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GBA GTA details

The promotion-machinery has just been fired up for Rockstar's GTA title for Game Boy Advance.


Grand Theft Auto for GBA is being developed by Digital Eclipse and Rockstar North and will be a 2D game along the lines of the first GTA titles, with elements from the newer 3D games thrown in the mix.


In the game, you'll assume the role of tough-guy gangster Mike, who is finishing up his last jobs in Liberty City, before he and his partner Vinnie (can we get some NEW mobster names please?) can retire. Unfortunately, Vinnie gets killed by a car bomb and Mike is accused of the murder. He therefore has to clean his name and find Vinnie's killers and that's where the game starts.


Basically, Mike is on the run from the beginning, and at the same time he has to solve the case, but luckily there will be plenty of time for all the fun stuff that has been implemented in the newer games. The 2D-version of Liberty City is supposedly three times as big as the one depicted in GTA III, and the developers have included a lot of the features of this game. You can turn over cars and do stunts and there are several types of missions, such as rampage and vigilante/taxi/ambulance-side missions in the game. On top of that, all your escapades will be saved in the statistics menu.


It seems as GTA for GBA (word!) is going to be a worthy addition to the controversial and highly successful series. We're looking forward to getting our hands on it in about a month if the release date doesn't get changed.


user posted image




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