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:/Default Controls/Gamepad Issue


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confused.gif I cant seem to find anything related to modifying the controls for PC/Gamepad usage and need some help.


I have Vice City on the PC and use an AirFlow Dual Analog stick Gamepad to play.


mad.gif Unfortunately, when redefining the controls in the Options/Controls menu for the game, the game will not read the analog stick movement as a control.


Because of this, the right stick, the one I want to use for 'look/turn' and 'hydraulics' won't configure how I want it to.


As it is setup now, Stick Left controls 'look up', Right Stick controls 'look down', Up stick controls 'turn right' and Down Stick controls 'turn left' making it almost impossible to control your guy in walk/run mode and the same controls work the Hydros on the Voodoo, which are strange as well.


Is there a method to changing these controls in a .dat, .cfg, or .ide file so that these are setup normal (up=up, down = down, left = left, right = right) ?


If so, PLEEEEEASE post a solution so I can play this game without using the keyboard.


Thank you in advance.



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Doesn't this need to be in the Troubleshooting forum?


For the solution, I'm sorry, Demarest or some other geeky guy tounge.gif will come soon.

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Hey. Got the same problem -- otherwise the Airflo is freakin' wonderful for VC. I tried looking at the gta_vc.set file in My Documents with a hex editor, changing settings and then seeing what changed in the file, but I'll be damned if I can figure it out.



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  • 2 weeks later...

holy sh*t. i just bought a new controller and am EXTREMELY surprised to see exactly the problem im experiencing here.


however, i guess i shouldnt be surprised to see that more effort has gone into moving this thread and posting that its been moved (even though it being moved is pretty obvious) is more of an importance than actually solving the question at hand.


well, the nights still young. we wil see what happens.


-- edit


i could only find this related thread, but it (as is no surprise) contains no helpful information.




one thing i have found is that this issue is exactly the same problem in GTA3 (pc of course). im using the "Dual Shock Vibration USB/PC joypad" from century concept. im going to load up a couple of my other games and see if this is specific to the GTAs or the controller itself.


-- more edit


of course the games i had to test all are actually coded well with respect to joypad movement. i tried halo and star wars battlefront - both (unlike the gtas) have a very specific area to configure your up down left right looking. no default setups to leave you stuck in the mud.


-- still editing


ive found the following occurances... GTA seems to interpret only certain axis movements for the default movements. its why you dont have to configure the game (not that this is a good thing) to use the thumbsticks, but instead you have to configure everything else on the gamepad. anyway, for right thumbstick, GTA is set to only acknowledge the Z Axis and Z rotation. however, for whatever reason when they added this, it was either right for what ONE CONTROLLER they tested it with, or that they just dropped the ball completely and got it all jacked up.


the only resolution i can see is either having the driver manufacturer design a driver which incorrectly interprets the thumbstick movement to adjust to GTA(wont happen period), or of course, change the way GTA sees the Z axis/rotation. this is the only possibility.


if you do want to get a somewhat usability out of the joypad, turn the controller so that the right thumbstick faces up, instead of the normal way you will hold it. but then again, since you said its rotated 90º, you already knew this.


below is my "research". the first one is the one that GTA sees but incorrectly interprets. the second two show what axis and rotations the right thumbstick on them use. the corresponding thumbstick movements are the ones where the axis/rotations arent level.


user posted image

user posted image

user posted image



Edited by TooCrooked
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well, i found this post and tried the software, but it really doesnt help much as far as the controller goes.. i ran into a lot of spinning problems when trying to configure it ingame and when it was working (somewhat) the movement was choppy as if the prog was sending the game the action i wanted in short burts, and finally a known "bug" is that it cannot make you look left to right regardless.

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