the desoto. but it'll have to wait. but I want the desoto for other games so badly.


anyways we are heading into the final stretch with this current model and that makes me very happy. I have some future plans for showcasing this mod that I haven't finalized yet but I think most of you would get a kick out of it.


here's the progress shots so far enjoy:








a peek at the rear axel mounting.






more when I have it. hopefully by tomorrow night a big chunk of this model will be done and we'll be close to finishing.

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okay sorry no renders today but that's not a bad thing right now I did get some work done just not a lot at this point.


things done:

1. tweaked the fine mesh in that one section but it doesn't seem to do much so I'll just leave is as is.I don't think there is much to be done about that.

2. mounted the wheels onto their axels (actually these brake drums and pads can be used for max's truck so score on that too.

3. did some work on the engine bay but nothing to exciting just mounted a part or two but they won't look like much till they are all wired up.

4. made the last accent for the front of the truck thus finishing up the front of the truck.


things left to do

1. model the final exhaust system

2. make the engine

3.cabin interrior

4.chicken wire.

5. wire everything up as seen in the movie.

the exhaust it turns out is dual it's not a single that leads into a dual I found the visual clue that I was needing. so I fixed the mock excaust to relfect these changes. I hope to model it in the next day or two. the rest is just those 5 things. the engine is likely to be the focus as said it's goning to be complicated. not just your standard V8. beyond that I have little to nothing else to say. what you see in the post above is about the shape of the truck you'll get from me. so yeah. but anyways this is all going pretty well and I think you'll enjoy the final product. whatever I get done tomorrow will be rendered out.

speaking of renders I'll be playing around with lighting in 3d max and showing off finished meshes in a better lighting conditions. but more on that when this beast is finished.

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the pain has come back. I need to take a small break. I am working on the engine to get that done but I had to stop because of the pain. I need to take a small break then we'll resume as best we can. I don't plan to be gone long especuaily now that gta V is on the horizon for pc. what worries me for the time being is the online componet will it effect or even lock out modding. I sure how hope and I hope that our mods could go online at some point. taking the tanker online would be one hell of a right to be sure.


point is I just don't feel well again. I'll be back when I can but only when I can sorry no new renders I just don't feel well enough.

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I am pain free and back to work. I reshaped a new exhaust system and don't have any renders but I'll show you guys stuff when I have more done.


with the exhaust set up finished this leaves pretty much just the engine,the cabin the exterier chicken wire and the wiring. once more I am going to try my hardest to focus on the engine as that will take up the bulk of the work until it comes time to wire the truck up.


at this point we are coming to the point of having to enlist help. outside of GTA IV and probably GTA V we have almost no help currently to work with us on GTA SA or GTA VC. which means if we never really get help the most I can do is relearn how to dummy things up and make them drive ingame properly. but texture work isn't in the cards. I don't know what else to do I've tried the help wanted section of this forum to crickets. maybe if fury road because a thing we'll see support but if not then I don't know what else to do here guys. if no one help then frankly there mod will end without release because I will finish the models don't for a moment think I won't.


but then what? no serioulsy then what. I had hopes that in coming back we could have a burner,mindf*ck kind of relationship coming here. where I made the models you guys seem to want and someone else converts if all for me and we all benifit. but this doesn't seem to be the case. which is fine I guess but this seems like a waste if all I have for you are renders by the end of all this. so please if you can't help but you know some who can send them my way if I had money I'd honestly pay for help but I am pretty poor right now.


that is where I may just leave this. I have people say that on the newest work I did I should selling models. and this has been a work not just for me but for the fans. but if the fans don't or can't or won't help out then maybe I'll take this decade of work to turbo squid and see if I can make actual money on my hard work and research cause this isn't a matter of just me making the cars now out of thin air rather then just alloweing the donated models to dominate this mod. I am spending hour after after hour after hour of my time for all of you. and look I know so many of you appreciate the work I have done so far and the future models on the books. I am excited too. but if I find that no one wants to help finish all the work I've done. if I find that I have almost every model ever done for these movies and nothing in game within a year then I will scrub all the folders I made avilable of my work. that is the work I've actually modeled not the work of others here. and I'm going to put up on some sale sites.


if this makes some of you mad then I am sorry but if this stuff isn't for games because everyone wants it but no one wants to help then I have to do something with it. so forgive me if this sounds harsh. I have a long way to go and maybe possibily 5 more years of work on this mod before I am even close to done so it's not like this is happening right now. but I've tried to ask you all nicely for help and it's like "great work" but nothing about pitching in. I mean hell the mad max impala is techinqually ready to go now but it needs the movie paint job. and even then people won't touch the file.


so if you were standing back after what will be 10 years of work come this october (check the thread start by date) you've pulled many favors just to get a better look at the real life cars,trucks and equipement,you've poured your heart and soul into each and every mesh. you've formed connection after connection after connection year after year. and eveyone wants what you've done but there's a catch you need help in one area or two. and no one seems to want to help or support you. then people come along from CGI pages and they tell you that your work looks proffesional grade or at least could be worth money and you've been a starving artist for so long. what would you do in that situation? if you could keep the models free forever but they do nothing but sit on your harddrive or you could sell them years down the road?


I don't want to turn this into a long rant and again this isn't ment to offend anyone or make them mad or what have you. but this is the deal from here on out. I'll make these models and many many more from movies,books,t.v. that I really enjoy and know most of you would enjoy even if you didn't grow up with this stuff. and if after say maybe two years of posting for help with each model.none of them get picked up. then I probably going to start selling that model. because this is years of my life and if it's for nothing gaming wise then it has to be for something. cause I cannot keep doing this for just the sh*ts and giggles anymore guys. I mean I love you and I love this board but this is getting to be something I may need to do if anything is to get done here. if you think me out of line then by all means comment below and I'll consider what you've all said but I can't keep this up forever beyond keeping up with the modeling.


and that's that. I'll post my latest work when I render it out. I'll br promoting the mod as I do new things with many of my renders and trying to drum up support for the models to see if we can attract people to the cause but really I am tired of being a broken record and asking for help. so here goes my last call on this at this point.


Still Needed:

Texture artists

Tech hands for beta testing and problem solving.

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  • 2 weeks later...

work continues on the models as we speak. the engine is taking longer then I had hoped to be together. that said however I got the engine block done as well as the head covers. mostly the front,back and all the wiring left to do on the engine. I found wayyyy better refs for the thunderdome train so I am going to be restarting the train from scratch cause I have a way better idea about it now. I am also working on some small side projects as I go so bare with me. I'll have some renders when the engine is more complete.

I guess you've seen the announced for V pc?


This will look great in there. :^:


I have and I hope to find people to help me develope for GTA V on pc. I think once our shadow modder has these babies in GTA IV (which is their main purpose) then it shouldn't be too hard to shift them to GTA V seeing how the file structure is almost identical. we would also like to replace chomp with "Dog" at some point and just go wild with it. GTA V holds much promise for this and other future mods I am working on.

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You work out this project alone?

Really awesome though.


for now it seems so.thought we do have someone working with us for gta IV so all is not lost at this point. and thanks. means a lot.


engine topper plus supports have been installed. leaving mostly the engine itself to be made before I can head into the final stretch


basics of what's left for this model


1. engine

2. exhaust hookups

3.chicken mesh wire cover

4.wiring and tubes for the engine and the back tanks

5. cabin


not a whole lot to get done as you can see. this is great news really. I hope to have her finished up by this weekend so I can tear her down and make the SD edtion as well before moving onto my next set of models.


that set will likely be a head to head between mad max thunderdome truck and the red xa rebuild. I really itching to get back to some road warrior works.


well here's the shots as of now. the front end is also completed so yeah for that. the engine hasn't been rendered out yet but will do so when it's done. but parts have been made that aren't installed on the main mesh yet.










with the pullies and such in the front I get the impression this was a work truck when it was in thunderdome. not a truck usualy used for patrols in other words. probably a make sh*t tow truck which is proabably how they brought max's truck in for master blaster to look at before it was modded to run on pig sh*t.


well back to it. thanks again for the support those of you checking in on this.

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the engine is around 75% complete sadly I did leave some of the more complicated parts for last. and well I only have myself to blame on that one.


there is a site out there with some very nice ford falcon models that were unaccessable for the longest time. this may no longer be the case. which could be really good news for the future for falcon models I have on the books. so stay tuned as I go.

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