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..:: NBA ::..

CJ San Andreas

Recommended Posts

Jack Sparrow

Ya I am just looking forward to the season Because soo many teams made moves and I want to see how they all fit together or dont fit together like my lakers last year (they did get to the finals though). Ya in my sim leauge crawford is leading the leauge in points right now. He is going to be big time this year. A lot of mavs fans on here too. I think that you will be suprised with terry because the man can score like iverson and should be a 2 guard not a point guard. Ya it would be good to see the wolves go far this year they diserve it. KG the most because that man is the sh*t. Savvy?

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CJ San Andreas

Key Points Throughout the Preseason:

-Grant Hill scored 20 Points in his first game

-Jamal Crawford looks like he will take over at the Shooting Guard Position

(allan houston is still injured)

-Sacramento Kings played 2 Games in China against the Houston Rockets with each team winning 1 game

-Mavericks started 0-2 sneaky2.gif


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  • 2 weeks later...
CJ San Andreas

NBA Regular Season Kicks Off

Tue 2 November 2004

Houston @ Detroit 8:00pm ET TNT

Sacramento @ Dallas 8:30pm ET ---

Denver @ L.A. Lakers 10:30pm ET TNT


Wed 3 November 2004

Houston @ Toronto 7:00pm ---

Milwaukee @ Orlando 7:00pm ---

Indiana @ Cleveland 7:00pm ---

Philadelphia @ Boston 7:30pm ---

Miami @ New Jersey 8:00pm ESPN

Washington @ Memphis 8:00pm ---

Dallas @ New Orleans 8:00pm ---

New York @ Minnesota 8:00pm ---

Sacramento @ San Antonio 8:30pm ---

Atlanta @ Phoenix 9:00pm ---

L.A. Lakers @ Utah 10:30pm ESPN

Seattle @ L.A. Clippers 10:30pm ---

Portland @ Golden State 10:30pm ---

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CJ San Andreas
The Dallas Mavericks won there first game against the Kings cool.gif 107-98! Devin Harris, the rookie got the starting job at PG! Dirk Nowitzki had 33 pts and 11 rbs colgate.gif .... I think this will be a good year for the Mavs tounge.gif
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Captain Keyes
The Dallas Mavericks won there first game against the Kings cool.gif 107-98! Devin Harris, the rookie got the starting job at PG! Dirk Nowitzki had 33 pts and 11 rbs colgate.gif .... I think this will be a good year for the Mavs tounge.gif

Harris is going to be big, that's for sure. The management knows it, otherwise they wouldn't have acquired a veteran such as Terry and benched him. I drafted Harris on my fantasy team and I hope I won't be disappointed.

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Harris is the key to the Mavericks this season. If he doesn't produce regularly, their offense will be in shambles. They run their offense 100% out of the backcourt, so he has to be able to score, and have full vision of the court. Nowitski and the rest will depend on him.


Miami is beating up on the Nets, for sure. Orlando game was good. Those are the only ones I've caught so far tonight.

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CJ San Andreas

Weekend Games


Fri 5 November 2004

Detroit @ Toronto 7:00pm TSN

Phoenix @ Philadelphia 7:00pm --

Indiana @ Boston 7:30pm --

Houston @ Memphis 8:00pm ESPN

Orlando @ New Orleans 8:00pm --

New Jersey @ Chicago 8:30pm --

L.A. Clippers @ Portland 10:00pm --

San Antonio @ L.A. Lakers 10:30pm ESPN

Utah @ Golden State 10:30pm --

Atlanta @ Seattle 10:30pm --


Sat 6 November 2004

Miami @ Washington 7:00pm --

Orlando @ Charlotte 7:00pm --

Boston @ New York 7:30pm --

Philadelphia @ Detroit 7:30pm --

Phoenix @ New Jersey 8:00pm --

Chicago @ Indiana 8:00pm --

New Orleans @ Minnesota 8:00pm --

Cleveland @ Milwaukee 8:30pm --

Sacramento @ Houston 8:30pm NBATV

Memphis @ Dallas 8:30pm --

Utah @ Denver 9:00pm --

L.A. Clippers @ Golden State 10:30pm --


Sun 7 November 2004

Portland @ Toronto 12:30pm --

San Antonio @ Seattle 8:00pm NBATV

Atlanta @ L.A. Lakers 9:30pm --

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A conversation I had with CJ San Andreas, he knows nothing about sports......



Session Start (immessedup17:CJ San Andreas): Sat Nov 06 16:50:24 2004

[11-06||04:50] CJ San Andreas: the bulls comeback was crazy but they still lost

[11-06||04:50] immessedup 17: Yeah, and they will do a lot more losing as the season goes on

[11-06||04:51] CJ San Andreas: my mavs play memphis tonight

[11-06||04:51] immessedup 17: I'm picking Memphis

[11-06||04:52] immessedup 17: Gasol is the sh*t

[11-06||04:52] CJ San Andreas: yeah he is very good

[11-06||04:52] CJ San Andreas: but Nowitzki is better

[11-06||04:52] immessedup 17: Not without Nash

[11-06||04:53] CJ San Andreas: Nash didnt make Nowitzki better.... they were just best friends

[11-06||04:53] immessedup 17: The Grizzlies got Wells, Gasol, Swift, Williams, Battier, Posey, and Miller

[11-06||04:53] immessedup 17: Nash could make anyone better

[11-06||04:53] immessedup 17: The Mavs have no solid PG

[11-06||04:53] immessedup 17: Without a solid PG, a team like the Mavs cannot run their offense the way they want

[11-06||04:54] CJ San Andreas: Terry and Harris are great with the fast break team of the Mavs

[11-06||04:54] immessedup 17: Harris is a rookie, it is way too early to tell

[11-06||04:54] immessedup 17: How old is Terry?

[11-06||04:54] CJ San Andreas: mid 20s

[11-06||04:55] immessedup 17: Do you know the team he was on previously?

[11-06||04:55] immessedup 17: Let me asnwer it for you

[11-06||04:55] immessedup 17: ATL

[11-06||04:55] immessedup 17: And he has experience running an "offense"

[11-06||04:55] immessedup 17: I don't think so

[11-06||04:55] immessedup 17: Atlanta was a shame to the NBA

[11-06||04:56] immessedup 17: Neither PG has run an NBA caliber offense in their careers

[11-06||04:56] CJ San Andreas: Terry was born in 09/15/1977..... makes him 27

[11-06||04:56] immessedup 17: I know how old he is

[11-06||04:56] immessedup 17: It was rhetorical

[11-06||04:56] immessedup 17: My point is, they don't have the experience of running any type of offense, and are unproven

[11-06||04:57] immessedup 17: Dirk cannot do it all

[11-06||04:57] immessedup 17: Jamison is also gone

[11-06||04:57] CJ San Andreas: yes u can say they arent experienced PG but they are fast and can shoot

[11-06||04:57] immessedup 17: That describes 80% of the PG's out there

[11-06||04:57] immessedup 17: The Mavs don't need scorers

[11-06||04:58] immessedup 17: They Mav's need a guy moving the ball around the court

[11-06||04:58] immessedup 17: What Nash could do

[11-06||04:58] immessedup 17: What these guys will have trouble with

[11-06||04:58] immessedup 17: Goddamn I can't wait to get paid for this

[11-06||04:58] CJ San Andreas: lol.... what are you going to be?

[11-06||04:59] immessedup 17: Im going into sports journalism

[11-06||04:59] immessedup 17: As a beat writer, most likely

[11-06||04:59] immessedup 17: Stephen A Smith aint got sh*t on me

[11-06||04:59] CJ San Andreas: how old are you?

[11-06||05:01] CJ San Andreas: Stephen A Smith is bogus... all he talks about is SHAQ

[11-06||05:02] immessedup 17: 18

[11-06||05:02] immessedup 17: Ehh, StephA knows whats going on though

[11-06||05:02] immessedup 17: He tells it like it is

[11-06||05:03] immessedup 17: The Steve Stone of basketball

[11-06||05:03] CJ San Andreas: I would really like to have a job involving pro basketball/football :-D

[11-06||05:04] immessedup 17: Well, if I get to focus on one, I would like baseball

[11-06||05:05] immessedup 17: But basketball or football would be sweet also

[11-06||05:05] CJ San Andreas: baseball would just give me no time for vacation lol 162 games

[11-06||05:05] immessedup 17: The length of the season is just as long as basketball

[11-06||05:05] immessedup 17: Actually, basketball is longer

[11-06||05:05] immessedup 17: by a month

[11-06||05:06] CJ San Andreas: 82 games NBA Season

[11-06||05:06] immessedup 17: Doesnt matter

[11-06||05:06] immessedup 17: Tons of off days

[11-06||05:06] immessedup 17: You would still have to travel with the team, you would get less vacation

[11-06||05:06] CJ San Andreas: and..... NBA isn't played during the Summer so its better time for vacation :-)

[11-06||05:06] immessedup 17: Umm

[11-06||05:06] immessedup 17: You go south for vacations anyways L|

[11-06||05:07] immessedup 17: Its always nice in Cali, or Florid

[11-06||05:07] immessedup 17: a

[11-06||05:08] CJ San Andreas: (Link: http://www.nba.com/media/mavericks/MAVS_Li...AVS_Line_Up.jpg :-D

[11-06||05:08] immessedup 17: Damn ni**ers

[11-06||05:08] immessedup 17: wow.gif

[11-06||05:09] CJ San Andreas: lol

[11-06||05:09] immessedup 17: Bulls are more ghetto than Mavericks

[11-06||05:09] immessedup 17: I win!

[11-06||05:09] CJ San Andreas: noo.... not with guys like Hinrich and Niocini

[11-06||05:09] immessedup 17: lol Hinrich is as ghetto as it gets

[11-06||05:09] immessedup 17: That dude is a crazy ass wigger

[11-06||05:09] immessedup 17: Curry, Chandler, Davis, Duhon

[11-06||05:10] immessedup 17: Ghetto as hell

[11-06||05:10] immessedup 17: Pargo too

[11-06||05:10] CJ San Andreas: LOL

[11-06||05:10] immessedup 17: I need to look at an updated mavs roster, so I can put a point spread on it

[11-06||05:11] immessedup 17: lol dan dickau

[11-06||05:12] CJ San Andreas: he is GANGSTA... just like OG Loc

[11-06||05:12] immessedup 17: Still a pretty good team, but not great

[11-06||05:12] immessedup 17: Grizzlies by 5, 92-87

[11-06||05:12] CJ San Andreas: i like Howard and Daniels... they're young and good defensive players

[11-06||05:13] CJ San Andreas: not to mention DAMPIER BABY!!!

[11-06||05:15] CJ San Andreas: haha .... Josh Howards nickname is J-Ho

[11-06||05:15] immessedup 17: You really need to change your font color

[11-06||05:15] CJ San Andreas: u cant see it?

[11-06||05:15] immessedup 17: Its way too hard to resd

[11-06||05:15] immessedup 17: read

[11-06||05:16] CJ San Andreas: something must be wrong with your pc dude

[11-06||05:16] immessedup 17: no

[11-06||05:16] immessedup 17: I have trillian

[11-06||05:16] CJ San Andreas: which is ....?

[11-06||05:16] immessedup 17: (Link: http://trillian.cc)http://trillian.cc

[11-06||05:18] CJ San Andreas: hmmm....  my font color is just fine

[11-06||05:19] immessedup 17: To you

[11-06||05:19] CJ San Andreas: check this out.... its a great article (Link: http://www.usatoday.com/sports/basketball/...est-notes_x.htm

[11-06||05:20] immessedup 17: Dirk is more of a 3 than a PF

Session Close (CJ San Andreas): Sat Nov 06 17:20:49 2004



Session Start (immessedup17:CJ San Andreas): Sat Nov 06 17:21:25 2004

[11-06||05:21] CJ San Andreas: not really, his speed and quickness arent as good as most SF

[11-06||05:22] immessedup 17: But his power isn't anywhere near a PF

[11-06||05:22] immessedup 17: He has range, which would place him in the 3 spot

[11-06||05:22] immessedup 17: How many times do you see Dirk backing down in the lane, to kick it back out?

[11-06||05:22] CJ San Andreas: but the key to a position is mainly the players height therefore a 7-0 wouldn't play at the 3

[11-06||05:23] immessedup 17: Bullsh*t

[11-06||05:23] immessedup 17: Height has little to do with it in the long run.

[11-06||05:23] immessedup 17: It matters how you play your game

[11-06||05:23] CJ San Andreas: Actually it does...

[11-06||05:23] immessedup 17: KG would be a center if it were about height

[11-06||05:23] immessedup 17: Magic Johnson would have been a PF

[11-06||05:23] immessedup 17: Explain Magic Johnson then

[11-06||05:24] CJ San Andreas: he had play-making skills SIR

[11-06||05:24] immessedup 17: How tall was he?

[11-06||05:24] CJ San Andreas: and THATS IT

[11-06||05:24] CJ San Andreas: 6-9

[11-06||05:24] immessedup 17: And what position did he play?

[11-06||05:24] immessedup 17: I think he was 6'8" though

[11-06||05:24] CJ San Andreas: just his skills at distributing the ball made him a PG

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: Oka

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: So, do Dirks skills make him a PF?

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: No

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: Point made.

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: He is a SF

[11-06||05:25] CJ San Andreas: and i'm 100% sure he was 6-9

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: And I'm not sure

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: But that isnt the case I'm trying to make

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: I'm saying height doesnt matter all that much on position

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: It is about what skills the players has

[11-06||05:25] immessedup 17: Or can develop over time

[11-06||05:26] immessedup 17: Dirk has the makings of a very tall 3, like Toni Kukoc

[11-06||05:26] immessedup 17: But better

[11-06||05:26] CJ San Andreas: dirk can develop being a shot blocker since he is 7 feet, thats why he is a PF.... and he doesnt have the speed to play SF goddamnit

[11-06||05:27] immessedup 17: So PF's are only supposed to block shots these days?

[11-06||05:27] immessedup 17: I didn't get that memo.

[11-06||05:27] immessedup 17: Kirk Hinrich blocked 2 shots yesterday, he will play center tonight

[11-06||05:27] immessedup 17: T-Mac blocks like 3-4 shots every night

[11-06||05:27] immessedup 17: But last I checked, he plays the 2.

[11-06||05:29] CJ San Andreas: My point is DIRK ISN'T A SF.... i dont care about McGrady

[11-06||05:30] immessedup 17: This shows how little you know about the fundamentals of the game, I don't care what label you have on him, he is a SF by trade.

[11-06||05:30] immessedup 17: They aren't allowed to list Finley and Nowitski as both SF

[11-06||05:30] immessedup 17: So they made the taller on a PF, by name only

Session Close (CJ San Andreas): Sat Nov 06 17:31:26 2004



Session Start (immessedup17:CJ San Andreas): Sat Nov 06 17:33:03 2004

[11-06||05:33] CJ San Andreas: Dude, if you ask any Pro NBA coach if they would put a 7-0 at SF they'd say you are out of your mind!!

[11-06||05:33] *** Auto-response sent to CJ San Andreas: Snow Patrol - Run, Lyrics:


I'll sing it one last time for you

Then we really have to go

You've been the only thing that's right

In all I've done


And I can barely look at you

But every single time I do

I know we'll make it anywhere

Away from here


Light up, light up

As if you have a choice

Even if you cannot hear my voice

I'll be right beside you dear


Louder louder

And we'll run for our lives

I can hardly speak I understand

Why you can't raise your voice to say


To think I might not see those eyes

Makes it so hard not to cry

And as we say our long goodbye

I nearly do


Light up...


Slower slower

We don't have time for that

All I want is to find an easier way

To get out of our little heads


Have heart my dear

We're bound to be afraid

Even if it's just for a few days

Making up for all this mess


[11-06||05:33] immessedup 17: No they wouldn't

[11-06||05:33] CJ San Andreas: YES THEY WOULD

[11-06||05:33] CJ San Andreas: and Finley is a SG BTW

[11-06||05:33] immessedup 17: As it has been done before, silly pants. Dirk has enough speed to play it, especially going up against guys like Tony Kukoc

[11-06||05:33] immessedup 17: Finley played SF before they Jamison trade

[11-06||05:34] immessedup 17: You don't even follow your own team?

[11-06||05:34] immessedup 17: Amazing

[11-06||05:34] immessedup 17: These are the type of fans we have to deal with thesedays........

[11-06||05:35] CJ San Andreas: OMG

[11-06||05:35] CJ San Andreas: dude you are about to see me explode.... no one knows more about the mavs than i do

[11-06||05:35] CJ San Andreas: PERIOD.

[11-06||05:35] immessedup 17: Except I do, and I don't even follow them that close

[11-06||05:35] CJ San Andreas: finley never played SF

[11-06||05:35] immessedup 17: Sucks for you man

[11-06||05:35] immessedup 17: Except, umm, he did?

[11-06||05:35] immessedup 17: NBA Live even has him listed as an SF

[11-06||05:35] immessedup 17: lol

[11-06||05:36] CJ San Andreas: NBA Live always has the wrong Pos. DUG

[11-06||05:36] CJ San Andreas: DUH**

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: Umm

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: Jason Williams at PG.......

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: Tyson Chandler at PF

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: Shaq at Center.....

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: Kobe at SG......

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: They do?

[11-06||05:36] immessedup 17: Could have fooled me. :|

[11-06||05:37] CJ San Andreas: did u see 2005??? lol

[11-06||05:37] CJ San Andreas: they f*cked up every pos.

[11-06||05:37] immessedup 17: LOL

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: Even dallasmavericks.com lists Finley as a forward

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: The OFFICIAL site

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: Doesn't that make you look kind of stupid

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: OUCH

[11-06||05:38] CJ San Andreas: see i got u there....

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: Umm

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: Im the one who said he was a forward

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: You said he was a guard

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: I believe I got YOU

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: [11-06||05:35] CJ San Andreas: finley never played SF

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: Ouch

[11-06||05:38] immessedup 17: Someone knows more about the Mavericks than you

[11-06||05:39] CJ San Andreas: dude... i was refering to the nba live pos.

[11-06||05:39] immessedup 17:  4        Michael Finley        G-F        6-7

[11-06||05:39] immessedup 17: Stop being so proud, you were wrong, f*cking give it up

[11-06||05:39] immessedup 17: I hate when kids can't just swallow their pride

[11-06||05:39] immessedup 17: And admit defea

[11-06||05:39] immessedup 17: defeat

[11-06||05:39] immessedup 17: Just makes you look even worse

[11-06||05:40] immessedup 17: The OFFICIAL Dallas Mavericks site lists him as a SF, and you said he never played SF

[11-06||05:40] CJ San Andreas: G-F means Shooting Guard is his natural pos... and F means thats his alternate pos.

[11-06||05:40] immessedup 17: No

[11-06||05:40] immessedup 17: G always comes before F

[11-06||05:40] immessedup 17: You are wrong again

[11-06||05:40] immessedup 17: It goes G-F-C

[11-06||05:40] CJ San Andreas: LOL

[11-06||05:40] CJ San Andreas: dude... he is 6-6

[11-06||05:40] immessedup 17: That is the way they are always listed

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: 6-7

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: Ouch

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: Wrong again

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: You can't stop being wrong

[11-06||05:41] CJ San Andreas: ur really crazy ayyy?

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: Im correct

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: And when people try to argue sports when they are wrong

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: Im obligated to make them look like fools

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: Which I did to you

[11-06||05:41] immessedup 17: Now, it seems you aren't going to apologize

[11-06||05:42] CJ San Andreas: dude... i know for a fact u dont kno more about sports than i do

[11-06||05:42] immessedup 17: Umm

[11-06||05:42] immessedup 17: Except I just proved it eh?

[11-06||05:43] immessedup 17: You are a huge mavericks fan right?

[11-06||05:43] immessedup 17: And I just showed I knew more about it than you

[11-06||05:43] immessedup 17: I'm going to do this for a living

[11-06||05:43] immessedup 17: You do not know more than me

[11-06||05:43] immessedup 17: I study this sh*t everyday, for hours

[11-06||05:43] immessedup 17: While you are going to school, learning your times tables

[11-06||05:43] CJ San Andreas: and i dont??

[11-06||05:44] immessedup 17: You don't do it as much as me, it would be physically impossible

[11-06||05:44] CJ San Andreas: yea sure budddy

[11-06||05:44] CJ San Andreas: i'll calm down and call a truce... are you up for it?

[11-06||05:44] immessedup 17: No, you have to admit you are wrong

[11-06||05:44] immessedup 17: And if you don't.

[11-06||05:44] immessedup 17: Ill post this convo in the nba thread

[11-06||05:44] immessedup 17: So everyone can laugh at you

[11-06||05:44] CJ San Andreas: Wrong... I was correct

[11-06||05:44] immessedup 17: Then ill post it, one sec

[11-06||05:45] CJ San Andreas: u will get embrassed .... final FACTS are: Dirk is a PF and Finley is a SG

[11-06||05:46] CJ San Andreas: PERIOD.

[11-06||05:46] immessedup 17: Umm, didn't I just show you Finley plays SF?

[11-06||05:46] immessedup 17: Yeah, I did.

[11-06||05:47] CJ San Andreas: that is his secondary Position ... Mr. "I know everything about Sports"

[11-06||05:47] immessedup 17: What makes it secondary?

[11-06||05:47] immessedup 17: The point that he played it first?

[11-06||05:47] immessedup 17: Riiight.....

[11-06||05:48] CJ San Andreas: NO

[11-06||05:48] CJ San Andreas: he never played SF

[11-06||05:48] CJ San Andreas: NEVER EVER


[11-06||05:48] immessedup 17: So you are saying nba.com is wrong?

[11-06||05:48] immessedup 17: The official dallas mavericks website is wrong?

[11-06||05:48] immessedup 17: And his career stats are wrong?


So anyways:



Mavericks Shooting Guard: Marquis Daniels vs. Michael Finley vs. Jerry Stackhouse

Last year, the Mavericks had an embarrassment of riches in the frontcourt, leading them to bring Antawn Jamison off the bench and resulting in a busted season for both he and Antoine Walker. This year, the Mavs' glut is on the perimeter—where annual starting two-guard Michael Finley returns, new multi-millionaire Marquis Daniels has emerged, and 21-point career scorer Jerry Stackhouse arrives. Don Nelson has wisely anointed Daniels the starting two-guard and moved Finley to small forward, while Stackhouse will come off the bench. Assuming Jerry continues to accept that role (not that he has a choice), expect Daniels to continue to be the fantasy stat-filler he evolved into late last season. Stack, like Jamison, will be reduced to virtual fantasy irrelevance off the bench.




SF, Michael Finley is projected to be the starter at small forward and Marquis Daniels

is projected to start at off guard, according to the Dallas Morning News



The forward positions on the Mavericks are a gray area meaning there are no set people playing either small or power forward.  Dirk Nowitski plays 3 positions for the Mavericks.  He plays some center position, mostly power forward and some small forward.  He is one of the toughest covers in the NBA.  He also is one of the best players in the NBA.  Nowitski is still quite young and every year has improved some aspect of his game.  Nowitski has the talent to win an MVP trophy one day.  He must improve defensively and must continue to improve his passing skills which he has already improved quite a bit. The small forward position is filled by a number of different guys depending on Don Nelson's mood that night.  Presumably, he actually looks at match-ups and decides that way.  Whatever the methodology the players vary.  The position is sometimes filled by Michael Finley if Nelson starts a defensive minded guard like Raja Bell.



He can help rookie draftee Devin Harris learn the ropes and slide over to the shooting guard spot (with Michael Finley at small forward) when coach Don Nelson wants to go small.



``As he goes, this team goes,'' said Finley, who is switching from shooting guard to small forward as part of the shake-up. ``It's a little bit of pressure on him, but he can handle that now.''


I could find more, but I don't think I have to. The point as been made. This kid doesn't know sh*t about sports. And he said Finley wasn't an SF. He played SF for Wisconsin, he played SF his first couple of seasons in the NBA, and now is playing SF again this season.


The official Dallas Maverick's website also has him listed as a Forward. http://www.nba.com/mavericks/roster/

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Box scores live?


Wait, so 2 games are his whole career? I didn't say he played SF any this year so far, I said he WILL, and he HAS in the past. Smarten up.

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Nate Baker1

Yes my Suns are still on a fantastic winnnig streak. They have won their first three against Atlanta, Philly, and now New Jersey. Man we have gotten much better with Q and Nash. Anyone agree with me?





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Yes my Suns are still on a fantastic winnnig streak. They have won their first three against Atlanta, Philly, and now New Jersey. Man we have gotten much better with Q and Nash. Anyone agree with me? D-Backs rule!

Well, the Suns are better than the D-Backs at least. tounge.gif


No, really, the Suns are a highly improved team this year, and will make some noise in the West.

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Nate Baker1

Yeah way better than the D-Backs. Sorry to all you Mavs fans who lost Nash, he is a good asset to our team. He is practically teh captain. Suns rule!

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CJ San Andreas
The departure of Nash gave the Mavs more money to spend of Defense. Dampier and Terry are 2 examples of that. tounge.gif
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Nate Baker1
The departure of Nash gave the Mavs more money to spend of Defense. Dampier and Terry are 2 examples of that. tounge.gif

Yeah but Steve Nash gets the ball around the court and is very speedy. Hey but you guys still have one of the best power forwards in Drik. Suns rule!

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Nate Baker1

Susprisingly several NBA teams are undefeated to this day. My Suns of course, Utah, Toronto, Heat and I think the Pacers just got beat so just those four teams. Suns rule!

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shaq is carriying the suns, Kobe and the lakers will come throught, i have no doubt bored.gif . I'm in the UK so i only get to see one or two games a week so that sucks.

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CJ San Andreas
Well... my Dallas Mavericks lost last night to the Magic so their record is now 4-1. They go to Miami Tomorrow (11/11/04) to play the Heat... hopefully we can end their winning streak tounge2.gif
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Nate Baker1

Damn we were up by 19 in the 4th quarter but of all people at 3 seconds left Zydrunes Illgauskas makes a 3 pointer to tie it. And Amare is out so its overtime for Cavs and my Suns. Suns rule!

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Nate Baker1

Damn the suns lost. Damn you Zydrunas for hitting those damn three's. Dont worry man, on Saturday my Suns will beat the Kings Ass just like I beat the Cavs in NBA Live. Suns rule!

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CJ San Andreas
Did the kings beat the sonics? dontgetit.gif

Nope, the Sonics beat up the Kings 108-78! Kings are very disappointing this year. Their record is 1-4.

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I Love Anna Kournikova
Yeah, I cant watch the Kings anymore. I was hoping they would have a good year confused.gif . maybe they can turn it around smile.gif
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