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[WIP]Road Warrior Mod For San Andreas

Recommended Posts

I have gotten the photo set yesterday. if people want to see them then I can display those photos in public. but I will reiterate that the bus was being turned into a mobile home by a previous owner to the back was slightly converted into a second door. granted the shell is larely intact with few modifications and the bus as a whole is recognizable. at any rate I'll check in with this topic later today and will post the photos for those curious as to what she looks like right now.


as promised I'll share these bus photos. these are what the Gate bus looks like right now.




























Edited by Dr.Octavious
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I was sick so worked slowed down while I get better. here is a look at my progress. sorry it's so slow I don't have a lot of time to model most days. but will work harder on this. anyways.


The Valiant charger engine: this one is closing in on being done thanks to what was done tonight.










the back end of this engine is done. started to work on the front end and side attatchments of this engine. then I can install it into the work I've been doing on the valiant "Force 10" Charger.


Now the tankers been frustrating me but I gotten more progress done as we speak.






the wheel armor enclosure and front armor for it is done. I think you'll agree they look nice when installed.


I've been thinking about the junk trailer from the begining of Mad Max II the road warrior and wanting to go back and really try hard to finish it up. it's just cloth man it's a f*cking nightmare but I must do it and so I shall coming up here soon. will also start work on this gate bus.


also the hd updates for the no front fender statesmen and the poppagellos car are coming soon too. probably going to rebuild the poppagellos car from the ground up. we shall see.

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Hello all. sorry to say I've been so sick and not just from the flu. sorry for the lack of updates and if my last post spoke of all this I am sorry again. now down to buisness.


one thing I'll be updating is the MFP cars for SAMP. some of our facebook fans found a better way to adujst the wheels for the cars and let us know about it. I'll sharing it after V-day since well I have a fiancee now and so you can imagine tomorrow my time will be tied up....no pun intended.




work done tonight. (not shown yet) I pulled the old No front frender statesmen apart. (this is the black cop car with the jeep front end in the movie.) I've deleted the lack luster wheels and will make new rims and tires for the hd update. also on that slate is rework on the engine for smaller newer detailing. new door frame work as the old one is inaccurate thanks to the blu-ray shots I got. and I need to make mesh for both the sides and the back window. beyond that she is as ready as she'll ever be for her debut both here and in the future she'll have a place in gta IV and beyond.


Poppagellos/lone wolf update:


work done: raised the old exhuast pipes a little bit as they are too low. widened the old bumper ,delete the back face of the back end of the car as it's not needed anymore. and added in the back mesh that is in the movie version. sadly the back mesh is not the right width and so it will be reforged tomorrow sometime.


here's a look at her now.






the basic needs of this mesh are simple. tear out and rebuild the main body mesh as it lack detail. rebuild the tires as they are not mine but were donated by Ganjicia and I don't wish to use them anymore. I'd rather this was mostly my mesh. and of course to redo that mesh you see on the back end. as you can see that's not much to do and so I am likely to rework the this car and the one above so that I can move on from them while I finish up the tanker.


speaking of (you see what I did there.)


I reached the limits on detail with the tanker on some parts of the mesh. case in point. what you are about to see is a solid square box with holes in it for the armor support. this is because the blu-ray showed me that these back metal sheets were riddled with tiny and I mean tiny holes. I tried to replicate it and almost destoryed my system. if it's too much for me then it's too much for you. and this will likely mean my barbed wire on this mesh will be much more basic then I had hoped. we shall see how it all comes about. but over all I am not unhappy with this developement it just means more false geometry.


that said I managed to get the side armor plates done. now there were no back armor plates just wire mesh leading to the car back end welded to the back of the armored tanker. but we'll get to that after these shots.






even without the mesh detail this will still be the most detailed tanker ever modeled. I know because I know almost every inch of this tanker. more so then most. and I've done my best to replicate it all. anyways. this mesh needs Barbed wire,Barbed wire holders,mesh leading to the back end,the car back end,the mesh over the tank caps,and the armored placements on top. as you can read there isn't a terrible lot left to do to finish this mesh up and so I'll be focusing on the tanker and the hd updates for the time being.



now what about the dune buggies? well I just can't seem to get parts of them right so I wrote to the mad max museum for somemore help. we shall see if they have the time or ability. if not then I'll do my best and they will look pimp as sh*t. don't you worry.


as for the charger engine I got some work done but nothing I care to render out I hope you all will understand that. but work will continue on it and then when done I'll push hard on the chargers and the torana's as again there are two of them.


much work to be done and much work yet to start. but we are getting sh*t done so be patient as we hope to have more work up. now an admin at the facebook page has made the Landau work in sa. it's not the best version of the landau and I now see detailing I missed and will do some had updating of her in the future but I'll post a link to the new working beta here soon. helped in no small part by WIRED. I want to thank WIRED for his help and his continued help now and again to aid our mod.


but we still need skinners and tech people. if we can get that then more mods can be finished. I'm just the model maker I need people's help to ultimatley finish this mod up. especially if one of the old goals was to get these models online for SAMP.

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slight set back folks. the beta landau I have from our helper is coming up currpoted so I'll have to get a fresh copy from the guy himself. so I am sorry I don't have the file for you now as I said I would but it's coming.


also coming..along that is. would be the poppagellos work. here's what I did today and will likely be a starting point for me tonight if I get more time. so here's the look as it mostly stands now.








as you can see in the first two pictures I have recerated the back mesh and made it better. see the pictures above this post had holes that were not even the correct size. so not only did I remake the grate base shape. but also the holes the grate has. I also notices that the grate inverts after the bumper so I added that detail in as well. so far so good. now in the last shot I am doing as I said I would do. remaking ganjicia's sunraysia hubcaps for this and many other cars in our project. the outter frame of the wheel and tire are still his work. but the lugnuts and the center peice are all my work. I researched this hubcap and found that while Ganjicia did a fantastic job with what he had avaialble. these wheels and hubcaps aren't fully accurate. so I've started with the lugnuts and made them accurate to the shape and style of the real thing. from here I'll work my way from the center out and we'll have quality higher poly sunraysia hubcaps from here on out. thus lending more authenticity to the models and mod.


work done but not yet renendered:


I reshaped the body and actually made her shorter as I noticed my proportions on the vehcile as a whole are off. I also have started to remake the front end to be more accurate but I didn't feel it was correct enough yet to show off. I also dislodged the top cone from the top of the engine as it's missing peices.


my things left to do are this:

remake the rest of the wheels.

rebuild the body

add in the missing engine part and remount the cone

remake the side exhaust pipes so that they'll have detail at the tips of the pipes.


beyond that she should pretty golden in what she is I may replace the pedals of the car but only so that I can put in the pedals I've made from other models so that won't take time at all.


over all the hd overhaul is going very well and should enhance many of the models we have in our catelogue. so I'll update with the new wheels when they are ready and done.


so work will continue just not sure what all will be done tonight. but we'll get to work and see what comes of this evening.


if you have someone then happy Valentines day. if you don't then please don't hate me or us that do. this is one of those days you just live for to make someone specail happy. at anyrate I figured out I have some good shots of the iron cross buggy. it's shape is not what most people think and is actually a kinda cool buggy. so it's added to my back list vehicles to do as it's a neat little design.


anyways back to the grind stone all thought I'd update you so far. I like how the poppagellos is coming out and I think the update will added so much more to these wonderful machines.

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work on minor details for the poppgellos car took longer then I had hoped. but that's not to say a lot wasn't done,I just hoped more would be done by the end of the day. such is life.


anyways work done: Modeled the twin valve assembly for just under the cone that sits on top of the back engine. and I cut open the pipes in the back without having to totally remake the pipes. which is good a thing because I've realized what good pipes these were..I also did some structural work on the back engine though I may end up remaking the engine assembly all together. the main body and engines were done orginally by artist C.J. from my old crew. sadly I don't have the chance to speak to him anymore. but again such is life.


at anyrate. the main things felt to do are really just finish remaking the wheels and rebuild the body. beyond that I think the car is pretty much finished and that's a great thing because it means our newest finished mesh might be able to be rendered with the other finished meshes in the mod catelogue. and be ready for skinning and the like. anyways here's the renders for tonight.












finish up the wheels here will have a big impact on models in the mod stored files. and should look great when all is said and done. take care for now.

Edited by Dr.Octavious
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I am focusing on the sunraysia rims and wheels. I doubled the poly of Ganjicia's work so that instead of the jagged lower poly 25 sided wheels they are not sitting at a nice round 50 sided. working from the center out I was able to replicate the inside hub better then Ganjicia had when he made his old wheels. and hope that the extra poly will aid the wheels as I finish up the rims and get into the actual tires. here's a look at the hubcap as it stands now.










as you can see I added much more rounded tips to the triangles as seen on the actual sunraysia's themselves. I have only a few more levels of rim and then I can start in on the tires themselves. so work continues. if I can get these wheels done that that's half the battle in finishing up this model for the mod.

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work continues as I prep some of the older models for HD facelifts. more on that in a moment. here's the work done on the sunraysia rims and tires for the various mods.


I got the inner modeled and made. tomorrow I have to make the outter rime and then the tire. if I can get that done (and I think I can) then I'll have poppagellos HD facelift half finished. here's the rim as she stands.






so far so very good. these rims were on the red snake truck,poppagellos car,the humongus truck aside from the obvious times it was used in the first film for the mfp cars and max's black on black interceptor. so these wheels will go a long way with what needs to be done.


now I started to pick on the statesmen and I realized she has a lot more work to do be done then I originally thought.


here's what I did. new door framework ( it's not made of welded poles but square iron bars) so I replaced the old framework with something that's exact the to movies. the frame work even had doors cut out so I bet the back of that car was used for prisoner storage.

redid the hotrod pipes on the sides of the engine. and recut the engines topper.


what needs to be done still.

wire mesh along the sides and as a back window replacement

the front roof horn needs to be hallowed out. so it will be remade.

I need to finish modeling the back seat area as it's an open gash in the mesh that I forgot was even there. so I'll finish off the mesh with that.

new super charger has to be made for the middle of the engine

brand new rims and wheels need to be made for her. luckily she has very basic stock rims so that shouldn't be hard to model.

lastly the jeep front end isn't accurate at all. so it's needs to be remade and thus it will be.


here's how she looks now vs how she did look:


this is how the mesh looked before:



and now here is how she look with improvements:






looks a lot better so far and can only improve as I get details done.


more work as I have it.

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work continues on the No front fender statesmen as it goes head to head with the poppagellos car which will bring me to a vote I need to take with you fans but we'll get to that after I speak of last nights progress.


what was done:


laid in the chicken wire for the back window,fixed up the door frame frame work to make it more flush against the door frame (but that still needs adjustment.)

rebuilt the super charger for the engine (but it's not done yet)

brought in a radiator from a different mod that I made myself,

rebuilt the front bumper as it's not a straight bumper.

and got some preilimary work done on the jeep front end (not shown yet sorry).


left to do.


chicken wire inside the cabin to keep the drivers safe from the prisoners

chicken wire on the side door framework

rebuild the back of the back seat area so it's not a gaping hole anymore.

finish building the super charger

finish building the jeep front end.

build the front wheel assembly (I've got good refs for that will aid in the realism of the model.

and rebuild the wheels and rims from scratch.


here's what she looks like now:













okay now the vote. there are subtle armor details between the lone wolf (or original car) and the poppagellos car for the final chase. vote yes for me to make both versions of the car and vote no for me to just make and finish the poppagellos version of the car.


otherwise I am going to try to finish the rims and wheels tonight while I add more detail to the no front fender statesmen.

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I see next to no one wants to vote on the motion proposed above. well if I get no votes by the end of next week then I'll make my own choice.


that being said I have a a lot of good news in terms of the beta for poppgellos and some promising news on the statesmen.




SUNRAYSIA are done. I know it seems almost trivial but seriously it took a good long time to model them and upscale the work done by the great Ganjicia. but I did it and I think you'll agree with me that the added poly is worth it. here's shots of the wheels as they stand along with the poppagellos car as it stands before the rebuild.












these sunraysia's are used on a lot of the vehicles so I'll be moving these onto my other mods and render a few shots of that coming soon. in otherwords these wheels respresent a big step towards completion of this mod. plus I'd love to get them into GTA IV if anyone is interested in some good rims (course I have a secret rim pack on the books but that's for another post.)


I think we can agree that this elevates the model before I've been touched the body of this beautiful machine. I also noticed a detail I think I ignored. you see the Car in question has a racing seat. anyone who knows anything about cars or racing knows exactly the shape of seat I mean. which means that seat there isn't even close to correct. so that has to be replaced too. but that's not bad. steering wheels not right and I doubt these crummy old pedals I made before I knew any better aren't right either. so the list of to do's has grown a bit but not by a lot. the seat shouldn't set me back too much and the steering wheel should be a major issue either. the body is where I'll be slightly sweating bullets. there is also a bracket I missed that secures those big tanks to the car's body I don't know how I missed them before.


this is one of a few mods that are close to going beta. I am seriously looking at my screenshots of thunderdome and saying to myself that I must redo that body of the air truk because it's comes to a point in the back not a blunt end. and I know it sounds like such a small thing but trust me when I say it's really not. the plane looks great from most angles but that one and as an artist I take pride in my work.


anyways the Statesmen. OMG the statesmen. I wouldn't be half as pissed off if it wasn't for the fact that the door frame doesn't seem to want to let me put the door framework flush against it. it's like a f*cking magiceye picture trying to get the frame to match up and it's causing even more hair loss if you know what I mean. I may have to leave it looking slightly less then desirable because the more I work with the doorframe the more it pisses me off. that said I did get other work done.


doorframework. I found an almost perfect side shot and realized that my door frame divide was too far forward...this important because this framework had a puprose withing the universe. it was a holding cell. I found a new shot that shows me some of the cabins famework to make a barrier between the driver and the prisioners. and will work on that when I am able to. but I moved the frame work back a little bit and now I can make the inner frame work.


I reshaped the the jeep front end as you can see. it's now very accurate but now the headlights need to be fixed as the clip through the radiator. but that's a minor detail. I've come to realize that the peice of back end that is on the bumper is inaccurate and will be remakinging it post haste.


finally work on the front end suspension and such got started. I made the suspension spring as a starts. I moved the suspension up a bit so that it's flush with the begining of the pipes of the engine. speaking of engines I noticed this car has brake boost with a brake fluid resivoir so I modeled that as well which should be the last of the engine bay details that need to be done.


mostly what's left is fixing that door frame framework,making the inner framework,finishing the super charger,patching up the back end of the back seat area,and then laying in the chicken wire. modeling basic steel rims and basic tires. so really this mod has a big chance of being finished soon too. and you know what...the valiant charger also had the basic steel rims and I believe or one or two others used the basic steel rims as well. so getting those done would be a big step forward on some of these mods as well. anyways enough talk here's the work as it stands.
















I really want to thank Carface as I believe this is his body work and most of the engine is his as well. without him this car would not be as pretty. so thanks again for the hard work there my friend. at any rate here is the work done so far. I am trying to get these both finished up and ready to roll so that I can tweak other cars and such. this year you'll see me rebuild the landau from the ground up. you'll see a brand new ford falcon XB with higher poly counts and a fleet of interceptors from different genres and styles since I think they all deserve a place at the table. along with a stock XB you'll also get new customization options like the mad max nose cone that was popular in real life with ford falcon fans. and some body kit options for the stock cars themselves. so that you Australian fellows out there won't feel left out. and people can not only have a new ford falcon but one with extras to enjoy.

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Loving all the updates.


What GTA are you planning to import this into?


she's planned for as far back as vice city as we have over seas individuals who only have vice city who are helping me out but to be honest I have planned ports for San Andreas as well as some conversions to to GTA IV. which is part of why I am upscaling some of these models. we have a person who is good at both San Andreas and GTA IV helping with the mods as we speak. but my dream is a port of GTA V with our mods but well that's more in rockstars hands.


do you have a preferance?

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As much as I'd love to see this in IV, and having no exact numbers, I think there's still a lot more modding users playing San Andreas.


That said, if I'd to choose I'd use at least San Andreas, or skip IV and wait for V.

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As much as I'd love to see this in IV, and having no exact numbers, I think there's still a lot more modding users playing San Andreas.


That said, if I'd to choose I'd use at least San Andreas, or skip IV and wait for V.



I thank you so much for the input. the thing with GTA IV and GTA V is they seem to use realitively the same file system as people found out when they dug aroundi n the guts of the console version so in a way if we make it work and look good in IV then it should be fine if not better then fine in GTA V. either way we'll see what we can do. San Andreas will always get some love because it has the trucking mods built in. so idealy we want to running down the deserts of SA in the tanker or looking for the compound in our interceptor and so on. as you saw by the recent beta release of the landau we very much like San Andreas. thank you again for the input.

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I am currently modeling as I type this out.


the statesmen got some love as you can see below I mainly laid the the inner cage in the cabin as seen by a well captured screenshot of the no front fender statesmen.

I also assembled the front new jeep front end and worked on the headlights a bit. for now they are what they are. I am tired so forgive me if I don't recall the rest of the work to that needs be done here. also carface told you can do RHD (right hand drve) cars in GTA so you aren't seeing things I did reverse the drivers side so that it will be on the correct side.


mostly work on the back end and the trunk and the wheels to be done as I wish to reshape the trunk to what the stock car had and the bumper needs a lot of redoing.


the rest is finishing up the cage works on the sides of the car. going to be going back over the black towtruck. for one it needs the new sunraysias and another it needs netting and other body work to be truly finished. by this weekend I hope to have a brand new finished meshes shot for you.


we also have 5dmc1 on board but the rest of his team will need time to come back. so oooo we kinda have help but not quiet yet. we'll see.


lastly before I post shots. I have an auto immunity issue. it's been really bad for me the last two years and feels as if it's getting worse. I will work as long as I can while I get my diagnosis but... I I am very ill these days. so please bear with me on the times I cannot model as somedays I just don't function well. thank you for your understanding. onto the progress shots.












I finishing building the super charger as you can see and made a brake boost and brake fluid resoivoir as seen on the movie version. I still need to hook the brake boost up but this is a good start at least. I've done some small details on the front end steering assembly. we shall see what else I can get done on this mesh as I work to finish her up. I also patched up the back seat area. sorry if I mentioned this in earlier updates. again I don't feel very well.


Poppagellos/lone wolf car.


noticed that the seat in the car is a racing seat. so I am currently building one as we speaking. here is where I am at now.






basically put I need to finish this seat up (which I am trying to do as I type this. and rebuild the body of the cars. I said cars I decided to stop asking for fan votes cause you guys don't vote. and just decided that it wouldn't be too much work to make both cars. and so I am. when I get them done then boom the meshes are done and another beta is finished.


I am working hard on these updates and finishes I hope you enjoy the work I've put in so far and will enjoy our future releases. thank you all for your time and continues support through out the years it really is part of why this mod is still going and will be finished by god.

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Before I get to work tonight I want to address a small elephant in the room. some of you have come to me and expressed issues you feel that the current mod direction is going in might be too excessive for many users. so I want to clarify something I should probably have clarified before.


While some of these models are not getting massive detail overhauls some of the basic low poly models still exist and will still exist for those who have lower performing machines. this means I am essentially making several versions of the models. this is because people have come to me wanting some of these mods for GTA IV. and that's fine. I see no issue with that expect that others have pointed out that some of these cars are too low poly to look good in GTA IV. and then there is the Forza crowds who now demand ungodly ammounts of poly.


I've seen other threads of people who tried to make their own mad max mod and when people say to talk to me T-808 they say something along the lines of "I've seen their work and found it to be low poly trash."


I cannot win with some of the community. when I make models that can look great but work great on low end machines I get mocked. but when I make models that are far more proffesional then I get told I am creating too much poly waste. both these comments from here on out will be ignored because I'm sick of trying to please everyone and it sucks the f*cking fun out of doing this in the first place. might I remind you all you are getting 10 years worth of work form me,augh,carface,C.J.,Wired,Soul Couragous,Ganjica and many many more...for free. we are doing the mods and models many of you obviously want but aren't or can't make yourself. taking months at a time out of our lives for you all. I will not be bullied for the work that I do and that means you KOTTON who thinks he's gods gift to GTA MODDING.


If you aren't going to help us then get the f*ck out of our way. but know that I am not throwing the baby out with the bathwater. the mods that came before will still be though ,like in the case of the tanker trailer I may still add a little detail for those who can only play,afford or what have you, GTA VICE CITY,SAN ANDREAS...I'd do GTA III but I am having an awful awful time trying to get those down converted.


at anyrate. I won't be leaving my over seas fan's in the dust. these newer updates are for games that can handel them like GTA IV. GTA IV,btw being a game even I cannot run on it's lowest settings. so even I am left out of the newer games for the time being.


so don't worry about the poly. if things are too much for the SD GTA's then you'll see the bigger models used in the HD GTA'S but we'll always strive to make models for both sets of games so that no one has to feel left out period. I hope this clears things up cause from here on out I won't stand for being talked down to I've been doing this off and on for 10 years I've forgotten more about modding then most of you ever knew.


now a small update before I get to modeling tonight. I have the poppagellos seat nearly completed. I have a few details to finish on the sides of the model then and I can get to work finishing up the poppagellos and lone wolf car bodies. I also need to replace the pedals on the car and the steering wheel isn't correct. so that needs adjustment. and that's it. no more to be said about this cause really I am trying hard to get things done for you all.

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Same here. My machine doesn't perform well if running GTA IV.

For SA, though, high poly vehicles don't seem to be a problem. Anyway, great to hear you're planning to provide different versions with different level of detail. Thats a neat service.

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Same here. My machine doesn't perform well if running GTA IV.

For SA, though, high poly vehicles don't seem to be a problem. Anyway, great to hear you're planning to provide different versions with different level of detail. Thats a neat service.

I think it should handle the detail as well just fine but I want to try not to leave anyone out. if it means even more work to be done then so be it. better to get a mod that doesn't leave people out then a mod that is exclusionary. thank you for the support. either way we should have a mod for all tastes when we are done and some maps to boot.


I worked a little on technical parts for the Statesman and I have almost completed the seat for the popagellos and the lonewolf car. most of my time and effort is spent on the seat right now because it's a lot of work for a decent looking racing seat. I don't know why I didn't see the seat until a few days ago. but better late then never. I also noticed that the statesmen was very much not finished in areas before it was handed over to be my carface who had to leave the mod at the time. so I have even more mesh patching then I thought I had to do. so I am working on that. thus no renders. and all I do have rendered out for now is basically just the seat. so I'll post pics sooner then later so that the updates a bit more exciting.


will be picking at the black ford tow truck soon as it needs some slight modifications and updates. I also noticed some detials on the humongus truck that I didn't see before so it'll be getting some slight updates as well but not much. honestly there isn't much in detail that isn't on the humongus truck but I might add his weapons as they were on each side of the truck. as for the details it's mostly back end things that I missed due to bad picture quality and almost no good shots of the back of that truck. this will add greatly to the over all end product. I might also try to fix up the prisioners but I can't make any promises. while I will be trying to make some fresh character models I am not adept yet at organic modeling so that's way at the bottom on the lists of to-do's thought I do want to get them done. I at least want to get max,the badcops and lord humongus made as I think they'd be great for the mod. but we'll see what I can get done.


I hope to also make a small promo video for my youtube fans to enjoy. I'll post a link on here too when it's done. but I want to render out some 360 shots of all the models and then show screen caps of the models they respresent. to show people how far we've come. plus I need to get more work on the compound done. so it gives me an excuse to dust off the wip that is the compound. I also need to add in my new scratch built tanker as she's fine as a stock tanker body but not so ready as the armored tanker at least not yet.


but more on all this when I have the chance and time.

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Thank to Moderator Uni look who's back?


and I both love and hate seeing the messages I never received from fans over the years some of whom wanted to help out and others who wanted some of our old files. I am so sorry I missed your messages but I am back on this account now. Dr. Octavious will still be around but now I can reassume my Identity on here.


Augh once said that no one would remember who made this mod in 10 years. that no ones name is attatched to it. and in a way he's right. but then again I am the one who's worked on this mod for 10 years now. I see people directing others to my work by name. but you know this isn't just my mod. so as we move forward I want to thank and showcase those who helped out in the past and hopefully I'll add to this list of names as we get this mod finished and set up fro release. so here are people who deserve to at least have their names be known and counted.



team leader/modeler:T-808
modelers : C.J.
bigfoot2003 aka carface.

tech staff : Neo-k 182


skinner : LOMAN




You guys believed in me when no one else would. and I honestly have to say that so much of what came before was not possible without you guys. I miss you guys every day as you were all like brothers to me. did you know that one of them even introduced me to the one and only Emma Watson. man those were crazy times.


anyways know that their work and help will not be forgotten as I add some more names to the list of people who,along with myself. made this mod happen. Thank you Again to Uni for getting my old account back.

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Back after a long time!

Welcome back T-808!



good to be back thanks.


I will update you all on a major fit of progress I got done but I will tell you how modding with be done from here on out. no no this won't be another angry rant so you can all calm down. I just realized the best way to give everyone the best of all possible worlds here.


I am within striking distance of finishing up the two cars known only as Lone wolf and popagellos car. the first one has mininimal detail change but the second one has a bit of detail to add. that's not so much important. what I realized is this will be best done if I finish up the detailed meshes first. and then go back to the low poly editons and add what details are needed without adding too much more poly to the old mods. this way. we can update the old works slightly by using things I learned making the more detailed models.


in this way we can give even low end pc gamers a decent mesh without much sacrafice. and in this we thank all our past supporters who are still holding onto old hardware because of necessity. so I just wanted to let you all know cause when this newer more detailed mesh I am working on now is finished. I'll quickly go back to the old model and update only what is neccesary to add just the right amount of detial without going over board.


hopefully this will make all our fans happy.


this also means a tale of two compunds. since I will finish up the low poly compound that is almost finished and then I'll be going back through and making something for the HD crowds. and we'll see what we can get going from there. I didn't bring you all this far to just abandon you with higher poly models you can't play with. you dig?


anyways my friends. stay frosty and stay tuned as I'll update this thread tomorrow with progress shots. I need to sleep. so goodnight.

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okay so I promised to show you the progress so far and so I shall. here is racing seat and how it looks installed in the Popagellos/lone wolf car.


note: you can see the old seat in some shots as well ooops. but you can also see how it improves the over all look of the model. a lower poly seat will be installed in the lower poly version of this mesh. but okay so what got done last night?


1. finished the seat and installed it into the car correctly.

2. made a new grille frame

3. made a new grille (you can't see it in the shots but the new grille has no screen behind it because the actual car didn't have a screen for itself either. it was all teeth.

4. reshape of the nose cone to include the banding. (nose cone was originally made me C.J. so he gets his credit where credit is due.

5. fixed the steering wheel as it had a triarm design.


I'll show you how she looks now and you can then hear what few things are left to be done.








and the intalled seat














ignore the black square in the wheels I had forgotten to hide the wheel dummy.


so what's left for this model:


I need to make a new gear shift as the one the car has is a t-bar shifter not a ball stick shift.

install new pedals

remake the middle and back body to include banding.

make little ruffle for the body segment just behind the drivers seat. and that's f*cking it for the HD model.


then I gotta go back to our original SD model and here.s what will need to be done

lower poly racing seat

replace the gear shift

cut the back mesh out of the grille face

add in the my new sunraysia wheels

add in a small sheet onto which the back great pattern could be skinned onto.


easy peasy japanesy. so I hope to have all that done by next week since the SD model will barrow some aspects of the HD model or some parts will be fabricated but with fewer poly to aid out low end pc fans. sometime next week I can say we'll have at least one new mod ready for skinning and tech work. then with luck the black tow truck will be ready and the snake truck and so on. we'll see what I can do. I also want to get back to the junk trailer from the opening of road warrior because it only needs the cloth drape and the junk. and the thunderdome mack truck train.


but again it's what my time and health will allow. please to enjoy.

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no renders tonight as I am pushing hard to finish up the current mod and get it ready for being put ingame.


I cheated a little bit as I was taking a break from the HD popagellos car I did massive work on the SD popagellos car. and got it almost done.


here's a basic run down for the HD.


I modeled the T-handel shifter and it looks pimp as sh*t.

I got a good template for the middle body section.

installed my modeled pedals finally. modeled them after dune buggie pedals since it makes sense that most car kits in the movie were

vw based.


left to do - re adjust the back of the body,model the middle and back body sections,and fix the box behind the driver seat and lastly make the skirt for behind the drivers seat. easy f*cking peasy.


SD car.


replaced Gnajica's old wheels

fixed the engine topper with a low poly dual valve header

replaced the pedals

replaced the steering wheel

made a low poly skirt for behind the drivers seat

reformed the body to be the right lenght,

fixed a small missing part of the middle body peice

cut out the grille

added the new t-handel shifter

and modeled a sheet of metal to be skinned with the grate pattern to conserve on poly.


still to do. - model a low poly racing seat and fix the back of the body.


I say fix the back of the body because the body actually raises off the frame in the back. something I didn't think it did but screenshots man.


point is both of these have but a few scant details and then this mod will be done and rendered out so I am pushing hard core to get these both done.

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I kinda feel like it's a one man army...


not sure what you mean by that but for the most part it is right now. I have some help bit not nearly enough right now. but I am going to finish what I started and work for the people and if the people want these mods then I they will have to help finish this as far as the tech stuff and skinning. but then again I do have carface helping out with one secret mod so we'll see what happens but this mods not going away so don't you worry if you are. I didn't come back to this to fail.

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Okay no need to panic folks things are cool and I can model again and did infact throw down.


it is my pleasure to tell you all that the HD and SD versions of Popagellos car have gone gold.


they need a skin and some damage parts but honestly the only thing I think you could damage is the bumper. she needs to be dummied up but they are done. so here is how I'll try to break this down I'll so you the sd renders and then the HD renders so you can see the differences they are suttle but they are there and should in any case make it so that you can drive whichever car your rig can run.








and the HD edition.










and now a look at the pedals and t-handel shifter






I bet you can tell which one is my favorite.


so for no run down on the differences between the low poly and high poly most of it has to do with body details,tail pipe details ,engine parts the seats,the grate and front end are slightly more detailed.


interesting thing to me is that the lord humongus has a t-handelshifter and I noticed recently that the popagellos car had one too. they are mortal enemies and leaders...symbolism. maybe,maybe not just seems interesting to me is all. take it for what it is.


I've figured out how to do mesh wire for the low poly versions of the cars and trucks with mesh wire. and I've started to fix up the black tow truck as it doesn't need much work to be honest with you. so we'll get to work on that and finish it up and just keep working on it all.


I also have a good ref for the draiped cloth used to write the message on the side of the junk trailer so I'm also going to be working hard on that too.


please to enjoy

Edited by T-808
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sorry for the lack of updates. I am currently working with the black tow truck. but I am working in reverse so the SD low poly model is getting working on as we speak.


what was done was I modeled box on which the grate can be skinned onto,I cut out the front grille because it was cut out in the movie. repositioned the lights because the front bottom lights aren't resting on the bumper as I once thought. I made a perfect mesh windshield made out of planes instead of being made out of dimentional objects. and fixed the side gaurd rails. lastly I replaced the low poly sunraysia's with my own mid poly sunraysia's.


there isn't much to really do to this model really. I need to finish hooking up the front steering assembly, hook the engine pipes up to the side pipes and model the mounts for the front lights and she's done for the low poly.


now the HD version will take a little more. for instance I need to model the actual grate for the front area leading to the engine. make higher poly light mounts,and higher poly side pipes, higher poly wire mesh windscreen and boom done.


after this I'll replace the wheels on the red snake truck but she doesn't need much more work then that period.


humongus truck will get two versions because there are a few small details to add to the hd editon but really aside from some added detials to both versions that I didn't get done before cause I couldn't see them clear enough. there isn't much to be done about the truck it is as good as she gets outside of the prisoners whom are tied up and probably some "bumper" damage as have shots of the prisoner display bumper after it smashed the tanker.


then the tanker will have two versions. a lot of the low poly version is done but I need to add some small parts and add in a two grates to the mesh that will be done with planes not wire. as to the hd editon she is also close to being done but I am too tired to speak on he work that needs be done on her tonight.


I will be attempting the thunderdome mad max truck that he drove and rode ontop of soon. cause I think I understand it more now then I had before. I may even add Tina turners jet truck but I don't know I sorta like it and sorta don't really. but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I still need to redo the body of the BTD plane as well and it's not something I am looking forward to. and some of you really wanted the Thunderdome rail truck. as I went back through my message box you stopped writting to me back in 2010 and I feel bad for that. but we are moving on and moving forward.

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hello all. I come baring not one not two but three betas now going gold. two black tow trucks and the red snake truck.


now before I post these know that I don't know why they are suddenly all washed out it's a pain in the f*cking as and I hope a friend or two in the industry might have a reason why this is happening. but I don't want to reprive you all of my updates.


Black Towtruck


SD: hooked the engine pipes up to the side pipes

reshaped the side pipes slightly

modeled the bumper mounts for the bottom lights

completed the front end steering and suspension














Made the engine grate 3D

made the wire mesh windshield out of actual wire mesh

resmake the side exhaust pipes complete with a small opening for the exhaust

remade the head lights

made a clamp for the top middle headlight to mount it to the top most bumper bar


I could have done more but it would be honest poly waste the rest would be better as a skin.








please not that the body of the headlights won't be transparent like that ingame. I cut open a sphere so you won't see the inside render unless I ask it too.


Snake Tow Truck:


this one only has one edtion. it's mid poly and should run well on most systems if it becomes an issue then by all means I'll go back and redo her. we should have a script written to make her shoot darts so that might be a thing that happen. we'll see. I also fixed the back end axel and leafsprings as they were not properly hooked up for some reason. never finished them. they are done now though so yeah. I didn't add a front end assembly to this ford f-100 because it's built and lowered like a car. I don't think most of you will lose any sleep over it. the model looks and should run great.




so that's the progress I have for you at this point. I added my mid poly sunraysais to the red snake tow truck and so she's almost completely my work. (the main body being a free model online from a repository that doesn't exist anymore.) but I cut out the parts that needed to be cut and shaped and patched up mesh parts that needed it. so I cannot claim the bodies of these vehicles as my own. but everything else is mine.


I'll be moving onto the humongus truck and making the SD and HD versions of them. they really don't need much save for the HD model which will need a little more work then the sd one. my sunraysais will be employed and save for the prisoners in front the humongus truck is all mine built from the ground up.


then it's back to the tankers (sd and Hd) While I work to rework the body of the td plane and then work my ass off on the thunderdome mack train and the thunderdome mad max truck.


I also need to show the compound some love as I am making an sd and hd version of it and it should look great ingame along with the gate bus which I need to get underway.


I also want to spend some time on the chargers and the torana's and get that stock ford falcon under way.


yes I have much to do but I don't know how much time I have to devote to this mod full time so I am taking all the time I can.


lastly Fury road works are on hold till further notice. I want to wait for the movie to see the vehicles in action and see some of the vehicles we missed out on but should be on set. I have a friend who worked on the cars themselves who can get me photos from his workshop but only after the movie is out. besides it'll take me the better part of a year to get these mods going.

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sorry to say the render situation has not sorted itself out yet. this isn't a huge issue as it stands but I don't want to render off more works till I can figure out why 3d max is rendering so sh*tty.


I took a small break to start a mod I've been dying to get into. that being the 1980's cartoon Teenage mutant ninja turtles van. now this is a van to really try if you want a challenge and I am not even joking about that. one reasons why is that the van is almost always "off model" because it's an early animation show. some of the parts aren't really correctly drawn to scale or proportion and the dimentions of the van change according to whom ever is drawing it at the time. so I am trying to pick up the best vides and attributes for the van itself. the van is much shorter then many people make it out to be. she'll be mid polly when completed and to be honest so much of her was done tonight. but I need to come up with a van engine and an entire under chassi that will be pulled out of my ass. as you never really see the van upside down and even if you could I love to see a realistic depection of a van drive train and front end steering and suspension. but I digress.


the van is interesting and I think people will really like it when I get it done and rendered out. I hope to find help making it a reality ingame but if not then oh well it's still a model I always wanted to tackle.


I have a friend who is big in the Carmageddon forums. and the maker of the new game set to come out soon called "carmageddon reincarnation" has stated that not only with the new carmageddon be mod friendly but you'll also get modding tools straight from the dev themselves. meaning that modding should be a f*cking breeze. I may try to get my work here into thier game as well. we shall see.


anyways just wanting to give you guys a basic update. later today I'll be working on the humognus truck both HD and SD versions so that should give you something to look at and be excited for.

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